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What is a Wizard without his Wand?

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Luis very much wanted to see a duel between two great wizards. It would be like something out of the storybooks that he had read from long ago. "I'll get my father right away, I'm sure he'll want to see this."

Later in the fields outside of Port Mars, with many of the noble family in attendance of the spar. Lord Uldwar wanted to see just what Ingrid could do, and how effective she could be at her former teacher. Oscar believed that much could be divined from someone when they were in the midst of battle. His wife had a chance to see the character of the elf, but now he wished to see what she was truly made of.

"When you are prepared" Lord Uldwar said, standing in front if the group as they watched from a safe distance. "You may begin." 

The sun was beginning to set, the birds were chirping, and it was a fine time to see someone fight it out. With all of the excitement going on, Luis was very much curious as to what would happen. Would they see something incredible? Or would something bad happen? Only time would tell as they awaited the match to begin. 

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Ingrid hadn't expected such a crowd but on an island that didn't have a lot of experience with magic, this was a rare treat. She hoped that as she worked with Luis that more mages would find this place to come to work and live in the future. She stood the opposite of the field of Kalmuli who was watching her with a smile on her face like a predator. Lord Uldwar gave them the go but Kalmuli raised her hand up. "For your safety, we'll be raising a barrier."She said, her other hand going into her robe and pulling out her wand. She drew the sword out, pointing it toward the ground. A large spell circle with a wide spread light drew itself on the ground. It was a wide enough space that they could fight without hurting anyone other than themselves. From the ground up, a thin wall of shear light would encompass them all the way around. 

Ingrid was already getting herself psyched up. She was doing deep breathing, flexing her arms and shaking herself out to loosen up. Kalmuli wasn't going to hold herself back because there was an audience and neither would she. "Ready when you are."Kalmuli said, turning to face her. The smile was still there.

"Been ready."She said before jerking her arms to the sides. The gems on her gloves started to glow and spread along her arms up to her back. Ingrid started first, charging forward and activating a spell by her feet on the ground. As she stepped, a spell circle formed and launched her forward faster. A speed boost. Kalmuli braced herself, bringing her sword wand up forward, making the fluid gestures of a defensive spell and brought up a wall of earth around her. Another gesture, the wall formed spikes that she started to launch toward Ingrid in a barrage. 

Ingrid however had built up enough momentum that she looked like a blur as she dodged around, avoiding getting hit with the spikes until she could get close enough. She prepared a second and third spell as she got closer. A fire spell in yellow and a air spell in green on each fist that formed together near her feat. When she leaped, the spells stayed until she connected with the wall on a flat portion and caused an explosion. Kalmuli was flung backwards into the barrier. Kalmuli would scramble back up as Ingrid came barging forward at her like an unstoppable beast and her fist collided with the barrier wall, the face glowing with the effect of her mana and sending lightning bolts along it as it diffused outward.

It gave Kalmuli some time to form a counterattack. Bringing her blade down to the ground, she formed a new spell. An air spell. She slashed twice, sending a force toward Ingrid while her momentum had stopped and hit her as she was charging at her again, sending the younger elf flying backwards rolling along the ground. "Lost your momentum have you?"Kalmuli mocked with a laugh.

Ingrid got up, rubbing the back of her head where she had smacked it and got back up to her feet. The Grand Master was poking the hornet's nest by mocking her. Kalmuli started forward this time while Ingrid wasn't moving, bringing her blade forward. More spell circles formed on the ground, forming a foothold that she used to launch herself upward. She stopped while she was in the air, a collection of white circles forming. Like a rain of cold fire, she launched a rain of ice spears down onto Ingrid who lowered herself to the ground and seemingly pulled the earth upward to form a barrier against the spears. 

Fast Forward several hours...

Kalmuli was pinned by earth, stretched out in an awkward angle enough that she couldn't get herself free and there was one that was jabbed right into her ribs so she couldn't get any words out and Ingrid had taken a hold of her wand. The women had duked it out, even resorting to fists at some point but Ingrid and the combination of her wand Juggernaut, even put Kalmuli at odds. They were burnt, frost bitten, black and blue but Ingrid stood in victory...just by a hair though. Kalmuli had been ready to deal a final blow to her, even ramming the blade into Ingrid's shoulder but the adrenaline of the fresh wound gave her enough fuel to knock Kalmuli back off balance with a kick to the chest with an air spell and combined it with an earth spell as she fell backwards to lock her body into a position it couldn't cast with or without a wand. "You were...hah...ho-hold back...hah...again..."Kalmuli panted, wheezing out a few choice words. 

