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Two if by Sea (Last Chance Raid)

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Character Name: James Eredas

Affiliation: Order of Force Majeure (Enemy of Dredge and Co)

Location/Objective: Riding back to Last Chance with Peacekeeper Michael.

The first reports would filter in to both the Peacekeeper and the Master Knight, and the Master Knight, tales of incoming forces by sea and air. Radar was a simple, but essential thing. Holding up his communications pad, James would take command of his Knights and Custodes, and assign them orders immediately.

"Tenkai. Gather the Seekers. Deal with the unfriendly sky and any enemy presence within the city. Destroy every last one of them." was the task he assigned to Tenkai Matsumoto and the recon and ranged specialists of the Order. For his apprentice, James assigned the most dangerous task of all. "Jinsoku. Gather the Greatswords, and the Enforcers. Hold the port. Give the Terrenus military as much time as they need to mount a counterattack. Throw them into the sea."

The Daemonslayer glanced at the agent of the Terranus military, Michael.

"Find me Dredge, or his lieutenants, and take me there"


@Tenkai Matsumoto

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“They thought they could slaughter your families and run off into the shadows.”

Ashville had been deemed a likely target by Dredge’s words with Michael in the Peaceful Wood. So it was that the Anima Imperium had been mobilized in the name of Terrenus. Contrary to Dredge’s misinformation, however, his forces made up some rickety skiffs and took to the sea. Terran satellite imagery followed the seaborne force, most identifiable by the dragons flanking it, and deduced that its trajectory carried it not toward the noname islands of wherever the fuck, but toward Last Chance!

"Find me Dredge, or his lieutenants, and take me there," said the Commander of the Order of Force Majeure en route to their battlement.

“Stick to me as soon as possible, and we’ll get there.” Michael's voice was assured. Vapor floated from his lips with each word, his thirst for blood incarnate. Reminded of his own fiery introduction to the Terran military more than a decade ago, he was interested in what the Order would do here today.

“They thought the cries of the innocent wouldn’t ring into the night. That we would not come to answer them.”

Terran military officials had gathered at a base in the crux of land between the Peaceful Woods, Ashville, and Last Chance, so it was easy work notifying already present Last Chance soldiers that they were soon up to bat. With that, the logistical line and its equipment could be moved by dropship more quickly and had less distance to cover than Dredge’s forces. Once the threat had been localized to Last Chance, it was quick work finding the city’s weakest point and positioning primary forces there. Some of the Order, Anima Imperium, and military were set to scout the areas and Wall entrances north of the port. Terran intel had at least provided that Dredge was wiley enough to try a surprise attack from somewhere besides his obvious point of impact.

“They thought wrong! Fight to save your families and your country. Fight to save yourselves; earn your safety back from those who walk with the darkness!”

Michael’s voice boomed over the still beach through crisp morning salt. Beside him were three Terran officers and First Lieutenant Hana Alenko. An ensemble of medium-range artillery and combat units, hand-to-hand battalions equipped with elemental flanks and state-of-the-art rifles, grenades, and defenses, dropships, and large mobile suits sat staged around and behind them. Time had been sparse, but there would be at least a scant dispersal of mines buried in the sand, sand being such easy ground to bury improvised explosives in.

Just as Dredge liked to tout about his people, many of those assembled here had lost a brother. A mother. A sister. A wife. A father. Before that, some had not even been soldiers. Many were veterans, but the cause was only bolstered by the dread Dredge had shrouded them with. The largest thing in common that they all shared was a conviction here meant a return to peace for all races in Terrenus.

“Shell them,” said the Peacekeeper, gesturing toward the horizon with two fingers. One of the three officials flitted away to orchestrate the heartthrob of fire and brimstone which soon dispelled into the sky and sea. It pumped light into the skies and eyes of every combatant involve. It was a pulse Michael felt comfortable with; one he had always had his finger on. The pulse of war that beat like so many drums in his ears and made his stomach churn with that sweet, horrible, gut wrenching excitement to kill and die.

“Sir, should we activate code Yellow?” said another of the officials.

“Hah!” snarled Michael, adrenaline ramping up, as he pushed the side of the Second Lieutenant’s face with his dirty hand. “You fool, never.”

Distant silhouettes in the sky that only a fool would mistake for seagulls accompanied them. Michael held a small device up to his human eye that confirmed his suspicions.

