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The Red Festival (Dangerous Party)

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The Red Festival 



The small city of Tormo has been raided of all its gold and valuables. It’s people dragged into the night by a goblin horde lead by mysterious and powerful evil figures. Tormo itself nearly being burned to the ground with very few survivors of this horrific event. Roughly two weeks have passed since the villainous event, and shortly there after small bands of goblins have spread to into the countryside bearing invitations. Envelopes stained with drops of crimson blood. All of them giving the message of an event called The Red Festival written in both common and under-common.


”Demi-Humans, Monsters, mobs,thieves, murderers, all those who have been cast down into the dregs of pecking order just because you weren’t born with smooth skin, or without horns, or that you’ve always been a little different. You are not alone, my children. You are not scum or trash, you are simply a product of your environment. One that was crafted to keep you down. The moment these beautiful smooth skinned and self righteous son’s of bitches showed up and said they get to be humans and elves and in charge, and you get to be mobs and Demi-human (and that’s the nice name they call you) that was it, your fate was sealed. But fear not, for you and your tribes and people are invited to the Red Festival. A place where everyone can be themselves. There will be free food and drink to feast upon, and there will be entertainment and gold to be given out to the rightful people of Terrenus. We can’t wait to have you there. - D  





What is the Red Festival?

The Red Festival is the New Legion of Doom thread for the Terrenus community following the sacking of Tormo aka Fright Night. It’s a large open party/social thread with an air of danger to it. This is due to the festival’s guests. Trolls, orcs, kobalds, goblins, etc etc. very savage monster races. This thread will consist on the members of the Legion talking, recruiting, and building their forces and creating unity between races in order to create a larger army to ultimately have their plans of burning Terrenus succeed. The Legion isn’t going away anytime soon, and will only grow stronger and stronger as they build themselves up.





Am I invited? Can I crash it?

  All are invited to the Red Festival. From an IC standpoint the knowledge of it has spread across Terrenus. However it’s not front page news. It’s more of hushed whispers inside the taverns of even major cities in Terrenus. People gossip about it in the streets from the shadows. So people do know about it. Now I’m sure you are asking. What if my character is in the military or apart of an organization that’s against the Legion and I want to attack it with a force or army? That is perfectly acceptable. Though you should certainly put serious thought into it before you do. We at the Legion love organic story telling and are happy to face whatever is thrown at us. So Revenge or do gooding is your game. It’s all cool with us. 




Festival Rules
1: Humans and other races are allowed safe passage into the festival and can participate. 

2: Murder is allowed only in honorable blood duels or in self defense of a life or death situation. 

3: If you are caught murdering outside rule two, you will be drawn, quartered, hung, and then eaten. 

4: Have fun and socialize.



Details & Info  


This thread will be going live Thursday in the evening that way people have all of Friday to formulate a post for the weekend or whenever they have time to jump in! We welcome everyone to join and we want to have a great time!


live thread 


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If any one wanted to adopt a beyond corrupted small elf/ possible weapon, now would be the perfect time before she accidentally murders some one and is drawn, quartered, and hung. 

Another featured event will be blood art and eventual gore sports hosted by famed and horridly hated gore artist Mayumi Takamori; Feared King and Murderer of The Goblins and possibly her Djin assistant. 

All decoration of The Red Festival will be far too generously provided by Mayumi Takamori. 

Decorations will include: Blood pool ( bring your swimming suits!)/ Banners dyed red with blood and hung up dripping/ general sloshes and gore splatters every where/ hand smeared crude drawings of flowers in red/ Many prisoners forcibly dipped in blood and set aside as party favors and appetizers

 Any poisoning due to the licking or consumption of decorations will have the holding party accountable for any damages due to unauthorized consumption  of afore mentioned decorations. Mayumi and Takamori Incorporation are not responsible to any diseases caught by periodic Blood Splatterings during the festival. Party at your own risk.

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20 minutes ago, Metty said:

I saw your open thread. Mind if I join in and attempt to fight Dredge at least? This is not gonna end well for my character that barely has combat experience...lmao.

Go for it. I welcome a good fight and or slaughter lol

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Hmmm, to have Dan arrive, or send Damien....

Honestly, Damien would fit better species wise, but if he went to this thing, he'd probably end up being grounded for 100 years.

So, Dan it is. It's doubtful that  he'll start a fight, but might liberate the children or others nice and discreet like.

Or not, and The Other Guy could just have a grand old time. GODS so many options.

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