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Two if by Sea (Last Chance Raid)

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Character Name: Marigold Ravenspire

Affiliation: The Order

Location/Objective: Prison/ Subterfuge

It was a strange thing to be so nervous. He had faced a great deal in his 29 years, and in the grand scheme of the universe that was but a miniscule blip...yet his experience tought him more than anything to be afraid; to fear Dredge and everything a monster like that fell for...but it also made him angry.  He had seen agony, Roen, raphael. These abominations tear the world asunder without a second thought, and he wanted to scream. They believed they were the gods of this world, but they could only thrive in it's darkest corners.

Humanity had survived long before them, and will endure them like any other rampant disease. The representative next to him someone Michael had brought here in assistance with the mission. He had to focus. His eyes scanning the walls of screens surrounding him as he stood with the Imperium' hastily created 'war room' 

"Commence Program Command" Marigold said; a holographic figure at the helm of the screens, nodding in response "[First mission, kinda scary huh??]" The Artificial intelligence chirped. "Focus Kym; I'm trusting you. This is a new step for us so maintain composure" Marigold said. Eyes returning to the screen



The Legion forces were aiming for the prisoners, and there were likely plenty to bolster their forces; amassing an even more formidable legion. The prisoners ranging in height, gender and stability and yet it was still odd some of them were cloaked, but that didn't matter as they were unassuming in the crowds.

"[Eliminate all hostile targets! Focus legion uniforms, go gettem~]"

There were sudden exclamations and shouts as the robes from these figures collapsed to the floor. The figures weaving through the crowds with speed now. Soldiers crumpling to the ground as these visages of steel moved through the prison. Prisoners finding no solace in freedom as those they passed in correctional uniforms would be immediately tossed into their cells once more. 

The locusts an agile unit capable of higher speed algorithms; their forms leaping into the air at times and covering the multiple floors seemlessly as they ran amuck in the prison and kept legion' success at bay until they were focused upon and dealt with. 

These creatures working with a level of congition droids didn't often possess. The capabilities of an A.I unprecedented even by Marigold' standards. It was as though they were a hivemind. Marigold couldn't believe his eyes. This was the push he had needed...to see his work being put to use for good. Perhaps there was redemption for him afterall.

The locusts moving in three sets of two in multiple directions throughout the prison, never ceasing their movements as they performed their tasks. Net traps being placed, laser tripwires and gravitational fields being laid within unassuming cells. Marigold knowing full well from the current status of last chance that they had no intention of giving up the prison. His eyes scanning the schematics of the prison carefully and relaying pertinent information to Kym who then relayed it to the locusts. A system in place Dr. Ravenspire was proud of. 


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Character name: Mayumi Takamori 


Location: Ghost ship/ beach 

Allies: @Zashiii

Enemies: Horses, @amenities


click here


Vacant eyes stared out from the bottom of the mast, lined with red and swollen. Deep, dark circles rested underneath, making the eyes stand out even more. Pupiless, orange, and void stared forward. The lips on the small elf's face were relaxed, set gently. The smell coming off her was as if death could vomit, blood still soaked into her clothing from the red festival had long since rotted. No flies came towards her, a black splash across deep rotted burgundy coated most of her ruined, bullet hole covered kimono. Her slumped form against the mast of the ghostly ship gave the impression of her stillness that she was some horridly mangled doll if not for the one movement. 

The only movement given from her was a soft movement of her black-stained fingers, draping and slowly moving with out purpose over a black tuft of hair in the head that she held. The eyes had rotten out, leaving only leaking black pits. The skin, tanned, was wrinkled as it was rotting away, Enfrid's head almost looked like a rotting pumpkin with a crooked gash showing his gaping mouth. The smell was dark, like the bottom of a coal mine.

The corrupted and shambling thing that Mayumi had made out of the widowed Enfrid soon had become savage and out of control as Mayumi lost focus on it. She had to be the one to put him down before any one else had gotten hurt. The black blood of his body that had absorbed the previous man's very essence was re absorbed into Mayumi. While heavily corrupted, it had filled Mayumi with a lingering sense of hatred, and left Mayumi in this sullen, conflicted state. 

The small elf's walking was purposeless, following the commands of her legion without hesitation. Now, it seemed, she was only a doll made true of other's orders. Deaf to the artillery fire coming from the beach, as the order was given, Mayumi stood up on her feet, eyes locked blindly no where. 

 To prepare for this moment, Dredge had commanded that Mayumi be fueled. She had no one to command, she had eaten them all. Crying, pleading, weeping, and she didn't care. Soon, she was going to eat so many more. Flames scorched at the beach at any one who tried to  even starting trudging onto land. 

Behind Middy came a loud " THWAK " and Mayumi was suddenly gone... And she left a hole in her brand new ghost ship. Using her four tendrils, the small elf had launched herself far, high up into the air. While heading up, her neck bulged grotesquely, all of the ichor that she had gained from her large feeding traveled up her throat all at once. With the pressure of a fire hose, black ink gushed out of her throat with such a force that it splattered down all over the beach force that would be keeping Dredge's force back. It probably accidentally got on a few of Dredge's own men, who fell on their knees in a fit of agony and madness as their flesh was being eaten alive. 

