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Taen-ted Love (Another Recruitment Thread)

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Are you bored?

Don't answer that question, it's rhetorical. You're on an internet role playing forum, of course you're bored! But luckily for you, I, Danzilla3, have seen fit to descend from my throne of pizza boxes and ammo cans, to bring you the solution to your existential enui! It's called


Right now you may be asking yourself, "What is Taen?"

Well if you would stop interrupting me with your thoughts; I'll tell you! Taen is a sub board of Terrenus; but far cooler and sexier than any of the other sub boards, and if anyone says different, their lying. But what is it that makes us so cool and so very, very, sexy? Our setting for one thing. You see, though Taen is technically a part of Terrenus, it isn't strictly speaking IN Terrenus, nor is it really in the same dimension! Taen is located in a pocket dimension that can only be accessed via portals, primarily the ones located in the Blue Hills region. 

Practically, this allows us to do things in Taen, without worrying too much about meshing with the rest of Terrenus. We have a rather laid back policy with regards to cannonization that can basically be summed up by saying if you put in the work, we'll probably let you do it. As long as your not directly contradicting existing canon, we're pretty cool with you doing what you want. And I would know! Taen was were I cut my teeth on this site, and to date, I've created an entire city, two different species, a budding criminal empire, and have characters in important positions all over the place! Whats more, the setting is still very much developing, allowing for you to help flesh it out however you wish!

But maybe you prefer to join in on someone else's thing rather then start your own. In that case, we still got you covered fam! *Flashes white boy gang signs*

We have a number of quests available to be undertaken by interested parties. In fact, right now the Crime Lord of my afformentioned Criminal Empire is having a huge party to celebrate his return from a business trip/ to make new business partners. Whether you want to join the festivties, or make a criminal connection, everyone is welcome!

So come on down and join us in Taen! You want to be cool and sexy right?!


@Csl @Ataraxy

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What if you don't want to take on a quest right away though? what if you want your character(s) to acclimate to the unique pocket dimension of Taen without the pressure a quest brings? I've got ya covered there too!


Yep, it's a hub thread. Ya know ya wanna...

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