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Two if by Sea (Last Chance Raid)

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Character Name: Tenkai Matsumoto
Affiliation: Order of Force Majeure 
Allies: Terrenus Military Forces, @Fierach @Twitterpated @amenities
Enemies: Legion
Location/Objective: Inside the city of Last Chance, engaging Perestroika ( @FirePenguinDiscoPanda ) directly.


What transpired was certainly more of a first for Tenkai than much of the other things he experienced here. Even dragons that could speak eloquently in their true forms didn't have this kind of mannerism about them. It was fairly clear that the beast's sudden change in attitude was due to it being used as a mouthpiece for the necromancer that controlled it. 

Wait a moment...is that....German?

The voice--belonging to the one named "Perestroika"--seemed rather excited, made even more evident by the clapping of her undead thrall. Tenkai barely quirked a brow, tilting his head a bit as he processed the unusual nature of the enemy that seemed quite intent on killing him and the people he swore to defend. It was enough to express his surprise without necessarily throwing off his focus. 

The dragon made the initial charge, as expected. After all, it was big enough that it would have probably flattened Tenkai if he let it. But the warrior monk wasn't about to just sit around and do nothing while the beast came so close. Before it even came within those near inches with which he could slice it, Tenkai made a swift offline step to the left and leaped upward towards the dragon's shoulder, timing it such so that the bounding dragon wouldn't be able to so readily snatch him out of mid air while its forelegs were recovering from its stride. Before taking his leap, Tenkai reached for something inside of his kimono, palming some long strip of paper in his left hand. With his sword in position at his right side, he would easily be able to adjust if the creature attempted to bite and---


Tenkai found the right side of the dragon coming at him far faster than he expected it to as it split wide open. He quickly latched onto the side, grabbing hold with his left while stabbing his sword into the shoulder to hang on. He would have taken his sweet time if it wasn't for the fact that the necromancer, having now revealed herself, was taking pot shots at him with her sidearm. Dammit! he exclaimed in his head as the shot thunked off the side of his carved shoulder armor, shrugging so that the rim would keep his head guarded. From that angle, the other parts of his body were not exposed to fire, but it would be an unbelievably stupid thing to stay in that position. After all, its not like she would miss a soft spot indefinitely. Tenkai boosted himself up over the shoulder and onto the wing with a heaving pull of his arm, leaving the paper from his left hand stuck where he had first made his hand hold. 

Still, with the necromancer displaying such clear control over her position inside the beast's flesh, staying in one place and leaving his back to her was a good way to get shot. Tenkai had to strafe, swatting away her bullets in an attempt to make as good a use of his narrow angle of defense as he could. The ki focused through his Muramasa would be enough to allow him to overcome the inertial force of her bullets in order to actually parry it, similar in that sense to a power field or an HF weapon. Even so, Tenkai tried not to rely on what was ultimately a less practical way of dealing with bullets. Staying ahead of her bead and making himself a harder target was more important. He dove off of the wing and over to the right flank, pulling something from his utility belt as he flung himself off. It was a vajra, a Buddhist double headed triple-pronged club with a center spike for stabbing. This one in particular was a modified weapon with an extendable spike that shot out five inches when deployed. Tenkai thrust it into the beast's right side just above its right leg in order to hang on to its side without leaving his right arm unoccupied. After all, he needed some way to deal with the necromancer if she decided to change her position. The pads of his footgear made good enough use of Van der Waals forces to keep himself stable, but against something as uneven as the flesh of an undead dragon it would not be reliably secure. At least all these spiny bones were enough of a foothold. 

Staying on that side wasn't going to help Tenkai much if it meant being a sitting duck though. The monk vaulted up and over, leaving the vajra stuck in the beast's flank, a mere gnat of a pinprick compared to anything that could really hurt the dragon. Perhaps Perestroika had been right to scoff at how tiny and useless his tools were. If the dragon was still split, he would fall through the middle again and onto the ground behind the creature. Otherwise, Tenkai would simply bound over the spine near the base of the tail and end up at the dragon's passing left flank.

The momentum of the beast carried it forward past Tenkai and increased the distance between them, yet that was exactly where the necromancer had wanted him. This was a dragon, after all, and one of the cardinal rules of dealing with dragons was to not stand behind them. The ubiquitous tail swipe was so predictable that it was almost as painful as the swipe itself, but all that managed to do was give Tenkai the necessary heads up to avoid being flattened by a strike that would have caught any normal slayer off guard. Tenkai sprung forward from his position and dove into an ukemi, rolling across the ground in a swift motion that allowed him to reverse his facing in mid-roll. With his left hand once again reaching for his belt, Tenkai pulled out what appeared to be a grapnel launcher similar to that of the Seeker Custodes, but with an aesthetic to the hilt and claw that mad it look like yet another modified vajra. He fired the pneumatic-powered launcher, sending the "vajra" head straight for the thick club tail that had just battered the ground. It would pull him towards the tail, his sword held at the ready not just to deal with any incoming threat, but also to stop him just short of smashing his body into the spiked surface of the tail. He only wanted a way back onto the beast, trying to stay close to it where even if the necromancer could still attack him, the dragon would have more difficulty.

Finding a way to out-maneuver and deal with a beast so large was a Herculean task, but what good was he as a "professional thorn-in-the-side" if he could not be a literal thorn in this creature's side?



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Character Name: Ramsey Robicheaux
Affiliation: Terran Military
Location/Objective: Medical Tent safely away from the battle | Assist the severely wounded
Allies: Good bois
Enemies: Bad bois


"Deep breath."

A levitating orb of light shone upon a gaping hole, illuminating the metal egg that dug so deep he was glad that it completely missed his heart. Hand steady and head pounding, he firmly rips the bullet out of the rabbit hole with a pair of metal tweezers.


"There we go."

When the last bullet lodged in the soldier's chest was plucked out, he dropped it in a metal tray of three other bullets (alongside some shards) the doctor was able to pinch out in the last couple of minutes. It was as satisfying as removing a blackhead; except the blackhead was metal, heavy, painful as hell, and by god it'd kill you in a heartbeat. The floating, convenient flashlight was snatched out of the air and crammed into his pocket. 

Doctor Ram hummed, wrapping his injuries in gauze -- and while doing so, recapped his status once more before he rushed to the other soldiers in need. The man had three of his fingers completely burned to the bone, a small portion of his face seemed to have melted off, and about four bullets were lodged into his body; all three found nowhere near anything vital, and one dangerously close to his muscular organ.

From what he knew, this guy came from the wall; a threatening viscous fluid turned his buddy insane and ended up shooting him. Geez. As he finished up wrapping the man like a nice little cocoon, he pushes his optics up to the bridge of his nose, exhaling a brief sigh before reassuringly patting the man on his shoulder and calling in someone else to tend to his wounds as he moved on to the next newly-brought meat.