The men on the beach with their barriers might be safe for now, but most would probably notice the black substance was eating through their defenses. Most of those on the beach found that their vision was suddenly blackened as the inky ichor splattered down upon them.

The small elf peaked in her launch up in the sky, and any with eyes on the elf would see the tendrils receding, and her body going limp as she fell, down, down, into the sea with a loud, "  Sploosh! " 

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Character Name: Jinsoku Hayabusa

Affiliation: The Order of Force Majeure

Location/Objective: Beach/First line of defense

Allies: @Fierach @Tenkai Matsumoto @amenities (Defenders)

Enemies: @Dredge @Grubbistch @Frostbinder (Raiders)


Jinsoku watched with his men as their munitions fired against the approaching unit, specifically taking note of their response to it. Where the bullets seemed to fail penetration of these hellish fiends in armor, Jinsoku might not have seen with his eyes the hardening of said armor. However, he felt it. The Raiju within providing him with a sixth sense he preferred to refer to as Electrolocation. The slight change in durability as it raised was easy noted in the metal's reaction. Unlike the cronies, the commander of the unit seemed to boast an armor different from the others, granted, the hellish flames coating him were perhaps the culprit of such a fact. Regardless of why, this was the case. 

"Greatswords, prepare for close quarters!"

As the Enforcers continued with their repressive fire, the Greatswords opted to continued respectively. The explosions blasting about the approaching unit managed to fell a few of them, showing Jin and his unit exactly how tough these guys were. Still, he had to bank on the fact that harder metals were typically more brittle, thus chipping at it would not do. In this case, the Greatswords would be best serve exploiting their bayonets as well as straight bludgeoning the foes with their rifles. Once the enemy reached the end of the mine fields, that's when they proceeded to engage their foes more directly. 

What the enemy assumed was arrogance was strong confidence in the face of adversity. Adversity they were bred to fight against. The witch-space in between the dimensions is referred to by many names; the Twisting Nether, the Immaterium, the Void. They are home to thirsting gods, hellish daemons, and eldritch phantoms. It is a hellspace where logic and reason fails, and to be a Knight of the Order of Force Majeure means to defend against that horror, and be the first, and last defense for all the mortal realms. Chaos was the opposite of Order, and by their whim, Order would prevail over Chaos. It was foolish of the enemy to underestimate them, though they were usually the sort of seemingly underdogs that relished in such ignorance. 


His eyes grew wide as the obviously larger commander closed on him shield first. With a yell, the guy's shield literally created a gape with inevitable flames licking about it'd edge before proceeding to erupt towards him. Having engaged the enemy directly, the Greatswords were not in range of the threat. If they were, then Jinsoku wouldn't have been by this point. Feet shoulder's width apart, Jin acquired a bend to his knees as he leaned to his right. With a quick leap to the side, he escaped the threat of the flames as his Master's spear (presumably) impacted the shield as intended. Though he could tell his Master had arrive before intervening, Jinsoku made no reaction to his presence. While he was thankful his Master arrived on queue, he was a little perturbed by the fact that he was undoubtedly shark bait (oohaha). Not that he felt used, but rather he was more than ready to prove to his Master that he was ready to receive his official rank as Knight.




Fortune, or misfortune, would have it that Jinsoku would find an opponent to replace the one being stolen from him almost instantly. From the looks of it, another commander of some sort, granted he seemed to have arrived without an explicit team of any sort. The new challenger's presence was made by the detecting of a polearm piercing the air, and aimed precisely as his neck at that! With a half step to his right, Jinsoku moved only enough to allow the spear to fly past him harmlessly before burying itself in the dune beyond him. Jinsoku's charcoal gaze met Ochigo and inspected him no different than the other, noting that strange orb about him. No doubt it was a barrier of some sort. As Ochigo drew nearer ever more, fists raised at Jin in pure challenge and anticipation. With pride, Jinsoku stabbed his fully extended spear into the sand where he stood before he began to approach the fully armored man with what he considered equal footing, sans the half a body of armor he was missing. 


Unlike in honorable combat, Jinsoku failed to give a flashy introduction as his Master had before him. With a war cry of anxiety and anticipation all his own his pace pick up a bit as his left, armored side took the lead. Immediately upon reaching striking range, unless Jin's direct opponent beat him to the punch, Jinsoku replied to the man's thrown weapon with one of his Master's favorable techniques. Lunging at the end of a two step charge, Jinsoku bared his exposed torso and arm for a split second before his body torqued, launching his armored fist at Ochigo's would be face in an overhead punch. Before his feet even hit the ground again, his cocked left fist began to hum with energy unseen, though perhaps felt. An invisible bubble the size of a medicine ball began to coat the naked fist, composed of the Raiju's Yoki flowing through every ounce of his being.


