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The Wolf Masquerade

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As the flames bit into the bone and the cast slowly set around his arm, Beris knew he would be fine. Though having an extended hand from the lycan was a nice step. He accepted the hand up only after setting his knife back in the sheath. "Preaching to the choir. I know better then to split focus like that. Next time I won't be so lucky. Right now, I have no idea where they're heading..and unfortunately I think he's our best option with my bum arm and our injured..erm..lady." 

Though he took a hell of an injury, Beris moved rather well. The injury didn't phase him much, aside from pissing him off and having a burning pain in his bones while rocks were forcing his bones back in place while also scalding the outer layer of his skin to seal up wounds and begin regrowth..If it wasn't for ALL THAT!!!...He'd probably be annoyed that he had to follow the 'miscreant mage' that had a face only a mother could love and a fist could kiss...or at least an attitude that matched it.

"So..tell me, what are we up against. You seem to have the most information out of all of us. How big is the coming tide and how trained are they?" There was a bit of laughter in his voice, hoping the numbers looked bad so he could enjoy the trip a bit more. "Because I need to focus on fortification and healing for a time being before we really talk about offense and aggression. I want to know what my defenses are up against." Beris didn't have much choice other then to follow his rag-tag pack. With a bum arm he was at a severe disadvantage. At this point he was only able to use the knife or the axe..The axe..he would need to recall it from the first tree he found. He'd forgotten that the damn thing was still out there in the snow.

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Yes, Dromerus, dwarven splendor of the Northern Rim, was still alive.

Yes, he was almost mauled half to death for disobeying some stupid wolf.

Yes, he had risen from the watery grave to deal cold death upon the scraggly mutts who dared challenge him.

Was he just going to be some minor character standing on the sideline and wait for rescue?


Was he going to fail his mission?


Could he physically see enough to accomplish said mission (given the darkness and rank clouds of foul gas of the sewers)?

Yes — dwarves lived underground, and thus have excellent vision in low-visibility subterranean expanses... this was his environment. Dromerus was in his element.

And finally, Yes. He was pissed.

Eyes slimmed as he focused on the creatures up ahead. The wolves corralling the rider and his dragon were distracted by the man's sudden fall, and so the dwarf axeman decided now was a better time than any to rain down a little hell on these suckers. He'd make them pay.

Maintaining his silence as he circled from behind, swimming underwater to mask the all-to-obvious scent of blood, the dwarf held his weapon near the neck of the handle, at the base of the axe-head. As one wolf in the back turned towards the man, the dwarf seized the opportunity and grabbed its hind leg, and with all the force he could muster, yanked the creature back towards the water. The wolf must have been surprised, giving a brief yelp in dismay as it's padded feet slipped on the slicked-slime, all frozen, slippery, and whatnot.

Then, with deft movement, the dwarf threw himself over the wolf's back, shoved the dog underwater, and ran the edge of his blade across the creature's throat.

One down, many more to go.

He hoped the rider was ready to fight.


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21 minutes ago, Fennis Ursai said:

"So..tell me, what are we up against. You seem to have the most information out of all of us. How big is the coming tide and how trained are they?"

"You don't want to know," he said, knowing far to well that the group would never be a match for the seemingly endless armies of wolves at the disposal of their cruel alphas. "Hundreds... thousands... too many to count." His voice had a somewhat bitter tone in it as he spoke his next few words: "And more are being turned by the hour."

Helping Beris down the steps, the wolf-man couldn't help but think about the narrow circumstances that led to his improbably escape from that hell hole. Sure, his mind was not twisted nor enslaved like the rest, but his body was too far gone now. He had almost been added to their ranks. Still, he would not speak of it. He would never speak of it. It was not the right time, and he was not ready to divulge any more than the meager words he had just spilled.

It was personal, and he did not know this man, or rather know any of these men yet.

There was an odd silence as the two descended down the ladder into the basement, joining both Khakina and Dan.

"That dog that took your arm was only a runt of the pack.... They only get bigger... and more ruthless."

@Fennis Ursai @HollowCipher @Zashiii


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"KHAKINA FIX!" She cried, or tried to as her voice is still expressionless as ever. Standing over the glistening bones of the newly dead wolf she gestured with a cutesy peace sign to show Dan that she's alright.

It took a while but with the help of Dan and Specky, Khaki's neck is good as whole. And on a side note, Specky's work inside her is already done. Then that thing happened. 

She gagged, gurgled, her hands clawed at her throat in a attempt reach that thing bulging inside inside her throat. Like a tumor, that bulge grew from her neck, and threatened to rip that part of her apart. Khaki stoop over them, mouth opening and closing either gasping for breath or trying to induce vomit. A few more moments of agony then it came out. From her gaping maw oozed out a thick pile of black goo, as it dribbled out of of her mouth bathed in drool and bile. It was a really large pile of goop and surprisingly this was the original form of her homunculus pet, Specky.

From that pile of goop, the penguin was reformed and on that penguin appeares the remnants of the parts Khaki absorbed from the wolf, a coat. A brand new fur coat! Crudely made but it should do. Stoic amidst the tears and dribbles of goo in the corners of her mouth, Khaki hoisted her new costume, and wore it over her shoulders like a cloak, with the empty wolve's head covering her head like a hood. 

Amazed at her new look she turned to everyone present in the room and spoke, "We kill more furries! For new fur coats!"




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It seemed that Khakis was alright. Dan let out a sigh of relief there. He noticed the furry-turned-good guy and Beris descending the stairs to join the freakshow powwow that was going on in the basement. Soon after them, Peruggia descended as well. Dan gave them a confident smirk. "Come on in. Plenty of room for more."

