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Notice of Excellence v.2

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... for when a "like" just won't do the trick, I bring you the Notice of Excellence v.2! Check out the original thread here

There are some incredible writers on this site putting out entertaining, moving, and memorable content every day. If a post speaks to you personally, link it here for everyone to read and appreciate! There is no set standard for "excellence," so don't worry about linking to page-long oratorios or posts with the floweriest of flowery language. This is a feel-good thread, folks! It's always nice to recognize and to be recognized, so if you're digging someone's writing- post it here! 

Please note IC/lore posts only, and don't be that guy who notes themselves. Also, be sure to tell us why you're sharing the post with us! If you cannot articulate your reasoning, then I would suggest simply "liking" the post in question rather than linking it here.

Although there is no format for nominations, I suggest covering the following bases:

  • Thread/Post
  • Author
  • Why you're nominating
  • Snippet

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I loved the original Notice of Excellence; I'm super happy to see it making a return!

  • Post:
  • Author: @roboblu
  • Reason: Hasan was a figure of my own imagination and I was only comfortable handing him over to someone I felt would respect him. This post in particular plays through the character's constantly shifting emotions, showing the various facets that makes Hasan himself, almost effortlessly. 
  • Snippet: "... Standing with his Maharajah, admiring the calm pond beyond the window, it was difficult for Hasan to remember the many struggles and hardships that had led him here, to this point in time and space. Being able to stand in such admirable company, much less company that admired him, brought a slight smile to the fire mage's face. Glancing toward Desmond, with his kind but tired blue eyes, the weathered knuckles gripping his staff, his stooped shoulders and laugh lines .... well, it was enough to make Hasan think that maybe, just maybe, the struggle had been worth it..."

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I've been holding these in for a while, so I'm linking to three posts at once. Catch these hands. 

Thread: Gestalt

Author: @Csl

Why: The incredibly rich, fascinating story of Cassandra had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. The organization of this solo thread is logical, with distinct stages following the story's progression. The meaning behind each ingredient in Cassandra's spell brought me immense satisfaction in part V, and that moment in part IV miiight have made me gasp out loud ... in real life. There are two main reasons I dig the way Csl writes Cassandra: a) no word is wasted here, giving the writing a sense of simple, macabre finality, and b) at no point does the reader forget that Cassandra is a young person with very real fears and emotions. Even after everything that transpires in Gestalt, I felt deeply for her character, and will be following her progression with the Legion of Doom! 

Snippet: Just ... read the thread. It's incredible and will give you nightmares. 

Thread: Folklore of the Oiche Duende

Author: @KittyvonCupcake

Why: Man, I really love IC folklore. Kitty's thread recounts two popular fairy tales among the Oiche Duende, a race of elves native to the wilds of Terrenus. The first of these is short but very spoopy, leaving me with chills and a newfound fear for my character Wren, who is currently traversing the Imperial South of Genesaris. The second story is filled with delicious, descriptive language, and has the same sense of melancholy but without the grisly ending. All in all, Kitty's post reminds me of the podcast Lore in its imaginative but captivating style of storytelling, and provides some pretty cool characterizing detail for a race of her own creation. 

Snippet: Again, just read the whole dang thing. You won't regret it!

Thread: Groundwork

Author: @jaistlyn

Why: Jaistlyn is going to kill me for nominating this post when she's been a faithful participant of the Bi-Weekly Challenge since the start, but dang it, I really enjoyed reading the first post in Groundwork! It provides a summary of the military's intelligence on the Legion of Doom, outlines Terrenus's resources/strategy for the upcoming battle, and seamlessly incorporates links to IC references for the aforementioned points. All very organized and easy to follow despite covering a number of bases. I really love the way Jaistyln writes Delistair so tactically, and this post, though on the shorter side for her, is certainly no exception!

Snippet: I'll just copy/paste the whole post here!


It was a tense situation. For all his training and experience, Delistair hadn't seen such a large force being mobilized before. The discipline of the military's training wasn't for naught, though. All of the soldiers were prepared to fight, to defend their homes against the terrorists who were foolish enough to try and test their capabilities.