Crashing Thunder +1 Prep


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Correction to Greatswords, Rifles retained* Forgot to display prep count**

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Character: Dredge

Affiliation: Legion 

location: Objective 1 

Allies: @Grubbistch @PurplePanda @Zashiii @Frostbinder

Enemies: @amenities @Tenkai Matsumoto @Fierach @Twitterpated

Screams and cries of pain were drowned out by artillery and small arms fire. Red waves of literal blood and gore washed upon the shore with pieces of limbs and armor that had been shredded into pulp and shrapnel. Dredge’s army consisted of people who had not known war, not along the lines of this madness. While Dredge has lead millions of men to conquer entire planetary systems, for his men this was a new experience. If he hadn’t been leading them then he was certain that under any other commander they would of broken. Pushing up the beach, Dredge and the crew of men he had come in with was largely still intact.


Stomping his way to a piece of cover, Dredge took temporary refuge behind a large iron tank stopper. With a few of his men returning fire towards the Terric Military, Dredge made sure to find the platoon CO. With his red stripe upon his uniform in clear sight, Dredge grabbed on to his shoulder and pulled him close so they could speak.


”Status Report!!” He yelled at the man as an artillery shell exploded in the background.


”First wave ineffective!! We do not hold the beach! I repeat we do not hold the beach!! Reports of a mine field is separating us from rushing enemy fortifications!! We lost a lot of good men finding that out!!” He replied almost having to scream to the man that was standing no more than a foot away. 


”We need to push forward!! Mine field be dammed!! If you stay here you’re a dead man!! If you push then there’s a chance of victory!! Have your platoon stay on me and push rally point Charlie!! On my signal!!” Dredge let go and then made sure to keep his head low as he stepped out of cover. 


He was going to open a hole for his section of the beach. If they could create and opening and destroy his sections fortifications then they could crash and flank the others without having to bring out another wave of reinforcements and other legion assets. 


Lieutenant get ready!” Reaching over to where his officer was in cover he pulled over the corpse of the man where his face and helmet had been sunken in by a large caliber round. Apathetically letting go of the man’s body and shoving it into the sand, the overlord called out.


”Staff Sergeant!! Congrats you just passed Officer Candidate School! Now on me!” The man yelled as a stray magitech bullet pinged and deflected off his shoulder pad. 


”I will be dammed if Fuerer and his fucking fire elementals beat us to the fortifications!!” Dredge would then do something that would certainly give away his position. 


There was a mine field a good ten meters from him and he needed to make sure that his men could push through without the fear of stepping in the wrong direction and exploding. This would also give the Terric Military a good dose of just who the hell they were shooting at. Focusing his mind across all the bullets and explosions, Dredge reached his hands out to grab the earth itself. He didn’t need but go down a few inches to pull the earth and antipersonnel mines out from a good twenty meter gap. 


Raising into the air, the Terric and Michael would see that this was but a sample of the power that was Dredge. There was a slight pause before Dredge opened his red eyes and uttered a single word that would echo out into the minds of not only Michael but the men around him. 


”Die...” And with that the mines and grains of sand went flying towards their fortifications to most likely explode in a chain reaction of mines triggering one another. 


”PUSH!!!” Dredge screamed to his men. With cries of war now invigorating his men around him they would follow him as they would push the gap. 



Objective 2  


Most men were not about to die to protect prisoners. Scum of the earth wasn’t worth dying for. Dredge knew that and even though he could of sent infantry to handle the job, he needed to entrust his more capable men with this task. Men and women who had known war and were going to make sure they accomplished their mission. Spreading out into the yard, commando squads split and began to head to various wings of the prison. There were fifty men total and ten were stacked at every wall of the prison. Ten to the north, south, east, and west. As they had no keys to the prison itself, they had been given a master key. A key in the shape of rather violent and powerful explosives. Placing breach charges on the walls, the commando squads waited until all were in sync and prepared to carry out their mission. 


”Squad Alpha is Ready Green Up.” The scrambled voice of the alpha squad leader said. 


”Bravo Ready Green Up.” The second voice chimed in.


”Charlie Ready Green Up.” A third followed though. 



”Delta Ready Green Up.” And with that they were ready. 


”Breach Breach Breach.” Following those words, massive explosions rocked the prison.


Rocks flew into the hallways followed by secondary explosions of laser tripwires getting triggered. The prison had unseen defenses and this alerted the commandos that they needed to proceed with caution. They clearly were either not alone or dealing with a more advanced security system that they were not aware of. 


”Traps detected proceed with caution.” Then it was on. 




From the hallways of the prison and it’s various wings, the commandos came under fire from guards or any other protectors. Striking down a few men in the opening volley, they proceeded to bring the pain and fight back. 


Exchanging fire, a few of the squads were only met with minimal resistance as others were bogged down with more elite opponents that required more skill. They needed to continue to sweep the halls of the prison and push towards their various objectives.