“Ms. Alenko,” he said his voice a building, excited comparison to the roar he had just issued for his men, and handed the telescopic cylinder to the woman beside him. “There be dragons. I give them to you. Track and restrict their movements. Minimize damage to the main city.”

Today, Michael wore black pants bloused into black boots. His grey sweatshirt had a shoulderpad meant for nesting the butt of a rifle, but as Dredge’s ships drew nearer Michael saw that he would need no such weapon. With one hand, Commager made a finger and pointed it at Dredge as he skipped over the final waves to disembarkation.

Dredge would see his diminutive target, Michael, standing on the beach in wait. There was no billowing cape this time or attempted bravado, just a scruffy dude waiting there to beat the shit out of Dredge. As the last waves parted to make way for Dredge’s men into the jaws of death, Michael raised his arm straight above him. A line of soldiers knelt on one knee, leveling plasma and elemental rifles for the oncoming ships that had survived shelling. As soon as the ships opened up, Michael’s arm fell. He even made a little finger gun and aimed it at Dredge.

An ongoing maelstrom of powerful gunfire issued forth from all 466 rifles. In addition to that, a blinding incendiary beam razed from Michael’s finger straight toward Dredge. It was a low-level attack, but it was bright and would slice through flesh like a knife through milk. It would make a flashy bang on impact with Dredge or his psychic shield, but more importantly it would show Dredge that Michael was coming.

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Character Name: Jinsoku Hayabusa

Affiliation: The Order of Force Majeure

Location/Objective: Beach/First line of defense

Allies: @Fierach @Tenkai Matsumoto @amenities (Defenders)

Enemies: @Dredge @Grubbistch (Raiders)

2 hours ago, Fierach said:

"Jinsoku. Gather the Greatswords, and the Enforcers. Hold the port. Give the Terrenus military as much time as they need to mount a counterattack. Throw them into the sea."


Jinsoku exclaimed in acceptance of his Master's orders. Making way from the ports towards the expanse sea beyond them towards the southwest. When he left the Port itself, his men were already awaiting his arrival. Wearing a bronze looking armor that only manages to cover half of his body, the shorter man of 5'6" was certainly not at daunting in appearance as the four Greatswords that Master James had so willingly placed under his command. The larger warriors clad in full suits of power armor looked more the part, and yet there was only four of them. accompanying them was a decent array of Enforcers, in which Jinsoku only selected twelve to back his forces directly; Leaving the others to facilitate general defense, reinforcing the Terrenus Military directly.  For this particular battle, Jinsoku chose his array of Greatswords wisely from the few variations he was well acquainted with. Four Greatsword Mortis', armed heavily to facilitate mid-long range combat; Complete with the illustrious Terminus Auto-Rifles. In contrast to the Elite forces of the Order, the Enforcers were indeed armored, though in a more mundane fashion, yet still more so than their designated Commander.

"Greatswords! Each of you will have three Enforcers to support you in your endeavors, feel free to give them orders if or when necessary. As the shells are released and a myriad of fire rains hell on the enemy, I want you to hold your fire until they reach the sands. When you hear the first mines detonate, I want you to open up repressive fire to hold back their initial assault. When the advancing line closes, I want you all to get with firing at will. Watch each others back, fight as one, and we'll all get to go home today. As for myself, I'll be right here commanding you all from beginning to finish, for better or worse. Do not, I repeat, do not stick your neck out for me. My abilities as some of you know might require a little space to use safely. Mind your proximity."

The men and women of his unit silently accepted their orders. The Greatswords carried their rifles, largely with bayonets as a last result in close quarters. As the multiple explosions of varying size began to increase in occurrence around them, as the enemies closed on the beaches, Jinsoku turned to face the inevitable.

"Steady! Remember, let them engage us, do not charge without my command!"

Standing with nothing more than his trusty microcomposite spear, fully extended with one tapered end in the sand, Jinsoku smiled liked a complete moron, his one fully exposed charcoal eyes opened wide despite his level of focus. He could feel it now, the adrenaline of fear. His heart racing in his chest as his mouth began to dry involuntarily. He shook, not because he was terrified, but because of the adrenaline itself. With half a gruesome face with a wide fanged maw, and half a face with a wide eye and big grin, it would be apparent for perhaps the first time with witnesses ever just how much more Jin resembled Master James by the passing days. There he stood frozen in anticipation as he watched the initial breach take place, even as their forces were chipped away with each passing moment. For a brief moment, Jinsoku asked himself just how man? How many did they have among their ranks? Though before he got lost considering an actual number, he corrected himself by telling himself it didn't matter.

