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(Edit: added information about possible rewards, and where I want to take this thread...)


Surely, it is common knowledge that wolves are considered to be one of the easiest creatures to slay in modern fantasy and fiction settings; however, if our the strongest NPCs in the Imperial South can't handle them, then surely there is something more to these creatures than meets the eye.

The quest I'm looking to take up is in the small shanty of Cobran in Genesaris that had been overtaken during the course of the Whispernight Ragnarok. I am looking for those brave enough to help me liberate this town from the beasts which terrorize the few human inhabitants that still live in it.

The rewards for such a task is varied; however there are some pieces of verified loot within the quest details. Aside from that, This quest's purpose is to help reestablish Cobran to its former glory, and perhaps free the Imperial South from the white wolves, and maybe an even more dangerous threat...

Now, you are probably wondering: wolves? What makes them so hard to kill, they are just a bunch of normal animals my magic-slinging, sword-wielding, super-amazing adventure can take down with ease.

The problem isn't in the strength of these creatures, but their intelligence.

Their primary strength lies in the warpack — a group of roughly one hundred fierce and cunning beasts that are as vicious as they are intelligent led by an even more dangerous, sinister leader. The fiends of this area work together, so in short, it will be a small ragtag group of around fifteen challenging an army.

There will be wolves, werewolves, beasts of all kinds, and perhaps a few enemies of magical nature that you will be expected to face.

The key to this quest will be strategy. Sure, you may believe your character can take on four, maybe five normal wolves at a time; however, don't expect to be able to fight them off from all sides. If you are cornered, that's it. A team of around ten of these monsters should have more than enough the power be overtake you in seconds. The weakness of a single wolf is made up by the rest of the pack. If one goes high, expect the others to go low, to your right, to your left, from behind, and all around. As for the werewolves et al., you should be prepared for whatever cunning tricks they have as they are twisted apparitions out for your flesh. A wolf in man's skin is a hunter that you should be wary of.

Perhaps we will be able to free this town from one of two of the dozens of warpacks that occupy it, or perhaps we will be running with our tails between our legs.

The choice to join me on this quest is yours.

◆             ◆             ◆

As for the technical parts of this water cooler post, I am looking for a group of around three to seven others. There is currently a group of fifteen soldiers within Cobran right now from caravans as described in this thread (I will have the actual thread up either today or tomorrow, so watch close for updates). Four of the characters in the main party have already been introduced, and are the currently known NPCs (minus Frygg). If you join, then your character(s) will be a part of this group of people who just arrived in the previous linked thread, and are up to date on all of the events that just happened (up to the last post).

I am really striving to roll out at least a post by the day. There is a tentative posting order given this quest; however, it is not fixed (essentially there is no posting order, but it would be nice to follow a general pattern). There should be some courtesy time for people who are next to post (around a day since the last written post); however, if you feel that your character is going to do something right there and then, then write, write, write! Sorry for being so stringent about this kind of thing, I am just so used to having really amazing threads written by fantastic writers die out because it was one person's turn and they flaked for a few days without saying anything, allowing others to become bored and abandon thread entirely. Still, if things come up, then just message the group! We can work things out IC, and in the end, real life if more important than our activities here.

However, I must stipulate the most important criteria, one that is absolutely necessary if you are to come aboard...

You are willing to have a little fun and enjoy writing!

I hope that super long paragraph wasn't too discouraging, and I hope to see (and meet) some new faces around here! Join me on this adventure young traveler, and let us craft an adventure unlike any other. To help you decide, here is a cute emoji that describes how I'll feel if you say no:

=  ◈  ︿  ◈. = 】← sad face


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It was the cute emoji that did me in. I’m interested in joining with my character Wren, who will be leaving the service of the Melisende (Imperial south royalty) family very soon. He has a young Terran riding dragon with him- not possessing human intelligence, but was bred for fighting and should be able to handle a few wolves.

