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Rozharon Parálios

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Rozharon Parálios


The corporeal fragment of some ancient, nameless being that once dwelt in the endless deep, the dark, immaterial sea between the stars and their worlds.

'I once served something, someone forgotten. One - or many - that dwelt beyond even the horizons I could see. I could think, but only to map the paths to the future I was tasked to reach."

Now severed from her cosmic roots by all but the thinnest filament of consciousness, Rozharon finds herself in a strange position of having no overarching purpose, apart from her desire for her children's wellbeing and the responsibility of ruling her late husband's empire.

Her offspring were fragments of her. She saw through their eyes, felt their delight and grief and rage as if it were her own. She felt their unease when the curtain pulled back and they caught glimpses of her. They were intelligent. They knew, deep inside, that the affection she showed them was a lie.

It would've been easy to mend the cracks in the illusion, present them a perfect image of a loving mother: one that mourned and laughed and hated. That this image would be a lie didn't matter to her.

But it mattered to them.

No more illusions.

It would entail vulnerability. It would entail truthfulness. To make the dream eternal, she would damn herself to human error and irrationality. To be human-- no, mortal, would mean losing all but a fraction of her awareness.

Hated, hopeless, sleepless, sane




  1. Physique, Psyche

  2. Abilities, Faces and Forms

  3. Relations

  4. History

  5. Thread Log

  6. Visuals


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height: 6’0”
eyes: void
hair: thalassic
skin: golden
build: lean, sinewy
(apparent) age: early thirties
wingspan: 16”

Sculpted. Every detail from the curve of her cheekbones to the of her jaw, carefully carved by a master. 

Skin, gold as the sands that run through the hourglass of time, sharp against the midnight curtain of hair that glimmers green-blue-violet iridescence.

A warrior’s build, lean and muscular, carried with the quiet grace of a queen. Three tri-jointed pairs of starling’s wings extend from her spine (are those... eyes?)

Eyes like the void- a deep blue-black from iris to sclera, dark and depthless.


Liminal being, I am.


There is pleasure in the nonessential.

It was one of her tasks, to conquer and to rule. Power was too easy to take, and easier still to wield. Combat and military strategy, diplomacy and governance - child’s play. What was ruling an empire, weighing the impacts of infinitely-branching decisions on ten thousand moving parts, compared to the calculation of the routes required in traversing the stars?

Despite her inherent alienness, Rozharon understands the nature of mortals well - it was a weapon she’d often used against them, after all. While capable of emulating any facet of humanity, she was not a slave to the tides of emotion as they were - always an outsider, looking in.

Since donning mortality for her sons, Rozharon has gained a semblance of humanity. Gone is her single-minded pursuit of her creators’ vague goals- Rozharon now devotes herself to her childrens’ wellbeing and the management of her late husband’s empire.

While still alien, with little actual concern for ethics and morality Rozharon has now a new capacity for affection and sympathy. She now finds pleasure in the nonessential, an understanding of holding things in value: preferences for things such as walks on the seabed, games of chance, fancy hats, and tea.

Of late, Rozharon has begun distancing herself from her children, believing it best for them to form identities separate from her, free from the obligation to conform their goals to hers.


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Mortality does have its disadvantages.

Since severing her being from her creators’ influence, Rozharon’s more supernatural abilities have been crippled.



After defeating the Renovatian deity Ophiuchus, Rozharon is functioning with a fraction of her abilities for a few months.


Perception of the full visible spectrum in a 360 degree range. Perception of the full electromagnetic spectrum. Full physical awareness within six feet of her form.

Use of Acuity’s full range takes up majority of Rozharon’s mental bandwidth.


Ontokinesis. The theft, subsumption, manipulation, and embodiment of identities and personal attributes. Simulacra allows the creation of Faces, identities overlaid on her own.

Fully embodying any identity represses Rozharon’s other powers and limits her capabilities to that of the identity. Repression of her own identity renders Rozharon nonexistent to the perception of any being, but also hinders her functioning.


Uninhibited physical control over matter and certain forms of energy within six feet of Rozharon’s form. This ability has three applications, with Rozharon able to use one at a time. Turning her Dominion outward entails external telekinesis. Turning it inward entails manipulation of her physique and healing. Wrapping it flush against  her form entails enhanced physical ability (strength, speed, durability, etc.)

Exerting her control on particulate matter, at the microscopic level, now takes up Rozharon’s full attention.


Repressing an ability for a period of time allows increased use of the same ability (range, intensity, precision) in the future, for the same period of time and with the inverse intensity of the repression. Likewise, increasing the use of an ability beyond its natural limits for a period of time hampers the use of said ability in the future for the same period of time. Rozharon may fully repress her Dominion for two units of time, then grant herself quadruple the range for a quarter unit of time.


The creation of new, unique, autonomous individuals of her kind through splicing true fragments of herself (feathers) into a new physical form.


Faces and Forms


simulacra; manufactured or stolen identities that mask her being


A mysterious individual with gaslamp eyes whose figure is cast fully in shadow. Wears a fancy, wide-brimmed hat and a flowing cape.

