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The Diplomatic Arrival

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It was a nice day in the kingdom of Lexdord, as the morning breeze echoed itself throughout the land bringing clear clean air along with it, it was warm as the sun rose from its depths of darkness. The king had been awake an hour before, as he was prepairing to meet with some diplomats.  In his floating castle made of gleaming marble he was measured and had talors fabricate a thinner more fit clothing for him.

"How does diplomacy work again? Its still kinda a funny subject to work with"

The informant merely said that to be friendly with others and by agreeing to neutral grounds to gather freinds is of an upmost importance if this kingdom was to last.

Lewis however had diffrent plans, he wasnt thinking about staying forever for eventully when his crew find out where they are in the cosmos they would set off immediately back home. At least that was the current plan of course making some friends wouldn't hurt. Laying around the table were the other surviving members of his crew and the city mayors, meny whom have not been properly introduced. The chatting was going around as reports came in through telephone networks and screen showcasing the latest economic status of the kingdom, the one type of product that was still slugging behind was food, and agriculture products.


"Lets hope that these nee comers offer food" The royal adviser whispered.

And was quiet awaiting for the guests to arrive.

(Its not too short is it?)

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Though the sunlight streaming through the windows of the train brought a bead of sweat to her temple, Maya Zapatero was enjoying the ride to Lexdord, a smaller kingdom of Renovatio that Primera had suggested visiting. Though the Halcyon event had wreaked havoc across every province of the floating continent, Lexdord had been locked in a particularly nasty struggle for decades. The region's arid climate and tempestuous leadership had resulted in a famine lasting nearly an entire century with little relief; Maya supposed resources were particularly scarce on a floating landmass, and Lexdord's secluded geography made it difficult to supply. 'It is certainly beautiful, though,' the diplomat mused, Gaia help her, as she stared out the window with a vague smile on her face. The golden landscape was a stark departure from the elegant, sprawling city of Nu Martyr, but it was no less enchanting. Maya's position didn't often take her across the countryside of foreign lands, and she drank in the scenery with her mind on the task before her. 

Eventually the train slowed and ground to a halt, and Maya exited a few minutes later in the company of her personal guard. Having a security detail was nothing new to the diplomat, especially in warlike societies like Lexdord, but this particular guard vexed Maya to no end. The elf had only just been assigned to her for this mission, and they were still getting to know one another -a favorite pasttime of Maya Zapatero, in fact- but the guard's strange accent and limited vocabulary had already presented a barrier in their friendship. The problem wasn't that Itylra lacked personality (a common issue among the soldiers assigned to her in the past) ... it was her accent. Maya had been trying to goad her guard into speaking more, but, as it were, she hadn't been able to place the language behind this particularly mysterious accent. As an expert linguist, this was an immense annoyance to Maya. She had already tried to communicate in Kadic, Genesarian, Alterrin, Renovatian, and even Terric Oldspeak, but nothing had garnered a sliver of recognition in the elf's strange, starry eyes. It didn't help that she had little to work with; Itylra wasn't a very talkative person, and was consistently denying Maya the opportunity to dissect her voice. Regardless, Maya persisted. 

"My, it's warm!" she exclaimed, following Primera's directions toward the floating castle at a brisk walking pace. "Itylra, tell me- is your homeland this hot?" The diplomat's curious gaze flicked over to her elf companion, searching for something in the guard's normally stoic face. "I would love to hear more about your country one day- if you'll share it, of course. My goodness, I can't imagine living in this heat!" Maya cheerily chattered on as the pair approached the castle, though her arrhythmia was irritated by the heat and altitude. She needed to stop several times to catch her breath, and, Gaia bless her, Itylra was patient and refrained from commenting. After around twenty minutes of walking, the odd couple made it to the castle, and rode a small hovercraft to reach its ornate marble steps. The diplomat's fist tightened on her briefcase handle as they were ushered inside the castle to meet the king, the cool air within doing much to soothe her nerves. 