Then, Khakis started making stomach turning noises, distracting Dan from feeding Lupin's flame with oxygen, until she heaved up a massive blob of thick black snot, just in time for Dan to force his bile back down his throat. Dan had seen the mangled remains of what happened when Genipperteinga mutilated his enemies, and this was still in the top 5 most disgusting things he had ever seen in his 14 year life.
Then, to his amazement, the black snot ball turned into Gunter. So Gunter was made of inky snot. Wonderful. However, it seemed that Gunter had a present for Khakis: A new wolf fur coat. Dan tried not to think about how that meant that the wolf was skinned and made into a coat INSIDE of Khakis.

Yeah, good job Hollow. Now he's thought about it.

6 hours ago, Zashiii said:

"We kill more furries! For new fur coats!"

Dan grinned. "Sounds good to me."
He turned to his phoenix. "Yo Lupin! You about done?"
Lupon ceased his Flamethrower attack, and stared into the entrance way he had made for a good 3 seconds before looking to Dan and nodding.
"Excellent! Lupin, Arsene, Peruggia, come back."
Dan held out the crystal again. Arsene seemed to be slightly annoyed to have been brought out twice now with nothing to play with.
Dan sighed. "Oh relax, Arsene. You'll get to play with the puppies soon. Promise. If you don't, we'll go on a big monster hunt. Just the two of us. Okay?"
This seemed to satisfy the Wompas Cat, and he nodded. The crystal's light enveloped him, the firebird, and the Pumpkin Knight, and they all disappeared.

Dan closed his eyes and felt the air through the tunnel. He extended his reach as far as he could. At first he didn't feel anything, but then he felt a tremor. The barest hint of movement. Followed by a LOT of movement. In fact, he was pretty sure he heard a loud splash. 
That was it. Dan had the location. There was movement. Activity. There was no question anymore. Wren was in there.
"Alright, I'm heading in. I'm WAY sure that Wren is down there. I'll be going pretty fast, so you might lose sight of me. Don't worry though, just follow the breeze, it'll lead you right to my location."

Dan grinned, floated into the air, and entered the tunnel.
Might lose sight of you, he says. As if you aren't gonna turn into air.
It's only fair to warn them.

Dan did indeed dissolve his body into air. After which he flew down the tunnel as fast as he was comfortable with. Which was a bit of an odd term, since he was air, and if he ran into anything it would do literally nothing.

It didn't take Dan long to get so close that he could find the location of the vibrations just by the sounds. He was VERY close. He sped off in the direction the sounds were originating from, making sure that the breeze blowing from behind him was still going. By his calculations, he would arrive at the source in a matter of seconds.

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The shaman simply chuckled, "Good, the numbers will remain high. Here I was beginning to think this would get boring. My friend, back were I come from we have a hope that one day the odds will be against us because to wolves, when the tide is high against us, we fight harder and know what we are down to our cores. It's good to know this trip is more then just a simple pest rooting job."

After a moment, Beris had his arm resting on the wolf-kin to walk a bit better. "I was careless, doesn't happen often but occurs with time when you have been without a good fight to test you, shake off thee rust and really have you moving in all the right ways." With the cast finally in place and set, the flames surrounded the cast of rocks and began to temper the heat to a lower temperature where it could be controlled and not wild. Within an hour or so his bones would be mended to a fighting state and have full use of his arm. For now, however, he would have to be careful and let his primordial power do it's work, this would leave him very low in fire based essence for a while however, having only enough to cause a few blast of fire. 

The shaman felt a bit of ease in the air, like they had a moment of respite. "So these wolves, what's the clan act like? Are they driven by power, hunger, land?" If this wolf knew some, Beris only hoped he could feel out this wolf clan for what they were after. "I know the wolves themselves have no say but the handlers do. If this is anything more then territory I'd be expecting larger numbers but something tells me this is more then trespassing on their expanding borders."

Call it a hunch, but Beris just felt something was a miss in all of this. The assault didn't feel anywhere near strong enough if this was simply over an enforcer unit trying to push the encampment out. The feeling of the land ever since he'd gotten out this way felt a miss as well as if something or someone was tampering with natural winds and natural land. Even his fire magics felt weaker just being here. It was enough for Beris to be uneasy out in the cold wilderness which was very uncommon. Perhaps it was the feeling of knowing there was a wave of wolves or maybe something more. The first initial though was it was his traveling party but he only hoped that really was not the case. 

Either way, something way bothering the man and he intended to keep a well trained eye and ear for oddities.

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Wren spied a flash of orange in his periphery, and the movement was all he needed to send Cricket an overwhelming feeling of go. Already near to the ground after his stumble, the man flattened himself over Trellis and braced himself, his muscles tensing in anticipation. Not even a second later, a whoosh went over his head. Cricket had leaped over his head with deadly speed, and although the connection between them had been severed, Wren knew that her eyes were still sharp and focused on the alpha wolf. She would first reach out to grasp at him with her talons, keeping her neck arched back as a defensive precaution. A scream pierced the dank cavern air, sending dust and small pebbles down from the rafters; in such close quarters, it was meant to stun or at least surprise her foe. Cricket, a creature bred for war, would not hesitate for the kill if given the chance. 

Wren, on the other hand, was but a man. He hurled himself to his feet, and positioned himself over the magician's unconscious body. The object he held in his left hand was a slim knife, but, for now, it would do. With his knees bent, eyes glancing back and forth in the darkness, he waited for the first wolf to make its move. There was a slim chance he'd live through this, but, right now, it was a risk that needed to be taken. 

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