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The Red Festival (Open)

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The small elf Mayumi was finishing off cleaning and wiping the blood off her hands and face to start really enjoying her festival. It took a lot of work, commanding her goblin followers to hand dip every prisoner, screaming and kicking in the pond of blood.  It was very nice of the Djinn cloaked in a patch work of human skin to have listen to her wish for more blood and summoned a great pond of viscous vital soup all around where she was standing. To his surprise, Mayumi surfaced soon after in a fit of glee. It had dyed her blue and ruined kimono into a tattered and horrid red that she seemed to have adored. With Dredge's help, she commanded the hobgoblins to use their furry arms as painbrushes to morbidly paint roses and flowers over most surfaces. The splatters of blood was a touch she performed herself with quite a few tosses with a bucket. Those blank, pupiless eyes seemed to perhaps sparkle with the delight of how all of the wretched, disgusting decorations had turned out. It had taken a lot of work, but it really went to show off how RED the Red festival could really be. 

Mayumi had personally wanted the festival to be teeth themed, but was quickly dissuaded by a more reasonably minded Dredge. Slowly wringing out her wet hair, her clean look and bloodied robe festive gear was nearly complete. To finish the look, a black and red blood-stained crown was placed upon the most recent goblin she intimidated into being bossed around by her insane butt. The crown was a beloved symbol of the extreme and nearly total massacre of the goblins she ruled over with a soft and cuddly fist. No goblin had a chance to hide their eyes from her destruction, but for now, she exited Dredge's tent and went off, having completely forgetting her current goblin slave. 

Mayumi's arms held out as she tromped through the blood-stained grass and smiled gayly at the good time that was being had around her. Some of the people she smiled at were actuallly real this time, and a bright and cheerful bought of hysterical laughter exited her lips as she seemed happy just sprinting around and watching every thing in ignorant bliss, proud of her own decorations... But unwitting to how much they actually kept her focused and grounded. This was best for the sake of every one. 

Before she knew it, she was running around with a rare broiled hunk of human flesh that she merely thought was cow as she ran while eating the searing hot flesh. This was going to be a wonderful night!

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There were ghouls and goblins of all sorts at the festival. All sorts indeed. They reflected off the Wastelands devil’s bulbous eyes as the lizard creature made his way to the scene on hind legs. Barrett’s small form was concealed by a black hooded robe. Even with his teal tail poking out, its earwig-like fork vibrating with violent stimulation, the robe covered his ankles so that only the webbed feet carrying him forth were visible in the darkness. From afar, within the most crimson spectrums of the Dark Forest’s belly, he appeared no more than another pair of gleaming red eyes approaching from the nothingness whence all worlds must come and then go.

A pair of red eyes, that is, and the light of a phone screen.

“bass is poppin and blood of tormo flows freely”

He sent a text and almost pocketed his phone, but hesitated and lashed out another message

"wish u were here ;)"

Grinning his crooked devil’s smile, razor sharp teeth bared involuntarily in the action, he proceeded fearlessly, naturally, straight to the beating bloody heart of the crimson glow. His feet sloshed through mud and tears and blood, and grinning with shallow admiration at the undirected carnage surrounding him, made his way to the pools and fountains nearest the immaculate speaker. From under his hood peered two red orbs upon the one called Dredge. His grin widened.

Eat? Drink? Fuck? Damn, this guy didn’t sound bad at all. Based on that speech, Barrett actually thought he might follow the guy a lot of places.

Between Dredge and Barrett, their figures weren’t even comparable. Barrett at a cloaked 5 feet tall even and Dredge at a fanciful 6’9, the long-eared devil Wastelander felt quite diminutive. He did, however, fancy himself a dutiful minion and sharp mind. Like Barrett had examined earlier, most of the festival was a free feeding frenzy courtesy Dredge and friends. Creatures of all stature, who’d had no part in the slaughter of Tormo, indulged in the spoils wrought by it. However, there were clearly groups of demons and beasts of all sorts for which Barrett cared not who lingered closer to Dredge. These seemed larger, harder, more battle-forged. These seemed like the raiders who had accompanied Dredge in the past and might in the future.

Barrett knew the meat was human. Barrett wanted in.

The way he moved through the legs of larger individuals was staggeringly fast and agile. The devil, both simultaneously alien and reptilian, wove his way as close to Dredge’s side as was healthily advisable. When he had found his safe radius, he addressed the destroyer. Through screams and shouts that goaded the overlord on and chanted his name, the manipulator of vibrations jettisoned a stream of his voice into Dredge’s ear. The voice carried with it reverence for Dredge’s success, yes, but also an energetically tantalized interest in the commander’s doings.

