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Set outside the spectral district of Dougton, nearest to the main square sets a disembodied pearl-painted wooden door. Carved into the wood of the standing door on it's entering side reads 'CHILDREN ONLY'. It was only the night of it's first being set up, but the local police had already set up signs saying 'DO NOT ENTER' around it. Any attempts the officers over the age of seventeen has been met with severe burns upon grasping the brass door knob through their entire bodies. Those that tried to break the door with axes had fireballs shot at them from the decorative Iron gargoyle archway perched on the doorframe. The axe marks left in the wood seemed to

methodically heal itself, the wood seeming to pulse and live and grow. There were talks amoungst the grown ups to hire some powerful dispelled to properly dismantle this scourge upon the town that threatened the children, while the actual children seemed drawn to the door with awe and fascination.

The fliers that the strangely dressed man had sent out attached to the near by orphanage and was proving itself extremely difficult to remove. One of the head mistresses had found that the fliers fell easily into the hands of the children, and so set those children all day to peel off the fliers one by one.

The fliers read in glittering golden print:

" Seeking all ages, children born for adventure! Treasure and glory (most importantly fun) await you here! Tired of only having bugs and cats to slay and wish to hold a sword in your hand? Come in to the door in the square, and if you do survive, only glory and gold can be had for you here! Hate the head of the orphanage and wish she would go away? Wish you could afford a house to get you off the streets? All are welcome in Taddius's Dungeon for Tot's!" ( The rest is colorful illustrations of birds gently pecking holes into cactuses and filling the holes with ribbons in a cheerful watercolor) 

The whole town was alight with whispers and rumors about both the fliers and the doors, and out of fear kept their children closer in the day.

Already through the chaos of the day some children had managed to sneak in to the terror of the adults. Children's minds blind to the danger and seeking only adventure and reward. Those who had went earlier by themselves had yet to come out, to the extreme worry of their parents and other townsfolk.

But, this was night. Only one police officer stood guard, dozing on a near by bench in the quiet streets near the haunted and cursed alleyways only a couple blocks away. A fountain in the center of the square gently gurgled away, and the vagrants around it were sound asleep. 



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The streets of Doughton were eerily quiet even for this time of night; which made Tafili wonder if it was always like this, or if the door in the town square was freaking everybody out. If the latter were true, he certainly didn't blame people for being scared; as from what he had heard, the thing was a menace. It severely injured anyone over the age of seventeen who tried to enter, and anyone under that age who did go in had yet to come back. Tafili had learned of it as he had eaten a meal at the local tavern. Once he knew the story, he knew that he had to do something; and luckily he was jut one year under the age limit.

A sort of stirring in his head reminded the boy that not everybody shared his opinion.

"I know you think it's a bad idea, but we're doing it anyways!" the boy hissed to seemingly nobody.

There was yet more stirring, prompting another response.

"There are kid in there Guest! Young kids! Like I was when we met," 

Silence. Then one last stirring.

"Don't worry. We'll find the kids and get out of there, and if anyone tries to stop us... well, we won't let them."

Sneaking past the lone guard posted to watch the door was trivial, and soon Tafili stood before the ominous entryway. He took a deep breath, and then grabbed the handle; turning it when it didn't burn his hand.


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Wow! Another boy had just walked in through the door. He was old, too. This was Jersey's chance. 

Jersey had been crouching in an alleyway not too far away from the door and the guard. He had been there for a couple of hours. Wondering. The door seemed to call to him. Being three years of age he could not read, but he was fascinated by the pretty flyers the orphanage lady asked for him to tear off. Each one seemed to get more colorful the more he tore, and his curiosity grew. He had heard the older boys talking about this door and how they were going to kill whatever was inside. Jersey wasn't very interested in that part, he simply wanted to see the bird with the ribbons. Maybe he could hold a ribbon too. 

Jersey was a Minotaur, so he was slightly more advanced mentally than a human child at the age of three would be. He could speak in full sentences, had pretty good hand/eye coordination, and he had grown out of the fear of leaving his room in the middle of the night. He was pretty proud of himself for the last one. He was practically a bull! Okay not really, he hadn't grown any impressive horns yet, and at the top of his head  he only reached about 4 feet. He stood like any other human, except his where feet would be were hooves. His hands were three fingered. His entire body was a rich caramel color, and his eyes and nose faded to cream. He has a sensitive nose, it was big and a chocolate brown color, just like his big, fully lashed eyes. He had long ears that could hear pretty well, and lastly, a long tail tipped with hair at the end. It seemed to have a mind of its own at times.

