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The Skarr Clan

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The Skaven of Terrenus

The Skarr Clan

"They kill-kill our families, we burn-burn their homes! Vengeance! Revenge for Rats!" 

- King-King, Acting Matriarch of Skarr Clan, and head of the Skaven Triad.

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General Overview

The Skarr clan, one third of the Skaven Triad, refers to the diminished, but quick on the rebound band of Skaven slowly putting their roots down into the Forgotten Woods. Once a single family of the warlike ratmen, the Skarr clan is now composed of multiple smaller families, and is united with two other, currently missing Skaven clans to form a single, mighty Triad.

Led by their oddly charismatic regent, King-King, the Skarr stand for unity among the multitude Skaven clans, and seek to strengthen their numbers as well as their familial ties. Skaven are often touted as being cunning, treacherous kin who stab each other in the back as soon as they shake hands, making and breaking alliances constantly. The Skarr--and by extension the Triad--seeks the opposite: Skaven united, working towards ever loftier goals.


The Skarr clan comprises of the remnants of the former Skarr clan, the smaller family that King-King was born into. Following his ascent to power, and subsequent unification of the clans, he dictated that his element of the Triad would share the same name. Though their numbers once numbered well into the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, over ninety percent of the clan's original population is gone. At the time of their arrival in the Forgotten Wood, the Skarr numbered in the hundreds; Seven hundred Skaven strong, including their auspicious ruler King-King, and approximately a hundred brood mothers, tended to faithfully by their devoted servants. Through time, however, their numbers will swell rapidly. It will take a mere matter of months before Skaven populations outweigh all others, which of course, means an increased demand for space and resources.

Skaven Brood-mothers are specifically fed and raised to become 'living' nests for their children. As a result of frequent feedings, a very specific diet and rigorous massaging, bathing and grooming, most Brood-mothers are capable of raising a litter of 8-15 pups every two to three weeks. Assuming food is readily available (including the corpses of other pups, dead Brood-mothers and even some deceased Clanrats, the mortality rate is so low that only a handful of Skaven pups are lost in a Brood-mother's lifetime. A single Brood-mother raises anywhere between 16 and 30 Skaven a month, can live for multiple years and typically gives birth to around 2 or 3 new Brood-mothers in her life.


The Skarr aim, first and foremost, to recuperate from their grand losses. Following this, they must expand downward yet again, and begin rebuilding their colossal subterranean city Nesthome.

Nesthome is---was---the Skaven Triad's crown achievement, a grand sign that King-King's vision of a united Skaven society could become a reality. 

Prior to King-King's ascent to power, the Skaven were largely at war with themselves. Skaven clans were based upon their founding members, the Skaven who were strong enough to claim their breeding rights and take several brood-mothers as their own. Even then, their claim was temporary, and Skaven clanlords were forced to subjugate the weaker Skaven in order to maintain some kind of control, which unfortunately still didn't keep backstabbing and conspiracy from running rampant among the fledgling clans.

King-King was born into these circumstances under the name Gnaw Blackrot, another mindless Clanrat of the Skarr clan. Under his father, he served as a warrior, striking down his fellow Skaven in merciless civil wars. He learned, firsthand, that the Skaven knew only how to stab each other in the back, and seek their own ambitions mindlessly. He could see, even then, that the Skaven lived fruitless lives, which prompted him to try and change something. He sought consul with the Skaven's blighted omen of a God, the Pale Rat. Blackrot asked for the strength to not only claim the Skarr Clan for his own, but the Strength to claim other clans as his own, without murdering or subjugating any of his kinsmen. He argued that he could change how the Skaven behave, and unite them under one name. The Pale Rat, amused with Blackrot's pleas, struck a deal with him.

The Pale Rat would offer King-King not only the strength to do all he asked, but also offered him the ability to cheat death. No assassination plot, no matter how devious or cunning, could not be carried out by any Skaven from any clan. However, the one catch was that the Pale Rat would come for him, one day. He would be born into the world Blackrot would build for his people, be raised in the streets like the rest of the Clanrats, and he would eventually murder the Skaven King, and the peace the Skaven once knew would rot, just as Blackrot's body would following that.

King-King agreed.

What King-King and the Pale Rat never expected, however, was that Nesthome, the grand achievement he'd worked so hard to see bear fruit, would not be destroyed by Skaven, or the Pale Rat, or King-King's ambitions, but rather the growing tension of a Terrenus bristling, ready for war, claimed the city of Nesthome, and the majority of his people's lives as well. Yet King-King reigns even now, though the terms of his deal have taken on a new meaning. Blackrot cannot be slain by any Skaven assassin or coup, but Terrenus is filled with creatures that aren't Skaven. Nesthome is far from finished, now, and King-King finds himself leading the Skarr into a world where his blessing may not apply. And, of course, the Pale Rat must surely be out there somewhere, waiting for a chance to strike out. It's only a matter of time before the Rodent King finds himself in danger.


King-King, and the rest of the Skarr, have very few friends in Terrenus to date. Their arrival was unexpected and shocking to the nearby factions, and the Skaven have yet to make friends--or even acquaintances--with any of them. Once they have expanded their claim, however, surely there will exist the opportunity to trade for goods between neighbors, assuming traders can get past their...intimidating appearance.

Prior to their arrival in the Forgotten Woods, the Skaven lived much deeper in the earth, in their grand city of Nesthome. Under King-King's guidance, the three great clans that formed the Triad all lived in peace, for a time. However, the ongoing machinations of the world above them had unprecedented effects on the Skaven settlement. Mines, dug far too deep, and the shifting of tectonic plates worked in tandem to bring about a cataclysm the Skaven could not have predicted. The world crumbled around them--homes and stores and workshops were crushed beneath stone and rubble. Scarce few survivors  fled in scattered groups, in all directions.

At the present, it is not known what became of the other two Skaven clans. Without King-King to guide them, do they still believe in the unity of the Skaven?


Currently the Skarr face a much more pressing task at hand, however. Namely: the Forgotten Forest, its damnable sorcery and the fae that live within. Before the Skarr clan can continue to grow, the fae and the forest must be dealt with, one way or another. If the Skaven can force the fae out, and cleave away the trees around them, perhaps they can establish trade roads through the Woods. This would make it far easier for the Skarr's influence to grow, and give them unique opportunities to make alliances with the factions around them.

Before they can do that, however. They need to butcher or drive off the fae of the Forgotten Woods.

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