Ahem, hello are you Dredge? Is it you the night has been raving about?” He asked, as if the night had not just been raving about how he was Dredge.

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"Damn it, Khaki! This party is trash!" Sera sneered in disgust.

"When you said party, I thought it was gonna be wild and lively but this-" she paused to gesture at the revolting scene before her, "this is just disgusting!"

The other woman, the one named Khaki laughed lifelessly. "Oh Sera, sissy. Calm down, we are only here to perform. Nevermind the guests, but I heard the Black Head might be lurking about."

Sera hissed at her loudly, "Shush! She's supposed to be undercover. And she goes by the name Lady Blackbush nowadays. I say we do our shit and go home early. The earlier we are done, the safer our life would be."

"Lady Blackbush...pffft."

"I know, the name sucks ass. But this the Black Head we are talkig about. She has eyes and ears everywhere. So shut your piehole."

"Oh alright, sissy. There's just no pleasing you, is there?" Khaki ceded as she fished her pockets looking for something. "Aha! Emergency bottle!," she exclaimed tonelessly lifting the flask of alcohol to her lip, taking dangerously large gulps.

"And the piss ass drunk is at it again. Sometime I thin our family has trouble controlling their vices. The mother is a nympho and drug addict, Middy is a chain smoker, little Sans has a sweet tooth and you are drunk every hour of the day-"

"And you sissy,  have the foulest mouth," Khaki finished Sera's sentence for her. Once more Khaki took another swill, the booze dripping down the corners of her pale lips down her chin, towards her childish chest, staining the front of her pristine white dress.

Sera could only nod in defeat. Silence soon surrounded the pair as they both fixed their costumes for the night, a habit they had developed during their earlier tours. Sera in her scoolgirl punk outfit, with her ever present boots and fingerless gloves, and Khaki in her best frilly white sunday dress and boots. Strapped to Sera's back was her guitar, replacing her black rod as her weapon for later's performance. Khaki on the other hand was twirling her pair of drumsticks in one hand, while chugging on spirits with the other. 

As the pair headed for the party, one would easily notice their pair of black leather coats, and would notice even more the sigil of the Black Spear cartel. The Black Head seems to be part of this part but who knows what the Black Head or her slave- er- subordinates are planning for this event.



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Elendra lay sideways in a makeshift thrown seated somewhere on the party grounds, sipping from a goblet full of a blood red substance, a few shades darker than her own skin. Her black hair was done into a beautiful amounts of braids that cascaded down her naked back. She wore a sexy laced gown, embroider with bones, spikes, and the pelt of a hell hound. Leaning against the throne was a giant two edged battle axe, not a spot of dirt or blood on it, though it usually found its way towards the later. She knew she looked beautiful in her gown but she wasn't here attract anyone but one person, maybe. She had heard of this great "monstrosity" called Dredge, even the name sent faint shivers up her skin, but not of fear, but of pleasure. These days she had wandered the lands doing nothing but search for someone who had hurt her as a child, seeking revenge, and once she'd gotten it, she felt like she had no purpose anymore. 

But the call of darkness rose again. 

Elendra gazed around, rubbing the tips of her fingers together in thought. She had claimed this small area so she wouldn't draw too much attention before she met with the warlord. Surrounding her were a trio of witches, a pack of werewolves, a few dozen other hellish monsters, her loyal kobold, and her second hand vampire slave, Hakan. Hakan was neatly dressed, standing straight and proper as he also studied the area with a calculating expression. 

Elendra grinned. "What are you thinking of, my pet?" She grazed her fingers across his torso, watching him shiver. 

"Nothing you haven't already thought of, my Lady...if you are wondering about his recent activities.

Elendra sighed and took another long sip of her wine. "Ah, yes, that. Thank you for mentioning that, boy. I've been wondering where the calvary has been while all of this has been going on. I don't believe that I've heard anything about the Justice team, or whatever they like to call themselves these days. Have you?"

Hakan shook his head, rubbing his chin." But perhaps they are planning."

"Ah, yes, that's actually intelligent, planning to fight someone of immense strength who's not even from out dimension - Boy, give me some more wine. I need to cleanse myself of the idiocy of our generation." Hakan chuckled as he took the goblet, kissing her hand as he parted. Elendra wiped her hand on a passing witch, who screeched in surprise, making the Tiefling laugh. 

