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Winds of change.

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“This is your first venture alone, little one.”

The deep, calm baritone of her father’s voice echoed in the empty meeting hall. For once, she was thankful the diplomats and politicians had been shuffled out. It was rare she had time alone with him, and before such an exciting—and frightening prospect before her she was grateful she was granted the opportunity.

“Yes it will be. Was there anything else you need to tell me? There wasn’t a change in plans was there?”

The man chuckled at the question, shaking his head gently at her polite tone and professional questions. He lifted himself from his throne of gold and sparkling rubies, stepping down the short stairs that separated them. She took her duties seriously, and that was expected of her and he always praised her for that. But for right now, the Warlord wanted nothing more than to simply embrace his only child.

So, he did.

Well-muscled arms reached out only to scoop the lithe girl in his strong embrace. Initially, her muscles tensed in surprise. She knew he loved him, but there was little physical affection between them. Soon, the embrace was returned and she squeezed the man tightly in return. They remained this way, only for a few seconds tbefore he released his hold.

“You will come home to me and hopefully with new ways for us and our people to prosper. You have not failed us yet.” His words of comfort came with a light pat to her back and a gentle kiss on the top of her head. “Your guide is waiting. Do not disappoint me little one, or do not come home. “

Great. No pressure.



She was still unsure how she felt about the man charged with her care. A Yokai? She was fairly certain that was the word she had been looking for. Large, bat ears sat upon his ears to match the large leathery wings that sprouted from his back. He looked close to mortal, but those bestial features made it obvious that they were not.  She didn't know much about him, he had shown up at their gates many years ago. His kind was new to their lands, but his friendly demeanor and quick wit quickly one their court and her father over. Not to say that the man wasn't intelligent, he had many stories of places had been, but there was always one he spoke of the most.


Never first hand accounts, always stories passed from companion to companion. He knew enough to get her there, she had an idea of those she need to speak too and he even was willing to foot the bill himself. Her father would of course compensate him. Their lands were overflowing with precious metals and gems, many of which they used for the alchemist creations that made the oasis famous. He said he would be cold, but she hadn't been prepared for how cold it would be. When she stepped from the gate from their home to this new land, she was hit with a chilling rush. Her hands reached to cross over her chest and clutch at her arms in surprise. 

The silks and gauze that draped her figure were no match for these chilly winds. "I told you to dress warm." He chided as the gate snapped shut at their backs. A frown set upon her face, her head whipping around to stare at the tan man and his teasing smile. "I did dress warm, Lukas. How do people live here, this is awful." Lukas laughed at her complaints, the girl would be fine but she certainly would not be comfortable. 

"Once we get to the city, we can get you warmer. I am not sure any place here will be hot enough for your liking though, Madame Noya. " Her nose wrinkled at the title, "Noya. Madame makes me sound so... old. " "-- Then how about Princess, that is likely more accurate isn't it?" Her eyes rolled at the Bat demon, who chuffed softly at her dismay. " We'll go with Miss Noya then. Before we leave, your father asked me to give you something." Lukas stepped closer to the girl as he pulled a small satchel from his pocket from which he pulled a wide, golden bangle. "I've been told that you take great pride in the way you look. So I feel I must apologize for its effects. However, your father insists. "

She took the bangle tenderly, taking a moment to inspect the item. The well polished, golden surface held no markings and was broken only by the few large ruby settings it had. She raised an eyebrow in confusion, effects? It wasn't until she peeked along the inside of the bangle did she notice the inscriptions. Old, very, very old. She took her time quietly attempting to decipher them, and Lukas allowed her the time to do it. 

"Illusion?" "You'll see, please put it on so we may continue. " She pulled her gaze over to the man before finally slipping the bangle over her wrist. Now she understood what he meant. Her skin paled to a soft blue, traditional tattoos twisting over her skin where there have never been any. Dark, shifting hair now snow white and the heavy smell of ozone lingering in her presence. Her clothing changed, but only in color. The rich yellows and oranges she wore now softening to gentle blues and grays of the air district. 


