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A lot of the RPs on offer here are quest-type RPs, where a group of magical mercenaries band together to defeat some evil/claim some treasure/explore some land on the whims of some third party. I find they don't tend to foster close inter-character relationships very well. I hardly seem to get to talk to anyone! Just post how cool my character is and then read about everyone else's cool characters.

So I would like to play a RP on a smaller scale, where characters have more investment in each other. The setting will be a small town somewhere in Valucre, barely bigger than a village, and the characters will be the town's locals. We won't be playing as magic-wielding super-assassins but rather regular townspeople (regular for valucre, anyway), with skills more attributed to village life. For instance:

Torie is a young, shapeshifting druid who seems perpetually stuck in the form of a tiger. She arrived at the town two years ago and took over the running of the mill and bakery, after the owner became ill. She is valued by the village due to her muscle and baking but her lack of wandering (and taste for baked goods) has seen her become extremely fat. Out of the watermill by the water she also runs a bakery called Torie's Treats. When she's not running the bakery or the mill she helps look after Geena, the old mill operator's widow, and allows herself to be harnessed to ploughs and the occasional cart to help transport things around the town. She will also lend her exceptional strength to building tasks, such as moving heavy beams or stones into position. She has a crush on the blacksmith, Hank, but he remains in human form, making things particularly awkward, though when she's free she'll hang around there to chat and watch him work with his shirt off.

Obviously some skills (like strength) are transferrable to adventuring. Some character flaws would be good too. Torie's flaws are gluttony and laziness.

I would like the village to be facing some sort of challenge, or mystery. Fairly high stakes for the people in the village. Missing villagers, perhaps? A disease that is turning the villagers into vegetables (mentally, not literally)? Maybe a disease that's affecting the crops. I'm open to suggestions in this regard. Something that will involve travelling into the wilderness outside the village and confronting the problem, growing closer to each other along the way.

Looking for a minimum of two other people, maximum of three, to keep things running smoothly and prevent stagnation, but everyone is free to use the village for original stories, as it's developed.

Let me know if you're interested!


Edit: Further idea development (suggestions welcome!)

Gotsed hasn't changed for hundreds of years, as far as any of the locals can tell. Nestled in the foothills of the ... mountains, it is a quaint place that has remained safe despite the goings on in the wider world. It's resources are abundant, from sheep to vegetables to salmon, stone and timber. The people are poor but work hard, and are content leading simple lives, complicated only by the town gossip.
But lately some of the villagers gave been having dreams. Nothing odd about that except they've been having the same one. A figure on a hill, calling them from far away. Now those who are having the dream have begun to disappear, with signs they've wandered up the mountain path with nothing but the clothes on their back. Search parties have gone looking for them but have returned in vain. Some of the searchers have even gone missing themselves.
It might be your friend or your relative or your neighbour, but you also have lost someone to this strange wanderlust. You'll soon be making the journey into the mountains, to search for those who are missing.

About Gotsed
A town of roughly 200 souls. It was founded on rocky but fertile soil, good for grazing, with nearby forests and a salmon-rich river. There are caves a three day's walk up the river, as well as scattered mineral deposits that are sufficient for the town's blacksmithing needs.

Other villager roles
Farmers: vegetables, fruits and nuts tend to grow best on the slopes around Gotsed. Wheat is imported from the next town, which was founded on flatter ground.
Fishers: Gotsed borders a tributory to a substantial mountain river. Though just a series of large pools interlinked with waterfalls, there are plenty of fish, turtles and a few swimming mammals for those willing to get their feet wet. Salmon tend to come for the winter, too.
Goat/sheep herders: tend their flocks on Godsed's green slopes. They were the first to arrive in Gotsed, and the town was named to them.
Blacksmiths: usually making farming tools such as shovels, hoes, pitchforks or ploughs. Also hunting knives and arrow heads. The blacksmiths may also double up as miners, given the local iron ore deposit.
Tailor: makes clothes. Tends to be woollen products given the local sheep flocks.
Inn: Gotsed has no inn as it exists on a dead-end road. Travellers usually find accommodation as guests of the townsfolk.
Butcher: prepares local meat.
Baker: turns flour into bread, sugar and fruits into cakes, etc.
Coker: makes come suitable for smithing from wood burned in special clay mounds designed to limit oxygen.
Teacher: teaches the small children numbers and writing.
Forester: cuts down trees and runs the local sawmill.
Chirurgeon: a doctor/surgeon of moderate skill. Doubles up as a barber.
Elder: those oldies of sound mind are generally considered in charge.

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At present I could suggest two and see if either strikes your fancy. I'm somewhat inclined to make someone new, I just can't settle on an idea. Preferably some sort of craftsman.

1 - Valkyr Dantes, prior to going off and adventuring, he was very much just a local hunter and trapper. He collected exotic meats for his father's butcher shop, and sold the pelts on the side. Late teens, early twenties local boy

2 - Ulthak Coalbeard, blacksmith/metalsmith. Middle aged dwarf craftsman. No major magical abilities, just a stout dwarf.


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Hello! I would love to work on my character developing skills and I do love a good mystery! If you wouldn’t mind having another person join in, I would definitely love to join in. 🙂

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Name: Gabriel Asteroth

Occupation: Hunter and Master Blacksmith, FULL-time/weapons expert/Mineral Hobbyist. (he loves talking about metals and elements and the like, but is very, VERY shy at times)

Height: six feet 11 inches

Weight: Undetermined, assumed at 450 lbs

Race: Half-Giant, Half human, part dragon

Hair color: Salt and Pepper

Skin color: Caramel

Affiliation: Unknown

Brief History: Asteroth used to be a guardian for his own race, the half-giants, but he never seemed to hold any interest in his job. He then ran into Benaires a very long time ago, receiving training in being a Blacksmith. Asteroth carries a gigantic double-headed Axe with him everywhere that he goes in order to protect himself, but he is usually more interested in talking about metals, forging tools and the like. Once he starts talking about gardening and the type of tools needed, he will give a detailed breakdown of the needs of all of his customers. He wears a short Goat-Tee, and is always wearing a leather smock, with gloves and even iron-clad shoes to protect his feet while forging or melting metals to make tools/weapons for his customers. He does have a twin sister, Minerva Gabriel, who is his assistant at all times. She greets customers and handles all politics with the job, always smiling and laughing to make people feel that they came to the right shop to buy their accessories.

Likes: Forging tools and weapons, Cold Ale or Ginger Beer, Ambrosia, Apples, GARDENING.

Quote: "Oh is that all? Well, YOU are going to need..........."

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If a spot for this rp is still open, I'd be interested in rping the baker's niece, Elaine.  I'm thinking that the older villagers would consider her an outsider as she was sent from the city by her parents when she was in her mid-teens.  While the quality and variety of the baker's goods (meat pies, crepes, doughnuts (and spudnuts), etc.) increased dramatically when she arrived, the town gossips natter on about her condescending attitude, scandalous clothing, and early morning outings to the forest.  She rarely associates with the villagers, and her nocturnal schedule has led to all sorts of rumors on how she dances with the devil in the pale moonlight.  In response to the ongoing streak of disappearances, idle gossip has transformed into a very real threat to Elaine's health and welfare.  She's a witch, they say, and many believe she has a hand in whatever is transpiring.

If someone else wants in or the slot is full, please let me know so I can switch to dming a rather involved plot I've had too much time to think on in past days.

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