Jersey inhaled deeply, grabbing his tail. He liked to keep a hold of it while he was sneaking around so it didn't accidentally whack into things and break them. He tucked his tail through the front of his overalls. As quietly as he could muster, he crawled past the sleeping guard and faintly clip clopped up the few stairs to the doorway. His ears twitched with excitement. He could still hear the boy on the other side of the door. He grabbed a hold of the handle, opening the door without so much as a squeak, and poked his head in first.

"He- hello? Wait for me!" He whispered after the boy, opening the door fully and jumping in.

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Adorable laughter could be heard from a boy, sprinting away from several people in uniforms. His black hair whipped in the wind at the speed he was gathering. His brown eyes scanning everything in front and to the sides of him, finding multiple exit routes. He took none of them though. This was WAY too much fun.

Dan turned a corner, his bare feet making excellent traction, and took off running at considerably higher speed. Even at this, he was only using a fraction of his real speed. What fun would it be if he just got away? These guys were pretty far from the real deal, Dan had no need to showcase his abilities here, so why not have fun with it? It had been so long since he was able to just be a boy thief, and not a professional.

I feel like some kinda music should be playing while we do this....



Yeah, there we go.

As Dan ran down the alley, He found two more of them cutting him off. That was a problem.
He heard more behind him. Welp.

He didn't stop running. Dan kept going, and those at the end braced to catch him. Instead of speeding up and plowing through them, Dan leapt to the left at the last second, and kicked off of the wall. This vaulted him clear over the men's heads, and clear to the road.

Unexpectedly Exactly according to plan, however, this landed him directly on the roof of a carriage. Who the hell used carriages anymore?
Dan used his wind abilities to blow him upright, stabilizing himself. The poor driver had absolutely no idea what was going on, until a 14 year old boy's face appeared 3 inches to the left of his own.
"Hey uhh, Could you do me a favor and keep drivin'?"

"Excuse me, what-"
Different carriages started coming. Big ones. Big enough to transport a pris- oh.

"So uh yeah. You're kinda an accomplice now, so... step on it."

Dan's silver tongue seemed to work, and the driver commanded the horses to run with all the speed they could manage. 
Wait, we're faster than these things if we were half asleep, why'r we doin' this?
Hey, I'm not the one who put on the music for doing way over the top bullshit.
........ Fair enough.

Further utilizing his wind powers, Dan tossed very mild wind blasts at the pursuing horses. Not enough to harm them, but plenty enough to scare them and stop the chase.
The driver took a sharp left, and the pursuers lost sight of them. Dan slipped a gold nugget in the man's pocket. "Thanks mate."
Dan leapt off the carriage, and took off running again. No playing around now, he was a blur across the city. He had well and truly lost his pursuers now, and only did this to put loads of distance between them.
When he was satisfied, he stopped running, and slowed to an average walk. He reached in his pocket and took out the object of the men's anger. Then another. And another. Their wallets, basically. Being Dan, he just had to take cops' wallets. 
Oooooooh, they were driving without their licenses! 
Dan always enjoyed it when Genipperteinga joined in on his fun in more ways than just horrible slaughter.
Dan then looked up. There was a wall with a few flyers on it. Interested, Dan took one.

Children born for adventure? Well, there was that. Being a greek demigod, Dan was literally born for adventure. But then he saw...
"Dungeon for tots?"
Wow. Obvious pedophilia much? I mean, did you SEE the title of this thread?
Yeah no. Dan was gonna check this out, and shut this right down if it was what he thought it was.
He reached the place fairly easily and rather quickly. He looked over and saw another policeman who was doing an equally fine job of policing as the the people who were chasing him earlier.
He noticed a.... wait. Was that some kinda...
Why does this kid look like a satyr?
Whatever the boy was, he seemed intent on going inside. Dan followed him quickly. The last thing he needed was for someone to get hurt or worse by going into some guys kiddie playtime dungeon.
He realized that on his approach inside, he was doing the silent footsteps thing. So, he decided to make himself known.

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(I've decided to bring a different character into this RP then Clara, but a similar concept.)

"Where you going, eh 'Fighting'?" An old drunk asked, raising the paper bag hiding his daily spoils. His smile was friendly and his expression showed a mild joy to see the boy he was addressing. 

