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        .:.   Stonehaven .:.        



Welcome Traveler! Any and all information you may need in order to provide yourself with a knowledgeable journey across Stonehaven can be accessed in the following database. Please plan your visit wisely, and enjoy your stay.


.:. General Information

.:. Places to Visit

.:. Classifieds

.:. Other...

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.:. General Information .:.

Please see the Lore Page for more in-depth information.


Guardian of the city: Aunoma Eiwa

Court: Council of Seven

  • Allied Nations & Continents
    • Aelindra City, The Rising West of Genesaris
  • Enemy Nations & Continents
    • None at this time


Stonehaven is a technologically advanced city that prizes itself on its ability to not only maintain order and law, but to also educate its people on the importance of hard work, diligent efforts, and career placement.



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        .:. Places to Visit .:.        

There are many interesting places notable for catching a newcomer's eye. That is not to say there aren't more places to be wowed by than those currently listed.

Please feel free to click the images for more information pertaining to each of the most visited places in Stonehaven.










.:. Mantis Industries .:.

This company rivals the Ulysses when it comes to its technological advances. Although it does not deal in import and export, it does maintain its work for the advancement of only Stonehaven. This is also where most engineers and scientists earn their educations before being broadened by other assignments.







.:. The Ulysses .:.

Here you will find the largest conglomerate body for buy, sell, and trade of imports and exports. The Ulysses is the largest corporation in the city, and deals with most of the transportation of goods and services to the city masses.








.:. GrixBy's Gadget Emporium .:.

If you are looking for any sort of bauble, trinket, frippery, gimcrack, gewgaw, or ornament, this is the place to find it. Not only does GrixBy and his family create these intricate little pieces, they also design larger more ornate objects at the behest of their customers. They also sell all manner of 'make-your-life-easier' gadetry for work, home and/or play.









.:. The Haven Conservatory & Preserve .:.

Home to a diverse species of flora and fauna.

Some genetically engineered and other captured

in the wild. Also home to the Garden of Eve

Resort, and the up-and-coming Fantas-Menagerie. 






.:. Garden of Eve Resort .:.

Staying in the lap of luxury is one thing, but being able to live temporarily among the wild flora and fauna of Valucre is another adventure entirely.

Here people may spend time dwelling in special garden biodomes that help bless them with peace and tranquility; while also boosting intrigue.




No sneak-peaks available at this time!!!


.:. Fantas-Menagerie .:.

Coming Soon!!




.:. Alpha & Omega .:.

The two similar ports on both the northern and southern most edges of Stonehaven. People coming from Terrenus usually prefer the Alpha Port, and those coming from Genesaris-proper the Omega Port.




.:. The Trenches .:.

The most ideal places for fortune finders and treasure seekers, are the trenches. The beautiful and dangerous network of underwater caverns beneath the island are vast; most never having been explored due to the dangers present in attempting to do so.









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.:. Classifieds .:.


All across the ECS one may find a number of classified ads for sales, trade, work, and special missions/quests.

These special missions and quests are believed to be generated by the Master Technician's office and are usually deemed dangerous by the locals.

When one mission is completed it is removed from the board and replaced with another, so please don't forget to refresh the page...


Requirements are as follows for Quests:

.: Transmit you interest via PM so I can update the quests with current and active information.

.: You can have as many people join the thread as you want, but the person leading/initiating will have to dictate how the spoils of the mission are passed out. For example: whether or not they are to be divided between party members.

.: Post minimum is 30 posts. QUALITY over quantity counts. I will read the thread before presenting rewards, so try not to spend 15 posts having your characters get acquainted with one another.

.: Obviously, read the lore. If you don't it will only hurt you, because...

.: Aside from the basic information provided I leave it to YOUR creativity to decide what it is you find your character dealing with. As long as it fits the lore of Genesaris and Stonehaven.

.: If a quest has been started, but left inactive for 30 days without notifying me of a reason. The current thread will be scrapped and given to another interested party, if any.





There's something out there...

In the waters surrounding Stonehaven, something has been causing ships-containing specialty goods from the mainland-in route to the island to randomly disappear before reaching their destination. There have been multiple claims that something has been sighted lurking in the white caps of waves before a ship 'disappears'. Please investigate and nullify this possible threat to the economy and peace of Stonehaven.