outfit, in Terran sky blue, of course

@Old Man Jean

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The landscape was not something Private Itylra had been paying much attention too, the train ride a nerve wracking trip surrounded by strangers - anyone of them capable of killing her charge with relative ease. So it was little surprise that Itylra's star filled gaze was focused more on intimidating anyone who met her eyes then sight seeing. Private Itylra had not been a diplomatic guard long, her role as a field based Recon Operative stolen from after the events of Tormo, the upper brass demanding she take some time off active duty combat to relieve the stress of the battlefield. The events of Tormo had made it clear Itylra wasn't going to sit back and relax if she was on leave and so she was assigned to a role which had almost zero risk of getting into a gun fight - diplomatic guard to Diplomacy Officer Maya Zapatero. Itylra was far from pleased with the role assignment, but she was a military woman through and through, and so she had made it her duty to ensure she did her job perfectly. What the young Star Elf had not accounted for was her charge, the personel reports stated her as Terrenus Sniper candidate before a health condition forced her to a rear echelon role, a military woman was what the file seemed to represent of Maya - a kindred spirit of sorts. 

The reality was quite a bit different, she was warm and friendly but most of all she was careless; at least in Itylra's opinion. She enjoyed shopping, fashion and interacting with others. All things Itylra had little to no interest in, Itylra was without question a combat junkie - a warrior who focused only on sharpening her skill with her chosen weapon, the Magitech Firearm and her physical fitness. She owned a single outfit outside of her combat fatigues, the traditional dress uniform of the Terrenus Military. A classical styled high collared dress uniform in Terran sky blue with all her insignia and qualifications pinned in their proper place. Most proudly displayed were marksman qualified, field recon and two 'tour' tabs on her collar for taking part in two separate combat operations. The beret on her head held the insignia of the Terran military at it's center and kept her short, platinum hair perfectly in it's place. 

As the train came to a stop Itylra exited just before Maya, making sure to scan the perimeter quickly with her mostly black eyes, only a small number of glowing dots sprinkled her gaze - the number and intensity of the lights would grow if she was stressed or angry but at an even keel her eyes were more black then anything. Itylra struck an intimidating character despite her diminutive stature, the pistol strapped to her side in a leather holster helped some in that respect. Maya stepped out of the train car shortly after Itylra, commenting on the heat; Itylra couldn't help but agree on that front the temperature far above what she was used too and made only harsher by her dress uniform. "It is a hellscape." Itylra declared, her strange accent and raspy voice quite counter to her fairly elegant features. "My homeland was only a single temperature, and far milder then this." Itylra replied to the question, the comment made under distraction as she removed a Terric coin from her pocket and threw it high into the sky. the small coin stopped suddenly about sixty feet in the air and flashed briefly blue. 

Short Range Possession Divination was Itylra's claim to fame as a Recon Operative, a unique style of remote viewing which possessed inanimate objects with her subconscious and fed her a constant 360 degree video into her subconscious, she could recall these clips like fresh memories allowing her to get near perfect battlefield data instantly. It could also alert her to threats by forcing the image into her conscious mind, allowing her to react instantly - an invaluable tool in her possession as a security detail. Free from the focus needed to cast the initial spell Itylra turned to face Maya as she spoke about Itylra's home. The mention of it brought a few extra 'stars' to her eyes but her expression remained even. "It is not an interesting story, but I will answer any question you have." Itylra said, her tone even through her long pauses to find the words and thick accent pretty clearly showing her discomfort on the subject. 

As they walked Itylra eventually fell to just behind and to the left of Maya, her hands going to her back and her posture straightening as they grew closer and closer to the King's chamber. Itylra did her best to blend into the background as they entered, taking her position near the entrance of the chamber and allowing Maya to step forward and converse. 


This might be a BIT wordy since it's the first draft and I haven't had time to refine it, but I wanted to get it out now since I'm not gonna be able to post at all tomorrow. 