3 hours ago, Grubbistch said:

With the help of his magic, the blood thirsty group of soldiers were able to move through the battlefield unimpeded and unafraid. Shells were nudged aside, exploding a few feet away from the soldiers, who were surprisingly unconcerned of the various pieces of shrapnel embedded in their armor. Feurerkönig himself did not fear the damage that could be wrought by such pathetic weapons, his own shield able to bat away an incoming artillery shell to the side, where sand showered him and his warriors. The forces of Rage clashed with the defenders, and it was like watching a blade slice through butter. Who could ever truly be prepares for the very essence of war itself?

"Show no mercy! Take off their heads! Tonight we feast in hell!"

A Commander of the enemies forces of some sort became swiftly apparent on the battle field, with forces in tow. As they elusively found themselves missed by most of the fire power thrown at them, Jinsoku's stupid wide grin became some semblence of maniacal laughter as a shell was deflected by the magic unseen, yet the shell enforced upon landed haphazardly on a landmine the mere yards or feet away from these forces, closer towards the front of their line, and at their commanders flank. As if on queue, the word hell became the perfect metaphor for the scene erupting around them. As planned, his mean took to formations they dictated themself, two squads on either side of Jinsoku, opening repressive fire upon the dark forces between the four auto rifles and the magitech rifles that accompanied them. When Jinsoku's laugh finally subsided, his mind thought of Rou one more time before he found himself in direct contact. His widened eyes narrowed into a cold smolder, and his now stern face mean mugged the enemy forces spilling sloppily onto the beach. 'I'll come home to you, I promise!'


Greatsword Mortis: Mortis suits often have their armor modified to employ more and greater ranged weaponry to devastating effect. Stabilizers, additional weapon hard-points and targeting systems built into their armor provide a perfect balance for the Greatsword Mortis Custode within, allowing them to bring destruction at any range. Mortis Greatswords often eschew the use of melee weapons altogether, bringing devastating fire at range to support their allies.


Terminus Auto Rifle: A large, powerfully built rifle designed specifically for Greatsword Custodes, the Terminus is a simple, gas-operated firearm with burst, or semi-automatic capabilities. The weapon is chambered in .50 BMG, hard hitting against all but the most heavily armored of opponents, The weapon possesses a modular rail for attachments, ranging from ordinary add-ons like scopes or underbarrel weaponry to the exotic, such as outsized bayonets or special recoil compensators. The Terminus allows a Greatsword Custode to lay down accurate, punishing fire at all ranges.


@Narcissa (Name drop.)  ?



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Character Name: Tenkai Matsumoto

Affiliation: Order of Force Majeure 

Allies: Terrenus Military Forces

Location/Objective: Inside the city of Last Chance, tasked with defending the city, dealing with dragons, and as always, being a thorn in the enemy's side






The holographic display from his magitech communicator vanished, and Tenkai was left with his orders. Though he technically wasn't directly under James' command, he was still the Master Knight, and thus in charge of the Order's joint operations with the Terrenean military. In that instance, Tenkai put his trust in James and his experience on the battlefield and went along with the plan of action that the commanders had decided upon. It was a strange, nostalgic feeling, one that hearkened back to his days as an agent of Arcanum Est Opus Dei. He had been on his own for so long that he had almost forgotten what it felt like to be part of a team. Not a team of adventurers or fighters in a tournament, but a team focused on a fight that truly mattered.

Tenkai had been prepared for battle since the previous day, without much need for civilian clothing outside of deactivating his shoulder armor for the sake of comfort. He knew that the enemy would attack soon, but all things considered, this was still far sooner than expected. But that was of no consequence to him. The aforementioned Seekers in question were already on alert. It was their duty to be on alert. Armed with rifles, heavy crossbows and pneumatic bolt-launchers, they were the best suited to the city terrain. Each was ready to take up whichever post they were designated to defend, and the high ground of Last Chance's towers and buildings would be of best use to the heavy crossbowmen. Even without their ranged weapons, they were fairly capable in close-quarters combat, as they had been in their former walks of life as rangers, scouts and rogues. Not as suited for direct battlefield melee as the Guardians and Greatswords, but urban territory was where they thrived.

