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I've been toying with the idea of an insurance company that protects their clients in a variety of ways. They don't just provide indemnification after a loss, they recover what was stolen. If a customer is killed (and that customer paid the right price) they'll bring them back from the dead. I'm thinking it goes even further though, like a city can take out a policy and the insurance adjusters (representing the company) will protect it (best case) and pay for any losses (worst case). Think of like Wolfram & Hart from Angel with less Evil intentions. They're not necessarily good or bad, they're fulfilling their contract, regardless of what that might be. 

Right now it's just something I'm toying around with, hence the rambling, curious if anyone else would be interested in catching/stopping some bad guys. 



Hawke, Owll & Ravensley Insurance Society

An international and interdimensional Insurance Firm with offices throughout Valucre. Their home office is located in Cosanastre, Alterion.

HORIS is the largest Insurer in the world and specializes in both Property & Casualty Insurance as well as Life & Health Insurance.  

Since its founding HORIS has been serving its clients by providing a wide range of support services.

HORIS clients don’t just expect design and execution of their projects. They expect a partner that can guide them through the design, regulatory, approval and implementation processes. HORIS clients can rely on expertise to support them in their processes from the beginning to its continued . The road ahead can be full of unknown obstacles. Place your trust in those who have walked the  path thousands of times. Our team brings centuries of experience and expertise to your doorstep. 
HORIS doesn’t just provide financial security for their customer’s losses, they offer loss prevention as well. HORIS isn’t a by-the-numbers organization, they’d rather see your property whole and returned to you than offer a functional equivalent. To its premier elite members HORIS offers a number of services including: asset protection and acquisition, corporate and industrial espionage, healing and necromancy, legal services, Real Estate, Voodoo, Entertainment, Science, Research and Intelligence, and Interment Acquisitions, Product development, Rule, form and manual filings, Advisory services, Regulatory relations, and insurance operations. 
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Would HORIS partner or subcontract with other existing organizations? I have a merc-ish company that would take jobs like this but that wouldn't necessarily put on HORIS uniforms to do it if that makes sense 

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4 minutes ago, paradigm said:

They definitely would subcontract out particular jobs. 

If you're tracking anywhere then consider both Justice and the Handymen as groups which would be interested in bidding on certain jobs so to speak. I can send links if needed 

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