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The Red Festival (Dangerous Party)

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If any one wanted to adopt a beyond corrupted small elf/ possible weapon, now would be the perfect time before she accidentally murders some one and is drawn, quartered, and hung. 

Another featured event will be blood art and eventual gore sports hosted by famed and horridly hated gore artist Mayumi Takamori; Feared King and Murderer of The Goblins and possibly her Djin assistant. 

All decoration of The Red Festival will be far too generously provided by Mayumi Takamori. 

Decorations will include: Blood pool ( bring your swimming suits!)/ Banners dyed red with blood and hung up dripping/ general sloshes and gore splatters every where/ hand smeared crude drawings of flowers in red/ Many prisoners forcibly dipped in blood and set aside as party favors and appetizers

 Any poisoning due to the licking or consumption of decorations will have the holding party accountable for any damages due to unauthorized consumption  of afore mentioned decorations. Mayumi and Takamori Incorporation are not responsible to any diseases caught by periodic Blood Splatterings during the festival. Party at your own risk.

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Hmmm, to have Dan arrive, or send Damien....

Honestly, Damien would fit better species wise, but if he went to this thing, he'd probably end up being grounded for 100 years.

So, Dan it is. It's doubtful that  he'll start a fight, but might liberate the children or others nice and discreet like.

Or not, and The Other Guy could just have a grand old time. GODS so many options.

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