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Hot Spot Setup - Bravot Library and AMA

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Posting this intro here so I can grab it easier before I post the thread itself up.


In the Kastoria District, within the Iron Stronghold the street outside is crowded with a procession of priests. The Bravot Library is a two-story tower of polished marble, with several stained-glass windows and dwarf-wrought iron furnishings. The further corners and outline are lit by glowing gemstones set into the ceiling, casting eerie shadows on the flying machines and dangling bones of fantastic creatures overhead. The well-spaced domes of intricate detailing and artistry allow natural light to filter in.

It's as charming inside as it is on the outside. Marble pillars support the upper floor and the fans attached to them. No corner is left unfilled with otherworldly gadgets, whirring gizmos, and skeletal remains of fantastic creatures.  Spaced throughout the Library’s main and second story are globes—detailing far away planets and mysterious lands. There’s no discernable directory to be found, yet the plentiful staff guides have detailed and intimate knowledge of where to find just the right book. It is said that the Bravot collection is vast enough for several stories to be built underground.

Tourists and scholars seem to be the primary clientele here—a good sign. Several long tables are occupied by, what seems to be entire classes, all enjoying the open space, books and company of each other’s intellect. The other, smaller tables are also occupied by people who are indulging in great fiction and non-fiction alike, while some do try to strike a conversation, others can barely spare a word between flipping their pages and delving deeply into their reading.

Though the machinations that run the Bravot Library are unclear, it is immediately evident that it is no ordinary Library. While the layout presumably is all it appears, the Library itself is not—as rooms upon rooms that could not possibly fit within the confines, do! With books collected from across the multiverse, the Bravot Library is a gem to Kastoria.

There is one peculiar room found, in an obscure corner of the Library where a great mahogany desk with an attached pedestal lays. Nestled comfortably is a large tome—easily the size of a dwarf! Oil-skinned and scrawled in spidery, faded gold lettering, Descendants. Wells of ink and intricate pens rest on either side and—curiouser still was the lavender feline that—though curled at first, stretched languidly at your approach. Unconcerned by your stares, the purple cat rose to sit on its haunches and observe you with glittering, knowing eyes and a flicking tail that tucked at its side patiently.

Welcome, Seeker. I am called Mephisto. What and who I am is the same. I am the Articat and the Book of Descendants is my charge. You have questions, the Book has answers.

Go on, write. You may be surprised by what answers you find.


Insert blurby thingy


Hm...to set up the OOC AMA first or this one? Hmm? I suppose I can post an OOC one and direct them to seek out the IC one from there for efficiency...

Remember to link in once complete and mark off on the RP spreadsheet

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