Awhile ago he was digging inside someone's insides (no pun intended), so the blood from that particular soldier painted the man like an artistic frenzy, his surgical gloves smothered entirely in red. If he wasn't a doctor, he would've certainly looked like some mad man.

He approaches the doctor who'd requested some assistance seconds ago, striding in with a tired, exhausted look. When he walks toward the next dying man, Private Robicheaux was nearly swept to the side, balancing himself as the floor beneath him rumbled from all the commotion. He hears some equipment here and there fall and clank against the ground, the lights overhead blinking for a second before flickering back to normal.

"God," He complains, gunshots and explosions filling his ears.

"His leg's completely gone, there's not much time-"

The woman's voice was loud enough to get his attention, stating the patient's injuries as what Robicheaux would summarize as; "Rip his leg off, wrap his melted limbs like a well-done burrito, and he's about to wake up so hold him down like your life depends on it." His face scrunched up a bit at that last bit.


Just as he pushes the man down, the soldier erratically squirms and yells deliriously, a terrifying sight to behold as the doctor struggled to keep him down -- gurgling blood spraying on his face as he tried to attack relentlessly. The other doctor - the woman - held his legs down desperately while she yelled for a third person to call someone of purification magic.

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Legion of Doom

Beach (Saving Private Ryan)




The impact of the uppercut struck Ochigo like a comet. One might’ve seen his body being rattled about within his armor by the sheer vibrational force. But even Jinsoku’s muscular arms wouldn’t have been able to hold back the driving effect of his blow, which sent the death knight flying upwards into the air, a soundwave rippling outwards from the force of the blow.

As Ochigo rocketed upwards, he felt a strange sense of disconnection from himself. He had felt the blow, that was for sure. But what he couldn’t understand was why he felt so… Empty. What was the point of the battle? Both sides had built up so much only to lose it all in a single day. He had personally trained most of Dredge’s soldiers, even knew several of them by name.

He drifted through the air to a stop, gravity began to act on him once again, turning him back towards the ground. He sighed. There was no meaning to this combat. There was no purpose, no sense in the loss of the lives of his men. But strangely enough, it was this very thought that returned him to his senses. Lives were being lost, and many more were counting on him to save theirs.

When vision of the ground returned to him, he orientated himself downward with his right fist extended towards the ground. His palm fanned open, a ball of sickly dark green energy forming within it.

There was no way to halt Ochigo as he descended upon Jinsoku once again. Doing so would be like trying to stop a building-sized meteor from tearing the land asunder.

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Location: Objective 1 

Allies: @Grubbistch @PurplePanda @roboblu @Zashiii @Frostbinder 

Enemies: @Twitterpated @amenities @Fierach @jaistlyn @SweetCyanide @Tenkai Matsumoto

There was little to no time when the heated sands had come down. This would certainly be their end, death by being buried alive. Almost fitting really. Yet Dredge was a master of darkness. A beast that had honed his strength over the conquests of thousands of worlds. He had put billions to the sword, and he had killed some of the strongest of opponents. His reaction was swift, yet it was not fast enough nor was he strong enough to save them all. A massive blast of telekinetic energy shot forward and formed into a barrier that resisted the super heated sand. Power surged through his system and flooded his veins. Then everything went black. 


”My lord...... My Lord wake up.” The foggy and distant words of a legion trooper had begun to form. 


”Preliat? Is that you? I just. I’m sorry, Preliat. It was never supposed to go down like this.” Dredge said in a rather weakened voice. 


”MY LORD!!! WAKE UP!!” Shouts had arrived and a few violent jostles followed it. 


”I always respected you and Strider. It was never personal, not against you or the people of Mandalo-” Then a sudden slap came to the side of his helmet. 


Sitting up immediately the overlord let in a deep gasp of air. As his bearings had returned to him. 


”Status Report!!!” He yelled out to his men.


His immediate sight was the low lights coming from the platoon of men he had put a shield around. He had also made sure to shield his sun of an apprentice and Sera as well from the burning sands. His head was woozy and his body felt weak. As if he had somehow sacrificed a fair share of his power to save these men, and people he barely even knew. It was almost unbecoming of him. Yet when he looked around he saw the thankful and even hope filled faces of the random group of soldiers who he had decided to join. Part of that hit him, the value of their lives, and the fact that they wanted to be here. 


He had twisted them. Manipulated them. He had even stripped away their individuality in order to give them the uniforms of his past from another world. But despite all that, they all looked to him for answers. And in that moment of darkness and pain, Dredge grew a little more human inside. 


”Comms are scrambled under this dirt, but Art was able to pick up a few mixed signals. Apparently this geomancy attack has caused well over a few hundred casualties. It’s given us a wall to set up a firm beach head, but many are buried beneath the sand and there’s a hardened exterior keeping our forces from saving our men.” The newly appointed Lieutenant said to Dredge as he listed off facts. 


”They’re gone. We can’t help those buried. Let their sacrifice fuel you.” In a small way, part of that hurt Dredge to say. Which was the first time he had ever felt that. 


”We’re buried, my lord. What do we do?” The woman said to him with concern in her voice. When that question was asked, Dredge felt something in the pit of his stomach. 


He felt compelled to say something to his men. Not about hate. Not about the human oppressors. He felt the need to tell them something he’d never felt before via telepathy.


”Hold fast, my children. We will be okay. Whether we win or lose this battle. I am honored to have you fight and die among me. I am honored that you have chosen to stand with me against the Terric Military, for I have been a poor king. All of you are more than just numbers and statistics. You are all more than your armor and weapons. You are all the sum total of what has brought you here. The loss. The pain. The feelings of inadequacy and insecurities. But I am here, and I will lead you to victory. Or to a glorious death.” That’s when Dredge’s fist had become alight. 




Burning white hot with ethereal fire that was not of this world, he looked back at his new lieutenant and spoke only two words. 


”Summon them.” He said in a stern and commanding tone, yet as if he was almost regretting this choice.


My Lord... we are incased under diamond. We can’t escape this without the engineers...” They had said with a defeated tone. 


The first white hot fist of Dredge slammed against the wall of dirt. The room shook and Dredge had seemingly ignored his new lieutenant. 


”My Lord... please.” they had almost begged. 


This was not his tomb. This was not his place to die. This was not how he would be remembered in the history books. Another fist slammed against the walls of his prison. Again and again his power rocked the very earth itself. 


”NO!! WE WILL NOT DIE HERE ON THIS KARKING BEACH!!” Dredge focused his rage, and with one last punch, it happened. 


