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the blood we share [house hildebrand; closed]

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Something stirs in the Greywood.

The spark, the flame—


Something stirs in the Greywood.

Awakening, wake up, little seed, little plants, breathe life—

Something stirs in the Greywood.

Writhing, ceasing, no, continuing, continuing, power coursing—

Something stirs in the Greywood.

Greenest life, greenest blood, magicks from the greenest blood—

Something stirs in the Greywood.

Master, mistress, she who calls us, from deep beneath, rise up, rise up—

Something stirs in the Greywood.

Living, breathing—


Something stirs in the Greywood.

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a full summary:

On the day the Tyrant King Damien dies, the members of House Hildebrand are scattered to their own niches within the estate. Varda plants wheat in the fields, accompanied by her bodyguard Iyalon, and sees the fall of Ursa Madeum on the horizon. Nairne creates a potion that cures the common cold instantly, but declares it useless in the overall plan to cure his ill mother. Aspen assists her fiancé Cyril in crop research, and hides her flourishing magic from everyone around her. Kalika also witnesses the fall of Ursa Madeum, her daughter Suri by her side. Merel enjoys her father’s company as the most beloved of the Hildebrand children, receiving the family heirloom sword Brynhilde.

When the news of the Taen invasion reaches the estate, Lord Hildebrand plans an intimate feast within House Hildebrand at the suggestion of his eldest son. Unbeknownst to the family, Jasper plots to kill his own father, his wife Kalika a willing and intentional accomplice to the crime. Kalika pens a letter to the assassins of Ursa Madeum, providing a generous reward in exchange for the murder of Lord Hildebrand.

On the night of the feast, the merrymaking is interrupted by the discovery of Lord Hildebrand’s corpse by Merel. In spite of Jasper and Kalika’s plans to take the headship, Varda Hildebrand ascends as the new Lady of House Hildebrand. She opts to keep the patriarch’s murder hidden away from the world at large. In the midst of these tragic events, mysterious entities are awakened in the Greywood, influenced by Aspen’s magic.

a minor summary:

Even with the death of the king, life at Ravenel Manor moves as it always does: slow, creeping, the ticking clock a roaring echo in everyone's ears, like a warning. House Hildebrand holds a feast in honor of Ursa Madeum’s freedom from Damien’s tyrannical rule, but the night ends in tragedy as Lord Hildebrand is found murdered in the very bed he sleeps in. Amidst whispers of betrayal and familial dissent, firstborn child Varda ascends as the new Lady of House Hildebrand.

notable consequences: 

  • House Hildebrand is in upheaval over the sudden shift in leadership onto Varda Hildebrand’s shoulders.
  • The news of Lord Strom’s death reaches the populace of Ursa Madeum, with still undetermined consequences to the status of House Hildebrand in the eyes of the public and the other noble houses.


  • As Lady of House Hildebrand, Varda is pressured to take up a husband and appoint him as Lord Hildebrand, perhaps through arranged marriage between other noble houses.
  • The identity of the assassin/s involved in Lord Strom’s murder are still unknown; the letter proving the murder plot orchestrated by Jasper and Kalika as well as the letter with directions to the reward for a murder well done, the words written in Kalika’s own hand, are still lost to the winds. Finding them may start the unravelling of the truth behind the murder of Lord Hildebrand.


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