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Suddenly, a summer breeze...

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...and a mighty lion roar~♪

Greetings, folks. You may call me Rachel; been looking around for an active fantasy-based roleplay forum, and I figured this one might suit me well. I'm an experienced roleplayer from forums, chats and tabletops alike; I draw stuff, occasionally write, enjoy gaming and music, and will try most food at least once. Hope I can add to some good scenes in the near future. :3

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Hummingbird, thank ya for the welcome. And hey, some people eat bugs; no big deal. 😛

Roen, to be honest I mostly draw furry stuff. If you're interested, I can hook you up with my dA page?

EDIT: Here's a picture of the character I had in mind for Valucre. Reminds me that a) I'm bad at symmetrical eyes, and b) I want to get a tablet to start doing digital in the near future. :v


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