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Updates to Aspyn - a new setting!

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Newish anyway. Greetings friends, I come bearing lore for one of the most up-and-coming territories in Terrenus! 

"What about it," you ask?

It's obvious! Aspyn has taken on quite a shine in the eyes of Terrans fleeing from the travesties of the Terran civil war. It offers

  • A degree of safety and tranquility paralleled by few others for its nearness to the Gaian clergy and Terran military; and for that,
  • An environment of economic and social wealth largely buffered from danger and free for perusal, entrepreneurship and adventure.
  • Races of all sorts who get along, having come to enjoy safety from war and prejudice.

So come! Learn about Aspyn's blessed fruits and the cursed Bi'le'ah nearby.

PM me or post here when a mission strikes your fancy or you have a bright story idea of your own 😄 

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