"He's paranoid, that old man of mine." "He is, however we have no time to dawdle. We are already behind, so please, follow me. " The thick, leathery wings on his back flapped and the man took a short, running start before he took off. She was not long behind him, she took a small run and then jumped knowing the winds would catch her fall. Even with the added weight of her documents, the winds held her aloft as they always did. 

To Taurus and to hopefully a peaceful welcome.

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Their journey wasn’t nearly as long as she had initially imagined. Less than a hour and they were touching down onto solid ground once more. She stumbled as she hit ground, wide mahogany eyes far more interested in the sights the Skynet had to offer than her actual landing spot. Lukas reached out to Noya, setting a steadying hand on her shoulder. “We will check in as visitors, and I will get you settled in for the evening. Tomorrow I can show you around and help you get used to your surroundings. I’ve been told you catch on quick, so hopefully you will be ready to be on your own by tomorrow night. I have faith in you, you’ll do great. “

She offered him a soft, concerned smile as his hand fell from her shoulders. This was going to be a lot. Lukas stepped in front, leading the way for Noya to follow. With each step her eyes wandered, taking in the other people coming and going. There were so many kinds of people she had never seen before, it was hard not to stop and stare. When they reached the entrance, Lukas pulled and held the door for her, ushering her inside before she was knocked aside by busy citizens trying to go about their day. Once inside, he reached to grab the girl’s arm and pull her tight.

However, despite his tight grip the girl’s form remained still. Wide, amazed eyes wandered around the inside of the massive building in wonder. The architecture was so different from anything she had seen, shining metal and stone she had never seen or felt before.

“Noya come on we need to go.” He tugged at the girl, but again she refused to move. She was overwhelmed, not only by the noise but the sights and smells as well. This place was warmer but he was right, he would never come close to the scorching heat of the sands back home.  

“Noya come on, we need to us checked in. “ “Checked in – did we need papers? Good thing we brought them.” Her question drew odd looks from passersby, only for those looks of confusion to fall into glares of anger as they fell upon her winged companion. His wings shifted uncomfortably. “Please, Miss, we need to get going. I will explain things later. “ He pressed closer now to the girl, his protective gaze flicking from local to traveling tourist to watch for potential issues.

 “But you can’t explain now?” “Please, Noya I will tell you later we need to get moving I don’t want anyone to think we’re causing trouble. “ “But we aren’t—“ “Noya, now. “ At last, his firm tone pulled the girl out of her stony position to allow him to tug her along behind her. Her slick shoes offered little traction on the slick floors, causing her to slide and stumble just a little behind him, a free hand reaching to still the rattling document containers sitting in her bag. 

Why was he so concerned? This place is amazing!

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They had managed to make it to the check in station. Along with being a central hub for inner-kingdom travel, it also performed the function of an embassy of sorts, housing representatives from different kingdoms around the lands of Alterion, even as far as Terranus and Genasaris. This explained the heightened presence of guards here. Stout, 8' tall imposing figures clad in black tactical gear bearing the Taurus insignia. This place was a wonderful construction of granite, Marble floors accented by some unknown metal that ran in trim around the entirety of it, glowing and acting as some sort of conductor, or source of power for the various furnishings. 

Meters ahead and on their path was the inevitable presence of the Check-In clerk who sat in booth, flanked by two of the mentioned guards who had an unmistakable fixation on the bat-winged figure approaching with a youthful female in tow. In all honesty, and obvious to everyone but the young female the Yokai was garnering attention, from local and officials alike. Everyone here was of keen enough sense to identify a demon when they saw one and quite frankly----The Race was not liked much here. The actions of a few, have spoiled it for so many, to the point where they are scrutinized with far more intensity then others.