When the hit came, so did the wave of Legion. What Michael would see was a spit in his face. A defiant and ongoing strength that was Dredge. It wasn’t an act of evil. It wasn’t an act of selfishness or even pain. But the raw capacity to protect what he had built. It would be the first moment where Mike could see where Dredge was more than just his ability to be evil. He was more than simply a throw away villain that he had slain so many of in the past. 





The last punch and telepathic based message. His fist broke tons of earth and diamond itself. Smoke covered the mass of the battlefield, and blotted Michael’s vision. When it had begun to clear. There was a new Dredge standing at the bottom of the mound of dirt, and beside him stood his legionnaires. His sword was alight with fire and upon the hill that Michael had created were the massive forms of monsters. Not Legion troops but the war beasts that Dredge and his minions had created. Their massive hulking size of twelve meter tall monsters with chain guns and rockets strapped to their backs. There were no words said on his part. No speeches or even simple commands. 


He simply stepped off the beach and sands and ran towards the enemy fortifications with his blade grasped in his hands.


From behind him the war beasts would let loose a salvo of high caliber rounds and rockets aimed at the enemy fortifications and front line. Though none were aimed at Michel. He belonged to Dredge, no other man was to lay a finger on him but the overlord himself. All of them knew damn sure not to disobey that.

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Character name: The Lady Blackhead/ sometime Blackbush

Affiliation: Legion of Doom / Black Spear Cartel

Location: Beach/ Heading for her darling, Dredge

Allies: @Dredge 

Enemies: @amenities 



The Lady watched as the battle ensued. The stench of blood and death filled the air, the cries of loss and despair are like music to her ears. One dainty gloved hand brought the lady's pipe to her lips as she took one long drag, her face flushing ever, relishing in the heady taste of tobacco and weed. She paused then, in her step, power blooming within her, as she took her time to slowly exhale the pipe smoke. The smoke imbued by the Lady's sorcery drifted around her, the black cloud spreading wider as its ends split into a plethora of smoky tendrils. The hazy tendrils seemed to have a mind of its own as it probed, groped down the sand beach until they settled on their respective pile of corpses where, in unison, they all forced themselves into any entry they can find, invading deeper and deeper until the Lady's sorcery had taken root, blossoming into the dead's new purpose in life.

As one the dead screamed their despair.

As one the dead remembered their death throes.

As one the dead willed themselves to life.

As one they gathered around her, their purpose renewed.

As one they heard her thoughts, they felt their connection to the Lady.

Smoke wafted around the Lady as she stood facing the Legion's newly resurrected troops, her lips pursed in thought. Still puffing from her pipe, she took a few moments to adore her work. They were fewer, only one out of three are serviceable, most of them having been severely decimated by the heavy artillery and the exploding mines. But it was enough for her, soon Dredge would deploy the Legion's war beast and then her newly resurrected army will join his. A fresh new wave of forces to wreak havoc upon the defending army. 

"ARISE ONCE MORE! TO SERVE THE LEGION!" she addressed her undead legion.

As one, the undead answered, "FOR THE LADY'S PLEASURE!"

And as one, the dead become one.

Congregating, converging, coalescing. The dead shambled, shuffled towards each other, pooling underneath the Lady, lifting her up like a pedestal.

As one they formed her mount, an abomination inexplicabe by human standard. Its head was a sea of human heads, the faces locked in their death throes, wailing in pain, screaming in despair. It limbs were the mass of inhuman arms and feet, writhing and thrashing as if in denial of its fate. Its body was the mass of inhuman torsos, their chests gasping, wheezing, never forgetting, reminiscing their final breaths. The human skin and flesh seemed to drip in chunks, their purpose long forgotten. And blood dripped. Dead blood. From the eyes, and mouths of every face, from every struggling limb, from each breathing chest. And above the horror was the Lady.

Perched languidly on a throne of putrid flesh, the Lady giggled, her innocence and purity seeming to radiate even more, a sickening contrast to her decimated throne. Hunched on all fours the abomination shambled across the battlefield growing more and more with each corpse it passes. Even as it soaked up damage fron the  ot kept on moving, growing, the damaged pieces falling and then replaced by the newly joined fresh batch of corpsed. And up above the Lady's chilling laughter rang, gracing the battlefield with her passing.


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Character Name: Feurerkönig

Affiliation: Legion of Doom

Location/Objective: Beach

Allies: Legion of Doom

Enemies: @Fierach

Again he insulted his power, again he made the bold mistake of thinking him weak and foolish. It was enraging, but the other part of him, the human part of him, saw their chance for taking advantage of their opponent's own foolishness.

In a flash his sword was gone, dissolved into the ether as his free hand went with blinding speed to grab James's arm. Flame drenched fingers grabbed hold with an iron grip, the heat already quite excessive at such a close range, but now the fire danced over to it's new host. Immolation was always Feurerkönig's preferred means of slaying an opponent, drowning them in the fires of his rage, watching them burn until they were nothing but ash. All attempts to dislodge himself proved futile, the fiery monarch's strength greater than three men combined, the metal digging itself into sizzling flesh.

Roaring in anger, Feurerkönig brought the temperature up, his flames shooting higher while he pulled in his opponent ever closer to his doom. This was it, this would be his death, the power of his hatred, his rage, it was everywhere, the flames were everywhere, and there was no escape to be found. Feurerkönig was a walking furnace, and he hungered for the flesh of this knight who dared to call him weak.

During this action, the sword James batted away rose once more, igniting and going once again for an opportunity to impale the knight. This time however, it sailed straight for the lower back, where the back chest plate ended. In times of war, deception was always the best means of defeating your opponent. With this tactic, James could suffer a very real injury of a crippling nature or even death itself.

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Character name: Midian "Middy" Ochre / Black Midi

Affiliation: Legion of Doom / Black Spear Cartel

Location: The Lady's ghost ship

Allies: @Dredge 

Enemies: Terran Defenders @amenities

Middy's lone eye watched with a dismayed scowl on his face, as the Lady Blackhead and her new pet trudged through the beach in attempt to reach the Legion commander Dredge. His face scrunched as he scowled even further at the sudden realization of what the Lady's efforts truly meant. Despite her extravagant and ostentatious display of power he knew that no matter how powerful she is she cannot summon that large of a behemoth within a matter of minutes. All that energy has to come from somewhere and Middy already knew. The lone eye's gaze drifted downward, settling on both his half-raised arms. The limbs were pale and withered, nothing more than skin and bones. As the sun's light graced upon Middy's form, anyone would easily see his gaunt look almost like a starved man. Yes, it seems the Lady borrowed a little bit of vitality from him and the other cartel members, seeing as the few people he had managed to round up earlier were now sprawled on the deck gasping for breath experiencing even worse symptoms than him.

