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[OOC] Crystallo Stella Coronation

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No....no witnesses...a giant festival full of people...and no one saw a guy murder 50 people in mere seconds...also that didn't quite answer why Raveena wouldn't tell him about Soulja, unless he really is such a toxic liability politically nobody should know about him...but then...my brain hurts so bad right now.

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I have some of it done for this. I'm slowly working on it, so sorry for my lateness. I only have the hotspot, so have to write offline. Also, its gonna be an elf, since I like writing elves.

My house thing:

House Name: Azura-Dusk


House Type: Royal


Sigil: A Shield, with the Sun and Moon crisscrossing against each other


Coat of Arms: The Sword and Shield with a Phoenix Bird upon it


House Motto: Never Give Up, Never Surrender Even When the Last Breath is Drawn., Victory Is All that Matters.


Seat: The Azura-Dawn Estate


Current Head: Lady Joslyn Van Gothra


Region: Athentha






Fealty to Origin: Rowan


Ancestrial Weapon: The Azura-Farenheit Hammer


Cadet Branch:


Aux Military:




Source of Wealth:


Founded: 1650AY


Founder: Ser Magmus Van Gothra


Died Out:



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