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As the beast lay dead on the ground, Sera laid on top of him, straddling the creature with her almost usless lower limbs. It was inevitable but the real monster here was the mad woman. The mad woman never stopped fighting. The mad woman who kept on going even when she had nothing left. Even now she continued her offense, her serrated teeth and jaws whose strength and sharpness are now amplofied by magic kept on tearing the beasts flesh. Anybody seeing this would surely have trouble determining which of these two is the real monster here.

Drenched in blood and gore, the woman painfully raised her weary head to look at the sky. Yes, she had once more come out on top. But she did not care who winsor loses. All she cared for was the thrill of the fight. And yet she had to rejoice at this moment. Opening her disfigured jaws, the monster in human form let loose her warcy. A bloodcurdling scream of unintelligible words, something befitting the creature that lay wasted beneath and not the frail woman on top.

Then came the manic laughter, her eyes sparkling with insanity, her face flushing from the overflowing ecstasy of their battle. Within that madness was the tiny semblance of reason left that led her to speak, "Tharaleos! You have earned my respect as a great warrior. When we wake up in our original bodies, seek me out! From this day forth the Black Spear cartel considers you a friend. And if your free sometime, let's fight once more."

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As Sera finished her sentence, the fragmented protrusion of Tharr seemed to budge the tiniest of amounts. It was as if he understood her and had acknowledged it with the last ounce of strength. One last wheezy breath escaped his beak as he became limp with all life leaving him. Moments later the Looney lady would find her deceased foe shrinking back in size to his former self. Half a minute later and the smaller biped had remained. His wounds had persisted, though he was brought back from the clutches of death, though still very close to such.

He was in fact comatose, at least this virtual variation of him. Luckily his real body would awake in a few moments, as apposed to the decades of rest needed normally for these occasions. He had registered her remark loud and clear with intentions of doing exactly that. Though he ended up on the receiving end of a painful defeat, had gained some reverence in the Black Spear's finest. He really wasn't expecting to get so worked up, which was a refreshing change of pace. He grew curious on what other fascinating abilities this warrior possessed. Perhaps time will tell.

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