Ingrid eased to the ground as the barrier started to lower with their duel concluded, feeling the fresh sea breeze in her hair and against her ears. "So were you..."Ingrid replied. "You could have killed me a few times."

"Heh...you just got ha...hired...Maybe if we were...uhn...other...teams."Kalmuli wheezed. 

"Can't you free yourself?"Ingrid smirked.

"Gimme a minute."

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In the ensuing fight, the Uldwar family decided to enjoy a nice meal as the two wizards fought it out to exhibition their knowledge of offensive spells. Luis was incredibly excited to see how red mana could be used when in the hands of a master, his eyes carefully watching the two as they danced the dance of combat. This was the sort of thing one only read about in story books from the old times, back when things were more chaotic and lawless than what they were now. Just knowing he could grow to this level of power, this amount of magical strength while under the tutelage of Ingrid and Lady Kalmuli, it was mind boggling. Unfortunately not everyone was as enthusiastic about the performance as he was.

"Are we to clap when someone gets seriously hurt or are we allowed to actually be concerned?" Illyana spoke candidly, dining on roast pork in delicate bites with sips of water in between. She had always been outspoken in her pacifism, regularly clashing with their father over how he managed their lands.

Oscar did his best to respond with as much civility as he could. "They themselves have made every precaution to keep us safe, and from what I can tell they are professional enough to keep from killing each other. We are not savages just for watching a voluntary duel between two talented wizards on good terms with each other." He was enjoying a glass of red wine, watching the two carefully while still keeping conversation with his daughter. The lord did not wish to miss a single moment of what was happening, as it was already becoming quite entertaining.

"Illyana my darling" Cassandra pleaded "the dark times are over, there's no need to be so discourteous to our guest."

"It's not discourteous to voice my distaste on the subject matter." She looked over to Luis and Mia, who were quite animated in watching the fight between the two elves. "If you want to encourage the rest of your children to live up to the savage name of Uldwar, then at the very least I won't be party to it." The match was only halfway over, but the blonde haired woman rose before heading back into the castle under the guise of needing to tend to some patients.

Luis felt ashamed for watching the two wizards have it out in their backyard, as if it was wrong just to enjoy it. His sister on the other hand looked more cross, sitting closer to their flustered father as she rebuked her sibling's accusations. "She doesn't understand common sense, father. Illyana has always been stuck in her own dream world where people can just lay down their weapons and be friends. I understand that isn't the truth, right father?"

"It's...not that easy, Mia, you wouldn't understand at your age." He sighed, standing up to address the two, leaving his middle daughter hurt but willing to accept his words without question. "Well done, a good fight indeed. Indeed we are lucky to have a talented individual such as yourself as the court Archmage. Would you like to join us for some dinner?"

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Kalmuli managed to get herself free but lay out on the ground, winded and exhausted. Though, it was less from the fight itself but more or less running around in the heat. Ingrid sat on the ground for a few minutes longer before going over with an ice spell in hand to cool the poor elf off. Kalmuli may have been a great mage but species-wise, she couldn't stand the heat and Mistral was an island with a hot climate. Ingrid would cool her former teacher off before healing herself. She could hear the conversation among the Uldwar family though, frowning. 

Not everyone seemed to agree with their dueling but even Ingrid had to agree with Illyana. She didn't like the idea of violence...but it was a necessity. Sometimes. Half of why Ingrid chose her fists instead of a blade was that she could control hurting someone. A blade had only one purpose. Ingrid gave Kalmuli a hand up once she was steady enough to move, keeping a freeze spell hovering around to keep her nice and cool while they went to join the family. 

Ingrid would bow her head. "My apologies if our duel upset your daughter...though I have to agree with her on violence. It's not something I would wish to expose to my own child any time soon...but having a mage as a mother, I suppose it's unavoidable."She said, rising again. "Thank you though...if you don't mind us looking a mess and joining you?"

