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Port Sun

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Port Sun ☀️

"The only side is the sunny side!"



|| General ||

Name: Port Sun

Moniker: Port Terran | The Colony

Heraldry: Three suns forming a triangle, encircled by a emerald circle. Thus representing Taen as it's well known by many the inhabitants of Port Sun that green is the Taen's major national color.


|| International Stance ||

Loyalty: Taen Empire 

Allies: Renovatio

Enemies: N/A


|| Geography ||

Topography: Due to Port Sun by a sky port, the city is just a couple miles away from the edge of Renovatio. Only the docking for airships itself is at the port's edge. The land around the Port Sun is extremely rocky and windy, however the airship dock is well maintained and leads directly into a covered shelter. Using underground pathways, the shelter easily connects to the main body of Port Sun- the distance should take no more than 15 minutes by foot. Though most merchants simply dock their airship before unloading it to those who are already waiting with vehicles to transport the goods.


Cityscape: The city itself is increasingly at a surprising rate. Large, relatively modern buildings are seemingly appearing over night and the concretely financial stability of Port Sun attracts merchants from all over Valucre like bees to honey. The city is set at the top of a hill near Renovatio's edge where multiple streams meet, only in order to cascade off the floating continent to the ocean below. Port Sun is not divided in any particular socioeconomic fashion, but there is a split between the market and the housing. The east side of Port Sun is almost completely a market, ranging from the selling the clothes and food to military weapons. The west side of the port is dedicated to housing its citizens. Other than the occasional food and clothes market, industries are not allowed to set up shop within the residential district.


Climate: Windy. Very windy. The port is on the edge of a floating continent. Oddly enough, however, it doesn't rain very often. The reason for its name, Port Sun, is rather obvious. It's always sunny.


|| Demographics ||

Culture: Most people in Port Sun are merchants. so nothing has a solid price to it. Everything is bargained for. Otherwise their culture is similar to the rest of Renovatio, with a tinge of Terran influence.



  • Total: ~1.5 million
    • Elf: ~20%
    • Human: ~20%
    • Renovation: ~40%
    • Dwarf: ~19%
    • Beast People: ~10%
    • Other: ~10%


Economy: Port Sun's position as Taen Empire's primary foreign port boosts not only the Port's ability to build in new buildings and better their infrastructure, but also requires for the majority of goods being exported out of Terrenus by the Taen Empire to go through it. From there Port Sun disperses the goods around Valucre by selling to third party merchants or directly to customers in Renovatio. Their main currency is that of Renovatio, but because of Port Sun's connection to the Taen Empire, Terran coin can also be used in certain places.


Major Companies and Institutions

  • Aurelium  Incorporated - "Where the dreams of tomorrow become the achievements of today."
    • Noticing Port Sun's almost guaranteed profits, a Aurelium Incorporated branched out to Renovatio. While its main body may be located in Terrenus, this branch is headed by the same Director and thus is just as invested in scientific discoveries and advancement.


|| Government ||

Local Government: The local government is relatively democratic. The civil voice of a merchant city is extremely loud and therefore pushes for many changes decided on by the populace. The government itself is headed by an official who is considered a PRIME in Renovatio but a Regent in Terrenus. Under him is the council of merchants who are elected by the Port's citizens to make their voice heard. 


Federal Government: Above the Regent/ PRIME, is Emperor Titus Demetrius of the Taen Empire. In the end Titus has absolute authority of the Port. That said, there's never been a time in the Port's current life time where the Emperor has overruled the council. For the most part he allows the Port to run on its own. Although Port Sun is in Renovatio, it is not under the flag of the Grand Kommadant Primera thanks to an international agreement between the rulers. Emperor Titus is allowed to establish a port in Renovatio under his banner, while the Grand Kommadant Primera is allowed to do the same in Ursa Madeum. In doing so, the two ports are Sister Ports. Port Sun and Port Moon.


Education: The education in Port Sun is relatively one sided. Multiple schools are scattered throughout the residential districts, but only merchant-orientated courses are taught passed the 12th year. For more scholarly education, a university or school of learning outside of the Port would be required.


Transportation: Airships, cars, etc


Notable Residents: ----


|| History ||

During the negotiations of A.N.T. or, the Treaty of 597,  Emperor Titus Demetrius and Grand Kommadant Primera formed an international declaration granting each other permission to set up a port in the other's territory. The international treaty not only would allow both parties to further advance their international trade, but also formed an alliance between two strong nations. 

Almost immediately after the declaration was formalized, Emperor Titus send a handful of airships to Nu Martyr with order to begin the construction of Port Sun. Within a couple days its foundation was up and running. The idea of having a foreign port in their land attracted the curiosity of many surrounding Renovatio's and the interest of foreign merchants who had never before seen a Terran run port in Renovatio. With the backing of the rising Taen government and its fortune as a port, Port Sun is thriving.


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