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The home base of the Servants was once known as the town of Everrun, a small enclave of merchants and farmers about a hundred miles south of Selmath. Recently, the town was sacked by bandits, and then retaken by the survivors of the attack. As a result, many of the buildings in town have suffered some degree of damage and are currently undergoing repairs. Wary of another attack, increasing security around the town became a priority, though they were unsure how to go about it. The problem was solved by the arrival of the Prophet, who used his mysterious abilities to raise a fifteen foot wall of stone around the city, complete with guard posts and a heavy wooden gates. When asked where the material for these structures had come from, the Prophet had explained that he had drawn it from the stone and old tree roots that lay underneath the city.

While the area around Everrun is not strictly speaking desolate, it is certainly not hospitable either. The soil is poor, and only certain crops can grow in it, which is why the people also raise and slaughter livestock; primarily cattle. Rocky terrain makes traveling off the main roads difficult, if not impossible at some points of the year. Clouds cover the sky most of the time, and cold, gentle rain is frequent. Average temperatures range from the high sixties, to low thirties.


Most of the Servants are residents of Everrun; a small town of merchants and farmers who made most of their money off of travelers going to and from Selmath. The devastating bandit raid has made the community more insular, and less trusting of outsiders; though under the influence of the Prophet, this has changed. Under his guidance, the Servants welcome those who are sick, hungry, and tired so that they may be taken care of; though visitors are searched, and closely watched.

The Servants are heavily in favor of the use of magic, and believe that all should be allowed to use it without government restriction. They believe that when man tries to exercise dominion over such a powerful natural force, that chaos is the inevitable result. Consequently, they are heavily opposed to the Safeguard act enforced by certain cities in Terrenus. However, violent opposition is frowned upon.

Children and new members of the Servants are taught the philosophy of the Prophet, though this is not the only subject covered. Optional classes in history, math, writing and reading are also offered, and members are encouraged to take at least one. Group discussions of philosophy are often hosted by the Prophet, who encourages members to share their own personal views on a variety of subjects. 

Government and Politics

The most important law among the Servants is that violence is forbidden except in cases of self defense, or the defense of others. Of similar importance is the law which states that no man shall try to restrict the access of others to magic. Violation of these laws will result in immediate expulsion from the Servants. Besides these two laws, rules are mostly the same as anywhere else in the world. 

As of yet, the Servants have not reached out to any organizations in either a positive or negative way. This means that while they do not have any enemies, they also do not have any allies either. Efforts are underway to change this, with the recruitment of Preachers to spread the word of the Prophet across the land. While they have not interacted with any major power in the region, they are always welcoming of outsiders in need of food, shelter, or medicine.

The military of the Servants are known as Shepard's, and are mostly made up of those who fought to retake Everrun after its capture. New members are accepted and trained in the same manner as the citizens themselves were by mercenaries. Though they mostly act as a peacekeeping force, they are more than capable of defending their territory from those who would take it from them. 


The Servants engage in trade with any who offer, and the majority of their economy is still based of of this trade; though efforts are being made to diversify. While the services offered by the group are free to all, donations are accepted from those who have the means. The Preachers often travel to nearby towns to offer their services, and frequently bring back gifts of food, money, and material. 

Canon and History


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