The Clerks own bronze oculars never left off of the Yokai even as a stern voice requested "Paper-Work and credentials please? Might I ask where are you coming from? Is your trip here for business or pleasure?"  Those eyes briefly removed themselves from the Yokai, and briefly went over the youthful female at his side--the gaze seemingly becoming warmer when he did so, before going ice cold again upon going back to the demon. His wings, his features, everything about him was being deduces not just by the Official----But also by the Biometric Scanners equipped all throughout this place. They were gathering data, and in a small control room meters away and hidden behind thick grante walls, technicians studied the telemetry being displayed on the fiber optical HUD's before them. Another official standing to their rear would read out their findings into the ear piece of the official requesting paper work.

<Comm> "He is low class. Judging from the telemetry and bio-metric data against our databases, at Bat-Yokai. Class D, and this particular has no prior visits here or offenses, nor does anything register from Alterion or our neighboring lands. Their earlier credentials checked out, based on visuals we believe he may be escorting the girl. No real threat, unless you see something we don't, I see no reason beyond him being a DEMON to not let him pass"

The clerk said nothing, and continued to await an answer and interaction from the Yokai..

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As the pair grew closer, it was even more obvious now night and day the couple of travelers were. Her pale, light blue skin contrasted well against the caramel of his, while his dark hair made the snowy white of hers stand out even more than it already did. Her clothing was certainly not modern, but it was very obviously well made. The bangle on her wrist made of high quality metals and gems, while the silks and gauze that made up her traveling clothes were tailored beautifully to fit her frame. The same could be said for the satchel she carried, although not modern the attention to detail was evident even from a distance. Bearing the crest of The Oasis on the front, not a stitch was frayed or out of place.

Lukas on the over hand, while his clothing was of similar style and make as her own it was considerably more worn. Still, they were tailored to fit him well. Showing off what muscle he had while still accommodating for the wings he could not hide. The ears atop his head flicked idly as he eyed the guards on either side of the Clerk. As they approached the counter, his grip loosened on Noya and he gently pushed her ahead to go first. The process was easy, and he would not do it for her. Instead, he would have her check the both of them in.

…The fewer people he had to talk to here the better, anyways.

Intially, she was surprised at size of the guards that stood flaking the clerk. Wide, mahogany eyes drifted up the frame of one in wonder, while they flipped to look at the face of the other. She must’ve looked like a child compared to them. For now, she stood at a reasonable 5’5”, they still had a few feet on her. The sound of the clerk’s voice pulled her from her thoughts, blinking idly as her brain stumbled to catch up to what he was saying.

“Papers, yes. “ She nodded to herself as a dainty hand reached to fish out  her identification as well as Lukas’. A concerned look set on her face as she very carefully set the small, passport sized book that served as identification as well as credentials. Would they qualify her? She had no clue. Father had a new set drawn up several weeks in advance of their trip. She didn’t understand why he had given her a new name, new district, even a new occupation --- but with the bracelet it now made sense.

Miss Rina Penzik, resident of the District of Air, main occupation: Trader.  Along with a list of various other settlements in the Oasis she had visited, none outside of their own realm. “I – we are here for business as well as pleasure. We are both coming from The Oasis. “ Pale cheeks flushed a slightly darker blue in embarrassment at her stumbling. “… I must say this place is rather amazing. I’ve never seen these materials in such quantity for a public building. “ Her comment was spoken softly, she was careful to look the clerk in the face while she spoke with him, but as soon as she was finished her eyes pulled to the counter in mild embarrassment. Aside from their looks, the pair held themselves very differently. Despite the harsh looks and obvious scrutiny, Lukas held himself with confidence, shoulders back and his head held high unflinching under the clerk's hard stare. On the other hand, Noya shift towards Lukas' warmth at her back. She came off as shy, and if her inexpirence wasn't obvious enough, her next phrase sealed the deal.

"I must say, this place is rather impressive. I.. haven't seen materials like this in such quantities for a public building before. "

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The official viewed the documentation. Scrutinizing it at this point was more so of a quality control check then anything. Forged documents were still a normal, but with the current technology at their disposal and the wide spread database at their disposal, a bio-metric scan upon entry into this very building gave them everything the needed to know before they ever spoke. Traders were plentiful, and represented a large percentage of travelers through these parts----and a percentage of the trouble makers. There was understanding however, the flow of business can often be a chaotic one, Taurus being an heavy improrter/Exporter themselves this was understood by their government. So at least in this regard the Demons' presence was at least understood----This didn't mean it was respected, or appreciated. 