Elendra grabbed her battle axe and stood up, standing at 5'10, swaying her hips as she made her way through the party. She ignored the many dark creatures that gawked at her, noticing her many scars, her glowing golden eye, and her menacing expression, which she wore just to spread fear. She loved the feeling that she got from this place, the Hunger for evil, just the pure evil in everyone's hearts. She liked her lips, as if she could taste the darkness itself. 

Where was her servant, her seemingly loyal slave? She frowned in annoyance, now really wanting her win. She knew that he'd be punished for his insolence. She'd only had him for about three months, way longer than any other slave, and she might've lost him. "What a pity..." she said under her breath. 

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With the passionate speech coming to a close, Dredge had to finish the whole thing off with a bang. The cheers and the roars would die down eventually and the atmosphere would slowly turn to everyone turning to their own devices. He had pulled them in, gave them something to cheer about, and now he needed to give them something to rave about. If anything, Dredge at his core was a villain. He never saw himself as the good guy, or the misunderstood man who needed to change the world. He did this for fun, and if there was one thing he knew he was. It was a true showman. So when the imp approached him and asked if he was the Dredge everyone had been talking about. He answered with only a few words rather softly yet confidently. 


”Take notes, kid.” Dredge then would resume to do what he did best.


With the crowd still roaring, the man ran towards the edge of the stage and jumped off. His massive body flew through the air and landed directly into the center of the pond of blood. Splattering and splashing in every which direction, the crimson liquid coated those near the pool. But of course Dredge wasn’t done yet. After a few moments of only silence and pockets of air bubbling up to the surface, on the stage the sounds of heavy drums began to play and from the pit he rose. 


As if he were a martyr on a cross the man levitated himself and the wriggling and screaming bodies of Tormo prisoners drenched in blood from beneath the pond. From behind him on stage a band of pale and undead men began to play fast and aggressive music. It spoke to the beasts that were among them and focused their rage and aggression. All eyes were on Dredge as he spoke the booming words that went outwards and caught the ears of all in attendance while he floated near thirty feet in the air. Dredge of course couldn’t fly, in fact lifting himself this high was quite the strain. But they didn’t need to know that. He only presented strength. 




”I GIVE YOU ENTERTAINMENT!!! DO AS YOU WISH TO THEM!! TAKE BACK YOUR PRIDE!!” With a bit of speed to their impact, Dredge threw anywhere from twenty to thirty prisoners from Tormo to the ground with a sickening crack of legs breaking and cracking with impact. 


”FEED!!” And with that he slowly levitated himself downward. 


While he had near exhausted himself, he still appeared as if he were completely unphased by what he had just done. But it paid off, the crowd was whipped into a frenzy and already feeding circles of beasts swarming and consuming some of the prisoners were in session. 


”Damn I’m good.” he said with a deep exhalation of air.


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Now, Rafael knew whatever the hell he was doing was a damn stupid idea. He was on the run from the children of hell, his own kind but then he decided it was fun to attend a party where he was completely exposed to the very creatures he was avoiding. However, this party was bloody and brutal, a place where his clean-freak of a mother wouldn't dare send even her lowest servants to find and kill him. Much less herself. Hell would have frozen over before she even stepped foot in a place such as this. A nice place to unwind if you asked him.

Though for extra measures Rafael came prepared with his dagger, a blood red cloak made from fine silk that he had bought from a merchant on the way--which came at a ridiculously high price, he might add. He didn't bother wearing a shirt since he knew for the fact that once he summoned his wings he'll only end up destroying another perfectly good shirt, which he was actually starting to lack from how many times he destroyed his. With that he only wore pants and shoes, exposing his torso. 

Not like it was a problem. Being the son of a succubus gave him no shame at all.

When he arrived at the festival, he already knew he was pretty much late already. The party had started and there was this man thirty feet in the air, giving some entertainment. He stepped back to avoid being hit by what seemed to be a human prisoner, screaming in pain as their bones cracked. Rafael ignored his morals and for the night gave in to his demonic tendencies, snickering in amusement. "Poor you. Born at the wrong place at the wrong time." He shot the pitiful human a charming smile before stepping over them and heading straight into the party.