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The outside cityscape seemed small from the height of the castle yet the hills after its limits seemed larger by appearence.

Thats when a knock on the door made the whole room turn towards it. 

"The diplomats are here king Lewis" said the guard as the door slowly opened to reveal a diplomat and a guard both female walked inside, finding their seats on the left side next to Lewis next to the windows which was raised 4 feet above the floor and held a rectagular shape about 3 feet in Width and 6 feet in height lavished with bronze frames.

The king started with his introduction "As for all of you that know and dont know me yet I am known as King Lewis or Captian Lewis which ever is preferable to the situation, may I ask that the council introduce itself to the diplomats?"

The whole council murmered then a woman in a silk suit sat up

"My name is Garcia Trahan I am the kingdom's top scientist"

A man with a white suit then stood  "I am Megan Joint Head engineer, I always work with anyone in the kingdom thats doing a large scale project."

Then a woman in silverish clothing stood "My name that would be Yama Conor Im the royal treasurer I handle the majority of business and trade" 

Then a bearded man wearing a plaid law enforcement suit got up  "I am Haggard George I'm basicly the one that puts the law into this place and Im also the one that handles the prisons and such."

Another woman this one in millartary uniform got up and bowed to the kimg before speaking "I am sergeant Lea Michele Im also the millartary minister"


Then a man who was wearing darkened glasses and a black suit mearly said

"Im Porter Segret I'm the national security CEO General 

And we would like to know your names and have a ton of questions...."

The king seemed to agree

"Yes, like if your opened for a trade deal? And where you come from?

Stuff like that"

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Maya entered the room with a smile on her lips and took her seat at the king's left hand. She nodded respectfully during each introduction, though her mind was busy assessing the room and drawing conclusions that would assist her in this mission. She wasn't often met by an entire council- usually just the secretary of foreign affairs or someone of a similar rank and position. This odd turn of events meant one of two things: either a) the kingdom was unused to partaking in diplomatic relations and needed an entire council to make informed choices, or b) the kingdom was in dire need of assistance, and its king wanted to make a good impression. In either case, Maya recognized the gravity of her situation and quickly went about introducing herself. 

"My name is Maya Zapatero. This-" she gestured behind her, toward her guard, "Is Itylra." Again, an oddity: while Maya valued Itylra as an individual and, of course, for her skills, she wasn't usually asked to introduce her guard. In a more militaristic kingdom such as Lexdord, she supposed it was only natural that its officials would take special notice of those in combat roles. Her face remained pleasantly neutral even as the king abruptly asked for a trade deal, though her eyes focused more closely on the man's face. She knew King Lewis hadn't been born into nobility, but she hadn't expected this obvious lack of political training. While Renovatio as a whole was of enormous interest to the Terran government, this impoverished desert kingdom didn't exactly possess the upper hand in any kind of economic exchange between it and the global superpower beneath it. Regardless, Maya addressed the king respectfully. 

"Thank you for allowing us to visit; the Grand Kommandant spoke highly of your kingdom, and briefly mentioned the struggles you've been experiencing for the past few decades." Her dark, intelligent eyes flicked between the council members as she continued, finally returning to rest on the king. "I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have, though I'd like to pose a few of my own before we discuss a potential trade deal." She nodded vaguely. "Terrenus has a wealth of resources to offer, but will not be entering any diplomatic partnerships without information or reasonable cause." 

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Itylra generally preferred to stand, the dress holster of her pistol being slow to draw from a seated position but even the socially inept Itylra understood that when offered a seat by a ruler and his council it was polite to take it. Itylra removed her beret as she sat, sliding it into a strap on the right arm of her uniform. At a glance Itylra could tell the country was suffering, not by the conventions of diplomacy as Maya did but by the 'hunger' in the eyes of the more militaristic advisors, it wasn't a gaze Itylra disliked - that sort of gaze meant conviction, and it was better that those around their leader were devoted. When Itylra was introduced by Maya she rose to her feet briefly, bowing slightly at the waist. "A pleasure." She declared, her stern tone hidden somewhat by her accent, she quickly returned to her seat and remained alert as the discussion continued. 

