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Examples of Magi-Tech

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Given how broad of a definition technology has (everything from fire and wooden spears to space shuttles), and how broad a definition magic has, one can only imagine how broad of a definition something like magi-tech can have

So, to that end, rather than trying to come up with a perfect and all-encapsulating definition of this tricky bastard, I decided to list a few examples of magi-tech that currently exists in Terrenus, without mention as to the upward capabilities, to give people an idea of the technological landscape as it is

This is a living document, which it is likely to be modified over time with additional or updated examples as I think of more or as new items are introduced into the lore

  • Communication
    • Crystal computing devices: Using ternary logic, Terran computer systems are able to operate with lower electricity consumption and production costs than more common binary logic computer systems. The computer systems leverage pressure-sensitive fungi to feed sensory data into a crystal core that is capable of computing on optical information , making it faster while producing less heat than electrical systems
    • Holo-arrays: Three-dimensional holographic array systems make use of the full magical theory and technological capabilities of the nation and so are often limited to the mega-cities or kingdoms which lease the technology. These systems make use of military satellites, which in their turn use augmented illusion and divination magic, as well as radiation communication, to collect, organize, and disseminate information
    • Twinned crystal relays: Crystal twinning is what happens when two separate crystals share symmetrical lattice points. I've taken this concept and applied to to the piezoelectric properties of quartz (and fictitious materials) to come up with a simple radio system. In short twinned crystals (which is not limited to just 2) share frequencies and can communicate with other crystals on those frequencies over long distances
  • Information
    • Crook: A logical technology rather than a physical one, the Crook protocol is the equivalent of TCP/IP networking, allowing for ad-hoc creation of scalable networks between however many nodes are desired
    • The Storage Movement: The Storage Movement is an in-character initiative to store and make publicly available as much information as possible - think giant, holographic public library, quartered in Ignatz, but accessible by anyone with a Crooked crystal computing device. TSM uses high-density information storage for its very large crystal storage devices and optical character recognition to quickly scan and store data from physical documents
  • Transportation
    • Lightning Rail [deprecated]:┬áThese are the equivalent to mag-levs, without the need for earth-scarring infrastructure as Terrenus was capable of laying tracks over ley-lines and using keyed nodes to support the weight of the Rail. Rails were commercially capable of traveling several hundred miles per hour, doubling and sometimes tripling this speed when operating under special charter, suggesting the speed limitation is a logistical one and not a technological one
    • Warp Gate [deprecated]: The only known method of large-scale, reliable, near-instant teleportation in Terrenus and one of the hallmarks of the magi-tech era during the Haze era. Commercial round trips were available only to and from other mega-city Warp Gate infrastructure. Commercial one-way trips were capable anywhere on the face of Terrenus
  • Utilities
    • Basic elemental runes which can be used to heat or refrigerate
    • Pre-recorded Chant Cubes (TM) which can store charms or hexes for 1, 3 or 5 use
    • Projectiles (bullets, arrows, etc) made from the powdered bones of magic creatures or items to alter the payload
    • Seals which can be used as a remote alarm or remote sensor
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