That boy was  Ichimatsu 'Fighting' Harada, 12 years old - born and raised in a Dougton Orphanage. 'Fighting's' mother was in the orphanage herself when 'Fighting' was born, unwilling to abandon her son despite her own tender age she worked hard in her studies while the staff cared for him as a baby, eventually becoming a staff member of the orphanage herself, 'Fighting' was without question a momma's boy. Yet 'Fighting' was always known for his wild streak and temper, a perpetually aggressive boy he frequently responded to adversity with violence. Unable to contain his wild streak 'Fighting' began to garner a reputation throughout the town as 'that orphanage whore's wild son', a reputation he'd meet with pugilistic intensity if thrown at him. Over time his reputation grew, and by the time he was 10 years old his reputation had shifted from simply violent and wild to something to be proud of - for fighting had taken it upon himself to defend his peers in the orphanage at any cost. 

This nature endeared itself to the lower ends of society, the boy becoming quite popular amongst the blue collar works, the whores, the drunks and even the gangsters and that endearment came with a nickname; 'Fighting'. By 12 years old he was a neighborhood darling, the locals showering him with praise and even pooling money together to help him train his talent for violence into a marketable skill as a prize fighter. So when the drunk saw 'Fighting' with his new gloves draped across his neck it wasn't surprising he was curious what the boy was doing, especially with the local rumor of a dungeon for children showing up in town. 

"I'm going to conquer the dungeon! Momma said I couldn't go, so I'm sneaking out." 'Fighting' declared, his contagious smile beaming at the old drunk who returned it and waved the boy on, too drunk to have any hopes of trying to stop him. 'Fighting' arrived at the door shortly thereafter, his hands running along the leather of his gloves as he prepared himself. Rumor had it children had never returned, and that the man luring the children inside was more pedophile then dungeon master. Whatever it was he'd face it as he faced everything, with his fists clenched. Sliding the small gloves on his hands and tying them tight 'Fighting' entered the dungeon with his engine roaring, ready for the fight to come. 

What he hit instead was a three person traffic jam, one that contained a real hodge podge of people. Tallest and furthest ahead was what appeared to be an older boy, almost a man judging by his facial hair! He didn't really look like any kid! Next was Jersey the Minotaur, a local legend in his own way if only because he was unusual, minotaur children were rare to see! Finally was a boy a between his age and the older boy up front, who looked pretty rambunctious himself. "Awww man! I was hoping to be the first one in!" Fighting suddenly declared, his voice more then loud enough for everyone to hear. 

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The policeman at the door snorted awake as the last boy went in the door. His arm jot out for fighting, but it came too short as the door shut too quickly. He suddenly realized that he could lose his job, and found himself hoping that child didn't come back out... And he figured he probably would not. 

As each of the boys entered the door, there was a pleasing ringing noise, like the bell while entering the door. They would see a long and dimly lit tunnel ahead of them, lit along the way with glowing blue mushrooms. Behind each, the door would seem to open, and close behind them in a smooth stone dead end. The door seemed to have been a one way only. There was a sign by the mushrooms reading 'DO NOT EAT', probably warning the children dumb enough to stuff any thing in their mouths, but if they were dumb enough to eat the mushrooms, they were probably too dumb to read, anyways. 

At the end of the tunnel came the short sound of a creaky wooden door opening, and an abrupt slamming that only Jerky and Tifili heard. The rest, when joined would hear lots of twittering blue birds and a low, loud grumbling echoing down the tunnel. The silhouettes of the birds swooping through the bright light at the end of the tunnel seemed to be carrying .. Worms? Bits of string? The birds were carrying some thing in their mouths as they swooped by, too fast to really see. 

The ominous, low grumbling continued in bassy tones off the stone tunnel under the cheerful birds. It almost sounded like words.


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Les Premiers nés de Bakar

Normal example of an adult of Guest's species


Tafili barely had time to take in the change in scenery before three more children piled through the door one after the other. Suddenly there was an audible, chittering screech, and the skin at the base of the older boys neck began to bulge out. An instant later a serpentine blur burst through the skin; though with a curious lack of blood, and wound itself around Tafili's neck in a protective gesture. It then moved out further, getting straight into the face of the minotaur child who had come through the door first. Mandibles flaring, it roared, the sound echoing through the confined space of the tunnel.

"Guest, no!"

The boy grabbed the parasites neck with both hands and with great effort, pulled it away from the child, causing it to turn and snap at him in a manner that somehow managed to convey annoyance. Tafili let the creature go and folded his arms across his chest in response.

"Come now, they clearly don't mean us any harm. I know your on edge, but that isn't an excuse for rudeness! Apologize."

