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[Faction] The Kingdom of Aligoria

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Population: 333,000


Aligoria and areas of note-

Formerly known as Teaville, Aligoria itself is a city occasionally shrouded by a dark haze, and is rumored to disappear from view entirely on nights with no moon. Of course, these rumors are both unsubstantiated and unverified... The city's general architecture embodies the influence of the nearby Scudder Forests, with all but the city's most important buildings built from wood and timber. The general architecture bears a strong resemblance to the Carthaginian style. Also, inside the city, there have been several notable changes. First, several houses and the barracks previously housing Teaville's city guard were torn down in order to make room for an expansion to the city's biggest tavern, The False Ship.



This expansion houses the Shadow Guard, a primarily human force replacing the town guard, yet also accompanied by much mystery. Second...



The old Frost Manor has been claimed as the base of operations for Neque, the Shadow King, and Princess Sibyla. Residents claim the manor has taken on a dark and foreboding aura under its new residents, and swear they've seen strange creatures entering and leaving in the dead of night. Sibyla claims these rumors are silly at best, and also speaks of the manor one day being expanded into a grand citadel. Indeed, several areas of the manor are in a state of constant construction, these areas shifting from time to time.

Lastly, north of Aligoria proper, where the Day River splits into three, a notably large harbor is under construction. When finished, it is projected to look something like this:



For now, however, the area consists of a small port and a boom stretched across the water, and all those going up and down the Day River are now required to pay a reasonable toll to Zerand Blacklong, one of Neque's vassals (the only one, currently). If the metallic warriors peering over from the docked longships don't intimidate a traveler, then surely the threat of the Shadow King's wrath brings them pause and a reason to consider compliance...

The surrounding area-

To the north of Aligoria lies the Day River, and its water is used to water the city's major tea gardens and other crops planted on the city's outskirts. Past the river is a plain of little note, and the Kingdom may place an outpost there sometime in the future. The Scudder Forests lie to the East and the South, and there are logging operations at the edge of these woods that supply Aligoria with timber. There have been reported sightings of a couple of centaurs in the forest, watching the loggers from a far distance within the woods. This makes them rather hesitant to cut too deep into the forest... though if the Shadow King commands them to do so, they will comply. To the west lies a lightly forested stretch of land reaching to the coastline.



Aligoria fosters a culture of intellect and unfettered ambition, and values the story of everyone living within it's borders. The Shadow King has implemented a kind of citizenship test in which anyone seeking to live in the kingdom must share their most interesting story about themselves. If it brings forth any positive reaction from the seemingly impassive monarch, the person in question is declared a citizen and allowed to live in Aligoria. On top of that, ambition is fully respected, never diminished, and Princess Sibyla helps brings to fruition all but the most unreasonable ambitions the citizens have.

Education and development

Aligoria values intellect, and as such has been establishing a fine educational system, though these programs are still in their infancy. Subjects taught include world history, a more focused history of Aligoria (mostly regarding Neque's empire from long ago, and his travels with the knight Gormaric), mathematics, sciences, literature, and engineering, among several others. As one's education progresses, they are allowed to take classes most suitable to their interests, from more militaristic pursuits to more civilian pursuits. These more specific subjects include Shadow Magic, Strategy and Tactics, Siege Engineering, and many others. For the most part, these are taught in a surprisingly unbiased manner... but a couple of the instructors have been known, out of nowhere, to have the Shadow King talk through them and speak at length about the "Tyranny of the Light".

Government and Politics


Neque, the Shadow King, holds absolute dominion over Aligoria. Princess Sibyla, however, is nearly his equal in power, and serve as Neque's right hand. Many believe her to be the one who actually gets things done, but nobody dares to claim that Neque's contributions are any less than hers. The two of them are advised by the Black Council, which was formed out of Teaville's "elite", including the former mayor. There is not much they can do to deter either Neque or Sibyla from something they are dead-set on doing, but the two of them generally take their advice into consideration, at the very least.

Foreign Relations-

As a new thread in the grand web of politics, Aligoria has yet to make any real connections. However, Sibyla is constantly searching for opportunities to make these very connections, and furthermore determine both Aligoria's allies and enemies... The Kingdom is currently gearing up for war, but they are fully open to negotiation with any other entity that seeks it.