It was not as if the Terran military were cowards or incompetents. Although they had less surveillance equipment in the wilds of the land, reports from victims of the attacks on the village near the Dark Forest had reached the authorities several months ago. The bigger attack on Tormo had cemented the group of terrorists as a high-risk threat. Their rate of growth was astounding, goaded by the charisma of their leader. Thus, even in the midst of the civil war, the military had diverted much of their resources to monitoring the group's movements and actions, to come up with a strategic plan to hit them hard. They assessed enemy strengths and forces through strategic placement of resources, and through the intel provided to them by allied forcesVigilantes had taken it upon themselvesto exert justice on the terrorists, and although they had been beaten back, they had provided additional information on the Legion's troops and composition.

Constant pinging of the comms device by Terrenus' orbital satellites on the undercover agent whom the military had successfully planted in the Legion had allowed them to track enemy movements, from the north where the infamous Red Festival occurred, south towards the major cities of Ashville and Last Chance. The momentum of the army led military analysts to believe that Last Chance was the next target, and though some forces in Ashville were prepared for battle, most of military's forces had been concentrated in Last Chance.

It was here that Delistair Paige - a sergeant from the Recon division of the Terrenus military had been deployed, his specialty in abjuration magic an asset in putting up large-scale defensive magical spells throughout strategic areas in the city, as well as enchanting the equipment of front-line troops with anti-magic properties.


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Thread: the blood we share.

Writer: @ourlachesism

Why: Most things in this world - art, music, writing - cannot be understood until they are experienced. I am firmly of the belief that this entire thread as it is so far, is worth the minutes it would take one to experience it.

The short of it, however, is that - don't take my word for it - this thread is harmonically perfect, and directorially magnificent. Each line of each post comes as another lyric of a poem spun out in prose; each post comes as a stanza, through which the immaculate beginnings of a tragic family are sculpted from the marble of nothing more than an idea and a name. Each character takes form swiftly, smoothly, and in their creation reveal yet more of the backdrop that envelops them and binds their fates together as family.

Or, who knows; maybe I'm a sucker for form and structure. But to that end, anyone should be.

Especially when it's executed this well.


On the day the king dies, Nai invents a potion that cures the common cold instantly.


On the day the king dies, Varda is planting wheat in the fields.
It reaches her ears then: the wave of shattered noise...a streak of light above that distant city-speck, sees
change in the air.


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@ethela penna I was just about to feature both you and @ourlachesism for this very thread! Since I don't want this page to become too repetitive, I will settle for nominating just you. ? 

Thread: the blood we share

Author: @ethela penna

Why: As mentioned by ethela penna, this thread has a lovely, dreamy, poetic quality to it despite covering a wide variety of characters and personalities. Her character, little Merel Hildebrand, is the adored daughter of the lord of the house, and in her post we see the incredibly strong bond between father and daughter. I'm a sucker for father/child themes, and this delightful post was no exception. We get to see how 'Father's influence shapes Merel's mindset as she grows older, and we see the exchange of a weighted gift that is sure to play a role in the upcoming struggle. It's a beautiful post that characterizes both Merel and her father, and blends in seamlessly with ourlachesism's style. This is a powerful partnership, people! I'd keep an eye on House Hildebrand as the political turmoil in UM heats up. 




For Merel, the love affair begins with the stolen kitchen-jars on the shelf of a girl aged five. In each, soft filmy water supports a sprig of roses, drooping lilacs, plucked peonies and preserved asters. She cannot wait to show Father. But she has made a mistake. Father is — not angry, he is not angry — Father is stern when he discovers them. Flowers are not to be picked, he says to his own darling flower, as he orders the jars taken away. But as he takes, so does he give: here is a flower that will last forever. It is a bronze key in the likeness of a carnation.

The love affair begins in the secret garden at the heart of the manor, Father strolling down the aisles of his greatest treasures, clasping the delicate hand of his greatest treasure. She caresses the broad leaves, she kisses the orchids and comes up cheeks dusty with pollen, she sleeps beneath the wide crooning branches of the peach-trees. Never again does she pick a flower. Not so long as she has the only one she has ever wanted.



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Necro-ing this thread because I’ve been reading something awesome for a while now, and it’s be selfish to keep it to myself!

Thread: Mapping the Depths


Authors: @Twitterpated @-Lilium- @HollowCipher, and especially @Fierach for super awesome fight-GMing

Why: This thread has amazing and fluid battles, gripping to read and surprises at every corner. Collaborative narrative fighting at one of its finest moments, I dare say! Fierach’s NPC enemies are interesting, difficult and real. The players’ emotions are palpable. I especially recommend anyone interested in GMing enemies to take a look.


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