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Terrenus military chatter v.2

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Just now, jaistlyn said:

@supernal #137 is perfect for Cadmium and Delistair to work on that anti magic equipment thing we talked about in the celebrations!


I forgot about that actually or . . . or maybe I didn't and this is my subconscious keeping me honest

I think his diplomacy thread in Amalia is going to be coming to a close "soon". I can hit you up after to see if you're avail for that?

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We have a case of mistaken identity involving @Last Magician 

Someone by the name of Julius Aldoid was arrested years ago for some <shenanigans> in Blairville, but that was just an impersonator

Or maybe a clerical error

Or maybe a now-defunct conspiracy to besmirch Julius's reputation

It can be any and all of these! The point is that I'd like to have some military personnel come out of Langley to investigate the fireworks some random Person is firing off "nearby"

Does this interest anyone present?

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