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Beating Down Barbarians for Fun and Profit (Umbra)

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The man with the black eyes placed a sack of coin on the table.

"It's simple. You help me drive off the barbarian tribe terrorizing the Runestone mines, and I'll pay you well for your troubles. If you happen to find something in the mines that you'd like as a memento... well, just be subtle about it."


A mysterious man is looking for allies to help him smack around some barbarians harassing a mine producing rare Runestone. Will you answer his call and lay a beatdown on those uppity barbarians? Please? 

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2 hours ago, Diremast said:

I need a partner, don't want to to it all by myself and need some more information. A work atm will get back to you later 🙂

No worries. My character will be leading the charge. He isn't just hiring people to do it for him. 

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9 hours ago, RachelTheSeeker said:

Any chance the sortie will include freelance warriors? My shield-maiden Aralisi would be willing to lend a clawed hand... 


Sure, they can come along! But with that, I think we have enough people. 

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