He did not blame the Lady. Middy understood what she was aiming for. Summoning an unnecessarily large, barely mobile creature is a dumb idea. It would only draw more attention to the beast and the Lady recklessly putting her life in harm's way. And that was exactly what Middy expected of her. He knew her for a long time and judging by her actions she was rushing to Dredge's side, while removing as much aggro form the troops as possible by making herself as the better target. He can already see the parts of the beast falling and the Lady's power barely patching up the cumulative damage on her mount. Especially after she witnessed the geomancy based attack the Terra defenders executed which nearly broke through her lover's defenses. 

But it was at this crucial moment that Dredge broke through the trap and with that escape he unleashed the second wave of the Legion's offense, the war beasts. The behemoths trailed after Dredge as he charged into battle heading for the Terran leader (Michael). Dredge's emergence from the mound must have brought relief to the Lady as she reversed the flow of energy between her and the cartel, now siphoning from a little bit of energy from the undead in her mount to replace the ones she borrowed from the cartel members. Middy knew at this point the Lady's terror had completed its cycle of power, and is now capable of remotely functioning on its own without energy assistance from its rider or the cartel.

Strength returned to his body, vitality coursing through his veins. He may still be a little bit pale but at the very least he can muster some strength into his limbs now. Straightening his back, Middy positioned himself bowside, his bastard sword thrust into the deck, both hands resting on the hilt of his sword.




At his command, the ghost ship turned into spectral form and sailed up into the sky, almost at the same height as the dragons. While it cannot take damage in its non-corporeal form, it was unable to inflict damage as well. For now his next task is to observe the battle from the sky, taking it all into account. The ship's cannons had been primed and are ready to fire as soon as he had found a crucial opening. He had to be certain. He only had one round of fire before the ship is gunned down by the enemy heavy artillery.

From up there he can see the Fire King taking on the Master Knight himself James Eradas, however neither seemed to have the upper hand in their bout. Middy feared the Fire King's power, strength not even the Lady and the whole cartel can stand up to in a frontal battle. He was just thankful that the Fire King live up to his name keeping the Master Knight away from the Legion's infantry.

A little further he can see Dredge leading his war beasts towards the Terran defenders. Behind him still on the geomancy formed mound was Middy's auntie Sera, crawling out of the hole Dredge had made on his exit, her foul mouth spitting sand instead of profanities. His gaze then shifted towards the death knight Ochigo who was keeping Jinsoku in check. So far all main enemy warriors are being dealt with leaving the battle to the rank and file. However he was more concerned of their slow pace. At this point of the battle they should have breached the wall already. At this rate they should have-


It was quite distressing for Middy to see the ever gloomy Mayumi take action by herself. While he tried his best to give her a wide birth on their trip towards the beach, he had no idea that her tastes go that way. It seems that the females in the Legion are fixated with these wriggling appendages. Middy could only sigh in exasperation.

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Character Name: Shanti
Affiliation: Good Guys.
Create a protective barrier in a specific area of the city to protect innocents.
↳ ✘✘✘∎
Allies: @SweetCyanide @amenities
Enemies: The Bad Guys.

BV9Moud.png"Get them out of there now!"

It had never occurred to her that there would be tents set up to help the injured. There just wasn't enough time to think beyond her actions, and now they will have to possibly pay for her mistake. She only hopes that she is not too late to get who they can out of the way, now that the fight between the man and dragon has gone from timid to heated

"Take the injured from here to the buildings over there," she grabbed a gentleman by his forearm and dragged him to the street leading to her shield. 

Just seconds ago, she and the gentleman in her hold had exchanged a few words, a bit heated and bit rude, but she could understand his point of view. She was not part of their army, she is just some random stranger trying to help and during such dire times trust is a sensitive subject. The elf has proven herself to be helpful, and she will not stop until this is over, yet there had still been some hesitance to the man. It was only when she had grabbed his arm did he see the glowing crystals, the budding shield rippling in the air, that he genuinely understood her actions. 

"Send word to the tents and have them move there - quickly! They're on the heels of that battle; we can't afford to lose our resources to it."

The first man had been released to assist in moving the partially healed soldiers; the second man received his orders and items as well. She handed him two gems that would allow access into the shield while also pairing as amplifiers to the other four used to raise the protective barrier. Having partial help to make it stronger will enable the barrier to last longer and also alleviate some weight of its construction off her delicate shoulders. She hopes by sending him, a soldier of this land, whoever was in charge would listen and quickly evacuate to the buildings being protected by Shanti.

"You three, let the people on the beaches know that their injured are being sent to those buildings, that the tents are no longer useful due to the danger."

Shanti did not like giving them orders to return out into the hellish expanse of sand and water, but they accepted her words and moved quickly to spread the message to those more important than she. 

The barrier continues to grow in strength and size; it now surrounded the entire cluster of buildings against the wall and would soon wholly encompass them. Sweat trickled down her brow, her strength slowly deteriorating due to the balance of the shield and her healing those that needed it the most. They were now surrounded by battle, it slowly trickling into the city; to her left, the prison is being broken into, behind her a dragon was waging a war of its own, and not far from the prison the wall was being attacked. 

She wiped her forehead with the back of her hand - these challanges will be met headon. With whatever strength she has left, she will ensure it.

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Character Name: Agony / Dolor Aeternum

Affiliation: Abaddon Triumvirate

Location: Initially on the beach, then on the wall…then in the Market of Last Chance

Allies: None

Enemies: None…yet


If he had learned anything from his casual observance of the Terric government and their military it was that paranoia was plentiful. Foreign elements were not appreciated. Elements that were not in their control were frowned upon. This was why their stance on unnaturals was so domineering. Their outward discrimination against entities that were inhuman and did not live up to whatever fashioned standards they held was what had tempered so much animosity from factions and groups that clung to entitlement. Dredge had amassed an army of disposables swayed by the mistakes of the Terric government and only served to accelerate what likely would have been the inevitable end to the unaccepted. A flurry of heavyweight blows was underway and Agony could not just idly observe from within the ranks of men who sought to defend an ideal given to them by the massive power their leaders have amassed. Most were undeserving of their spoon-fed nourishment and even those who had earned their potency still weighed themselves down with sentiments of patriotism or hubris.