The boy and the wyrm stared each other down for a few more seconds before the creature clicked its mandibles and made a motion that almost seemed to mimic a nod. It then turned back to Jersey, slowly approaching before dipping its head forward like a bow.

"He's saying he's sorry,' Tafili clarified, "You can even pet him if you want. He likes that."

While Guest made amends, Tafili looked at the other two boys who had come through the door; a roguish looking young man, and a kid with gloves around his neck and a determined expression.

"Guess you guys saw the flyers too?"

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Jersey was suddenly ASSAULTED by noises. Two other kids bumped in after him, each speaking at the same time. They were in a dark tunnel lit with beautiful blue mushrooms. They were delightful! Jersey hated the taste of mushrooms, or he would have tried one. Jersey barely had time to enjoy the scenery before an enormous snake thing erupted out of the neck of the boy in front of him. Jersey mooed a scream, grabbing his ears and falling on his behind. He probably fell into one of the boys behind them since they were all crammed together at the entrance. The thing seemed to wrestle with the boy a bit, and then it came back towards him. It dipped its head. An apology, the boy said. Jersey didn't believe it. The thing still looked like it wanted to eat him. 

Big, wet tears started forming at the base of Jerseys eyes. His lower lip trembled slightly. He took a big sniff, slowly releasing his ears and pushing himself back off the ground. The snake thing was still there, and the boy said he could pet it. Jersey was too scared to do so, he just stared at it, choking back a couple of sobs. No crying!! He was a big boy. All these other boys weren't crying! Jersey furiously rubbed his eyes with his hands, allowing himself one last sniffle to compose himself. 

"I'm Jersey." He said, his voice betraying him by wobbling slightly. He wiped his face once more, eyeing the snake thing wearily. The boy seemed to address the other boys behind him, and Jersey turned around to give a little wave of greeting.  Jersey recognized one of the boys, what was his name? Scrappy? Brawler? Suddenly it clicked. "Hi Fighting!" He said, his voice more confident now. He hadn't ever met fighting before, but he had heard a lot about him. Jersey hoped to be super tough like Fighting some day. The other boy, Jersey didn't recognize. He tilted his head a bit, about to ask him was his name was. 

Suddenly, Jersey's ears pricked forward, and he looked back ahead. Did a door just close? Then just as quickly he heard the unmistakable sound of chirping... birds!! Jersey ran forward past the first boy, screeching with delight. He ran a few feet away, pausing to look at the beautiful birds flittering above him. They even held ribbons! Would one of them let Jersey borrow one? He reached his arms up, spinning in little circles, dancing with the birds, his previous scare completely forgotten. They were all different colors, so beautiful! The ribbons they held were different colors too, but they all had a bluish hue thanks to the mushrooms around them. Jersey just accepted the low rumbling in front of him as background noise, he was too excited about the birdies. He giggled and clapped his hands together, his tail tripping him as he ran around trying to catch one of them. He fell flat, his jaw smacking the ground with a painful crack. "Ow!" He yelped, pushing himself back up like the fall never happened. Jersey grabbed his tail and tucked it into his overalls before dancing with the birds once more.

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Dan yelped. Not at the worm thing coming out of the kid's back, but the baby minotaur had fallen backwards. Right onto his toes.
As the boy got up, Dan jerked his leg upward and massaged his foot to alleviate the pain. To be honest, his instincts had flared a bit. The boy was a minotaur. In his experience, Minotaurs enjoyed trying to kill him. But, he resolved he wouldn't harm this one unless it tried to break him in half. And could possibly succeed in any fashion whatsoever.

Looking back up at the worm, he already didn't like it. Not only did it cause foot pain, but it apparently enjoyed scaring small children and nearly making them cry.
The minotaur boy didn't even ask Dan's name before he started chasing birds with ribbons. But, he was like, really little, so Dan didn't fault him too much.

"Name's Dan. Yeah I saw the flyers."
He turned around, and saw a kid with... boxing gloves? Named 'Fighting', apparently.
Ares kid. Without a doubt.

"A pleasure."
Dan looked around. There was noise, birds, ribbons, and luminescent mushrooms. Dan was pretty sure he came across these in his alchemic research. And knew not to eat them.

Dan kept his guard up, just in case the noise was something nasty.

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The strange worm thing had startled Fighting, his reaction causing him to shift quickly into a southpaw boxing stance - his posture looking like it was out of a textbook, When he realized the threat was no threat at all his posture relaxed, his hands going into his pockets to hide his subtle embarrassment at being startled so easily. Quickly however Fighting changed focus to the one person he knew, at least by reputation. 

