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Demons and Demigods.

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Lol I forgot all about this! Sorry, but I won't be able to join, I'm busy atm. Also, I have a suggestion for map creation. 


It's really useful and has so many features. Even if you don't have time to create all the specific cities and country names, it generates them itself. I took a screenshot on my phone because the website was acting up on the mobile browsers I used, but it usually works well. There's a feature to download png, but it didn't download correctly for me. It looks way better on the desktop/web version, it wasn't created for mobile, I spoke to the creator. 


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I have my character in mind, but am not sure I should make a sheet... If he's in this realm, I don't know if he'd be useable after this RP...

I am having an AWFUL time naming him though...

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