Hidden among the psionic team of the Terric military, the responsibility that he inherited could not be avoided. After the remote detonation of mines, and the realization that the black ichor that Mayumi spewed had managed to break through their psychic barrier forced him into action. He could hear those around him calling for action and their swift movements isolated him in a matter of seconds due to their zeal. Had he the wherewithal of a child or of the child-like Mayumi in the distance he might have just stood their dumbfounded or ran away but Agony soon found himself mimicking the Terric psychic forces gesticulations and movements. Pretending to aid them in their diversion of the black liquid to the ground per Michael’s orders, the others around him started to ease up in comfort regarding the largest of this group though his mass was unlike anything they remember from their training drills or preparation. Still, Mayumi’s liquid managed to drip through and he found himself kneeling down to touch it, feeling the burning sensation coupled with the attempts to bend his mind. The attempt itself, however, would be futile and, while he feigned doubling over in pain from the affects, he felt a tingle of pleasure along Obtenebra that nearly distracted from his guise until Michael shouted for the geomancers.


Witnessing the display of such a coordinated effort, Agony shot up which caused one of the men nearby to attempt to embolden what he considered a fellow man. “Get up soldier! Get back in position!” An eerie look was offered back at the man, the semblance of human flesh marred slightly before the soldier would see what he had considered a fellow psychic dart forward toward the newly created wall of the geomancers. “What the hell are you doing?!” The thunderous thuds that Dredge provided against the wall spoke of future release so within the smoke that had been created from the explosions, he rushed forward with noticeable agility that he attempted to maintain limited enough for anyone to believe a human was capable of achieving it. With no noticeable heat signatures offered and visibility now lost as he entered the cloud of smoke, he waited until Dredge freed himself and released a slew of war beasts. Obtenebra rippled violently as it morphed his mass once again to look like the Dredge that had been visible before the earthen wall had been created. Perhaps Dredge would notice the mimicry briefly before he began charging at Michael with the salvos but he would have little time to address it as Agony leapt hard into the sky much like Mayumi had earlier.


Coincidentally his large mass would boulder through the air much like the child-like abomination did and in the same direction. Landing with a vicious thud several feet away from Mayumi, this ‘faux-Dredge’ would witness the appendages the child wielded and suddenly be reminded of the creature he had travelled with in Yh’mi not too long ago. Knowing Mayumi to clearly not be anything close to what Sasha is, he darted his head in Maira’s direction briefly. The woman had some control over some golems and seemed poised to attack. Obtenebra rippled and the sinew of his armored legs tightened before he shot forward with unrelenting speed toward Mayumi. With a massive arm stretched, and with enough distance to sufficiently sprint into this maneuver, he moved to launch the creature into a trajectory that would see her heading toward the dragons in the distance and far away from Maira’s defenses. Perhaps the fact that he looked like Dredge would debilitate the child’s defenses enough to allow this to happen but even if the attack missed or was blocked, Agony would continue to move by launching himself into the market area below.


The chaos likely present within the city proper would only be exacerbated by his appearance and while he may very well bring the might of the Terric military toward him due to his actions, he hoped the Terric military’s penchant for sacrificial destruction to achieve their goals would aid him in the end. Crippling the marketplace of Lost Chance breeds opportunity to the willing and should they wish to rain destruction on all of the patrons within then they would only be doing him a huge favor. That is if he even managed to gain the attentions of anyone who wasn’t already engaged.



-          Agony pretends to be a Terric Psychic Operations Soldier for a while then runs into the veil of the smoke provided by the explosions and geomancy.

-          Agony shifts to look exactly like Dredge when he arrived and uses Dredge’s forceful freedom from his earthly prison along with the smoke to create some confusion. He lunges toward the area where Mayumi and Maira are.

-          Agony, disguised as Dredge, lunges forward and aims to launch Mayumi toward the area where Pereistroika and Tenkai are.

-          On success or failure, he lunges into the Market to lose himself further in the chaos present down there.

@PurplePanda  - direct interaction

@Dredge @PandaHat  - indirect interaction.

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This was her first battle. Fights something she never really dealt with in her short time on this earth. She only remembered waking up in the middle of a plain with no memories. It was a surreal experience to try and think about, but since then she always felt off; learning these new abilities that these strange tattoos had given her. She never fought, only ever running away from villages who chased her, and the world that despised what she was.

A necromancer.

She didn't understand why they hated abilities she herself still didn't understand, but she did find the dead far less judgemental. They were her friends and did everything she said. It seemed this legion thing had worked out, but she felt way in over her head and wondered if she was going to die. Well at least she be welcomed in the afterlife.

The dragon' tail crushed into the ground with immense strength. Claws like ginsu knives cutting through the air as they tried to get a bead upon Tenkai, but he was too fast. The swordsman leaping through the gap and landing underneath as it was made whole once more. 

Perestroika rising from his head and firing three more rounds before her luger ran dry. "Shiese" she swore, dipping back into Luthrim "You are very annoying herr swordsman!" The dragon said. Her mannerisms and accent still bleeding through.

She didnt want to kill him, but she didn't want to disappoint Dredge either. She had nowhere else to go! The fear of lonliness driving her from the safety of luthim. The dragon struggling to attack him as Tenkai kept close. The tail picking up speed before swinging in his direction. The dreaded girl being launched forth from his tail and aiming to crash directly into him.

If she can get him into Luthrim. She could detain him!

Luthrim' very flesh beginning to cling like oil to Tenkai as she tried to shove him into the trap. She wasn't a fighter, but she was most certainly a survivor. "Just get in zere already! I don't vant to harm you!" She yelled as she continued to fly at him. A baton in her hands. Her last remaining sidearm. 

@Tenkai Matsumoto

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Character Name: Evanjalin

Affiliation: Legion of Doom

Location/Objective: Beach / break the barrier / break Michael

Allies: @Dredge, she supposes

Enemies: Valucre, especially Michael @amenities

It was only a few moments before the star was standing upright on her own, and the attendant at her side hesitantly released his grip on her. Her silvery eyes watched the Terran front lines with some hunger; her energy reserves were no longer full, and she required live bodies to regain strength. Regardless, she still had one or two more expenditures left, and needed to use them strategically- that's what Dredge had told her, anyways. Save your energy, he had told her again and again as she lay in bed, commanded to rest. You're going to need it. Standing in the overlord's massive shadow, the dark star wondered whether or not she would even be given a chance to flex her cosmic power. The excitement of battle seemed to overcome Dredge, and his many flamboyant attacks left her little room to form an offensive maneuver of her own. She watched with mild interest as the armored behemoth dug into the ground, telekinetically lifting and detonating many of the mines in their path ... with Dredge so distracted by the conflict, she thought, it would be so easy for her to simply reach out and claim his particles for her own. 