All the while that the young woman had spoken the officials eyes had not moved from the Yokai. Even as her documents were handed back to her, those piercing eyes never moved or wavered. His off of the Yokai, nor did the eyes of the guards. 

"Yes, the design and presentation of this place, as with many other areas in our kingdom,  are quite fantastic. We set forth considerable effort to establish that, and to preserve it. Against those who have in the past, present or future would seek to disturb it as well."

The comment and the weight behind it rode an insurmountable wave of intensity, directed at the demon specifically. The officer obviously was well aware that at least by now, the Yokai was understanding the weight of a particularly large elephant having moved into the room. His race was not a favored one, and clearly there had been bad experiences with those of their king that has the general consensus unapologetic in their discontent for demons. "Perhaps it is you young lady, but I've a feeling that you two are of those who appreciate such presentation and peace, and won't be one set out on disrupting it. Am I right?" The officials eyes locked directly onto the Yokai's and expected an answer.........from the Yokai.

Should that be the case they'd be stamped and allowed entry where they could catch one of many vessels to their next route..

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It was rude not to look at the person addressing you when they were speaking.

Her eyes narrowed ever so slightly in annoyance at the disrespect. Not just the lack of eye contact, but it was very obvious what was going on with her companion. Were it just him, he would have been barred from entering. But the lack of concern for her, and the sharp focus on him made it painfully clear that it was what he was not who he was. Her people had problems of their own, bloody wars that tore their nations apart. 

The Oasis hadn't always been the barren dessert it was now.

To hold a grudge against a people, not an individual was foolish  in her opinion. United, her people are strong. They have no worries over outside forces when they know their nations will work towards the elimination of a single threat. As the man spoke, it was obvious that his charge was become agitated. The papers she had collected were shoved forcefully into her bag, and her back tense against his front. 

Lukas had been well aware of his situation when they stepped into the building. He had been warned to avoid this place over his travels. This place was dangerous for him, but he still accepted the assignment that had been given to him. Her people were dripping in wealth, he had never lived more comfortably in his life-- he would be an absolute idiot to not escort a potential future leader on her. He did not stand with his head high in confidence because of his ignorance, it was because of her. 

It was he that was not the threat, but the woman who stood in front of them that the clerk was disrespecting.

"It's impolite to address a woman without looking at her. You have seen our papers, and she has stated our business. I am to escort her, and nothing less. Or should I get on my knees and grovel for you to allow her to travel safely and do her business?" His tone was polite, but his words were not. "I understand your concerns for safety, and we both know that you know I am not a threat. At this point, all you are doing is leaving a bad taste in the mouth of someone new to your plane-- and I do not speak for myself when I say that." Noya watched quietly as Lukas spoke. His ability to deal with the discrimination was impressive, and something she admired him for. 

"Was there anything else you needed? Or am I free to find myself and my protection lodging for the night?"

The shyness had dropped from her voice, but her tone remained polite as Lukas' had. What an awful start to an experience in a new place, she would have to make sure to take note of it when they found their lodgings.

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There was a long silence afterward, and it was purposely being stretched out into lengths that deeply plunged into "Uncomfortable" before there was some kind of response, movement or stimulation. In truth there may even have been some part of the Yokai's response that was warranted, what had not fallen upon the Yokai and possibly her companion, but was common knowledge to the frequenting visitors  or this place was that----Your opinion, your feelings, your wants, at these borders? Mean shit. You do what you're told, and the last thing desired is your rhetoric.

Irony struck--Literally. Not a moment later then the  words -All you're doing at this point is leaving a bad taste in the mouth---"  It was possible that the Demon would be dealing with the unsavory taste of a mouthful of his own blood in his. While the clerk himself was above it, the massive 9' guards at his side? Weren't. They were highly trained, with engineered bloodlines granting them the more copious amounts of their races' more desirable attributes---namely the equally copious amounts of physical strength and speed sufficient enough to over-shadow the Yokai's own reflexes.