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Character name: Seraida Mavajo (Black Sera Sera)

Affiliation: Legion of Doom / Black Spear Cartel

Location: Beach / Close to Dredge

Allies: @Dredge

Enemies: @amenities


Following close behind Dredge was a woman, the left of half her face covered by an iron mass and her hair whipping about. If one would look closer, they would notice that the presumed hair were actually fine strands of black iron dancing ominously with the see breeze before coiling, reforming into something that resembled a hand gesture which one can consider rude depending on their culture but for the woman it was something like giving the bird to Dredge's enemies. Her black coat billowed as she marched in Dredge's wake, the proud banner of the Legion attached to the large black iron staff strapped to her back. Proud and high the legion's banner fluttered in the sea breeze, it's presence bathed in the fires of war.

The woman in question laughed as the battle raged on, as if enjoying the pointless murder happening all around her. Unlike the other's she was in the safest place possible, behind the Legion's leader and commander of this terrorist army, Dredge himself. Filled with the misplaced sense of security, the woman haughtily screamed into the enemy faces, "DIE FUCKERS! THE LEGION HAS ARRIVED! RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN, YOU COWARDS! MY NAMES IS BLACK SERA OF THE BLACK SPEAR CARTEL AND YOU WILL NEVER DEFEAT ME, OR DREDGE OR ANYONE IN THE LEGION!"

Extremely full of herself, the woman named Sera sauntered into battle, her left hand now hoisting her makeshift banner up into the air as high as she can while her other arm clutches a large metallic object, something Dredge and the Lady called a "boombox". Her cheeks started to flush on what she is about to do but as per her Lady's instructions, Sera had no choice in the matter. She just had to flip the object's switch and then her task is done.




With a soft click the loud music blasted from the object filling the warring skies, setting the battle's atmosphere. Sera's face is now beet red at how ridiculous she looked at the moment but she did not waver, nor falter. It was her duty to spread the anthem of Dredge and the Legion, her appearances be damned.

Steeling her resolve, she whispered to herself. "This will boost the morale of our army. I will keep this device, this instrument safe no matter what happens. Dredge's anthem must keep on playing. The gods be damned, I do all this for the Lady's pleasure."

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The laser tripwires were the first of many traps within the prison' courtyard and the prison itself. Marigold was not one to miss details. The locusts out in the courtyard seeming to meld against the walls and possessed no detectable heat traces as they plucked off soldiers around corners, through grates, and even from the rooftops. Thin razorwire acting as unsuspecting nooses for several soldiers before they wisened up and checked every entrance they went through.

The halls faired no better as these unseen locusts assisted the guards as they sweeped from hallway to hallway, taking on forces with speed and subturfuge as they still moved into the prison.

The set of six switching up their tactics under the A.I command. They kept up there speed and weaved through the guards without any harm as they activated a magnetic field. This was a dangerous play for them, but it also caused several volleys of bullets to change direction and follow the locusts. The legion finding their own bullets greeting them as they fired. The locusts losing two in their number after several passes.


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Character Name: Evanjalin

Affiliation: Legion of Doom

Location/Objective: Beach

Allies: @Dredge, she supposes

Enemies: Valucre

The dark star of the Legion was not particularly interested in battle, though it did provide some respite from her mundane prison in Dredge's lair. For weeks she had been forcibly rested by the overlord, and had been offered live people in exchange for her compliance in this silly little skirmish. Once Dredge had discovered that consuming bodies made her stronger, smarter, and more well-acclimated to this world, she had not been left wanting. Evanjalin supposed she was grateful, in a way, though with each new life consumed, she lost a sliver of connection to her old life among the stars, and was bound more completely to Valucre- to Dredge. She both detested and relied on that black mage, the opposite, bright side to his evil coin. Even now, standing on a field of blood and bone, she was at his side; a small, lithe figure dressed in white armor next to his hulking, dark form. Her silvery eyes shifted almost lazily between the pieces of this macabre puzzle, not quite sure what to make of it, but commanded to participate by her liege and captor. 

A light sigh left the woman's lips as the ground before them became red-hot, the electrons vibrating and moving more quickly than nature desired. It was likely some form of magic, she had been taught. It was magic that caused the laws of the universe to accelerate, or to slow, acting as an unseen catalyst to nature's processes. Evanjalin didn't understand it very well, but she despised it. Dredge seemed to think it was useful, but to her, it was just another abomination on this ugly, small rock of a planet. If it weren't for magic, she would still be in her original form many, many millions of miles away from this nonsense. The star brooded for a few moments more before turning her attention to the ground. 

She focused her will onto the dirt beneath them, urging the particles to return to their original, dormant state. It should not have been difficult, but another thread of will -the magic- was actively working against her to keep the atoms excited and moving. Evanjalin was on nature's side, however, and it did not take an excessive amount of force to cool the earth around Dredge and his protective shell. She would need to walk forward to exert control over the remainder of the affected area, but for now they were gifted with a channel through which they might pass without seriously harming their weak, fleshy feet. 