Immediately the scent of blood--which he had been smelling from practically a mile away--hit him full force, making him scrunch his nose up a bit. Now, that was too much blood in one place but he wasn't complaining. He quite liked the designs of the place as well, he could give them that. It's as if he was at home again with all the screaming souls and humans as well as the redness and evil radiating from everyone. He could see some of the creatures give him a double take as he passed, and that could only mean two things.

One, they thought he was human. Two, they recognized him.

For those who thought that he was only a mere human would get a surprise as soon as he transformed. Though for now, he'd like to enjoy the festival in a form that wasn't too eye-catching.

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Mayumi seemed distracted with Dredge's grandiose display, pausing as his massive figure flew over head and splashed in the pool of blood. The small elf succumbed to a bought of giggling as she clapped wildly at his landing. The party favors were finally revealed, and as they dripped and screamed and flew over head, Mayumi gleefully ran after them, a tendril coming out of her back and forcefully batting people out of her way. She was a king, her subjects had to make was for her. A few people were maddened by the residue of ichor on her tendril, but what was a few people in this mass?

As Mayumi neared the stage, the people were dropped. Mayumi made sure that she got one before they were all ravaged and broken.  This one would be hers. She managed to grab a young human male whimpering and occasionally screaming in agony by the arm as he was tied up. This would be the one, this would be the one she 'saved'. This was a party, and she didn't want to be greedy! At her core, Mayumi wasn't a villain, she was demented, corrupted, disturbed. Most people glanced Mayumi's tendril or knew right off the bat to get out of her way, so there wasn't too much competition as the man was dragged away from the other party favors.

Enfrid gagged and sputtered as he whimpered and screamed in agonized sheer fear. The things that he has seen, witness was nothing but a torturous slash upon his mind. His entire family was murdered, and he was captured trying to protect him. Enfrid couldn't  see with the sticky, putrid blood in his eyes but he was being dragged by some thing with a strong, inescapable grip. He couldn't do any thing as he was tied up, but he SCREAMED.He didn't want to die! He wanted every one who killed his family to perish and he prayed to all the gods he knew in his head to give him mercy so he could find a way to end these monsters.

Mayumi sure got a lively one! A lot of those party favors weren't even wriggling or saying much of any thing, Mayumi's childish delight was spread plainly across her face. These two were going to have the time of their lives tonight. Mayumi took her time to drag Enfrid all the way to the nearest tent to get him cleaned up. Once there she found some rags and a bucket of what was definitely not water, and yet the disillusioned elf dipped the rag right in there and started humming discordantly as she started to wipe the blood off the man's face. 

Things have gone quiet, I have stopped being dragged. Is that the sound of a child? Am I being saved? Some one is trying to wash off my face... The smell... IS THAT PISS? Enfrid sputtered and spit as his face was roughly cleaned off with an unknown bucket of piss. This was hell. 

Mayumi finished off the cleaning by patting his face dry with a clean rag, freeing the man to see. Mayumi gasped and smiled as Enfrid revealed his stunning emerald green eyes. His horror turned into sheer confusion as his eyes rested on what could have only been a young girl.. But wait.. Those eyes.. That blood-stained outfit. It could have only been one of them. " We are going to have so much fun tonight! " Mayumi cheerfully chirped at him as a tendril slid out of her back, and cut through the ropes that bound him. 

Enfrid acted immediately, scrambling to his feet and almost stumbling, before he took a long, hard look at Mayumi  before he went to run out. Any one outside the tent would see a 'clean' face Engrid looking out desperately before falling flat on his face, a second tendril was wound around his ankle. A leash. A scream of, " SOME BODY PLEASE HELP ME!" Rung out before he was slowly brought back inside the tent, fingernails desperately grabbing the grass. 

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The death knight weaved through the crowd, followed by his entourage of about a dozen living corpses. Long, impatient steps brought him to the front of the crowd, an aura of death sending most in his way reeling in disgust. His armor covered every inch of skin that his body could have, even his face. On his helmet, two slits were made for his glowing white eyes. In his right hand, he trailed a three-meter halberd, its tip glowing bright red. Even among villains, the knight knew that his kind was not welcome. Some of his ghouls had once been members of the other races that stood around him. But even surrounded by what could potentially have been his enemies, he remained unfazed. Dredge, the man of the night, would find far more use in him than he would any other.

As the front of the crowd parted, the knight unleashed his ghouls upon the corpses. The ravenous creatures fed hungrily, pushing away any others who wanted their own fair share. A tussle began between an orc and one of the ghouls. The knight spared them no care. If the orc won, he would’ve earned his right to feast.