These are men who can shatter defensive barriers with their bare first. Hoist many tons in weight and ward off physical harm, seemingly effortlessly. It would be an amazing feat if the free-thinker was even able to comprehend he had been struck, what was up from down, or comprehend what was being spoken if infact he had been sucessfully hit. Not to mention that if he'd had, the second guard would be standing over their dropped foe, weapon drawn and at ready. The Clerks voice once again, "I think the problem is that YOU do not understand. We ask...you provide, then we tell, and then you do. The extra talk is neither wanted or appreciated. To be frank, as we see it, it would be in our best interest to kill you now and let her go on...that's what we'd normally do. That said, you will gather yourself and your things, and continue on...QUIETLY." 

The two guards would step back and the Clerk would look squarely onto the young woman, "We do apologize for the hold up. You may continue on." On the boards above, soon to be arriving transports were listed and calls made to potential riders---these two should make haste.

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Her annoyance with their behavior devolved from annoyed to full on disgust. 

She understood not liking a faction, or its people innocent or not. There had been a time in her life where her people had been just as these people were now. It was barbaric. Her figure tensed as the guards at their sides took after Lukas. He shouted in surprise, unsure of what actually hit him when his back hit the ground. Eyes crossed briefly before taking focus of the weapon being pointed in his face. Although she did not know the man very well, that did not mean he deserved this treatment.

'Don't do anything, don't hurt them. It will cause more trouble for him. '

The calming mantra ran on repeat as she watched the guards passively, her eyes following down to stare at her dazed companion. Barbaric was a very good word for this, they were more gentle than her father had previously been with those who had slighted him, but it was still a disgusting thing to watch. Her passive gaze moved from her temporary guard to the man speaking. He was very high on his horse for someone who did not put her companion down himself-- let alone someone important enough to not be left so exposed. 

Guards or not.

Doe eyes narrowed ever so slightly at him, careful to in an identifying features in carefully before her gaze turned back to the man on he ground. She knelt down as the guards moved away, at this point, she didn't care what else he had to say to her. She reached to help him, grunting softly under the man's weight. First, she pulled him away from the counter and the line so they would not be in the way. Next, ignore all the stares as she struggled to get the man onto his feet. 

--Actually, next would be not being completely rude to those around them who watched her struggle but offered now help.

While he was not out, her companion was certain dazed and for who knows how long he would remain that way. With a heavy sigh she carefully laid him back down, her hands coming to her hips as she stared down at him in frustration. As much as she wanted to keep her own specialties under wraps, she needed to get them into the city. "You're being very rude not helping, you know. " She mumbled gently, seemingly to herself. The soft, brushing of air against the back of her calves was the only response she was given. She huffed softly, only to get a puff of air against her cheek in return. "We can play later, yes? Now, let's get him up." 

A soft, gentle nuzzle of cool air against her cheek signaled the agreement, and the unseen presence that coiled itself lovingly around her turned its attention to Lukas instead. It slipped under him, lifting him as though offering him a shoulder to steady himself. His feet did not touch the ground, but with being only a few inches above it the adjustment would be quick when he was ready. "Thank you. " A soft smile set across her face, and she hurried off in the direction of the transports. They would make it, just barely, but with how things went at the check in, would anyone allow Lukas on? Walking or otherwise.

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The Guards, nor the clerks showed any remorse for their actions. Their movements and return to ready were machine like even in their execution and symmetry. As if this was a practiced behavior-----It was.  There was a time, in Taurus' infancy where ignorance gave way to weakness, and weakness had caused lives. Open borders and open immigration policies meant that anyone and anything could cross the boundaries into these lands regardless of their intent and do as they please----And the government here would be ill equipped to deal, at least not hastily. The events that lead to the wide spread and open hating of the demonic race, as sworn by the powers that be, would not occur again and all actions needed to circumvent even the slightest possibilities, would be taken. Scrutinizing everything, every one of them, regardless their lineage, or purpose or type was absolutely essential and such acts like the aggressive one committed just moments ago were not only sanctioned, but SUGGESTED by their ruling body.  One hopes that this troupe was not looking for sympathy for what just had occurred, as they will quickly find that none was available. 