"Heya Jersey! What are you doing in here? It ain't safe!" He said, pushing past Dan to stand next to the minotaur child who was chasing birds. Fighting was about a foot and three inches taller then Jersey so he lowered himself at the knees slightly when talking to the minotaur boy. "That worm thing scared me too! Doesn't that thing hurt, Mr?" Fighting asked as he turned his gaze to Tafili. "It looks like it hurts." He said to himself, his gaze direct - it was a known quirk of fighting, his love of direct eye contact. He rarely if ever spoke to someone without staring directly into their eyes, as if testing their character by their eyes. 

Dan introduced himself shortly after Jersey, and it seemed like the group was already preparing to team up. "I'm 'Fighting', nice to meet ya Dan!" He basically yelled, waving at the older boy and once again making sure to keep eye contact as he did. "I guess we should all team up, yeah?! What are you all good at, I'm a pretty good at...." Fighting separated slightly from Jersey, suddenly breaking into a shadow boxing routine - his movements were crisp, his feet sliding across the floor almost like he was gliding as he threw a series of combinations that always started with a right handed jab, his head bobbing and weaving in places; anyone with fighting experience could tell at a glance 'Fighting' was a world class talent just from his short shadow boxing exhibition. "Boxing, so if anything in here tries to get handsy I'll leave it begging for the ten count!" He stopped his routine, flexing his left arm and slapping it with his right.

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At the end of the tunnel, a large cavernous opening lit with floating cubes of light with happy faces painted on them gently bobbing and floating around casting their friendly, bright light. Some of the blue birds were ramming into them, seeming to take joy in batting them around and causing them to move. At impossible angles, growing out of the sheer rock were various tall flowering cacti with holes borne into them presumably from the blue birds themselves. The cacti were absolutely covered in colorful ribbons that the blue birds grabbed from one cacti and brought to another, and some seemed to fight over and value one color over the other. This led to entertaining squeaks and squabbles from the flittering birds. Inside the holes of the cacti, less impressive brown birds were occasionally peaking their heads out of the hole and calling loudly through the mess of other chirping. 

To the right of the cavern was troughs full of bird seed and water with a deep hole that birds were flying in and out of. It seemed too small for any one but Jersey to fit through.

To the right, near Jersey stood a large, dark green figure that let out a gruff grunt of annoyance.  It was an Orc standing a good two feet over the tallest of the boys. His face was roughly painted white, with red around his lips and a large funny purple hat. His face seemed like he would have rather been any where but here, and below his fat rolls was a thick, runic collar. Other than that, he wore only brown roughspun pants. A smile appeared on his face with large tusks as he noticed Jersey, " They let a baby cow in here? Did you lose your herd?" The other boys would hear a loud, mean-spirited laugh follow and echo down the tunnel. The Orc abruptly stopped laughing and looked over at the tunnel. 

"Yer not the only one, are ya? I 'eard the bells. Tell'em to get over here, bite-sized." His grumpy and didn't want to be here face had returned. He also looked like he would have loved to eat Jersey.

@Piperpie @Old Man Jean @danzilla3 @HollowCipher 

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Oxidus stood in front of the disembodied door leading into the dungeon. Upon wandering into Dougton, he overheard talk of this door, that it only allowed children to enter. His curiosity getting the better of him, he searched high and low until finding a man who sold various potions, including ones that could reverse a persons aging process by several years. Such things are risky, but it would be a necessary risk to find out what was behind this strange door. The door was guarded, of course, with the intent of keeping anyone from attempting to enter. Oxidus had a simple method for bypassing such an obstacle: charge in quickly and incapacitate him before he can react.

It took barely a second for Oxidus to close the distance between himself and the guard and render him unconscious with two well-placed chops to the sides of his neck. With the guard out of picture, he removed the potion, a clear liquid inside a small glass bottle, from his pocket, uncorked it and drank it down. His body began growing smaller, and his features began changing, looking progressively younger as the transformation ensued. Within seconds, he had regressed from a young, eight feet and three inches tall adult, to a mere four and a half foot tall child, roughly five years old.