As his creatures dominated the feeding field, the knight got down onto one knee, bowing his head in submission to the man of the night: Dredge.

“My lord. Let this be a day when I, Ochigo, pledge my allegiance to you.”

For now, this name meant nothing. It had always meant nothing. But this was the day when the Death Knight would finally have something bigger than himself to pursue. A system to climb. A role. A purpose.

And if Dredge wasn’t sufficiently impressed with him, he would be soon. Still kneeling on the ground, one would see tendrils of blackness shoot out from Ochigo’s back, waving about like tentacles. At the bidding of his will, each of the tentacles shot towards the nearest corpse on the ground, filling them with dark energy. The corpses began to convulse, struggling to fight out whatever conscience was still within those bodies. At last, all was still. And then the bodies stood up. Four more ghouls to add to his horde, each fresh, with blood still dripping down their torsos, sharp teeth gleaming hungrily. The knight rose to his feet, planting the butt of his halberd into the ground in front of him. Both of his hands rose now, clasping around the pole of the weapon.

“Sensei, will you take me?”



Skirting around the edges of the action, Ochigo’s associate had her reservations about diving in head first. Ardella observed the Warlord with a comical intensity. After her reanimation, only one of her elven eyes had retained its capability. But in cases like this, one eye would be enough. She observed Dredge’s neck for beads of sweat, looking for the slightest form of weakness. She frowned. This man was confident. He was a conqueror. He knew exactly what to do and how to get along doing it. And that made him dangerous. She was so captivated by his charisma that she failed to register her surroundings, walking face first into Rafael.

At that moment, she was snapped back into reality. Reeling away, she brought her hands up in front of her defensively.

“I’m so sorry-“ she looked up at Rafael and was consequently surprised. Bare-chested, and looking much more presentable than anything else was, this one was clearly different from the rest of the scum. She remembered what her master had instructed her before she left. As much as she hated the idea, this would be a better opportunity than any other that could possibly present.

She didn’t even have to force it. The words rolled naturally off her tongue as she stared dreamily towards him.

“Wow... You are gorgeous…”


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Rafael stopped in his tracks as he felt a figure bump right into him. Really now, people should really look where they're going. Though her words made him raise a brow, an amused smirk crawling up his lips. 

"Why, thank you." He practically purred, taking her hand and pressing a kiss to the back of it. "You're not too bad yourself, love."

He took the moment to inspect the creature that was unfortunate enough to cross his path in such a night. An elf, was it? She was definitely equipped for battle and he couldn't help but wonder what had her attention before they accidentally crossed paths.

He chuckled, placing a hand on his hip as he released her hand. "Don't stare too much. You might not be able to look away." 

That wasn't exactly an exaggeration, either. 

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“What if I don’t want to look away?” her eyes followed him as he resumed a vertical position after kissing her hand. This one had manners. That was a good sign.

“You may call me Ardella. What is your name?” she asked, her hand follow his to his hip, the other taking a place on his shoulder. Rafael might’ve been alarmed, had she not done so as delicately as she did. Her palms wrapped into a gentle caress across his shoulder blade. She bit her lip as she did so, putting one foot forward in a ballroom dancing stance. This wasn’t the right time, nor place, but when ever was, right?


A large ogre pushed its way into the feeding zone. It roared at one of the ghouls, frightening it away. It then proceeded to snatch up one of the children, walking away to one of the fornicating rooms. The child screamed in terror all the way.

When the ogre entered, he made sure to lock the door and the double door behind that door. Then, he set the child down, and his entire body began to shimmer.


The illusion fell, and Agent Dionysus put a finger over his lips. The child stared at him in what was now bewilderment and fear. He approached the child gently, sliding a pad out of his pocket and pressing it to the child’s awkwardly twisted knees. The pad proceeded to wrap around his knees quickly, cutting off the nerve circulation and snapping them back into place. The child felt nothing. The numbing sensation went away, and the pads expanded to give full mobility support. It was rare for Antigone to render aid to outsiders. But this was a special case.

“I’m Jack. I’m one of the good guys, don’t be scared, okay?” he put a hand on the child’s shoulder reassuringly, bending onto one knee to look him eye to eye. “I’m looking for another kid who might be one of your friends. I need your help to find her.”

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"Take notes, kid."

Barrett took out his comm device and opened a note on it, jotting furiously all that he saw. 