---They'd also be bothered or halted no further on their journey unless the need should absolutely arise. So their arrival onto the transports met with no resilience and they'd be allowed seating with the hundreds of other patrons moving to and fro through the city today..




These elegant vessels saturated the skies, endlessly as it seemed. The Hub never rested as patrons were forever coming and leaving to this great Kingdom. Capable of holding more then 1000 people at a time, comfortably, they were were efficient, comfortable and fast and their's had finally finished boarding and initiated pre-lift sequences. "Good afternoon passengers this is Transport vessel R3112, servicing all Hub-to-North sector transport needs, We will be departing the Central Hub to the North Sector hub where you can depart and seek private or public local transportation through the Sector. Please remain seated and safely secure, we will be lifting off and arriving  soon...thank you."

Despite the size of the vessel and the even more prominent Quasi-Ion Drives coming online, the movements during take off were substantially muted. The refinement of the craft is staggering as it's interior design was beautiful. Leather wrapped seating, symphony style lighting with LED accents, Faux Marble floors and Liquid Crystal Fiber Displays, it was nothing short of beautiful and the views at elevation were equally impressive. And so they were off, and within less then 45 minutes time begin to see the insurmountably tall structures of the Mega Cities within The north sector, on approach.

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She was grateful that Lukas was allowed on without incident. She wasn't sure she would be able to stand another issue like they had just had. The transport was beautiful, and again, she was surprised at how high grade the materials were for a public transport. Perhaps they had an over abundance? While i did seem like almost, a waste, the same could be said for all of the precious jewels that littered her jewelry and the precious metals that made up her bangles and the anklets that bobbed in and out of view beneath her heavy, 'protective' clothing. Or, perhaps they just had enough wealth that this was not a waste. As they took their seats, her eyes wandered while her fingers idly brushed against a leather hand rest. The buttery, soft material was certainly a welcome contrast from the often soft, sandy stone that many of their buildings and permanent seats back home were made of. Was it better? She wasn't sure, but it was certainly an interesting change. 

The pair talked quietly among themselves, doing their best not to disturb those that sat around or near them. Most of the conversation consisted of, their lodgings and scoping out potential vendors. The idea of attempting to petition time with someone of power did get tossed around, the ultimate goal were permanent trade between their two realms. It would have been best if she had been sent as a political envoy, not an alchemic tinkerer. However, she would deal with the hand she was dealt and perhaps they would get lucky. The conversation died down when the huge structures came into view. Her head tilted some, and her curiosity got the better of her. Those wide, mahogany eyes stayed glued to the viewing panels. The idea of building such tall structures seemed silly to her, yet it really wasn't all that different from her people's own buildings that stretched deep into earth beneath the burning sands. 

When they finally arrived at the North sector, Lukas was more than able to walk at this point and so once more, it would be up to him to lead her along and onto where they would need to go next. 

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The north Sector. As far as sheer size it was arguably the size of a small country itself if not larger. It was the culmination of Taurean Technology and their equally deep seeded proficiency in the most ancient and primordial mystical arts. Alar, one of the few remaining Celestials after their great war with "The Creator", brought with him these arts and technologies and birthed the entirety of the kingdom, in his passing, these technologies have evolved. Influenced by the natural flow of evolution and cues and insights from other cultures.The result was efficient. Blissful. Tranquil. Living structures stretching nearly a MILE into the heavens, flourishing markets and businesses, bustling traffic, clean air, no famine, no incurable diseases. All ran by a government that affords most if not all typical services (IE: Healthcare, Education, Job training) on it's dime. And the dimes are aplenty due to an inexplicably successful trading, manufacturing and mining assets that are also funneled into less expansive but still lucrative ventures.

