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Fennis Ursai

A 'VERY' Enthusiastic walk

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“Indeed I am.” Nesryn murmured with a light smile to follow, before the corner of her lips shifted down into a neutral line while the amusement was wiped straight from her visage at his following questions. 

The gem was still a wonder to the world. There were a variant of stories that all trickled down to the same thing: the gem was hidden in Whispernight Ruins, and it would grant the person who finds its powers. 

“I suppose it’s more of a precious gem, but really I’m not sure.” The brunette paused as the male continued to speak, and occasionally she would nod in understanding. 

It wasn’t long before the waitress returned with their drinks, and Beris resumed his act. There was a light flush to the girl’s cheeks, while a couple of strands fell loose from her braid, a clear indication that she had been bustling around waiting on tables. Even then, she still wore that smile of hers, and it made Nesryn wonder what was driving this woman’s lightheartedness. If she were in the waitress’s position, then surely the tavern’s patrons would only get a forced smile out of here at this point. 

“For now, I’m fine.” Nesryn replied briefly, hoping it would get the girl to leave their table as quick as possible. She and Beris had matters to discuss and details to run through, and that couldn’t happen if they kept getting interrupted. The brunette patiently waited for the girl's departure before looking to Beris once more. 

“What you mentioned earlier, I agree. We should try to learn about each other to make this trip easier. I do-“ Nesryn started as the girl had taken her leave, but was once again interrupted as a shrill scream tore through the chitter chatter and laughter. The elf woman Beris had snagged from earlier was frantically searching on the floor for surely one of the valuables the shaman had in his possession. 

“Looks like we’ll have to take our whole meal to go.” Nesryn joked as she glanced to Beris.


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Beris was still listening to the crowds, the sounds of tension beginning to rise was not a good sign. The patrons had caught on faster then he hoped. The shrill scream made a scene and he knew he'd be the target of bad attention very soon. This would call for either violence, persuasion, or even some very well worked stealth if they would take their trip on the road. The first two options sounded best. The elf woman was searching for Beris now, the shaman kept his cool and made sure not to seem as though he had done anything wrong. There was a slight look over to Nesryn as he was planning this out. Mischief came to his mind as a fairly dark mannered smile crossed his face.

"Well..it might be show time fairly soon." The shaman popped open the bottle, tipping it back to take the equal of a few shots of the whiskey which moved down smooth enough. "You 'are' my boss after all, I'll let you decide when we're ready to go." The shaman sat back in the seat looking confident and even a bit cocky believing this situation was going to be easy to work around. 

"Days like this I wish I knew more illusory or even charm style magic, but I can still work a good angle...get her upset, rile her up...yeah..I got the angle, this'll be fine." His thoughts were forming externally while he worked out how to defend against this elf as well as a back up for how to explain those he'd bumped into as well. "Hmm..well this is going to be fun. So you wanted to get to know me more? Ask away, I get the feeling you'll see my handy work at play." The thought of a shill was coming to mind though he did not wish to give that necklace back now. 

"You start this game, I'll ask my questions next unless you are too eager to ask another." Beris was not looking to the woman much. Instead his eyes were studying the surroundings like a hunter. Once he'd gained a good feel for his surroundings he spoke again. The sounds of heels stamping around was enough to know it would not be long before they were disturbed by a very outraged elf.

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The tavern only seemed to grow louder at the woman's scream that had effectively caught many of the patron's attention. Causing a scene clearly didn't bother the woman as it only seemed to fuel the fire in her gaze while she looked amongst the crowd. She was searching, and it wouldn't be long before their table would be the center of entertainment for the night. 

"Well, we haven't even received our meal yet. I'd at least like start this travel with a decent meal." 

Normally, Nesryn would try to avoid any type of trouble as that was the last thing she needed, but she frankly just wanted to test Beris. There was no doubt in her mind that he knew how to wield his weapons well, so what she really wanted to test out was his mind. To see how he would handle the situation; how he would get himself out of the trouble he had caused. Casually reaching for her drink, Nesryn brought the bottle to her lips while listening to the shaman speak, and took a long sip. Might as well loosen up for the upcoming scene that was heading their way. 

"Alright, my first question: have you ever dealt with a fuming elf? Because if not, well here's your first." Nesryn set her bottle back on the table, and watched the elf woman step in front of their table, and slightly blocked their way to get out of the booth.

"You! You drunk-you THIEF!" She screeched while pointing an accusing finger at the shaman. 

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Beris let a sigh of displeasure come from his lips at knowing this was going to be a bother. "I'll try to end this quick and peacefully. If all else I may need to slip that necklace on someone else. Don't let her see it if it comes to that." There was little time to think before the elf came over to his table fuming. His eyes had already found a suitable mark for a shill operation. A similar soul to himself, a smooth looking fellow trying to appease some young fling not far from the bar. If all else failed, Beris could simply write it off as a failed operation and just put his more lethal skills to the test. With a trip like this, either would work fine. 

The elf was closing in on him now, there was a look in her eye of fire, she appeared to be a live wire. "Easy easy now lady. Bite that tongue of yours. I just came in from a long trip to sit down and have a nice meal before casting off for a trip with my employer here." Beris shoved the woman out of the way so he could stand up and open his small gem pouch as well as his pouch of shamanistic fetishes which aided in casting as well as focus. "Besides, I 'ave enough wealth to go around as is, ask the lady who waited on us. If that's not enough for you, then I'll bare myself to let you rummage through my things you crazed fool." The words he spoke projected his strength of will as well as confidence. "Gods above..Nesryn I apologize for this rude interruption to an otherwise well meeting." Beris turned back to look at his employer before turning back to the elven mark. 

"Well? Do I need to strip barren for you, 'madame', or did you simply wish to accuse me for something you misplaced?" There was an emphasis on his annoyance and offense to her accusation of him. With his size and stature, most folk backed down with just his words and size, however this woman was elvish, and rich enough to afford wealth such as what she carried around. Irrationality would more then likely follow, however Beris needed but to simply win the crowd over for this to end, if the worst came to it, the poor man at the bar would be the target of a shill and would take the fall.

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The elf didn’t take kindly to being shoved out of the way, if anything it only infuriated her further. The furrow of her brow deepened while the curl of her lips tightened. At the mention of Nesryn, the woman looked to the brunette and sent her a glare. 

“To hell with your meeting! Your employee stole my necklace!” Returning her blazing glare to the shaman, she rushed forward and began to tug at his clothes. “Strip! I do not care!” To this Nesryn slipped out of the booth and rushed to pull the woman back. “For such a high standing elf, you surely lack manners.” Nesryn stated while pulling the woman back. “Unhand me you wench!” The elf woman shouted as she struggled in Nesryn’s grip. 

One of the elf’s hands slipped free and she delivered a punch to Nesryn’s jaw that sent the girl’s head snapping to the side and released the elf. 

Nesryn’s knowledge on hand to hand combat wasn’t necessarily the richest, but a simple brawl surely didn’t require much knowledge of fighting, did it? She was a baker not some trained fighter.  Whatever the case, Nesryn felt a surge of anger coarse through her and she gave the elf a punch of her own. 

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