There were two kinds of small in this world. The kind of small that was made prey, and the kind of small that made itself predator. Barrett had always been the latter. Moving through this crowd of giant armored figures and lumbering beasts took virtually no effort, so estimating the trajectory of Dredge's levitation brought the imp to the warmonger's side once more as he landed.

Barrett took mental pictures of all those closest here. Of those fornicating, feasting on the flesh of the innocent, pledging their fealty to Dredge. Barrett wasn't here to partake in the heedless devouring of people- he actually preferred a nice goulash made by granny Barrett- and after looking around for a while, he didn't feel very inclined to skullfuck anything either. No, Barrett was here for the networking. So he stood to Dredge's left about four feet behind him, examining the abilities of all those he would call comrade in the nights to come. 

It would take anything of strategic proportions to come his way for Barrett to show Dredge his worth. Espionage, stealth, and the silent kill were Barrett's most useful traits. A festival of blood wasn't exactly the place to showcase these talents, but Barrett stayed near Dredge with confidence that a time would come when he could make himself of most adequate service. 

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Rafael allowed the female to do as he pleased, though his eyes were calculating and alert as it followed her every move. He recognized this position; was she asking him to dance? Well, he definitely wasn't against it. However,

"You're an odd one, wishing to dance in the middle of a massacre." He hummed, taking one of her hands in his and placing his other on her waist. "Though I was taught not to disappoint a lady such as yourself."

He didn't hesitate to lead her along, expertly dodging people even when they weren't in view. Though despite his charming smile, his eyes were watching her every move. What was she planning? Deciding that he hasn't gotten anything to lose, so he spoke up and voiced his thoughts.

"What is it that you wish to accomplish? You know, in this position right now I have a great advantage over you." In an abrupt manner he pulled her flush against him, his arm sliding around her waist. "As beautiful as you are, I won't hesitate to spill blood. May it be mine or yours."


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BV9Moud.png"I can do this!"

You 100% can't do this!

She's never denied her conflictions, not that she could anyways with them being written across her face with an open obviousness. Crouched behind a pole dashingly decorated with a body covered in flowers and blood, the woman rocked on her heels with hands pressed against her ears. The sounds were too loud, and the people were a bit too much for the young elf's eagerness, but she came here to see all what all this celebration was about. There's a saying about curiosity killing the cat, but no one ever talks about the finality of such a saying: but satisfaction brought it back. 

So here she is, trying to get herself together behind a whimpering soon-to-be-corpse. There was a reason she decided to tag along, yet at the moment she was far too worried about sticking out amongst the crowd of warmongers and mutilators to be accepted. Too much of an elf, not much of a murderer or a cannibal, things she sure fills the currently growing crowd. 

Shanti, Shanti, she could hear him repeat her name over and over again with a sigh of exasperation. She knew exactly what he was going to say in this imaginary scenario, and with a wave of annoyance, the image was pushed away into the smoke and blood of the night. Her reasons for being here are simple: curiosity and necessity. Valucre is a raging world with many powers trying to topple over one another, so who wouldn't want to see this debauchery? While dipping her toes in the literal pools of blood, the elf will maybe get to rub elbows with the better-known animals of this rave and gather information to send home.

That is if she can get her damned legs to move! And quick, for the man of the hour, has thrown food to the hungry and the sounds of ravenous creatures near broke the sound barrier. Shakily, she pulled herself to her feet, apologizing to the body decorated pole for their unfortunate situation. 

"Alright, okay!"

She gestured wildly and calmed her nerves, before turning to face the wild scene of carnage before her. Seeing it is nothing compared to the written word; there she stood glued in wonder and disgust. Sapphire eyes glittered against the flames, the breeze caused by the rush twisted her curled hair around her pointed ears. Looking a mess, the elf that looked too much like an elf kind of blended in now. 


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The low rumble of a hurricane in the distance was masked by the humm of music and the shadows of a giant beast hidden among the trees  by the time most of the patrons of the festival had noticed the Dragon rider appear most of them would have been dead. But thankfully for the small kobolds and other undercommon races this was not a battle this was a party and a place for merrymaking. 


Through a clearing just large enough to land the dragons wings lowered her and her rider slowly the the ground. Until touching down with heavy footsteps. A black and red dragon and a man in black and blue full plate armor stepped into the full light of the festival.

"I AM HERE FOR THE ONE NAMED DREDGE!" the armored figure reached out to grab a tankard of ale as a tray passed by calmly walking towards the man of the hour.

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