- Having made contact with the forces of Chesterfield, a tentative alliance has been formed after a skirmish over an outpost in the northwest of the region. Time will tell whether this will hold or devolve into further animosity.


Aligoria's military is split into two major divisions: The Shadow Guard, and the Subversors. The Shadow Guard is composed of Aligoria's human forces, and a small but growing contingent of specially modified Warpgolems. They number around 10,000.This is the subtle arm in the Kingdom's military endeavors, led by General Alexios, a member of the former town guard whose ambition Neque found pleasing. The Shadow Guard operates in acts of subterfuge, sabotage, and assassination, and use the power of the Inanis to cloak themselves and make themselves faster, so as to use as their well-made knives and specially-designed arm crossbows to deadly effect. They can also handle themselves in a more direct fight if that becomes necessary. The modified Warpgolems are capable of producing dark, strange, and wonderful magic to aid the Shadow Guard in their duties.

The Subversors are the more direct arm of Aligoria's military. Led by Princess Sibyla herself, and numbering around 35000, the Subversors are composed of Hellmaulers, regular Warpgolems, those human forces found unsuitable for the Shadow Guard, and war elephants specially bred by Neque. These war elephants have been exposed to the power of Inanis, so that the Shadow King can field-test particular effects of the dark power. The Subversors are the Kingdom's hammer and anvil after the Shadow Guard has gone through and softened up the enemy. There are not many forces to be found out there that can match the strength of the Subversor units directly, and those that can serve as primary targets for the Shadow Guard. It is the two divisions working in tandem that will bring defeat to those who dare stand in Aligoria's way.

Finally, as Neque's vassal, Zerand leads a force of about 5000 troops loyal to him, consisting of metallic warriors (Robo-Vikings), mysterious clockwork drones, many low-tier undead (summoned by him) ... and a dracozombie. Aligoria is hesitant to allow expansion of this force until Zerand has fully proven loyalty to Neque and Sibyla. Only time will tell how that ends up.


Aligoria's primary export is, in accordance with its previous identity as Teaville, tea. The tea is still considered as some of the land's finest, and Neque's takeover has allowed for more expedient exporting. Aside from that, the Kingdom also exports a good amount of timber. On the import end of things, Aligoria imports large quantities of stone and metal, presumably for building purposes. But mayhaps the purpose is more sinister in truth...

Canon and History

List of canon threads-

Where Light Loses Form- Detailing Sibyla's takeover, and the establishment of the Kingdom of Aligoria.

Sweep the Leg- In which the Aligorian General Alexios lays claim to an abandoned outpost, but is swept into conflict with Chesterfield. This skirmish culminates in an armistice between the two factions, with the area's resources being divided and the outpost being shared between the two factions. Time will tell how this arrangement will play out...

The Depths of Ambition- In which Aligorian forces under the banner of Baron Zerand Blacklong, vassal of Aligoria, escorted miners into the Scudder Forests in order to establish an Uru mine there. After protecting the miners from attacks by bandits and centaurs, the mine was soon established and the operation was taken over by Aligoria's Shadow Guard.

Some Assembly Required- In which Zerand Blacklong deals with issues in his factory. He is lead to saboteurs in the port of Aligoria, whom he dispatches after they are revealed to be connected to the fallen Frost family who ruled before the Shadow King. He undoes the effects of the sabotage, and uses the resources gained from this excursion to speed up the timetable of his factory's production.

Any relevant historical information, such as its creation, where/how it is now, goals for the future, etc.

The Kingdom of Aligoria was nonexistent as an entity before its inception, but its leader once held sway over a mighty empire that brought fear to all within its reach. Perhaps Aligoria is Neque's attempt at reclaiming this lost power... or perhaps it is the turning over of a new leaf. At this time, it is impossible to tell which interpretation is true. What is certain, however, is that the Kingdom prepares for war in the wake of the chaos sweeping Terrenus, and seeks to strike pre-emptively and form a buffer zone to keep the chaos out of the lands it claims. But that is merely the now. When, or perhaps if, order returns, what then? Will Aligoria seek great power and sovereignty, or more simply to exist as an entity without being under the heel of those that presume themselves greater? Once again, for now, it is impossible to tell...

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