The battlefield was soon enveloped by thick, acrid smoke, but Evanjalin kept the toxic molecules away from her face. A flash of red in her periphery drew her attention, head turning toward the light; it was not unlike the red giant stars who had once spangled the edges of her world. It was almost too late when the reality of the rapidly approaching light struck her, and she barely managed to raise a hand in time- 

With a mangled cry, Evanjalin unleashed a massive force of pressure out toward the approaching blast, meeting it only a few meters from where she stood. An ear-splitting crash filled her delicate head, drawing another agonizing scream from her perfect, rosy lips. The flame torpedo had rocketed off of her resisting force with a clap of thunder, and hurtled back toward the wall in all of its fiery glory. It had not been a completely elastic collision. The blast was slightly smaller now, and would not reach Michael's exact position, but it would land high enough to impact the barrier surrounding the Terran forces. The sheer amount of pressure she had mustered would be enough to retain much of the torpedo's original, deadly speed.

The dark star of the Legion collapsed into her attendant's arms, totally limp save a twitch in her eyelids. This is where she remained as the wave of hot sand folded over the troops, encasing them in a cage of diamond. 

She dreamed, as she always did, of twinkling lights in the darkness. There was silence. There was only mass, pressure, atoms, and gravity, and these forces all bent to her dominant will. She answered only to time, sitting upon her throne in the heav-

A weak cough rose from her slightly parted lips, though her eyes were too heavy to open. Evanjalin's attendant waved a pouch full of smelling salts in front of her nose with one hand, shaking the woman's shoulder with the other. "Wake up, ma'am," he urged, voice cracking in the darkness. The lady's faintly glowing body was the only illumination in this black prison, and her light reflected off of the diamond cage with an abundance of sparkles. When at last Evanjalin opened her eyes, she almost thought she had somehow traveled back home. A vague, dreamy smile began to cross her lips ... until the attendant's open palm slapped her cheek with unforgiving force. 

"WAKE. UP." 

It was too late. The attendant scooped her up once again as Dredge shattered their prison of diamond, and a whoosh of fresh air entered the dank space. Within minutes the Legion had bounced back, rising from the ground like ants after rain. In the chaos, Evanjalin and her attendant were separated from Dredge; the war beasts howled. A light groan left her as the pain began to settle in, filling her limbs with lead. She despised this weakness. The attendant had begun to retreat with her still nestled in his arms, but, realizing this, the lady brought a closed fist to his breastplate. "No." 

The man paused for a fraction of a second, then continued. "Sorry ma'am, but we need you alive after this mess-"


Evanjalin did not retreat. These matters were beneath her, but they would not get the best of her; the notion was almost laughable. Her closed fist turned into an open palm over the attendant's heart. He did not realize what was happening until it was too late- he didn't even have time to scream. 

The dark star stood, letting the ashes fall through her fingers. Her head turned toward the wall, and those sharp silver eyes closed in on a single arrogant figure, the one who dared to strike out at a titan. Arm extended with her fingers splayed, Evanjalin closed her fist and bent her elbow, drawing her hand in. She didn't have much energy after her most recent endeavor, but it wouldn't take much; humans weren't heavy. Her gravity would pull a good chunk of men off of the wall defending Last Chance, raining bodies down on Michael. 

The effects of her gravitational powers would affect anyone between her and the damned fool, creating a line in the sand of bodies yanked forward with sudden, unforgiving ferocity. For many, recovery was as simple as righting themselves and continuing to fight. Others needed to pick themselves off of the ground. For those unfortunate enough to be standing on the wall above the Peacekeeper, the consequences would be severe. 

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Character Name: Private Itylra Yurieshanyaar

Affiliation: Terrenus Military 

Location/Objective: Beach / Shoot the bad guys

Allies: Terrenus Military, Order of the Force Majeure

Enemies: (Open) Legion of Doom

The battle had become an absolute cluster fuck, and frankly Itylra had no true idea what was happening or where it was happening. The battle had been raging for some time, and Itylra had been only loosely apart of it. She and her small squad of four had taken shots, gotten shot at, but it was cannon fodder - they had been pushing the beach for some time, and the various explosions, terrain altering magics and beyond had turned the battlefield into a situation which was rapidly becoming completely disorganized. Itylra had hoped to face Dredge herself, to finally receive her revenge against him for all he had done to her. For Tormo and more still, but it was clear the scale of the battle he was taking part in far out weighed her own abilities. Her rifle could kill Dredge just as much as it could kill anyone else, but the feeling she gained from watching him burst forth from diamond and sand told her he had no time to play with her - and she had no authority to leave her post, to chase he desire for revenge against orders.

So instead she returned to her task at hand, far above the battlefield a small Terric coin hovered - it's light blue glow the only indication it was enveloped in magic. It sent a subconscious constant video feed to Itylra, a full three hundred and sixty degree view of the battlefield that she could access like memories pulling them directly from her subconscious - furthermore it warned her of incoming threats, forcing those images to her conscious mind if it felt she was in immediate danger from something she had not noticed. Using this she had been directing her team, a medium machine gun sqaud, into fields of fire across the open beach. 

Men and women, beast and creature poured into the battlefield and with cold, calculating command Itylra gave orders. "Two degrees right, FIRE!" She roared, her star filled eyes a light as the medium machine gun bucked into the shoulder of the Operations soldier under her command. The burst ripped death into Dredge's cannon fodder, cutting their numbers down slow but still contributing as best she could. Perhaps Itylra had hoped for a more glamorous place in the battle, to play a pivotal role against the incoming horrors against Last Chance but unfortunately that had proven not to be her role.

Her time to shine was in Tormo, and she had failed. In the back of her mind Dredge's offer played back in her head, and she wondered if the right choice was to face him rather then save those villagers - but regret had no place on the battlefield, and so she returned to her job at hand. Spotting small groups of enemies, and directing her machine gun crew to turn them into pink mist. Her chance would come, she truly believed that - and if it didn't, if in the end her contribution to the battle was that of a machine gun guidance system then so be it. War was never what one expected, and only fools demanded a spot light when faced with so much death.

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Character Name: James Eredas

Affiliation: The Order of Force Majeure

Location/Objective: Beach/First Line of Defense

Allies: (Defenders)

Enemies:  @Grubbistch  (Raiders)


Deception was indeed the best way to win a war. Sometimes the best forms of deception was the kind not even intended. Feurerkönig had failed to notice how the escalating heat didn't seem to affect James. The Daemonslayer didn't even seem to sweat. Of all the opponents the rage-filled dark knight could have met on this day, it would be to his greatest misfortune to have come across James Eredas. Flames danced across the entirety of the man's form from the moment the he was grabbed, seemingly immolating him on the spot completely, far faster than the caster might've even anticipated. But if the rage-filled Destroyer did not notice it before, he would likely notice it now.

The enchantments against flame, the use of magic resistant dragonbone, the extraordinarily high heat resistance of his wargear, they were not there to protect against the likes of the Fire King. They were there to protect against James himself. James's aura manifested itself clearly now, a blaze that surrounded him only when he was unleashing his full might.