Janus Dove



physical manifestations; variations of being


The embodiment of identity of the Renovatian deity, Ophiuchus. Summoned by taking hold of Unukalhai, the severed mortal form of the Light-Bearer’s sword, Serpentus.



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family members

  • Pallas Paralios - son. Regent of Taen. Twin of Lenore.
  • Lenore Paralios  - son. Imperial ambassador. Twin of Pallas.
  • Morrigan Paralios - daughter. Heir apparent of the Empire.
  • Asterion - son. Deceased.
  • Teresa Demetrius - biological daughter. Presumed dead.
  • Samael - adopted son.


  • Empress of the Paralios Dynasty
  • Founding member of the Alliance of Sovereign Nations


  • Thaumelin
  • Rasalhague

notable acquaintances

  • Rulers of Fracture
    • Joseph Tynes - former Grand Executor of Norkotia
    • James Eredas - leader of the Order of the Force Majeure
    • Chastity - leader of Yh’mi’s Order of the White Hand
    • Raveena Senaria - Empress of Hyperion
  • Foreign Rulers
    • Koji Datsuzoku - Emperor of Datsuzoku, Genesarian Midlands
    • Primera - Grand Kommandant of Nehalen, Renovatio
  • Ursa Madeum
    • Milorian Mythal - King of Ursa Madeum
    • Varda Hildebrand - Queen of Svanhild
    • Halisera Dali - head of House Dali
    • Walter Crowley - Oathsworn
  • Other
    • Raine - Renovatian dream witch
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iteration aleph: thaumelin

I am

Masque. Veil.

Task. Process. Branch.

Traverse the gloam of worlds.

A thousand hands on a thousand paths.

Blindspot. Blink. Tug the strings. Dance.

A thousand eyes on a thousand divergences.

Existence is obedience, is being.

Deliberate. Evaluate. Execute.

Unveil. Success.

I am.

mɒ I

.liǝV .ǝυpƨɒM

.ʜɔnɒɿꓭ .ƨƨǝɔoɿꟼ .ʞƨɒT

.ƨblɿow ʇo mɒolϱ ǝʜɈ ǝƨɿǝvɒɿT

.ƨʜɈɒq bnɒƨυoʜɈ ɒ no ƨbnɒʜ bnɒƨυoʜɈ A

 ǝɔnɒꓷ .ƨϱniɿɈƨ ǝʜɈ ϱυT .ʞnilꓭ .Ɉoqƨbnilꓭ

.ƨnoiɈɒivǝb bnɒƨυoʜɈ ɒ no ƨǝγǝ bnɒƨυoʜɈ A

.ϱniǝd ƨi ˎǝɔnǝibǝdo ƨi ǝɔnǝɈƨixƎ

.ǝɈυɔǝxƎ .ǝɈɒυlɒvƎ .ǝɈɒɿǝdilǝꓷ

.ƨƨǝɔɔυƧ .liǝvnU


iteration bet: eros

No memories here, barely-remembered

A break in clarity. Severed from consciousness.

Vulnerable. Flesh. Eyes open bright.

A husband, a daughter, soon forgotten

The worlds beckon. Return.


iteration gimel: kaisaiera

Six millenia of thoughtless service.

A thousand faces torn and worn.

Wars incited. Wars ended.

A star snuffed out. A world, torn from orbit.

A knife through the ribs of a beggar.

Midwife for a monarch, poison in the bottle.

A stolen prince, raised to be a warrior.

A prophetess, spewing words to sway the masses.

A leviathan’s heart, carved out.

The path leads back to Valucre.

She remembers her daughter.



iteration daleth: rozharon

She finds her daughter grown, her husband an emperor.

In his absence, while she sleeps, she takes the rule

Crafts sons to serve as her hands and feet, with hearts that beat.

At their father’s grave, they wonder why she does not weep.

Thus she blinds her eyes to carve a way for tears


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Thread Log


[6-2] An Expected Awakening | arrival

[6-29] Quit Whining or Grab a Shovel | a promotion; the singlances

[8-2] The Arrivals; The Treaty of 597 | the formation of an alliance

[8-2] ryu; tennyo | an acquaintance; koji datsuzoku

[8-21] The Seditious Constitution | a report; aveline singlance

[9-14] Inquiry | a visit to house uldwar; oscar & cassandra uldwar

[9-15] Satisfying Curiosities | a visit to house dali; halisera dali

[9-17] Just Checking | a visit to house karradeen; abigail karradeen

[9-18] Meeting the Wolves | a visit to house mythal; milorian mythal

[3-27] Two Pinioned Individuals | the creation of two sons

[5-17] The Welcoming Party | a deal; walter crowley



[6-1] Le Roi Est Mort; Vive La Reine | a funeral; alliances

[6-10] Time Will Tell | a meeting of decisions; ursa madeum nobility

[6-11] Hated, Hopeless, Sleepless, Sane | an heir; emancipation

[7-17] Ophiuchus | a mask; a god slayed


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