The toll of such an exertion was not lost on the star. She felt the energy drain out of her like water through an open faucet, moving quickly, smoothly into the dirt. The attendant Dredge had assigned to her reached out and gripped the lady's elbows, steadying her as she trailed after her overlord. 

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Break landed with a hard thud against the ground. A crater in his wake he looked at the armed guards. Their magitech rifles and puny rounds were deflected easily by the Beskar plates of his armor. He smiled as the heat began to rise his core cooking the very air these men were breathing. It would feel like they were breathing in ash and fire. While not lethal it would incapacitate any organic fleshbags foolish enough to get close.



as thunderous explosions rang out through the prison the Dragon knight walked forward with confidence

"You still with me Khaki? If so I'm gonna breach one of these walls so we can catch up a bit faster. Stay back for a second."

He began to pick up momentum as he burst through a wall like the juggernaut. Quickly he would attempt to join up with the squadrons under his command. Much to his chagrin however, a number of guards holed up between him and the forces and opened fire. Breaks armor protected his internal working parts however the sheer number of bullets made it more than uncomfortable to the droid. Raising his arm he charged a glowing yellow orb and fired it into the wall of guards. Forcing them to die or scramble for cover

Bis armor had been scratched and his faceplate cracked. Disabling most of his scanners. He would be going manual on this mission. But he was now with his Squadron.



@Dredge @FirePenguinDiscoPanda @Zashiii

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Character name: Delistair Paige

Affiliation: Terran military

Location/Objective: Command centre near the prison/Coordinating prison defence

Allies: @FirePenguinDiscoPanda (Marigold) @amenities @spacegy4 @Tenkai Matsumoto

Enemies: @Dredge @Bureku @Zashiii @FirePenguinDiscoPanda (Perestroika)


Standing in one of the small command centres erected temporarily around the city, Delistair still felt the tight tension in his muscles even though he was away from the bulk of the action. It made him more alert, more responsive. Around him were other personnel from the Communications department, looking at monitors and speaking into the crystal communication devices, trying to keep their voices steady and clear amidst the chaos and overload of information from surveillance equipment and comms.

"This is Lieutenant Alenko. Lock that prison down inside and out!" Hana's voice rang through the space. 

"Dragons! Five of them! They've come! Drop pods! They're gonna invade the prison!" One of his men said. His monitor, tuned to the frequency of one of the prison's visual capturing device, showed the first armored troops exiting their drop pods and opening fire without hesitation. It was obvious that these were the elite forces; experienced and confident combatants.

"Broadcast to all command tents, backup needed. Send out a code red lockdown of the entire prison," Delistair told his soldiers. The unit he was in charge of had been the one closest to the prison. The Terran military had expected a surprise attack, but they hadn't managed to glean the location of the attack before the battle started. Consequently, their forces needed to be scattered in strategic pockets around the city, mobile and ready to relocate at a moment's notice. Unfortunately, time was still needed to move them over, time that would cost them lives. He pursed his lips as the monitor showed several prison guards being gunned down. 

The walls of the city had been reinforced by him and other mages before the battle, ensuring that no forces would be able to get through from the northern end. Now that most of the numbers provided by their intel on Dredge's forces had already been deployed from the south, it was safe to move some forces from the wall towards the prison and the beach via dropship. 

"Whoa!" There was a huge crash right outside, and the tent shook from the impact. Del stepped out. One of the dropships had been felled by a dragon and crashed. Luckily, the pilot was skilled enough to control the trajectory of the falling ship, narrowly missing their tent. Twenty soldiers spilled out of the ship, some looking dazed. "Those who are uninjured, get to the prison immediately," he pointed to the high towers.

The Last Chance prison was one of the most technologically advanced prisons in Terrenus, based on the city's history as a stronghold for housing high-profile criminals. Code red lockdown was a total lockdown preventing any entrance and exit. All the doors and walls of the prison were made of fortified steel, and could not be opened without keycard access of only a few select individuals. Activating the lockdown took less than half a minute.

A huge explosion at the prison shook their tent violently again, and Del staggered back in. "Outer defences have been breached!" Del cursed, something he didn't usually do. "They are fast! But their numbers are not many, so their explosives must be limited. They must be after the dangerous criminals underground." The enemy's time was limited too, before the Terran army regrouped and launched an offensive on them. He turned to ten of his men. "Keep your monitors tuned to the devices within the prison, track enemy positions and update the prison guards. Stall them as long as possible." He turned to another ten. "Track and update any persons exiting from the prison. Tell the guards, if anyone escapes, prioritize shooting over capturing." It was cruel, but for the prisoners, hiding in their cells right now would be safer than attempting to make a run for it. "The rest, continue to monitor our surroundings!" Knowledge and coordination was key to a successful battle. With their help, the prison guards and the arriving military forces would be able to hit the enemies where it hurt the most, and minimize injuries and deaths on their end. These soldiers had wives, husbands, children and parents to return to.