Kalmuli quirked the corner of her mouth. "Peace doesn't come without some kind of violence before it...but when it does come, it's good to never forget how you got that peace. Its a way of honoring the ones who brought it into being."She said, joining the Uldwar family at the table. Ingrid would take a seat beside her, rubbing her shoulder. Camille who had been sitting with Luis came over to Ingrid, crawling on her lap. Luis was the only one Camille really knew and chose to stick by the older boy.

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"Of course we would not mind. You have more than earned a respite from your exercise. We have much to discuss anyway." New chairs and extra meals were brought to their table, while the other children went to go marvel at the destruction caused on the field. While they looked at the damage, Lord and Lady Uldwar discussed with Kalmuli the finer details of something that she had been working on since coming here.

"My wife tells me that you plan on attracting more wizards here, or at least those interested in learning magic onto the island. At first I was reluctant, but after seeing your skills up close, I think it can certainly be worth the effort." Having their own mage academy in this place would be a large step forward in further developing Port Mars into a larger city. Already their efforts to further expand have proven somewhat successful, if not stunted by their troubles with certain debts they owed abroad. Progress came with time, but the Uldwars believed that expediting the process was very much possible, as long as they went about it with a delicate touch.

"At the moment our funds are stretched thin, with many projects lined up to help improve the port town into something more, something better than what we see today. With your acceptance, we can place the construction of a wizarding school ahead of everything else on the list, and you will be given authority over the grander details of how it is built." He finished his glass, the page that stood with them refilling it with more wine before he continued. "There are other considerations to go through before we follow through with this decision, as it is a considerable investment on our part."

"Your duties as court Archmage are still to be followed, though you will be given some leeway given your future administrative position, should you choose to accept this. Furthermore I want to see the curriculum you are putting forth towards teaching these students, as well as reports as to the the possible security risks of each student. If there is a bad seed wishing to learn the powers of magic, I need to know about it. Other than that, we can provide other incentives and rewards for those who come here, but that will be something to discuss with Professor Kultir when we process the costs of this venture fully."

This was when Lady Uldwar began to speak her piece, hoping to further clarify the freedoms afforded to Ingrid in regards to the construction of the academy. "Unfortunately it won't be as magnificent as the towers in Blairville, but we can do our best to try and make it towards your specifications. Several prominent architects reside in Corinth at the capital, we believe we can convince one of them to tear themselves away from the reconstruction efforts to build your dream." She wanted this very much, but also she felt afraid of losing her son to the far away place of the other academy Luis had spoken of. Kalmuli seemed like a good person, but the very thought of losing her last son made her soul weep in sorrow.

"Once our oil drilling operations have borne the fruit estimated by our geologists, we can discuss renovations and a new campus." Time would only tell what their plans for the oil fields recently discovered would do for them, but it was a risk they were willing to take. "So what say you, Lady Ingrid? Are you ready to take the next step towards your station here on Misral?"

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Ingrid was all the more pleased to hear that the family approved of more mages and wizards coming to the island to set up shop or even, to learn. The offer of building her own school was almost too much to pass up and she looked to Kalmuli for advice. The older elf was sitting back with her hand on her chin, musing on the idea. She had been looking for a place to expand her school. Having students commute to her school via portal was precarious since the location had to be kept a secret. However, a place that existed in the same planar world as Valucre it would be safer. 

Kalmuli looked to Ingrid, smiling. "It's up to you...are you up to going from just a teacher to a Headmaster of the Misral branch of the Academy?"She asked the young Archmage. Ingrid looked a mix of delighted and concerned. Ingrid would nod, looking to Lord and Lady Uldwar. 

"Of course. I think having a branch of the Academy here in Misral is a fantastic idea."Ingrid smiled. "Ah but as for funding..."

"I will be funding the construction. Don't waste your coin on a large project like this. Ingrid will be assigned as Headmaster here but I have had building plans for a while to build a school. Originally I had planned on it being in Altissium but they already have another school there."She commented. "Each school has the same design. It makes it easier for transfer students and teachers so they're not so turned around."

Ingrid grew more excited for the prospects of the school, her mind already working on studies and student transfers...She looked a little lost in her own head for a moment until she shook herself out of it. "I'm looking forward to it. Luis is my first student but this will give me some time for trial and error in different teaching methods. How long do you think the construction will take?"She asked, redirecting to Kalmuli.