"I'm not used to being this small anymore. Or to my voice sounding so high pitched. Being a kid again feels so weird." Oxidus reached for the doorknob, opened the entrance, and stepped in. He walked down the tunnel, bursting with suspense at could possibly lay ahead in a dungeon meant for children. What he saw was hardly what he expected. Floating lights with faces on them, cacti growing from rocks, and birds fluttering all around. Never had he seen such a place before. He was so distracted by the sights and sounds that he didn't notice the other kids at first. His eyes eventually wandered in there direction, at first looking straight through them, but finally noticing them a moment after. He approached them in his usual friendly manner.

"Hello. I wasn't expecting to see anyone else down here with that guard outside. I guess you guys aren't ordinary kids. Or maybe he just isn't very good at his job..." Then he heard the orcs bellowing laughter. "Whoa, what was that? Sounded dangerous, like a monster laughing. We should probably go see what's up. Oh, my name is Oxidus by the way. I always forget to introduce myself when I meet new people."

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Tafili didn't know if it was some kind of fraternal instinct, a feeling of needing to make up for Guest's earlier outburst, or both, but the way the Orc was looking at Jersey made him instantly protective of the boy. The Orc's laugh was repulsive, a sinister sound that conveyed the creatures ill intent; despite its garish attire. Not to mention that it was leering at the minotaur with predatory intent; like he was considering eating the child right there. Right then Tafili knew that he needed to get the Orc away from Jersey right away.

The young man walked to the entrance of the cave; mentally communicating with Guest as he approached the boy and the Orc. As he got near, Guest slowly coiled in front of Jersey, silently clicking its mandibles at the Orc in a gesture of warning. With a thought, sharp barbs of bone began to emerge from his right forearm; and he extended his hand toward the threatening being.

"Take a step back now."

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Woh. A huge freaky white face just appeared out of nowhere. It had lips stained red, and protruding tusks that looked sharp. Jersey mooed in shock, jumping backward. The monster must have been speaking to Jersey, because he saw its mouth move, but the only thing Jersey heard was the deep laugh. It was loud and terrifying. Jersey took a couple of steps back, his ears flattened and eyes wide. Jersey saw the hungry look in his eyes, and he didn't like it.

He was about to run back to the group, birds forgotten, but suddenly the huge snake thing appeared in front of him again. The snake was not looking at him, but at the orc. It  had a protective stance in front of Jersey, same as the boy the snake was attached to. It mustn't be too bad if it were protecting him. Jersey was no longer scared of the snake coiled around him, but he cowered into its body, tucking his head in and hiding his eyes in its scales. He also hugged the snake, squeezing it for more assurance that the orc would not eat him. 

"Take a step back!" Jersey echoed Tafili, his voice shaky and insecure. In the background, Jersey was suddenly aware that the group had another member, his ears picked up the babbling in the distance. However, he stayed tucked up in the snake's coil, the safest place for him right now. 

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Dan turned to the new boy. He was friendly too, which was good, but Dan sensed something... off. For someone so little, he seemed REALLY well spoken. Ah whatever. There was a little boy boxer, a kid with a centipede demon in his back, and a baby minotaur here, along with a 14 year old demigod thief. Dan would be more worried if this kid WERE normal.

The boy, apparently named 'Fighting'-
Fighting? Oh he's DEFINITELY a son of Ares.
-began showcasing his skills. And Dan had to admit, the kid had flawless form. He could probably give other Ares kids his age a few days in the infirmary, and Dan very much doubted he'd had formal training from a mentor. 
Then he asked what everyone was good at. Dan prepared to show off, when he heard some booming voice, evidently making fun of the minotaur baby, who he had come to find out was named Jersey.

If there was one thing Dan could not stand it was self-righteous adults who had their heads in their asses. However, bullies were a close second.
"You wanna see one of my talents?" Dan grinned. "Don't blink."

Dan took off down the tunnel in the direction of Jersey and the Asshole.
Huh. Jersey and the Asshole. Sounds like a dirty 80's sitcom. Or a porno.
If Fighting and Oxidus didn't blink as they were instructed to, they would barely be able to see a blur moving so fast that he may have left an image of himself behind when he started. If they DID blink, Dan would simply be gone. Well, at the other end of the tunnel.

Dan looked at the orc Big, tusks, purple hat, clown makeup. Overall, very underwhelming. Sure, he was big. But Dan had killed bigger. Often. 
As he had thought, Jersey was terrified. And judging from the laughter, this was the Orc's intent.

Dan's right hand gripped his sword hilt. "So. You like scaring little kids, do ya? I bet you feel like a BIG man, doncha?"
Dan prepared himself. He wasn't sure what this orc was here for, but probably guarding something, if his RPG experience was to be trusted.

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