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Something Something, Rat-Based Pun (Formerly; Not All Floods Involve Water)

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The Skarr Clan

Not All Floods Involve Water

The Forgotten Woods are, unsurprisingly, forgotten for the most part. The strange magics that work within the forest defy almost all attempts to travel through them. This not only cuts off trade routes between neighboring territories, makes the abundance of lumber there unobtainable, and also eats up tonnes of space to develop upon.

Perhaps this is what has made the Skaven's abrupt appearance within the woods, or the rumors of Skaven in the woods at least, are causing such a commotion. 

The Skarr Clan, the small faction of Skaven that have found their way into the heart of the Forgotten Woods, have been sighted more and more along the outskirts of the Forest, scouting and poking along. Skirmishes can be heard from deep within the woods, echoing through the night. Though it's never seen, it's evident that blood has been spilled in the Woods already. 

It is unclear what will happen in the coming weeks. The Skaven are at odds with the fae living within the Forgotten Woods, and open conflict seems to be just around the corner. Weapons of war are surely being forged already, on both sides, and tensions can only continue to mount. Without some kind of insider information, it is unclear who will win the war for the Forgotten Woods...and who should win the war.

See, the Skaven's position in the woods offer a unique opportunity. So long as they are thriving within the woods, the magicked trees will continue to be cleared out. Roads will eventually--hopefully--emerge, and trade will flourish along these new routes. If the Skaven are victorious, it would be in the neighboring territories' best interest to get on their good side. Does this mean the Skaven are justified in slaughtering the fae? Certainly not. There's no clear explanation as to how best to proceed, no obvious explanation as how best to approach the oncoming conflict. 

That won't stop some people from trying to make a difference, one way or another, however. In fact, one merchant has already put up posters in a handful of smaller settlements, looking for escorts.


Looking for guards who can:

-Protect a Carriage and One (1) Passenger along multiple routes through the Forbidden Forest

All expenses covered; Food, Equipment, Reparations and Insurance

Please get into contact with---

The Skaven's numbers will continue to grow, and if they are left untended they will surely overrun the fae no matter how well-organized their will. Through user participation, the Skaven's numbers will vary drastically following the conflict, along with that of the fae they're facing off against. There's no telling how this conflict will unfold--through your interaction, you may help shape the fate of the Forgotten Woods, and that of Terrenus at large.





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Changed the thread title....for now.

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It's a tad early to be bumping this thread, but I had something to add to it regardless.

In case our entrepid merchant finds himself without much security, I've created a simple guard to tag along with him. Whether they survive to the end of the journey or not, however, is unknown....

Meet Vance!


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18 minutes ago, Bkfootball said:

I would be interested in joining this, it's a great idea.

Great timing!

Just about any character will work for this, provided they can either defend a caravan, or talk politics/business with other people. It's a pretty loose thread.

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3 hours ago, Bkfootball said:

Sorry for the late response, but I think Xaga would be pretty good as a guardian of the carriage. She's pretty charismatic and sympathetic too, which might be useful in political situations.

Love it.

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This is the last call for any who'd like to join. As mentioned before, I'm perfectly comfortable running a very small group for this thread, and that means that if nobody else wishes to join, the thread is free to commence, and will do so on Monday.

Does this thread have something for you? Probably?

If you like:



Stupid Pixie-Things


Killing Cheeky Bandits

and other related nuances

I'd strongly suggest you join us!

If you've looked the thread over and have some interest in it, feel free to let us know! We'll be messing around with some really fun concepts in this thread and we'd love to have you!

If not, we can always catch you next time! 🙂

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The official page is up, and you can find it here!

For those who couldn't join, or didn't see this thread in time, you are free to message me here, or in DMs asking to join if you like. We're always happy to meet another friendly face!

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