The Hub at this junction of the North Sector, albeit guarded, was not as heavily regulated as the Inbound Transport Hub into the Kingdom. Which meant far less scrutiny and interaction with authority for these two. Such things weren't needed to begin with, considering that Taurus CCTV system was 10x as extensive to that of a comparable England. Far more capable, with their biometric data stored into their database and the vast network of these highly advanced Camera-sensors, they could be watched and nearly anywhere in the entire kingdom---if needed. A better experience for them one could suppose, no Authorities or bias or physicals from a racially charged authority figures. Just the beautiful scenery to take in. To the right of them, there was a Kiosk, that  would manifest a hard light constructed-Agent AI who'd be willing to assist them with any questions as far as lodging, location, and transportation. 



"Welcome to The North Sector visitor, You are currently Montclair City, how may I assist you today?"

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It was hard not to be in awe of new things, however it did not make her look poorly upon her own homeland. While they may not have the technology, their sands were steeped in magic. It was something they took pride in, and for the first time, she was certain she may have found a place to rival The Oasis in this aspect.

The aesthetic she was still unsure of, but at least it seemed very consistent and well kept. She followed Lukas’ lead over to the Kiosk, her head tilting with the digitized woman popped up in front of them. Although this wasn’t an entirely new concept, the application was certainly new. She looked up towards Lukas, who simply raised an eyebrow. “Well, go on. I will not be here forever, best get used to things. If you have questions, ask her. “ She frowned at the idea of being left alone in this place, but nodded despite the frown.  Wide eyes turned upwards, a light smile setting on her face.

‘That’s cute, she’s being polite to the AI.’

“Would.. you know of the nearest lodging with available rooms? –UH, perhaps something willing to accommodate demons..? Oh! Also, who would I get into contact with if I were interested in negotiating trade agreements between my plane and this plane? .. Also is there some sort of shopping district or.. is it spread about—specifically dealing with like, pretty much anything arcane. “

An amused smile set on Lukas’ face as he watched her. He had a good feeling she would do fine without him, and as soon as she was adjusted, he return to her father’s side as intended.

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Terra, as she is aptly named after the plane of origin---Terrestia, from whence the Celestial Race originates. Would have smiled warmly at the inquiry while raising her right hand and bringing up a HUD of the city section she was in. Several structures would illuminate, the 3D rendering being immensely detailed. "Your lodging inquiry is simple enough, and id like to add that there are no race restrictions on any of our hotels. Here are several choices. If you will be staying for a while, my recommendation would be The Sonesta Taurus. Full Apartment Style Suites, kitchen, with pools, spa's, sports complex, gym, Dining and more. If you'd like, I have your information on file, I have your information on file, and have made a reservation for you. A transportation van will be here within the next 15 minutes to pick you two up and bring you to the hotel."

Her right hand would drop, and her left would go up to reveal profiles, over a half dozen but the AI would speak of the two of importance. "Trade talks are first handled by the official interviewer M. Stokes. Who would then recommend your presentation or offer to the advisor of the King and Queen. Our king, Proteus Rauz has conducted, accepted and established over 2,000 trade deals. The City of Taurus has importing/exporting relationships with various places, in various planes even. Upon reaching the hotel, if you'd like you can utilize the "Trade Services" option there and set a date and time for an interview and proceed, the Hotel also has a transport service to the shopping district as well as a list of associated establishments that offer discounts to guests of the hotel.."

Efficient. Immensely efficient. Not to long after the AI had concluded her talk, their ride had arrived...


The vessel was sleek, and fully automated. Devoid of an internal combustion engine which in Taurus, was an Enthusiast technology these days, this energy powered vehicle would arrive and the seemingly seamless vehicle would release an audible hiss before the door at it's side would slickly come ajar to reveal a beautifully luxurious interior that was an amalgamation of Leather, Fiber Optics and brushed aluminum. A Sonesta banner existed inside and the Terra, the AI, was present in there as well. "Welcome, this is the Sonesta Transport. I will be taking you to your hotel."