"For a school the size of the Academy, it may take up to a year with non-magic and magic combinations. By that time, Luis will be ready to take the entrance exam with other students here instead of traveling to the Main Branch."Kalmuli added on. "I'll have the plans sent to your home, Lord Uldwar and I'll be forwarding some of the schools existing curriculum as well. We have a strict policy on  bad behavior at the academy...it's a way of weeding out those who have negative intentions at the beginning."

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Lord Uldwar nodded, informing his page to write down all the necessary information they will need to get the construction started. "It is much appreciated that you are shouldering the cost of this, as you probably know we are dealing with some difficult times with our finances. Hopefully this will be a benefit for everyone, and we can see a brighter future for Port Mars through this."

In all honesty, it was something that he felt more than a little nervous about, and with good reason. The small folk weren't used to magic, many of them only experiencing it when it was being used to subjugate them viciously. With so many wizards and witches flocking to this place to learn, it could make the populace nervous, and anger soon followed in its wake. Keeping order on the island would be difficult, but he knew that the opportunity was simply too good to miss. This one action would bring him closer to political domination into Ursa Madeum, making it greater and stronger than ever before.

Unfortunately there was more to it than that, more that could go wrong and cause utter chaos to make its way through his realm. Schemes were afoot, plans were coming to order, and Lord Uldwar has already done things that he is not quite proud of, but has followed through with them anyway. Power was a seductive thing, and Lord Uldwar wanted more, so much more, but he needed time, resources and clout. Obtaining a crown was a task not fit for normal men, but Oscar was no normal man, he was a warrior, born and bred. It was there, it was close, and he could almost grab it, if he only had a few more inches to spare, then it would all be his.

"Lady Ingrid, Lady Kalmuli" Cassandra said politely "you have been so wonderful to us and so helpful to our son. I would just like to let you know we appreciate you for what you do, and hope you are enjoying yourself here as well." With a warm smile, she had a sip of her wine, setting it down as she dabbed at her forehead. "Goodness it is warm here, perhaps it is time we retired inside? I need to go and find Illyana, try to talk to her about this whole mess and try to make her see reason."

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The two elves ate quickly while Lord Uldwar was making notes about what Kalmuli had said. Having something to eat helped them heal faster and they sat back almost in unison, patting their mouths with clean napkins. "Of course. I'm very pleased to know that my plans of expansion are welcome here."She said, folding up the napkin and placing it on her plate. "However, Lord Uldwar...my students are not soldiers. Not unless they make the decision to be themselves. Do not mistake them as such. My kindness can be taken away just like that sword I made your family can be taken away also."

Fate's Bane. It was a weapon of incredible strength but a special magic imbued in it. She remembered it well. It was a blade for the passionate and the powerful..and she was paid well. You couldn't get a weapon that messed with authority without paying a heavy price. 

Ingrid lowered her eyes, looking over to Lord Uldwar. "My apologies, she's abrupt...but means well. Many of the students come from poor or foreign areas of the worlds we teach on. Our mission with the school was always to educate to better the world. Not with peace and love mind you but knowledge and the wisdom to know what to do."She said, looking to Luis. "Something that I hope young Luis will grow to know."

Kalmuli would rise to her feet, approaching Cassandra and offering her hand. "Let's. I'm not fond of the heat either. I'm from the Highlands myself so we only had warm weather for three months."She smiled. "If you walk with me, you can share the cooling spell Ingrid cast."

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"Of course" Lord Uldwar agreed "I would not feel comfortable trying to conscript your students against their will. This place will forever be free of the dishonorable practices of King Damien and his tyrannical rule, you have my word on that." To go back on that word was an unthinkable prospect, one that caused him to shudder silently in dumbstruck horror. In truth he felt strangely reluctant to enter into battle so quickly, his heart beating quickly as he thought about those chaotic conditions, the blood and smoke and shouting. Slowly he banished those thoughts, calling the children back as they walked towards the Keep to escape from the heat.

Lady Uldwar accepted the hand graciously, feeling the cool magic upon her while she ascertained her daughter's whereabouts. Cassandra had high hopes that Illyana would turn into a proper, respectable woman, but she honestly wasn't sure of how to respond to this pacifistic activism she was engaging in. Multiple times she and her husband butted heads on things like criminal sentencing, how to deal with the small folk, taxes and other social issues. It was fortunate these arguments happened in private, where prying eyes couldn't witness their Lord's authority being questioned with impunity, but she was anxious as to how long that would last. The people needed to believe that their lord had full authority, or else chaos would begin to grow in the streets like a weed.

