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@Lawman @LunarCataphract

If you want to create a city/ kingdom/ etc, you can pretty much just plop it into a board since simply creating a city isn't the same as canonizing a city. Basically what this means is that it wouldn't be part of the cemented lore, but you can still RP in it with people.

If you want it canonized, it takes more effort since you have to submit it for canonization which varies from board leader to board leader. If this is your goal, I'd suggest starting small and building from there. Though, that being said, I know Renovatio has been advertising potential kingdom openings and stuff, so that might be a cool place to start!

And it might take some effort to get your empire fully canonized, but you can do it if you try! I did it with Veluriyam in Terrenus, Alexei did it with  Kadia, King did it with Carmine, Deus did it with Hyperion, and so on and so forth. It's definitely possible!

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19 minutes ago, Bohemian Eagle said:

@supernal I have no idea how to start ToL things. Do I have him walk in, or...? 

And can I help with outreach? 

I’ll tag you there and we can chat it up 

And you already are. Seeing as new members are more or less funneled into the TOL the experience you provide there directly involves outreach both ic and ooc 

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