.: Reward
Personal Sea Vessel: Size of a small house, equipped with basic short-range laser weapons and single kinetic cannon turret, fully submersible, comfortably accommodates a crew of up to 5, operable to maximum efficiency with only 2 (one for main navigation, one to operate main gun).

Status: Open

Spelunking too deep [Repeatable]

It's widely known across the island that people who dare to go spelunking in the caves riddled beneath it at the edges of the raging waters, go missing from time to time. It could be that tide comes in and washes them away, or unknown creatures of darkness dine on them, or they take their loot and run. A few days ago a guided party of seven has gone below and not yet returned, but their families believe they're still alive and in danger. Please find and rescue these poor souls before it's too late.

.: Reward
Mermaid's Mane Artifact: A thin braided lock of hair believed to be cut from an ancient being that used to reside in the sea. With it one is able to commune with ocean creatures.

Status: Open

Just keep trucking

All across Stonehaven, some brave and idiotic soul or group has been up to no good. Random attacks on transport vehicles has left a few companies with stolen goods like but not limited to: brand new utility drones, technological equipment, and food. Please find out how they have been able to avoid the Comminatio System and stop them in their tracks. Organized crime, is without saying, a serious offense.

.: Reward
Personal Utility Drone: Humanoid robot with multiple limbs, a wide array of interchangeable tools, and high-level cognitive functions enabling it to process and understand complex commands. Not optimized for combat.

Status: Open

Off the grid

Stonehaven has recently discontinued an experimental power grid that was put in place in the ocean to the north of the island, consisting of a number of tall metal towers rising up out of the ocean to act as lightning rods, with the purpose of funneling the power of the lightning strikes to the city's power supply. Connection to the towers was cut off when they began sending back dangerously intense bursts of electricity, much more than expected and nearly enough to overload the capacitors built to receive them. A crew of engineers was sent out to investigate, but after a week they have not returned and have sent no word. Travel out to the power towers, assess the situation, resolve the problem and/or rescue the engineers if possible, and report back.

A group of mercenaries attempted to investigate the incident, with much the same result as the first team sent in. The ship never returned, and all members of the expedition are presumed dead. However, shortly after this, a mysterious benefactor contacted Stonehaven officials with videotape recordings and datalogs from the lost engineering ship, showing that it was consumed by a frightening techno-virus with the capability to assimilate organic matter and combine it with technological components. Stonehaven officials have now instituted a policy of containment around this particular sea region, and continue to offer a reward for any team capable of venturing inside the quarantine zone and dealing with this mysterious outbreak.

.: Reward
Integrated Ethernet Console: This small handheld device features a screen and a remote connection to Stonehaven's Ethernet Network, allowing the user to access an incredible range of information and functionality at the press of a button. Doubles as a telephone/radio, able to connect to and call any other Ethernet-connected device.

Status: Open

Legends of the deep

Legend tells of the Deep Heart, a massive blue crystal with incredible powers hidden away somewhere at the very bottom of the very deepest trenches of the ocean, surrounded by an alien landscape inhabited by creatures who live so deep in the darkness that no man alive has yet seen them. Stonehaven authorities have reason to believe the legend is true, but do not know the exact location of the Heart. Any who are able to brave the depths and pinpoint it for retrieval would be in the island's debt.

.: Reward
Deep Heart ShardThis magical crystal the size of a man's fist is infused with the essence of the sea itself. While it is in contact with a person's skin, they gain the ability to breathe underwater, to see underwater with perfect clarity, immunity to water pressure at any depth, and the ability to move freely through water with only a thought, needing no locomotion from their own limbs.

Status: Open




Business Owners/Managers :.

We are in search of active members to contribute to Stonehaven's lore either via already created businesses labeled in the Lore or on the 'Places to Visit', or with newly created business ventures of your vary own. Please contact -Lilium- if interested.

Council Members :.

We currently have 6 seats on the city council that are open to people interested in playing a role in Stonehaven, whether good, evil, or neutral. Please contact -Lilium- if interested.

  1. Aunoma Eiwa, Inheritor of Guardianship over the city.
  2. Open
  3. Open
  4. Open
  5. Open
  6. Open
  7. Open

Inter/National Alliances :.

We are always open to negotiations and treaty talks.

Please contact -Lilium- if interested. 






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