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Character Name: Ares Shezmu
Affiliation: Good Guys (?)
Location/Objective: Prison | Escape 

Pinkened hues stared at his poor excuse of a room. Ares took in the damp and disgusting environment which is technically; his cell. He licks his busted lip habitually, turning his attention to anywhere but the clogged-up toilet sitting crookedly at the corner -- overflowing with what he could guess was all sorts of nasty that comes out of two holes. 

The floor was greasy, the sink doesn't even work, and the bunk beds had their own problems to deal with. Also, it smelled. Real bad. The kid couldn't even stand sitting on the bed sheets or putting his face on his pillow; unless he wanted to throw up. God knows what the previous men did to these beds. The room, the place, the toilet, it all smelled worse than horse crap, a slimy obese man, two hobos screwing in a shoe box -- it smelled worse than any of those combined. He thanked the gods he decided to wear men's perfume today. His own aroma was a breath of fresh air -- a sharp scent that stood out from the rest of the inmates in this cumhole. 

He was lucky, that he didn't share this hell of a room with someone else. It's not that he didn't want to share this horrible experience with someone else, it's just that the people here stinked, too. Not in smell, but in general. Pinching the bridge of his nose in discomfort and frustration, he groaned a low curse as Ares sat on the edge of the bunk bed, not even caring anymore of what was on it transferred to his arse. 

How did this happen?  



Crossed arms folded above his chest, Ares leaned his back into the cold brick wall. His shades reflected his pink bubble blowing through his mouth, a black cap illuminating his face further. He was requested to meet a gang leader, who wanted information for his own personal gain. And there he was; standing with a non-wavering scowl, proudly glaring at the boy with a scarred eye as four men (who he assumed was his) stood behind the six foot monster like obedient dogs. 

Then, it was time for them to negotiate.

A tense silence hung over between the two men. Ares is technically a man, isn't he?

".. I need to know,"

The white-haired boy tilts his head in response, a brow quirking in question.

"Who screwed my sister."

Ares choked on his gum. 

Was this guy serious?

In a fit of coughs and hacks, it took a moment for him to regain composure, pounding his chest with a fist and eventually spitting out the candy. Disoriented, he looks up, fixing his shades with a gloved hand. For a moment the question lingered in the air, his glance never once turning away from the muscled man as if asking; You're joking, right? 

When he realized he wasn't, he cleared his throat and tried his damn best not to show any sign of him cracking a grin.  

"..Look," He wheezes, "I."

"Have no idea-"

The gang leader took a step forward, and the kid pressed his back against the wall. 

"Carl, Carl. it was Carl."

He hears the man curse profanely under his sickly breath, clenching a fist and punching the air in a blind rage. Then he turned on his heel sharply, motioning his men to move out and search for.. he guessed, Carl. Ares watched as they slowly went, catching a pouch of what seemed to be his payment. When he looked inside, he could only grimace at the cheap price they offered for wasting a good chunk of his time. 

Cheap bastards. 

Well, all of the people here were pretty cheap, he knew that. But then again, he expected a little more.. something. Not a bunch of copper and a single piece of.. silver?!

"Hey - hey! You going to say 'thank you', or--?"

The young informant watched as they strided off without a care. The nerve of these-

".. Or you can suck'a fuckin' dick -- I know your sister did!"

 He also watched as they immediately stopped in their steps. 



Before he knew it, their blood was spilled on his non-existent fleshy hands. The crime was caught by a dirty snitch who alarmed the nearest watchman, who tasered the white boy without a second thought. He was charged with second-degree murder; although he repeatedly, and he says, repeatedly claimed that it was just a felony, the people here didn't care much about what he said. They just knew Ares was responsible for the deaths of five men, and was quickly thrown in the underground prison. 

Does he know what he did? Yes.

Was he guilty? Definitely

Did he regret it? Absolutely

Now, basking back in the ambiance of his horrible cell, he got up on his feet and walked up to the mirror. Which was beside the toilet. 

Forgetting about how absolutely horrible standing near the toilet was, he growls and profanely cusses at the stench. Pinching his nose, he used his foot to push down the toilet lid and avert his attention back to his reflection.

Well, he's not sure if he could call that his reflection. Molds of all sorts smothered the glass, ruining his handsome visage. 

He could barely make out the dried blood stains on his black baseball shirt, that made it's way up to his dashing white mane and cheek. Ares wouldn't dare try to wipe away the muck on the mirror, unless he wanted to cut off his own hand. Well, technically, he's never had a hand anyway - 


The ceiling crumbles, dust clouds forming and pieces of concrete fall on his head. He was so focused on making out his face in the mirror that he had a bit of a late reaction. His eyes flicker to the side. 


Nothing. He continues to scrape off the blood left on his face.



There it is again.