All things considered, it seemed odd that such a force of ranged combatants would be paired with Tenkai, who may as well have never fired a gun in his life. However, everything that Tenkai lacked in ranged weaponry was made up by his mastery of the sword. To that end, the Seekers were a perfect compliment to his abilities. James must have understood this, which was why he had assigned them to his command. All the more reason for him to put his trust in the Master Knight.

Tenkai hurried to the Seekers' quarters, not too far from where he had taken up lodging. None of them had decided to get too comfortable. All they had needed was a place to sit and eat their rations while waiting for further orders. Now the time had come. He could already hear the sound of gunfire in the distance and the loud thuds of explosive artillery muffled by the outer walls. Or at least Tenkai thought it was artillery.

"It's time to move," said the monk, lingering only long enough to know that he had their attention. He updated them as they walked towards the gate, flanked by Terrenean city guards. "The enemy is mounting an aerial assault. It's likely they're using those dragons we heard about from intel. We need snipers heavy crossbows in a perimeter. Everyone else, follow me."

The moment that they left the gate and into the city proper, Tenkai knew what he had heard wasn't the sound of artillery.

"Drop pods?"

They weren't falling from orbit, but it was an effective strike tactic nonetheless. The dragons seemed to have a particular interest in getting them to Last Chance Prison, among other places scattered about the city. Was this simply a tactic to sow as much chaos as possible, or were they planning something more sinister? Whatever it was, Tenkai didn't have time to sit around and conjecture. He needed to change plans on the fly.

"Squads 1 and 2, continue as ordered and set up a perimeter defense. We need to put pressure on those dragons. Form two-man teams, find someplace high and pick a dragon. And whatever you do, don't lock yourself in without sufficient cover. Once they know where you are, you'll have several tons of trouble coming down on your heads."

He turned to the other Seekers, armed with shorter ranged automatic crossbows and rifles. "Squads 3 and 4, head towards the drop sites and take out their assault squads. I want one Seeker from each squad giving overwatch from the rooftops. Confirm the enemy position before engaging."

"And you, Sir Tenkai?" asked one of the heavy crossbowmen from Squad 2, who noticed that Tenkai was not following either group.

"I'm going to find their largest dragon and make sashimi out of it."


As of yet, Tenkai had no idea how Dredge had managed to pull dragons into this the same way he had the other disparate races of Terrenus. Dragons were extremely polymorphic creatures, and there temperaments were only as predictable as the extent of one's knowledge of draconic species went. While there were many who were noble creatures, a terrible lot of them were greedy, capricious beings who cared for nothing but their own kith and kin, if not only themselves. Mortals were little more than edible playthings for them. On Gaia, Tenkai's overall experience with dragons had been somewhat negative, consumed with their own power and arrogance. Regardless of what kind of dragons these turned out to be, the fact of the matter was that they were aiding Dredge in his campaign of destruction, and were well due to have heaven's wrath brought down upon them.

"Scatter!" Tenkai exclaimed with a wave of his hand, and the Seekers deployed. The sniper squadrons and those on overwatch fired their grappling hooks to reach higher ground as the other teams advanced down the streets towards the enemy position.

Tenkai tapped a contact switch on the anchor point on his right shoulder as the transmission beacon activated. Streams of blue-white light particles shot down from the sky and traced a digitized outline of a large Japanese shoulder guard with the largest plate carved in relief with the wrathful visage of Fudo Myo-oh. Once the materialization was complete, Tenkai reached for his left hip, the hydraulic arm holding his sheath switching configuration from back mount to hip so that he could grasp the hilt of his sword. With a clean motion so swift that it may as well have materialized in his hand, Tenkai drew the youtou Muramasa, the cursed sword's aura flaring up in his hand. With the Seekers sortied and weapons drawn, only the battle ahead awaited them.



"Mission start!"



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Character Name: Perestroika Orrikov

Affiliation: Legion Of Doom

Location/Objective: Release prisoners, and hold off forces

Perestroika, was honestly just happy to be here. 

The world possessed powerful and unlimited chaos in the individuals waging war today and it was the first time she really felt normal. A freak like the rest of them. The level of violence and terror the legion paraded around made her stomach a little sour, but she didn't have anywhere else to go so she might aswell.

The dragons she had created capable, but lacking in true offensive abilities. Their strong suit mobility. The Necromancer' tattoos glowing the same caustic green that encompassed each dracolitch; commanding them from the central dragon. The troops they were carrying soon deploying over the city and she leaped to her feet with an eager nervousness. "Zis is fucking stupid, but if I die nobody vill care anyvays!" Putting a bottle to her lips and knocking it back as she fell backwards off her dragon, snapping her fingers as she went. 

