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Old Man Jean

Terrenus Military MOS and ASI Codes

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These are MOS (Military Occupation Specialties) and ASI (Additional Skill Identifier) I made for my own profile purposes. This is not truly canon or a complete list. 

MOS codes


C-1P - Peacekeeper

C-1D - Director


CS-1D - Diplomats

CS-1F - F.I.S.T

CS-1R - Rangers (Sub MOS CS-1UR Urban Ranger)

CS-2R Recon (Sub MOs CS-RP Raptor Pilot)


O-1EK - Elemental Knight

O-1S - Sniper

O-2S - Spies

O-3S - Splinters (Sub MOS O-3S-WP Wasteland Border Patrol and O-3S-BN Beasts of Nature)


RD -1C - Codebreakers

RD-1E - Engineers

RD-1H - H.E.R.B

RD-1P - P.E.T.A.L

ASI Codes

MF-1 - Magitech Firearms Qualified (Sub ASI MF-1P Pistol, MF-1R Rifle, etc)

MW-1 - Melee Weapon Weapon Qualified (Sub ASI   MW-1S Sword, MW-1K Knife, etc)

RW-1 - Ranged Weapon (Sub ASI RW-1B Bow, RW-1CB Crossbow, etc.)

MF-1*M (Magitech Firearm Sub Category Marksman Qualified, example MF-1RM for a Rifle Marksman)

FO-1 Field Operations, ASI for those combat qualified outside of an Operations MOS.


And many, many more. Feel free to make up your own and post them in this thread for others to use! 

Full MOS/ASI code example. CS2RFO1MF1RM for a Recon Field Operative who is Marksman Rifle qualified 

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