Image result for man on fire art

Feurerkönig was not the only Lord of Cinder on the battlefield.

The cursed metal of the dark knight's shield buckled slightly under the Daemonslayer's grip. James has always had focus on physical training, on the value of one's own martial ability, and not the reliance on their powers. It was a teaching he emphasized in the rest of the Order's learnings, and something he made a point of ingraining into his apprentice Jinsoku. It was a teaching whose effects became staggeringly clear as James proceeded to rip into his fiery opponent with two simultaneous attacks. In the world of martial arts, Shaolin was one of the oldest, and most venerated styles, and one of their most powerful techniques was that which lent its name to one of the ancient martial art’s greatest symbol of mastery, the tattoos of Left Green Dragon and Right White Tiger. It was six attacks, three for each arm, of which when two were used properly in conjunction was able to best any opponent.

Left Dragon, Right Tiger

Flying Dragon, Twisting Tiger

As James’s right hand twisted and pulled taut the dread knight’s arm on him and shield, in a mock parody of attempting to free himself (Twisting Tiger), his left hand dropped the nodachi, forming a knife hand, and taking a step forth on his left leg, he stabbed up into the relatively unarmored joint of Feurerkönig's right armpit, exposed as he was grabbing him (Flying Dragon). In that one moment, James possessed such strength and speed that not even his opponent’s arcane, hellish-forged metal would’ve withstood him even if he had been striking it directly. The result was that James’s gauntleted knife handed might have all but severed the right arm from its joint as it would plow through the weaker protection.



The source of that extreme strength? While the rage knight relied on his flames and magical swords, James relied on his strength and sheer technique, the former enhanced to an overpowering degree by the ancient barbarian's belt he wore. The Scourgewrought was once worn long ago by the most powerful of barbarian kings, mortals whose very war-cries could've shook the earth, and now, James was the worthiest to channel the Scourge. The belt was possessed of a dull light during the feat, a light that stayed with it for the no less titanic follow-up. With his brief moment of empowerment, James torqued his body clockwise, yanked hard and threw Feurerkönig past behind him with staggering force, into the path of his own flying sword. With the strength of the throw, it was completely possible that he might even have torn off the Destroyer’s arm, given how damaged it might have been.

Heritage of the Eredas, Mastery: James’s bloodline affords him the control and creation of special spiritual flames, which in reality is merely his ki, or spiritual energy . The color of his flames changes with intensity, from a tame dark crimson to a burning tinted white. The heat that is emitted from these flames can reach 4000 degrees Celsius with adequate charging time, with a instant heat level of roughly 500-800 degrees Celsius. For non-lethal tournament purposes he may use only up to 1200 degrees Celsius. Usual points of exit for his flames are his hands, but James can, and has conjured up fire from all over his body. James himself is highly resistant to extreme temperatures, in fact, he thrives in it, and he can thread the power he wields within himself to boost his own physical strength and speed. James is also nearly impossible to blind with light, possessing the supernatural ability to see through intense light sources as if they weren't there.
Any Eredas family member can summon Eredas flame, because this is the main ability of their bloodline. Only Eredas, can effectively control and wield this spiritual fire however. Command and usage, is instant, for lower level techniques, higher level techniques will just drain more energy then usual if not charged up, or prepared for properly.
James's flames are akin to a form of ki, and harbor many properties unlike that of normal flames.
Eredas flames do not burn oxygen from the air. They can have kinetic properties and even physical force at times, and is even resistant to opposing psychic, physical, kinetic, spiritual, and magic means, although all to differing degrees. It is a power relating to the blood and birth, everybody with Eredas blood and birth can summon the flames at will, but only those experienced enough can command and wield them with ease. At the coolest, they can just warm a person up, at the very hottest, melt through reinforced titanium or similar materials, acting like lava or plasma, and not even the user is safe. Anything lit on fire by an Eredas flame will be a normal fire, albeit at the intensity that the originator flame was created at. On average, they are much more powerful and concentrated then regular flames, and James can do many things with them, amongst which is cutting through materials by sheer temperature and concentration, or spontaneous combustion/explosion.
Eredas flames can be cast from many points upon the body, most points are the hands, feet, and the mouth, and the body itself. The hands and the feet allow the martial artist the most amount of control over the ki, followed by the body, and then the mouth. Very little control is present at a gateway such as the mouth. Indeed, using the mouth as a casting point is reserved for stronger Eredas warriors, and even then, only for powerful techniques, since flames unleashed from there will typically be like an uncontrolled torrent. All of ki of the Eredas, their flames, have a influencing factor, that is anathema and effective against beings of supernatural origin, particularly evil and corrupt ones such as vampires, demons, and undead, but also includes golems, angels, werewolves and the like. It is for this reason that James and his clan are known as as Slayers, for their effectiveness against any supernatural threat.

The Scourgewrought Belt

See Entry in Alterion Artifacts

A large war belt, weighing about two kilograms, said to have once belonged to an ancient barbarian king. Although the truth of the matter has been lost to the passages of time, nobody can deny that it radiates an unearthly presence. Crafted from enchanted leather bound with brass-colored madeum composite metal rivets and centered with a large circular buckle, the central buckle is embossed with symbols and patterns unknown to any but the most wizened and studious of historians. 

The belt possesses even more power to unlock, but only if the wielder completes feats worthy enough to be of sung and recognized as legendary deeds.

1. The Scourge - The belt briefly grants its wielder the strength and ability to strike and harm beings and objects the wielder ordinarily would not be able to, crippling and/or weakening, if not destroying the target outright (dependent on target size and resilience). Effect lasts for 1 turn. 3 Preps required to activate. 

2. Ancient Warrior - The belt enhances its bearer's strength and speed. +1 to battle rolls made in melee/close combat. Enhanced Strength and Speed.

3. Boon of the Juggernaut - The belt grants its bearer a measure of resilience against incoming attacks, particularly those of a metaphysical nature. +1 to all metaphysical defense rolls.

4. Boon - Locked

5. Boon- Locked


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Character Name: Jinsoku Hayabusa

Affiliation: The Order of Force Majeure

Location/Objective: Beach/First line of defense

Allies: @Fierach @Tenkai Matsumoto @amenities (Defenders)

Enemies: @Dredge @Grubbistch @Frostbinder (Raiders)

As Jinsoku fought with the enemy commander head on, his Greatswords and Enforcers fared rather while in their position. The precise teamwork proof of their cross training capability, the way they watched one another's backs so easily despite never having met directly. Their forces respectively while significantly smaller compared to the invading enemy, the gap in prowess was apparent. When Dredge pulled his move with the minefield and his choice to create hell fire that rained upon those responsible for placing them. Fortunately for this unit, the invading forces had already took the liberties of detonating this specific part of the beach's fair share. While they had yet to gain casualties, the majority of the Enforcers were injured within functional degree. The Enforcers engaged in melee committed to the feat with a myriad of spears and sabers. The question was how long? How long could they keep their fight until the larger enemy had truly began to wear them out? Their training was rigorous, but it wasn't quite the same as being trained directly by the Master Knight himself. Speaking of which, the split moment that Master and Student used big moves simultaneously would certainly captivate all whom managed to witness it. 

