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Demons and Demigods.

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It was only two years ago that the world of Emon was experiencing a golden age. Trade was booming, the peace between the empires thrived, and the font of magic in the world was flowing freely. Then, one day, a rift appeared and out of it stepped the first of many dark entities. It was just a small one, an imp if you will, but it caused so much devastation. After that first incident was handled more came through. Bigger, stronger, better. They started their reign of terror on the floating isles of Drak'onika causing their magic crystals to fail and come crashing into the seas below. From there it spread all across Emon, enveloping all known civilizations.


Two years later and the entire world of Emon is a nothing but a black stain. What was once bustling cities are now places you go if you wanna get stabbed. The town of Alundra, what was once a large mercantile town with a bustling red light district, has now become the largest beacon of humanity left. In a tavern in the red light district a short, slender Half-Elven woman she mutters a few words in an ancient language and slices her palm open draining a small bit of her blood into a stone bowl. A red smoke rises from the bowl and her lips move silently as the smoke scribbles a message into the air, "Children of the Gods. You're assistance is needed. Meet at The Dragon's Den in Alundra." The puff of smoke dissipates into the air.



Jacob was laying in his bed comfy and happily sleeping when this vision popped into his head. A bunch of words in red smoke. As soon as they vanished he woke up with a gasp. He didn't exactly feel like he was that important but being the son of Hecate he knew he would have to go, either that or his mother would have a fit. She was one of those helicopter parents ya know. He knelt down and gave a small prayer to her for strength and good luck, then he got dressed and headed out for Alundra. It would be a long journey, Shademarsh being in the south east courner of the continent and Alundra being smack dab in the center, but he would make it. He muttered a single word and he went invisible and started walking towards his goal keeping an eye out of any and all enemies.

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Gwyn slowly moved forward, making a little noise as a panther. His bare feet making no sound, despite the fallen leaves and twigs. And there he saw it. A 14 point buck. It's fur had a lovely sheen, its antlers large and intimidating. Most importantly, it was huge. There was so much meat on that thing it would feed the entire village for 2 days by itself. 

Gwyn took his bow off of his shoulders, grateful that he didn't leave it in dual swords mode, and notched an arrow. He aimed as he always did, with perfect prediction and precision.
He let loose a short whistle, and when the deer looked up, he loosed his arrow. It flew through the air at an incredible speed, and pierced the deer straight through the right eye, and out the other side of its head.

The deer fell instantly, dead on impact. Gwyn rushed to it, retrieved his arrow, and inspected it. Once again, Hawkeyes Gwyn had made the perfect shot. The rest of the deer was left pristine, allowing for the entirety of its meat and bones to be used.

Gwyn hefted the massive beast over his shoulder, with a significant amount of damage, given his frame and build, and with more difficulty, started walking back to his village.
When he arrived, panting, sweaty, and exhausted from carrying this massive deer, the other elves in his village looked at him. Some with admiration, some with pride, but many with jealous contempt.
This came as no surprise to Gwyn. Having both the blood of elves, and the blood of the Greek god Apollo, there was no one in his village that could come close to matching his skill with a bow. Being only 15, this caused a good number of veteran hunters to be very upset with this teenage upstart effortlessly being their better.
With his elf ears, he heard one mutter "Peredhel." Elvish for 'Half-Elf'. Gwyn tried not to let it get to him, but it still stung. As if he could do anything about Apollo sleeping with his mom. Whatever, he was still better than that asshole anyway.

Gwyn dropped the deer of in the Prepper's Tent, so that it could be skinned and butchered. Then, he went to his house. It seemed his mom was out at the moment, so he just went up to his room. He held out his finger, and a flame sprouted from it. Another little gift from his father. He used that to start a small fire, and then inspected himself. Sure enough, there was a small cut on his left foot, so he ran another finger across the length of it. His finger glowed, and the cut sealed. Yet another godly talent.

On 8/1/2018 at 7:38 PM, Kayderyn said:

Children of the Gods. You're assistance is needed. Meet at The Dragon's Den in Alundra."

Red letters appeared in front of him. Even for Gwyn, this didn't normally happen. He wondered exactly why his assistance was needed, but if he didn't go, Apollo would show up, tell his mom, and he'd just go anyway but his mom would be mad at him.
Gwyn decided to have a nap first. After a few hours had passed, he got up, packed his things, left his mom a note, stopped by the Trader's Market to pick up some extra provisions, and set out toward Alundra. He wasn't exactly happy about this, and he could feel the relief from the veteran hunters now that they wouldn't get shown up for a while. But, he decided to make the best of the situation. How, he wasn't exactly sure, but he was going to try at least.

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