I’m not the best at action writing, so I would appreciate some patience. 😅 But this looks fun!

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Oooh, a Terran Riding dragon and his rider — this will be interesting.

Do not worry, it won't all be action @roboblu. Most of it will be coming up with a plan of attack, sneaking around, whatever strategies you might employ, etc. Your character will definitely make things a lot more interesting. Time to think of some strategies to handle foes in the air... hehe.

(edit) There will definitely be more than a few wolves too 😄

Welcome to the party!

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Kay, so, I was in an RP with this precise quest earlier. But it died. Like hardcore died. I wish to strike that from my record and put Dan in this one.
I want that bloody wolf pelt. I was thinking of doing it on my own, but a group is much easier for me to work with anyway.

If you'll have me, I'll give you the Bird of Hermes himself, Dan Palmer.

Maybe he'll bring his Wompas Cat with him. I've been itching to try him out.

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A thief of divine origins? Now that sounds like a wonderful addition to the quest — we could use a few tricksters in the group. With a keen eye and deadly precision, I think that Dan would be an excellent character to join the quest.

Welcome to the party!

@HollowCipher @roboblu, I am working on writing out a few more things, but the thread should be up tonight or tomorrow. Sorry again for the slight delay, just crafting some challenges for our adventures so the journey won't be too easy ~

Probably we have room for one or two more people, but I think we almost have enough people!

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@Fennis Ursai Oh definitely! The targeted amount of people for this thread I was hoping to reel in was around 3-5 individuals, so yah, feel free to hop right in! I'll add you to the OOC chat that we have in the messenger so that you can be up to date with all of the other role players with us.

By the way, just out of curiosity, what character are you bringing out to this cold, cold town?

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Alright everyone, I think we have everyone we will have in this thread! Thank you everyone for all of your support and interest.


I wanted to add this to the post because I feel it is important, but here are the formal expectations for the thread as a whole for combat:

  • Characters perceive time the same way, so you can take as little time or as much time as you need. This; however, is important as it relays the key fact: other people can still take actions while your taking actions. This doesn't mean that if someone is flying at you, when you hold out your sword they can instantly dodge. No they will still hit your sword and be impaled; however, they do have the option to maybe turn to mitigate a fatal strike into a serious injury. It will mainly boil down to logic.
  • As for abilities, everything can practically be blocked or evaded. This doesn't mean there will be a situation where attacks are unavoidable (e.g. someone is covered in oil and you light the oil-covered floor on fire, (edit) or you slash from their blind side during an exchange of blows), but if the character has enough time to anticipate the attack, they can act. Again, logic is everything.
  • Usually, the more details you include when you're fighting, the less likely you'll end up in a dispute.
  • Since we all are different characters with different abilities, we'll fall back on mild powers and the assumption that everyone is equal in terms of skill and power.
  • In short, no character or attack will ever be too fast, strong, or powerful to see or account for. You'll have to ensnare your enemy and catch their mistakes, and strike before they can realize what's coming.
  • In general, preparation time spent for an attack or action usually will help with the success of it (e.g. charging a magic spell, or sacrificing one's attention to attacking to focus on defending); however, we will always default to whether or not something was reasonable or not.
  • AOE attacks are cool, but they are rarely ever one-shot moves. They make for great party surprised, stuns, but an attack with a smaller "spread" can be considered to be more potent. E.g., shooting from a machine gun in a wide cone to hit more enemies as opposed to focusing your shots at a single target is the best analogy I can use.
  • It will never be about whose attack was the most powerful, but rather whose attack landed the best.
  • Also just as a courtesy, don't post ten bajillion actions into one post hue.
  • (edit) You can hide things such as curses, hidden weapons, and secret traps from your post (e.g. surprise post), but if are hiding things, you definitely need to add a hint in one of your posts. For example, if I am readying to throw a concealed kunai, I might move my hand behind my back. The more details you put in your hint as well, the more free you are to be creative with your surprise attack!
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