Clearly shook and bewildered, he hears very, very, faint noises of gunshots and screaming. He looks up in confusion, then glances at the wall for a few more seconds. Hah, no way. Charming a stupid grin, he shook his head and went back to cleaning his face. You're hearing things, Shezmu. He thought to himself. This prison is getting to your head. 

And he was right. The prison was getting to his head. That he'd forgotten all about what he knew was going on out in the surface. 

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Legion of Doom

Beach (Saving Private Ryan)




The purple field of energy dropped as the two neared one another. An artillery shell dropped right between them, causing an eruption of sand and shrapnel. Just as the screen of smoke began to clear, they met.

In the vastness of the atomic scale, molecules were ripped apart by the conflicting forces of life and death when Ochigo swung his fist to meet Jinsoku’s blow. The impact of their fists colliding sent a shockwave reeling out from the sides, throwing several of those unfortunate enough to be caught in the blast off their feet. Sand was thrown up all around, creating a massive cloud of dust. The impact was so powerful in fact, that it had sent the death knight hurtling backward, his free hand digging into the ground to slow himself.

Ochigo grit his teeth. This one was unlike the others that he had faced. The daemonslayer’s apprentice was possibly superior to himself when it came to raw strength and power, as demonstrated by his opening attack. However, the death knight had one thing going for him at this point in time. The element of surprise.

Digging his heels into the ground, he spurred into a bounding sprint, covering the distance that he had been knocked in less than a second. Maybe Jinsoku sensed him. Maybe he didn’t.

Regardless of his preparedness, he would find Ochigo now back in his face once again, knee jerking upward to slam the man in the chest with enough force to send him flying vertically upwards. But where was the fun in letting your adversaries get away? As his blow connected, his armored palms wrapped around Jin’s shoulders forcefully. He would have to absorb the entirety of the attack with his body alone.

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Character Name: Tenkai Matsumoto
Affiliation: Order of Force Majeure
Allies: Terrenus Military Forces, @Fierach @Twitterpated @amenities
Enemies: Legion
Location/Objective: Inside the city of Last Chance, engaging @FirePenguinDiscoPanda and dragons with squad

It didn't take long for the Seeker Custodes to get to their posts. The two squads broke up into four teams of two, one acting as the sniper and the other as the spotter, spacing themselves out far enough to gain as much coverage of the city as possible. Their heavy crossbows were more like portable ballistae than anything else, and their foot-long steel bolts were inlaid with silver and inscribed with various wards. They were the perfect long-range weapons for hunting demons and undead monsters, and in this case they would be in luck.

Of course, they wouldn’t have immediately known that these dragons were undead from the get go. That didn’t matter to them. One well placed bolt would be enough to down a dragon on a critical hit to the chest or skull. If not, well, there were always explosive bolts in their quivers.

One team spotted a dragon en route to the prison, carrying a playload of drop pods likely meant to aid in further breaching the defenses of  security guards keeping the prison on lockdown. One of the Seekers took aim with the direction of their spotter and fired a bolt that burst from its crossbow with a shockwave similar to a sonic boom. The dragon, or whoever was controlling them, was likely quick to react, but the dragon would not escape unscathed. The bolt missed its head but managed to punch a searing hole in one of their wings. While not enough to down the beast all on its own, the turbulence managed to dislodge a drop pod and cause it to land prematurely.

Right in the middle of the city streets, In fact, with a rather wrathful monk headed their way.

It didn’t take long for the enemy to piece together that Tenkai was not on their side. They would immediately open fire upon him, sure if their own advantage with their enemy wielding nothing more than a katana with fancy modern fittings. Without cover, they would surely cut him down.

In an instant, Tenkai’s sword became a blur.

Streaks of light followed the trail of his sword as the ambient light hit the blade, parrying the Legionnaire’s incoming bullets, bolts and other projectiles like they were a swarm of angry flies. Tenkai’s mind was upon each shot instantly as they came within his measure, reflecting off of them like the moon over water as a symbol of his uncanny alacrity.

Being sure of the angle with which his enemies were heading towards him, he broke into a charge, parrying bullets as they flew towards him. The first Legion trooper in his way tried to adjust his aim and fire at Tenkai at point blank range, but by then Tenkai was already within measure. He swung Muramasa from below, striking the gun upwards in a parry that beat the gun away and pointed the barrel well above his head. It also left Tenkai with his sword pointing directly at the trooper’s head, and with a swift thrust he punched through the eye socket of the helmet and stabbed into his skull.

Needless to say, that was enough to kill the trooper, so Tenkai grabbed him by his throat and used him as a temporary meat shield just for the sake of getting closer to the others. At the right moment, he forcefully shoved the body of the first trooper into his comrades from the pod, covering his advance just long enough to get in close and take their heads. Having lost the advantage of range, they tried to surround him and overwhelm him with their melee weapons, but the monk had little trouble out-maneuvering them. Every step of his footwork had purpose, keeping himself from being flanked while dispatching the next enemy in short order. Any Legion troopper who was unfamiliar with his sword or fighting style simply wouldn't be able to fathom how this warrior managed to do so much damage to armored opponents with such an inferior looking weapon. It was the last thought that would run through their head as he cut them down.