"I believe I saw her going towards the library, Lady Uldwar." Cassandra learned that her eldest daughter had gone into the room to read up on medical texts, saying she needed to be kept up to date on her studies.

"Thank you." She said, looking to Kalmuli for a moment. "If you do not wish to be privy to this, I would understand. She's so terribly headstrong, she may just say something undue towards you. I'm afraid she gets much of that from her father, the stubborn boar that he is." Going into the library, she found her daughter writing into a journal as she reviewed a text from some far away physician, her blouse opened up at least three buttons with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. The heat was sometimes difficult on everyone, though for someone as hot blooded as Illyana it was absolutely dreadful.

"Have you come to lecture me about my behavior, mother? I'm afraid you won't get much of an apology from me, so I would appreciate being allowed a moment alone to my work." Dipping her quill back into the inkwell, she continued scratching out words onto parchment, her attention clearly fixated on medicine.

"Illyana, you are a Lady of House Uldwar. It simply isn't proper to be acting this way, to be so defiant against your own father. What if the other families hear of this? Or what of the small folk who start to doubt his authority?" Every time she tried to reason with her daughter, to remind her of her duties and of the importance of being together as a family. This time, like so many other times however, the request had fallen upon deaf ears.

"Or what? Father will go on another campaign? Slaughter some villagers, put their heads on pikes and give a stern speech to intimidate the others? If he did I would honestly be surprised, given he doesn't have a tyrant king to fall back on now as his excuse for the atrocities he committed against them." Satisfied with the look of heartbreaking shock that paled her mother's complexion, she went back to her writing.

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Kalmuli shook her head, following Cassandra toward the library. She dispelled the cooling spell on her easily, running her hands through her hair where there had been little bit of frost forming along it. "Think nothing of it..."She said, slipping her hands into her robe pockets. "It would not be the first time someone has been very vocal against me. I think it may do her good to listen to someone older and wiser that's not family. After all, I was just a princess myself before I became a mage."

Inside the library, she branched off from Lady Cassandra to look about the family's impressive collection. For a human family at least. She poked about, picking a book and flipping it open to browse about it's pages. However her ear, was turned to the conversation. Illyana was sharp tongued. Something she could appreciate to a degree. Just like Illyana, she had a father who had a strong opinion on war and what was necessary. Closing the book, she slipped it back into place before she turned to join the conversation. 

"You're quite spoiled, aren't you?"She said, a smile on her face. "You've got the privilege to be so open...if you were a common woman or a common man, it would get you very close to a prison cell. You can call your father a monster freely...no, no one else can right? Not after the peace he's brought through his actions."

Kalmuil would move over to the table she was sitting at, pulling up a chair and sitting across from her, leaning back. "Of course, with all that privilege, you've got access to these books. Do you know how hard it is for a common healer with or without magic? Without a teacher?"She said, crossing her legs under the table. "I guess you wouldn't. Having a whole library section here on healing techniques and how to make medicines people would die to have their hands on."

Leaning forward, she stared her down. "Wars aren't just fought with weapons...it's the healers that have to deal with the effects during and after. It's a war of fighting for someone else's life instead of your own. It's never ending. There are higher casualties the fewer healers there are. We have to be fighters as much as we are caretakers...but you've had the luxury of choosing to be a healer."She eased back. "A privilege you should thank you your father and mother for having. A privilege that your father fought for that you wouldn't have had before. Spoiled girl."

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Illyana felt angered at the accusation being level against her, her hand clenching into a fist before she gradually relaxed it. Everywhere she went, there would be people willing to challenge her on her beliefs, wishing to prove to her how foolish she was for having the ideology she did. If she wasn't prepared to defend these beliefs, she might as well abandon them at this moment, and conform to the soul sucking fate already planned for her. Being a lady meant surrendering herself to whatever her potential husband may want, a fate worse than death in her opinion. Illyana would show this elf she wasn't so easily cowed by her accusations.

"First of all" she said, closing the book she was currently working on "yes, I am privileged to have all this information, I am also privileged to know how to read and to write. It is an unfortunate fact that many of the people in Ursa Madeum can do neither, meaning that even if they did have these books, they could do nothing with them." Unlike her father who was prone to losing his temper, Illyana understood the virtue of keeping her cool, and would not be baited. "Though I am privileged, I refuse to squander the resources under my control on trivialities."

