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Hell's gate was pinnacle to Magitech and innovation; it's skyscrapers and structures vast in scale, and made it feel like a true concrete jungle. Crime here far less obvious, and remained as low to the ground as possible. This city still as capable of swallowing the unprepared as any other house of cards. 

Ouroboros was a club slowly gaining popularity in it's curious drinks and curious staff. It was a two story building with the depiction of two snakes eating either ending surrounding the frame of the velvety double doors that acted as it's entrance. The neon sign blinking off and on in rhythm and filling the streets it surrounded with an intoxicated light. 

It was a hard thing to ignore for certain.


There was a doorman mounted at the front; a dark blue suit and lighter red tie making his outfit. A wide brim cowboy hat covering most of his face, except for a ghostly pale white eye that watched each patron go in. May having an awkward few moments of awkward silence before he nodded his head toward the door and looked towars the next patron. 

Through the doors, she would find a short hallway doused in purple, orange, and blue neon. The sound of music thrumming through the hall, growing louder the closer she moved in; pulling a curtain back and revealing the hall opened up into a vast room. The Music now blaring around her she saw that it was rather packed in here. Men and woman of all races and variations enjoying themselves in various means. 

A stage was ahead of her with tables and a dance floor at the center. The music getting some patrons in the mood for a night of dance as a gold haired woman lavished in reds and whites sang to the infectious beat. Her eyes sparkling the same gold as she looked at May from across the club and winked. 

To the immediate right she found a bar with circular counter surrounding the alcohol shelves themselves. The bar stools actually rather vacant, only a few patrons around one side. The bartender a golden skinned man with periwinkle hair combed in a dazzling quoff. 

His eyes darting toward her and revealing a charming pink lipstick smile "Well hello darling, what can i get you? Snake' Coil perhaps?" He asked, revealing a glittering smile as he leaned on the bar curiously. 


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The next stop on the where does May go next tour was apparently Hell's Gate.  How the teenager hadn't ran herself into the ground beyond recovery would be something to behold to anyone who knew where she'd been.  May would handily tune out the flashing lights, music and other distractions as she tromped into the venue.  Clearly set in locating an alcoholic beverage and relaxing the girl would not be deterred by anything else.

Upon approaching the bar the attention of the thirsty girl was grabbed by the waiting barkeep.  Emerald and deep blue hues drank in the maze of multicolored shapes formed by the various drink ingredients on the shelf before piecing together a response to the man's inquiry.  "Yeah sure. I'll have that."  Typically the ex mercenary put some thought to such inquiries, but impatience bade her to take whatever would come the soonest.

Still moderately saddled with coin from previous employment May would have no problem financing the beverage and graciously accepted it.  Grasping the beverage in hand the girl would find a table to sit at located polar opposite of the main festivities.  A gulp would be taken from the drink without heed for the alcoholic strength in the glass or her absolutely poor tolerance.  The hit of alcohol left her dazed, and after another big sip the teenager swiftly lost consciousness.  Fortunately the beverage was set safely down before then, but other problems could arise from the predicament such as the vulnerable state she now rested in.


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