With one pod dealt with, Tenkai settled for a moment, looking down at the ruined soldiers and then at his blade, before saying,

"Iron? Was that armor made of iron? They must have used all of their steel making weapons."

It was not unexpected. After all, this "Legion of Doom" had sprouted up faster than mold on soggy bread left out on a hot summer day. It was likely that most of their materials came from that which they looted and plundered from their enemies rather than any sort of advanced mining operation. Regardless, in a world and age where not only steel but other strange and mystical materials were abound, iron alone simply didn’t cut it. It was far too brittle to function in the same way as steel. If they did have an ore refinery, then they had dedicated it to making weapons.

Or at least superior gear for their officers.

The thought was enough to make him despise this Legion of Doom more than he already had. They took the despondent, forgotten races of Terrenus, filled their gaping hearts with purpose and unity and then sent them off to die as fodder. Tenkai would make them pay for every life taken this day.

But Tenkai would have little room to pause and reflect on the wrathful retribution he sought to visit on his enemies. He was looking to take down the largest dragon he could find, and it had landed not too far down the street in front of him with an earth-shaking tremor.

Tenkai barely needed to use his extrasensory perception or his Soul Sight to determine that the dragon was undead. Wonderful, Tenkai thought. Of course they would have necromancers with them. They weren’t anything he hadn’t dealt with before, but that didn’t make them any less troublesome. These were undead dragons after all. Unless they were merely constructs of flesh and bone, the dead dragons were being subjugated by the necromancer’s will. Even if it was the former, the desecration of so many dead bodies was sacrilege in and of itself. Yet another sin for which the Legion must pay.

At least the Seekers’ consecrated bolts would be more effective against them, now.

In a defiant act of bravery, or perhaps foolishness, Tenkai slowly approached the massive creature, his blade at his side. The one-eyed swordsman looked so small by comparison that he may as well have been walking straight to his death against the undead behemoth. Peering at it with his “eye”, Tenkai looked through the sickly, diseased soul of the beast and found something quite peculiar. A living soul, that of a separate entity inside the dragon’s body. Was this the necromancer, or some terrible sacrifice as part of whatever ritual that managed to give it life? There was one way to find out.

“I am Tenkai of Yagyu Shinkage-ryu, Knight of the Order of Force Majuere,” Tenkai said to the beast and, more importantly, the necromancer. “For the lives taken by you and your allies today, I bring retribution.”

He slid his right foot forward, raising his sword in a kasumi no kamae posture, his armored right shoulder leading like a shield as he kept the point of Muramasa aimed at the beast. Even with how small he was, the light reflecting off of the blade would pierce through the darkness, as if the very sight of it was already starting to dig its way into the creature’s chest.

“Oshite mairu!” (Have at thee!)




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Character Name: Feurerkönig

Affiliation: Legion of Doom

Location/Objective: Beach

Allies: Legion of Doom

Enemies: @Fierach

Through the power of his Magesight, he saw the magical projectile coming for him at incredible speeds. Tightly honed reflexes reacted on the spear, swatting it away where it embedded itself into the ground beside him. Such a brazen attack could only come from a being bold enough to challenge him, and challenged he was.

The challenge, brought down by a human of tremendous power and strength, excited Feurerkönig to immense heights. Fools in the past had challenged the one known as Feurer Krieger to a duel, to prove their worth as a warrior. Each and every one had been killed, brutally slaughtered by his merciless onslaught that knew no end. When presented with the option to fight this one though, Feurerkönig knew without a doubt this one would present him with a proper challenge. Such a fight would be one to put in the annals of history, where the world of Valucre was either saved or damned, depending on who was victorious.

Leaving his troops to engage in battle with the Knights, Feurerkönig charged forward to meet this upstart upon the chosen field of battle. The Genus Loci of war coursed through him, surging with power while the invasion raged all around them. Death was everywhere, and the arrival of Feurerkönig's forces acted as fuel for this fire, their own flaming regalia burned into the minds of friend and foe alike. This was the reality now, the reality that Feurerkönig existed, and would wage war until he was defeated or nothing was left of this miserable planet. Suffering would finally be at an end, once the last vestiges of life were snuffed out.

"I accept your challenge!" He roared, a mere ten feet from his opponent while the devastation of the thrown mines roared around them. "Your death is at hand!"

From the burning nether realm of his patron deity's dimension came another long sword, made of black metal and burning with flames of hatred. Floating in midair, the sword heeded it's master's will, obeying his every mental command as his maneuver came together. Charging forward, his Battle Instincts were locked onto the Master Knight, their whole world now dark as their duel commenced. Starting off this battle, Feurerkönig would make a diagonal strike from right to left with his bastard sword, shield ready to defend against a riposte. Following it's master into battle, the other weapon following suit as it stabbed towards the Knight from left. The battle had only just begun, there was still so much more to occur...

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