"Secondly, I also understand how my own name protects me from punishment, and you have no idea how much that angers me." Getting up from her chair, started collecting her things, while her mother felt confused at what she was saying.

"Illyana I...I don't understand. Do you hate your own name?" Her mother asked, her heart racing with concern over her distressed daughter.

"Of course you wouldn't understand, you feel content with this life, with this way of doing things, where injustices can be swept under the rug just because someone does something nice." After all she had seen, all the broken lives she had witnessed, with little or nothing she could do to make it right again. "Restricting someone's rights for the sake of your own power is a slippery slope for another tyrant like Damien. Having Uldwar as my last name should not make me any different from other people, but it does not take away the truth from what I am saying. Father has done terrible things, and if it wasn't for the mercy of the Taen government, he would have been convicted and executed like the war criminal he is."

This time Cassandra was beyond shock and this time felt anger in hearing the ghastly words of her own daughter. "That is your father you are talking about! If he heard what you had said-"

"What would he do, mother?! Put me on the front lines so I can die like Henry did?" A smack reverberated through the library, both Uldwar women were wide eyed with shock when they realized what had just happened. Lady Uldwar looked upon her right hand, noticing that it was still red with the impact against Illyana's cheek. She was shaking, mad with disbelief, but she knew she had just raised her hand against her own daughter, and that she couldn't be weak now while she had her attention.

"You will never speak about your father or your brother like that again. They are your family, Illyana, they deserve your respect and your understanding about their positions. Do you think your father really wanted to do all of those things? He had no other choice, because if he defied Damien, he would have had us all killed, even you. If you want someone to blame for the suffering of the people, then blame yourself, because he could not bare to see any of you harmed, and you damn well know that." Breathing shaky, both women sat down once again, Illyana refusing to meet her gaze. A line has been crossed, one that they may never be able to come back from.

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Kalmuli raised an eyebrow. She was being calm about this, which was fine but at the same time being loud at the same time was needed. She sat back. "Maybe you should put her on the front lines...she might learn what it's like."She said, getting up from the table and going back to the section she saw on the healing remedies Illyana had been searching for. "I was in your shoes many years ago Illyana. My father was a war prince amongst the elven kingdoms of my home. Sullying his name several times had my mother whipped until she went mad and then took it out on myself. She turned to the dark arts to try to get stronger but it swallowed her up and took her life giving birth to my younger brother."

Kalmuli opened the book she picked out, flipping through it absentmindedly. "Believe me. I've been in both your shoes."She said, bringing the book over and placing it in front of Illyana. It was a guide on doing sutures and protecting against infections. "Pretty sure if I knew how to do something like this thousands of years ago, I could have saved her...but I was about...mm...Five or six in your human years when it happened. A child."She said, walking around the two women, her black robe swaying around her.  "Instead of reprimanding the Uldwar name for the atrocities committed in someone else's name. Of course, had it not been done you wouldn't be here now as Lady Cassandra has said. Use it to fix the damage that has been done."

Kalmuli would pull up a third chair and sat between the two. Reaching over, she took each of their hands and held them. "Both of you know that. if Lord Uldwar wants to fix the damage that has been done, you two need to come together and help. Illyana...I can see you're bright. Reminds me of when I was still in dresses at marriage age. I think I was a little bit younger than you when I got married for the first time."She commented. "But privilege can also be used to do good things for the people you're trying to help. You've done that with healing using remedies that any man would die for the honor of having...but what if there could be more people like that who could heal?"

Kalmuli sat back. "I plan on Ingrid teaching healers. Not to mention, that it will teach anyone willing to attend the school to read and write. To till the land, fish the seas...but unless there are role models, no one will be willing to try."She sighed. "Which is why it's important for the Lords and Ladies of the house to attend along side the common folk. If you have the formal training yourselves, I insist you become grammar teachers and work on teaching the local children in town. Children will teach their parents and you'll have all of the island up to speed."

She got up and roughly patted both women's shoulders like they were men. "Lord Uldwar and Ingrid can't be doing all the work...It's time the Ladies of the Uldwar house did something other than sissy slap each other and point fingers. If you want to change the perspective of the people, you have to be willing to put in the work that previous generations didn't care for."

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