The sight of Ochigo being knocked far enough away to be unseen and un-sensed was mind blowing even to Jin, Was he fighting a balloon or some sort of weird construct? With deep frequent closed mouth breaths, he continued to watch the sky with a certain level of uncertainty. His guard never dropped even though his eyes were cast to the heavens, even then it seemed the the lower ranks were not willing to take a crack at him directly. Jinsoku wasn't sure what this guy's armor was made of, or even what he/she/it was made of, though there was something clearly amiss with it. So far as he could tell prior to launch, the damage the opponent actually sustained was unclear. Though something told him that things were not over yet. 


By some means that eluded Jin and defied the bulk of his training and understanding, He could see and feel his previous opponent once more, plummeting in form of a Superman punch!? Jinsoku prepared himself steadily as Ochigo hurtled naturally towards the ground once more. He waited patiently for the right moment, opting to pool more of the Raiju's Yoki in preparation for another ability should the need for such arise. Bending his knees in a half squat, Jinsoku suddenly jumped away from the landing zone. At his peak of the jump he reached about six feet of air, carrying him unnaturally about ten feet backwards. As he sailed safely out of range, he smiled at Ochigo, a sadistic smirk that perfectly matched his half mask and his exposed, narrowed charcoal eye. Before he even had the chance to land from his jump, Ochigo would find himself punching straight into the beach, where he would hopefully just be berried alive. So deep that he could not get out on his own, or potentially even suffocate assuming he was a humanoid creature that required oxygen to survive. Still, Jin would linger after landing to make certain of Ochigo's fate in his mind before finding the next battle to fight. 


+1 Prep Gained


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Character : Mayumi Takamori 
Affiliation: ????
Location: Wall, then near  @Tenkai Matsumoto 
Enemies: ?️


There was a soldier near Mayumi who had took one look at the destruction the small elf near him was emitting and did the only smart option; he dove straight off from the wall. Those who had grabbed their guns and weapons and tried to attack Mayumi were those unluckily, the ignorant, or the foolish. Two tendrils launched Mayumi into a flying kick that had such weight behind it that the woman her foot connected with had her spine splayed out of her body and wouldn't even have time to react to that before a tendril was inside of her, draining her quickly of every thing that she ever was. Three more had suffered a death most foul in nearly the same way before a reaction, a small notice of flickering shadows near the corner of her vision. This was normal for the demented Mayumi, and she didn't even take much notice as the shadowy figures came closer and closer to her. The small elf landed a twisting windmill kick that had the power to fling a man off the wall, causing him to land on a mine on the beach and sending chunks of him every where. They were almost exactly like the vacant eyed shadows she saw around her at all times, only more energetic. What caused her to pause her savage and energetically fast slaughter of the soldier was the shadows suddenly all around her, upon her. Her motion skid to a halt as her eyes flicked around the shadow golems that were very close to her, almost as if they were about to tell her some thing. They would have had her, right there, engulfed in their shadows. Those bright, orange disks in her eyes flicked to a slightly further figure. 

It was Dredge, running at her  with a fist pulled back seemingly to get rid of the figures. The first emotion had appeared in Mayumi's eyes at that moment, merely recognition at first, but turned into some thing more friendly as he stepped closer. The tendrils slipped back into Mayumi's robe, her swollen, sleepless eyes almost smiling as another step came. Mayumi clutched the tuft of hair of Enfrid's shriveled head harder, trying not to look at the golems that were almost upon her. The small elf seemed to trust that Dredge was here to help, and maybe this vulnerability that she was showing was a desperate cry of the conflicted feelings she felt for the entire group. Another couple of steps, and Mayumi held tight and fast as her pupiless eyes were locked on Dredge. Both forces almost upon her, only at the last possible second of time did the first sign of betrayal crossed the small elf's child-like face. The fist swung right past the shadowy golems and connected right into her torso with a force that crunched through her ribs as if they were made out of brittle clay. Ichor was forced out of her body in a spew all over the disguised Agony, as Mayumi was launched far, far back through the air. 

In shock, Mayumi had gone completely limp as both pain and betrayal surged through her compressed, tiny body. Time moved slowly for Mayumi, but her thoughts were so fast that there was no way that any thing would catch on, it was almost as if some one had pulled the lever of a roulette machine. Those who looked up could see Mayumi's rapidly spinning form flying through the air like an arrow as she was forced so much farther into the city. The dragons near Perestroika would then see a small figure punch into the earth with such a force that it left a small crater. Mayumi didn't stop there, she skid, and bounced, and crunched horribly into the pavement. The resulted resting clump that she had just become  did not even look like a elf, or a child. Leaking ichor, bones sticking out from ripped up clothing, some how still clutching on to Enfrid's disembodied head. The twitching mass with eyes rolled up so far into her own head started sputtering with movement. Bones were quickly rebuilding, re-solidifying, an ichor of the most foul-smelling kind continued to creep out of Mayumi as she was rebuilt. Horrifying to watch as it must have been, it was at least effective. A shuddering, retching Mayumi's eyes rolled back into place and stared at nothing for a good ten seconds before they found purchase at the two closest to her. 

A child with black dripping form every where, holding a rotten head had her pupiless orange eyes locked right on Perestroika as she was the closest one available. A horrible grimace was plastered to her face, hidden behind the black inky substance that coated her face. She wasn't happy at all, but her pointed ear flicked and mercifully she looked down at the head she was holding. Her form, still shaking, stood slowly up as she nodded in a small confirmation to what ever demented voice she heard from the head. The black stained mouth of hers opened far wider than it seemed possible on a small girl, a arm jutting out accusation-ally with a horrid crack. A scream of a very upset child called out to the dragons, to any one. " Which one of you know DREDGE?A gurgling cough followed soon after, sputtering a small amount of ichor onto the ground. It seemed only the rage had let her make it that far, the small elf crumpled to the ground and retched a choking amount of the foul-smelling ichor from the depths of her being. She wasn't up and ready, yet, her breath tormented and heavily wheezing. Tears of rage and hatred flowered from her wide eyes and dripped down, mixing with the blackness that smeared her face. Why would Dredge to this to her? Were the shadows trying to protect her? The pain was mind altering in itself, but the betrayal clearly fueled her rage.

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