Her main dragon following her command as the rest continued distraction. One of five now being blasted with a shell and causing the undead beast to land with a heavy squelch. Half of it's body still cleaving it's way with a working claw. These beasts seeming to function at a near cellular level require a great deal of their body mass needing to be destroyed.

Perestroika fall being slowed by her dragon as it landed with a heavy quake into the ground around it's form. This was Perestroika' pride and joy. Luthrim her strongest and most loyal. His master yelling obscenities while drinking from a bottle before she stabbed her hands into his back. Her tattoos glowing brighter as she started to meld into her dragon. 

Perestroika now roaring from Luthrim' body as she too direct command. She was going to be a wonderful distraction! Her spined tail sweeping through the air as she roared once more. The tattoos upon her arms glowing along Luthrim' form.


@Tenkai Matsumoto

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The 1st Lieutenant's entourage of armored behemoths were divided into two stars of 5 units each.  The command star sat forward between the beach and the city and cemented the bulk of the firepower forward.  The centre of fire support in the command star sat the Bane-3 with its full focus on indirect firepower.  A striker star was kept in reserve on the drop ship for rapid deployment while



Recon spotted the landing party approaching from miles away, and accordingly the Bane's first volley was loaded with Thunder LRMs.  A full 8 pod volley of 120 missiles decorated the entire beach with FASCAM (Field Artillery SCAtterable Mines) anti jump type "Active" mines.  600 such mines covered the entire area Dredge's landing party would advance over.  Each one with enough yield to stop vehicles in their tracks.  More than enough power to summarily annihilate a mass of foot soldiers crossing over it.  The active mines functioned to not set one another off in a manner of chain reaction.  Therefore each mine mince a series of foot soldiers and make distant ones fly backward with the massive concussive blast.  By that simple measure the sea borne assault would be significantly slowed. 

The command unit itself which Hana piloted, the Cougar-XR, while smaller than the others stood out from the others with its series of technological advancements.  Her pride and joy bristled with an unimaginable scope of firepower with cooling technology to keep all the heat well under control.  A rapid fire gauss rifle  would handily pick off men that survived to get through the mine fields and a series of missiles in the sides of the torso would only add to the carnage.  The молот accompanied them as well cement the direct fire capability against hardened threats.  The remaining unit was the Venom which remained hitched under the Berkut for fast and specific deployment.



As the dragons passed nearby the Bane would let lose with another 120 missile volley while Hana would add to the barrage with the Cougar.  Fire would soon ignite under the Cougar as Hana jumped from the beach and began gliding over the city.  She'd just gotten word that the dragons that had gotten through their defenses dropped some kind of payload at a nearby prison.

"This is Lieutenant Alenko.  Lock that prison down inside and out!"  She'd communicate to the prison staff and nearby allies as she continued to jump and glide on her way to the aid her allies.  As she arrived the striker star was unloaded.  That sub unit consisted of two 40 ton missile baring arctic wolfs, a Kit Fox loaded with advanced tactical missiles, a piranha, and a massive ultra auto cannon toting urbanmech iic.

Berkut then swooped in and dropped off the Venom.  While it was dwarfed by the nearby battlemechs it held significantly greater mobility and could go numerous places the other units couldn't.

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Character Name: Break Lumos

 Affiliation: Legion Of Doom

Location/Objective: Release prisoners, and hold off forces, Release secret weapon.

The Dragon Knight rode upon a massive black iron beast. A Ragna dragon, a creature from another galaxy with wings that could make fighter pilots blush.
High in the sky the knight flew over the city the people were as ants to him as he soared with this magnificent beast he had come to have a bond with.
Each wingbeat would always pump with the beat of his core.
His love for this beast was immense and he knew she had no place in this battle. Her heart was with him and her trust spurred him forward but this was too dangerous for his pet.
quickly he pulled up and to the left forcing her to do a
 Aileron Roll.
at which point Break let loose of her body unstrapping the harnesses carrying the payload 
(a drop pod large enough to be carrying a massive troll) and grabbing his pack.
Nocturna barely had time to notice as she came full swing a faint roar of anger and disbelief as her partner had left her to return home. 
Break looked forward unto his target. The Prison lay before him. He had enough supplies to last him a few days if this battle were to carry on.
3 overshield projector belts, 20 canisters of gas his ultrachrome blade and a fantastic set of C4 explosives.