Itylra did her best to remain focused on the conversation but could not avoid her nature to scan the room, her eyes checking for possible escape routes, potential defensive positions and most importantly for any traps or otherwise. Next her wandering gaze fell to each advisor individually, scanning their attire, making notes of any weapons on their person; any evidence of spell casting ability, scars of battle or any little detail that could indicate their potential combat ability. Itylra had been trained to enter each room with a plan to kill everyone inside it if the need arose, and with each detail she absorbed that plan grew more and more clear in her mind. 

The bloodlust that was her nature remained deeply suppressed, her gaze remaining completely neutral and professional and her expression the same porcelain elegance it always was. 

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Lewis suddenly figuared that he probably rushed too much to a trade deal, which now made this conversation lean against him he thought.

Maya Zapatero as she was called wondered what Lexdord could offer, although it isnt known immediately that the oil (found in the ocean) and graviton supplies here were plentiful along with iron (most in the forms of dust and sand). It was things like wood, gold, food, and pretty much most other elements that the kingdom lacked due to the resources just not being there.

The one named Itylra sat down merly only saying "a pleasure "  so she was most likely bored of lexdord castle or just didn't like the climate. Each of the other members of the council were ether staring or writing notes, all exept for the king, and the one named Porter who was trying to figuar out how to convince the diplomat that a trade deal would be profitable.


"while we dont have the best of anything,  our lands are tresures troves for relics of war, there are ruins everywhere with so much to discover and find, and wether those discoveries be great or not. With this diplomatic confrence we'll be able to share technologies that we have and technology we find."

(sorry its rushed a bit but were still moving stuff and I didn't want this to die)




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Maya knowingly nodded at mention of 'war,' having read a few pieces on Lexdord's turbulent history. However, Terrenus had seen its own fair share of wars, with the most recent, ongoing struggle leaving ruins across the country. She was uninterested in capitalizing off of this kind of suffering in other nations; indeed, she had just offered Terrenus's aid in restoring Renovatio. Thinking it pertinent information, the diplomat opened her mouth to speak. "In the recent meeting with the Grand Kommandant, Terrenus offered supplies and construction golems in the restorative efforts following the Halcyon event. Lexdord can expect the same level of aid as other afflicted cities, but I understand your situation may be more dire due to the climate and desert landscape." The diplomat leaned forward, bringing her hands together on the table before her. 

"I will be frank," she said, trying to appeal to a character she was beginning to understand had not quite settled into his royal position.  "I'd like to know more about your resources. In Terrenus, the desert can be home to a wide assortment of rare materials absent in other biomes." The woman gave a vague nod, mostly to herself than anyone else. "We're particularly interested in graviton, a metal we understand is plentiful in Renovatio." The potential for graviton was endless, or so the scientists she'd met with before this trip had assured her. "-Ferro as well. We lack these metals in Terrenus, but are interested in their unusual properties." Maya considered the king for a moment, then looked to Megan, the engineer, and Garcia, the scientist. "These are a few of the only materials we're currently aware of, but if you have other technologies of interest, I certainly wouldn't be adverse to learning more." 

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" the resources that we possess in our area of Renovatio would be close to a ton of iron, graviton, and some ferro along with aluminum, lead,  traces of carbon and a special type of salt found in our madness deserts that repels water, which is only called that to attract tourist

As for technologies, it all dependes on your interest you have seemed to be interested in restoration and peace so we have techologies for that

We have a special piece known as a air converter, built to mainly remove agents in the air, it can also be used as an O2 generator.

We have others though like our radioactivity absorber to get rid of that harmful radioactive waste

We're also reserching on how to use nanites for things like restoration and climate cleansing. 

Of course there are also weapons we can offer but you dont seeming like the type to want weapons as their long term effectes sometimes permanently damage ecology."



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