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4 minutes ago, supernal said:

I hear it did quite well and treats you as a newcomer to the world building, which I can appreciate. Haven’t actually seen it yet tho 

Same here, mein kaiser. 

I suggest we do a IRL meet-up and watch it together.


I’ll bring the dip.

ba da doopa da tssssss

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1 hour ago, Tyler said:

I'll be waiting until it is on DVD at the library, so I don't have to give Disney any more money that they don't need. 🤣

As long as we watch it together, in a dark room with supernal, and 5D goggles.

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2 minutes ago, supernal said:

4D is "basically time". 5D may yet be some kind of dimensional tomfoolery

According to Spy Kids, 4d is the ability to smell lool

Fourth Dimension from a mathematic standpoint is basically this  Animation of a transforming tesseract or 4-cube

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