Activating his HUD and mapping his landing spot The dragon knight would guide the payload before releasing his chute and slowing his decent with the jet propulsion boots in his suit.
The pod would land with a loud thud next to Break or so that was the plan.
He was about 12 seconds away from landing in the prison.
He would surely be noticed by at least some of the armed guards.
Thats when he noticed his parachute was an of color of black. A low *wenk* could be heard as he noticed what had happened. This was one of the Lady's penguins.
"that bitc-" 
the jolt of his boots spurred him to realize he was already almost to the ground.
guards from the prison had already come to welcome the droid and his payload.
"Shit... that was faster than calculated."
readying his arm his palm would begin to glow as he loosed 3 bolts of plasma into the crowd of guards beneath them. destroying 5 of them as the rest retreated to find better cover.
This was going to be a pain in the ass the whole way down.


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Character Name: Feurerkönig

Affiliation: Legion of Doom

Location/Objective: Beach

Allies: @Dredge

Enemies: @Twitterpated

When he still wore human flesh, Feurerkönig could not imagine the sheer rush of pleasure being immersed in battle brought him. Now in his true form, he could not imagine a more powerful drug that could simulate the same experience. The clang of steel upon steel, the copper smell of blood, the sheer volume of sounds that echoed throughout the area. For every life he took, the feeling became that much greater, and now he was riding a blood lust the likes of which could put a vampire to shame.

Humans. Up the ridge, donning strange armor, and firing stranger weapons. They were nothing like bows or crossbows, making a satisfying noise and was able to send out an incredible projectile that was so small, yet did so much damage. Two of the bullets struck his breast plate, punching a direct hole through into his sternum, where new flames sprouted.


Raising their shields to protect their bodies, the fire cloaked warriors charged the Order Knights, murder blazing in their hearts. Their weapons were strong, but they were no match against the War Metal which constituted the armor of the Forces of Rage. Every bullet, every concussive shock wave, every strike against them made their armor stronger, until they were virtually indestructible. The Knights of Order Majeure may have been well trained against monsters and man together, but Feurerkönig was a different beast altogether.

He was the Apocalypse.

When they had caught up with the Order, Feurerkönig gave a great thundering war cry, spurring on his troops to bring forth destruction upon the enemy. His opponent was cocky, likely not realizing that which he was up against, but no matter, he would learn the error of his ways soon enough. At the center of his shield formed a twisted, distorted face made from the very flames of the Kriegsschmeide, a damned soul unworthy of being made into a weapon of destruction. "FEEL MY RAGE!!" Feurerkönig raged, the mouth of this abominable creature opening into a pained howl, but instead of screams, the flames of damnation surged forth in a tidal wave of hellfire.

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Legion of Doom

Beach (Saving Private Ryan)




While Jinsoku was busy monitoring the status of the men under him, he may not have noticed the sharp glint of the halberd that was sent flying towards his neck. The weapon was thrown with the intention to decapitate, flung from the arm of a warrior no less fearsome than the Daemonslayer’s apprentice. If it were to strike his neck, it would impale him into the sand dune behind him, which unfortunately went as high as his head.


Striding through the clouds of smoke that erupted whenever an artillery shell hit the floor, the death knight seemed largely unfazed by the hailstorm of explosives that landed all around him. As the two broke into each other’s view, the reason became quite clear.

Ochigo was surrounded by a glowing bubble of purple energy that flowed out from his right gauntlet via a ray. As an artillery shell landed right next to him, he was bathed in shrapnel and dirt which bounced harmlessly off his shield.

As he came ever closer to Jin, it became quite clear that he had come alone. ‘Why’, one might ask? Foolishness? Pride? Perhaps it was both. But as the battle roared on around them, the Death Knight knew for certain that the man before him would be decimating his army if he was not stalled of dealt with. He knew better than to underestimate the man leading the charge. He would engage him. Alone. He would battle him until his troops had managed to breach the final line of defense. Fifteen minutes was all the time he needed to buy.

Armored fists raised, he approached Jinsoku with impatient footsteps, eager to give the man a taste of his gauntlets.