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..She had her information on file?

Her head tilted a little at the woman's voice. She hadn't given her any information, no name no financial status, nothing. A very light frown tugged at the corner of her lips, but there was no point in voicing her concern to her. She listened passively to what the AI had to say, allowing the reservation to be made without protest. Instead, she was more interested in those who actually mattered-- as far as her initial assignment was concerned. 

M.Stokes and King Proteus Rauz. No name for the queen? Odd. Surely she was just as valued in the choice making as he was.

She didn't have much time to dwell on her line of thinking, for as the AI finished talking their transportation arrived. Looked up towards Lukas, who nodded reassuringly to her as the door opened to the vehicle.She was unsurprised by the quality of the materials of the interior, but was growing increasingly less impressed with the amenities. Despite this, she voiced no complaints, instead scooted over so she make sure that Lukas would have plenty of room as well. With some of her information gathered, her eyes wandered back to the buildings, her head tilting ever slightly.

Her father would enjoy this place, but not the cold. 

There was no chatting this time, on the way to the hotel. She wasn't interested in talking, instead making sure to take in as much as she could. Attempt to tell the difference between the different types of buildings. She would be expected to make sketches, so the more accurate the better. Lukas remained quiet, respecting her need to focus. Instead, he studied his charge and her stationary form. The heavy smell of rain and ozone that she exuded was refreshing from the rotating perfume that often followed along behind her and her mother. The softness of this look didn't suit Noya, and it was still hard for him to remember it was her that he was watching over. He had to give her credit though, she was playing her shy and soft persona very well.

Each drifted out of their musings when their transport arrived at the Hotel, and as always, she waited for Lukas to leave first before trotting after him. Wide eyes wandering to take in the scenery as she disappeared inside behind him. They would need a single room-- hopefully with two beds. 

Noya never shared well. 

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Surface street travel in Taurus was a fairly peaceful affair. The same AI that greeted the two, was also responsible for the unfathomable algorithms that controlled traffic signals and things of the like. There were no speeding limits, mostly due to the fact that the safety technologies instilled into the infrastructure combined with the general high level of resilience in both the people and the vehicles made injuries and traffic based fatalities almost non-existent. Needless to say, their ride and the overall experience would be nothing short of comfortable as they moved along the highway leading to the hotel area at speeds in excess of 170mph---And not experience even the slightest bump, jostle or rattle. The pace decreased as they neared the hotel-----which from 5 miles away, was staggering in it's appearance. 



170 stories of some of the most gorgeous and breath taking architecture in all of the realms. The Sonesta Taurus was one of the most paramount Hotels----In this sector. This crown jewel operated as temporary lodging for some of the premier traders, importer/exporters, Barters and transporters in all the realms. It was her prior statements and requesting information about establishing possible trade relations that prompted the AI to make the decision to place her reservation there. When the arrived, polite, professional and dapper attendants would eagerly greet the two and if it was present, assist them with any luggage the may have, and organize it on a cart where they could be moved with ease and no burden on either of them. They'd be escorted to the front desk----across a deep obsidian marble floor trimmed in gold, past numerous pieces of high end furniture in a room that was several times the size of an opera house auditorium. 

At the desk, the Clerk----A tall woman. With obsidian hair, dark skin, of a full figured build and form fitting clothing would smile and greet the two of them. Beautifully manicured nails on her outstretched hand..


"Hello and welcome to The Sonesta Taurus, I am Jasmine, your host and night clerk. I see your reservation and this is your first stay here.We are currently running a promotional and you qualify for our free upgrade, putting you in one of our 3 bedroom, 2 floor Villa's. May I see your credentials and method of payment please?" Upon furnishing them the two would be registered, and once the exchange rate on currency was calculated it would be applied and deducted electronically and they're stay---cemented. "Tonight there is a complimentary buffet/dinner service. The Villa features a fully stocked bar, and a plethora of anemities..will you be needing anything else in particular?

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