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Ruins of Ashville

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Rough Map of Ashville, Post-Fog. Many of the buildings seen in the image are mounds of rubble, as without wooden supports and a general lack of minerals in the stone walls, many of them crumbled to bits. There are seldom few intact buildings in the ruins.

Notable areas: The Ruined Warpgate, located in the plaza near the center of town.

The Goverment Building to the west, with its crumbling fortress walls and lack of adornment.

The church close by the Ruined Warpgate, which housed one of the cosmic visitors, and her flesh-hungry kin.


Located in Eastern Terrenus, Ashville was a former trade city of some repute. Located a few day's travel from the coast, it was an ideal spot for traders inbound from Last Chance headed further North or South into Terrenus. Once a very wealthy city, Ashville was either a dream home for the wealthy merchants of Terrenus, or a retirement plan for some in their twilight years. At its peak, Ashville boasted an impressive population of five million citizens, the majority of which lived comfortable lives separated from the troubles of the world, including the growing concerns of the Terran Civil War.

Approximately a month ago, a peculiar colorless fog descended upon the city. It rapidly engulfed the city and the surrounding countryside, making travel conditions difficult, if not completely impossible.

The events of that last month defy rationale.

In a matter of thirty days, Ashville faced a threat unlike anything seen on Terran soil in the continent's history. Ashville's residents descended into madness as they fell victim to the cognitive effects of several otherworldly entities, who pitted the citizens against each other en masse. Resident upheaval reigned as citizens erupted in bouts of fury, or despair, or delirious euphoria. Hundreds of thousands died; the rest grew so paranoid that they hid away in their homes, in their cupboards, afraid to eat or drink or look outside for fear of further retribution. Even then, they weren't safe, as a malicious creature chose to use the desolate city as the breeding grounds for her kin. Thankfully, this abomination was slaughtered by a small group of wanderers who found their way into her nest by accident. Though the foul creature fell, this only made it possible for another entity to finally reap the harvest it'd sowed. A great voidsent Maw careened down upon the city, devouring everything it pleased, including the very life from the earth itself. It left nothing behind, save for grey stone, dirt and dust.


In a matter of thirty days, the great effort and care that went into building a city five million souls strong was wiped from the face of Terrenus, leaving only ruin behind.

Ashville had a population of five million citizens, the majority of which survived the destruction of Ashville. Many of the city's more aristocratic folk, having seen the fog settle upon the streets of Ashville, sweeping around the city's taller buildings like heavy, colorless cloaks, set about preparing to leave. They helped rescue a fair bit of people, arranging for a mass migration of nearly 750,000 civilians to the nearby kingdom of Hyperion, who accepted all into her walls. Many of the others, escpecially those on the outskirts of town, fled outwards, deeper into Terrenus in search of family to stay with, or perhaps even looking for sanctuary somewhere in the newly erected territories. More of them managed to take warpgates, airships and the lightning rails further east towards Aspyn; approximately 3 million civilians evacuated to the city. 

Many of these escapes came with a heavy price, as the raid on Last Chance preceded the destruction of the city. As a result, with Ashville's warpgates and lightning rails offline, scarce few options were available for the civilians to utilize. The nobles of Ashville could be praised for their efforts here; their wealth and resourcefulness meant that airships, wagons and armed escorts accompanied the fleeing masses. In order to move three million people in such an organized fashion, they needed to expend a tremendous amount of resources--several of the Nobles left Ashville with only a pittance of their former wealth.

Additionally, approximately a thousand (1000) civilians survived the ordeal, but lost their memories, identity, history and even their destiny. Worse than dead, these hapless sods will not be remembered, will not be mourned. They are the Nameless, a small, pitiful faction of faceless creatures, with no place to call their home.


The Maw that devoured Ashville consumed everything---well, nearly everything. It consumed all living and magical material; plant-based materials, precious metals, 'magical' materials (including magitech, crystals, sorcery and so forth). To this end, an impressive majority of Ashville's old architecture meets new architecture style has been reduced to colorless, lifeless towers of stone and dust. That said, the impressive majority of Ashville's ruins still stand, though they only offer mild suggestions at the city's former grandeur. The destruction of the rails leading outward into nearby cities has crippled transportation along those rails, possibly permanently. Additionally, many of Ashville's larger structures have collapsed upon themselves, toppling over into the streets below. While Ashville was doubtlessly a sprawling, yet clean city once upon a time, the roads are almost all covered in debris now. The city's once impressive silhouette now gives the impression of a skeleton, the corpse of some great beast.

That's not to say there are not landmarks, however. Buildings like Ashville's marketplace, an almost all-indoors pavilion that housed an all-day market, was mostly made of stone and still serves its purpose faithfully. The ceiling has begun to crumble with the stone and tiling losing their meaning, but it still gives the impression of the economic powerhouse it once was. In its current state, it resembles a failed bunker--pitted stone walls and open-air lighting, with rain water pooling on the cracked stone floors.

The capital building still stands, as well, in stark defiance of the tragedy that happened here. Much of the stone architecture remains in its current state, though all traces of luxury have been picked clean. It still offers an impressive, somewhat strategic view of Ashville, and it's quite easy to make the building out on the horizon. Perhaps this is a must-visit for aspiring adventurers.

Ashville's position in Terrenus, and the compromise of that position, has left a great scar upon the continent. It is equal parts a tragedy and opportunity; if the territory can be claimed and reinforced, the ruins could make a pivotal position for future military campaigns, or perhaps the city could be rebuilt and improved upon. Perhaps it might even be possible to come to understand where the city's destroyer  came from, and why it left Ashville in such a state.

For now, there are very few efforts to attempt to recapture the ruins, for fear of the great Maw that devoured it, as well as Terrenus' more humane focus of putting the victims first, having the government more concerned with protecting its people, over reclaiming existing infrastructure. Neighboring cities have already bolstered their border patrols, and scouts survey the area frequently. Hyperion was quick to take in a grand number of the refugees from Ashville, many of whom are already being rehabilitated and given work, and many of the citizens are presently settling in Aspyn. 

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