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Character Name: Midian "Middy" Ochre

Affiliation: Legion of Doom / The Black Spear cartel

Location/Objective: Beach front/Saving Privates Ryan

Allies: @Dredge

Enemies: (Open) 


As the Dredge's invasion began so did the ghost ship came. Rising from the shallow depths of the beach's coast, the the ship seemed to defy nature itself as it sailed along the windless sea, only stopping as it's hull kissed the beach's sandy shore. Ghastly wails could be heard the Lady herself appeared bowside. Flanked by a dozen undead, her sweet laughter would pierce through the horrors of war, gracing the battlefield with her angelic voice. It was the prelude to the Lady's involvement in the war, and a prelude to the cartel's fate. 


"Now this is more like it!"

Atop the ship, Middy frowned at the giggling woman beside him. Her intense enjoyment at the sight of pointless killing and wanton destruction was something he always had trouble relating to. Even after that certain incident involving Dredge which only strengthened his resolve and helping him naivete and weak-mindedness, Middy still remained dismayed at the woman's disposition. Unlike her, all he could see was the loss for both sides of the battle. The loss of manpower, of resources. What could have been used for something more creative, more productive is needlessly thrown away into the pits of battle only to lose their lives, polluting the soil with their dead flesh and blood. For him, ending another person's life is simply a tool, a necessary means to an end. In the past he would have been disgusted with this idea, but now he simply accepted it as a fact, neither relishing in it nor rejecting the notion. 

"Oh, Dredge darling. To paint such a beautiful landscape. How romantic."

Taking his one-eyed gaze off the battlefield, he studied the woman beside him. The illusive Lady Blackhead. She had changed, this foster mother of his. The carefree, mischievous lady was gone, replaced by this vile temptress, this crazed abomination. He had no one to blame but Dredge. The monster's influence has seeped into his little family, the roots have grown too deep to remove. Even he was no exception. And it seemed he was the last. But still, he was thankful for the monster. Without that terror, Middy would have never realized his potential. But he would still find a way to end Dredge. Not for vengeance but a way to show his gratitude and to show how far he had gotten.

"To arms, my lovelies! The Lady rides to war!"

At the Ladie's war cry, Middy dragged himself out of his murky thoughts. This was not the time for contemplating. There is a battle to be fought. Raising the bastard sword in his hand high, Middy bellowed at the top of his lungs, "To war! For the Lady's pleasure!"


A dozen voices answered behind him, all of them unfamiliar to him. Just another ragtag bunch of mercenaries the Lady had taken control of. Only exception that they are all dead, and it is only by the Lady's will that they are still tied to this mortal realm. After all, what is a ghost ship without its skeleton crew. But Middy knew that somewhere out there, were the other cartel members. Watching. Waiting. And when the time comes they will do what the Lady asked of them. The same way he had done what the Lady had asked of him.

Scratching the itchy gaping hole that was once his left eye, Middy winced with the other as he tried to ignore the chills coming from the other apparition (Mayumi) on the ship's mast. The women in this ship are simply too much for him. Steeling his resolve, he led the Lady and their crew down the ship and into the beach.

The Lady comes. 

The Black Spear cartel had declared their allegiance to Dredge.

Middy could only wonder for what is to come. All he could do was whisper to himself their battle cry.

"For the Lady's pleasure."






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Character Name: James Eredas

Affiliation: The Order of Force Majeure

Location/Objective: Beach/First line of defense

Allies@Twitterpated @Tenkai Matsumoto @amenities (Defenders)

Enemies@Dredge @Grubbistch @Frostbinder (Raiders)


Unfortunately for Ochigo, the Order of Force Majeure had the same idea regarding Dredge and his army. The Legion of Doom was judged to be held together by the might of its leaders and officers, inspiring, threatening, or otherwise battering their forces into complete obedience. James was more than ruthless enough place his own apprentice as bait to draw out those deadly combatants, and defeat them.

Fortunately for Ochigo, and perhaps also insultingly, James considered the minion of Dredge not worth his blood, and entrusted him to Jinsoku. The being the Daemonslayer was truly after, was the so-called incarnation of rage.

If Füererkonig wanted something satisfying like a crossbow bolt, he would get it, in the form of something much longer and harder. A spear it was, thrown right at the center of his shield with venomous force. If the damned soul of the shield could choke, it most certainly would on the length of enchanted steel that sought to jam itself down its throat, to try and cut off the hellfire it spewed and spare the Greatswords and Jinsoku the attack. If the Apocalypse looked up, he'd see the source of that attack upon a nearby sand dune, looking down upon him with the utmost contempt, the Master Knight of the Order of Force Majeure, the Daemonslayer, Butcher of Odessa, the Demonslaying Demon himself.

