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Sorry, I read the OP yesterday and only recalled the miller bit of Torie's backstory.  It has been a crazy day.  >.<

Might as well go for a shepherd, then, as they're presumably a sizable segment of the population.  Perhaps this one has a penchant for sketching, is bad with money, and is a tad detached from reality.  Leading a more isolated life than many of the townsfolk, such a character would likely lack strong ties to the town.  From the description of the occupation, the life is simple enough; it doesn't leave too much room for mystery and intrigue, though the capability for the development of leisure skills is quite pronounced.  I think I'd go with an elven foundling who is easily mistaken for a male and takes offense to that for comedic effect.  I'll need to come up with a suitable name and flesh stuff out a little more, but that should be the gist of it.

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7 minutes ago, PurplePanda said:

Oh, gosh I missed my chance. I wish there were more chances like this...

Not to detail from the original thread but hopefully won't be minded much since the check has been filled - but why not just make your own interest check along the same vein? If there isn't enough of something you like you can always just do the thing yourself. This thread in particular did exactly that and it worked out pretty sweet if I say so myself  

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