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Uhh, yeah. Let's get this overwith. So here's a few pics of me. I'll number them in their order and name them accordingly.

1 - when I'm trying to make a cheap suit look expensive because Eastern Europe is poor and I don't have much money.
2 - when I'm wearing my traditional Jewish supervillain outfit (before going to dance class with my actual ex-girlfriend of 8 months (that ended horribly)).
3 - when I'm trying to look cool in front of my ex-sort-of-girlfriend-for-a-week (that ended even more horribly).
4 - when I actually look pretty darn cool.














As you can see, I have a tendency to hide the lower half of my face. That's because it looks butt-ugly compared to the upper half and I can't bear it. That's why I'm eagerly anticipating a proper beard.

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27 minutes ago, Deus Ex Aizen said:

So this happened this past weekend at Jordancon! We got to meet him not once, not twice, not three times, but four different times! He is amazing, and if you haven't read any of his books--please do so.


Oh shit, you met Brent Weeks? I'm hella peanut butter and jelly

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