Clad magnificently in a mastercrafted armor of dragonbone, enchanted steel, and embroidered leather, with ritual tome bound to his side, and an arsenal of weapons including a longsword yet still on him, James affixed his chosen foe with an unearthly stare, and in his right hand, brought his nodachi, Amaterasu, off his shoulder and leveled it at Füererkonig. A nimbus of light seemed to glow around his head, and an irresistible draw to single combat was issued to the dark knight.

"I am James Eredas, Master Knight of the Order of Force Majeure. Cross blades with me if you dare, worm, or be marked as coward for all eternity!"

The challenge was not roared, but it carried over the thunderous din of battle regardless, an ancient call to single combat. Should Füererkonig choose to accept, their ensuing duel would become sacred, and anybody seeking to interfere would find themselves with a strong aversion to doing so.

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Character Name: Khakina Khatun

Affiliation: Legion of Doom / The Black Spear cartel

Location/Objective: Going commando with @Bureku, releasing prisoners

Allies: @Dredge

Enemies: (Open) 

'Assessing situation. Organic vessel multiple organic signatures are closing in on your location. A retreat is advised.'

The robotic voice greeted Khakina as soon as she exited her drop pods. That robotic voice was the other side of her, the program that her creator has installed in her that was supposed to override Khaki's own personality. But stuff happened and now Khaki's human personality and the artificial intelligence named Khaks inside her, had finally reached a consensus. They would both share this organic vessel for as long as they both exist. At first, it was unnerving for Khaki to have a voice in her head but in time she had learned to live with it. Now, it was no longer uncomfortable but actually interesting. Having an imaginary voice in your head helping you with life can be quite reassuring at times. 

"Warning. Multiple organic signatures are within visual range. Hostile encounter is unavoidable. Initiating withdrawal protocols.

Ignoring the annoying warnings bleeping inside her head, Khaki followed the other commandos as they converged around their leader, the one named Break. Break Lumos. One of Dredge's trusted subordinates other than the death knight Ochigo. Khaki had seen the droid since the Red Festival and during the Drege's graduation ceremony. While they did not have a lot of interactions, Khaki somehow felt a connection between them, as if they were kindred souls, that is if they ever have souls. This might be the chance for her to get closer to the droid, even more so now that the dragon had been separated from him . Even when she first met him, she had already concluded that Break has eyes only for his lady dragon. But Khaki will persevere.

"Warning. Intimacy is lethal to organic vessel. I repeat. Intimacy with the droid is ill-advised. Gigantic flying female reptiles are deemed extremely dangerous."

Mentally glaring at Khaks, she continued to ignore the insuffereable program as she tried to catch Break's attention, "BREAK! We must go commando, now! The military and guards are coming!"

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Riflemen and swordsmen stood staggered against one another at the Terran front lines. Some of them stamped their feet and gnashed their teeth to avenge their fallen loved ones, to protect their homeland. Dutifully, psychics erected barriers that protected the riflemen from standard fire coming back at them. This protection was only afforded by the steadfast line they threatened to break with their excitement to battle.

“Hold!” The Peacekeeper bade them wait, for while strategy and brute force took up two separate places in Michael’s mind, he kept them as neighboring principles. The wares of war flashed through the air all around him, but his voice rose with brutal focus above the din. “Fire elementals,” was his only utterance.

From behind the feet of Terran riflemen extended the hands of fire elementals into the sand. A span of dry sand fifty yards by one hundred yards, centralized on the advancing enemy’s landing point, began to grow red hot. The initial effect this would have on the battlefield was that Dredge's men would be unable to traverse more than twenty feet of the sands without being immobilized or mortally burnt. It would be an area wisely avoided, and would create a buffer for at least a moment as geomancers knelt beside their pyromancer friends. Runes traced their ways up the arms of these mages meant for amplifying their power into the ground.

Terran officers and the most capable of their allies were already in motion, but had been informed to avoid the vicinity of the red hot sands as well as any area between there and the tideline. Michael’s Roseus Oculus, contrary to the night he had met Dredge, glowed a carnivorous, angry crimson that devoured all of the beautiful magic that exploded before his eyes on this day.

As soldiers of all stature did the work of saving lives and taking them, Michael aimed another finger gun at Dredge. Another lance of fiery red illuminated the battlefield between Peacekeeper and Destroyer. This one pierced through an armored knight on its way to Dredge, marking it as more powerful than the last.

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