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Forging allies (Private)

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The wilds of the Dark Forest flashed with a bright light as a steaming mass of metal and energy landed in the soft glow of the morning light. The thick gnarled woods had not seen light for some time as he landed just outside of a clearing a mile wide. The Imperium's doorstep if you would.  
The calm was broken as the sounds of nature stopped dead in silence a blinking red light emanating from his chest plate flasrf and the light of his eyes began fading fast. A distress beacon of sorts would begin to signal as the droid began to power down to low energy output.
Leaves blew past the droid as they fell from consciousness.
dark clouds would begin to fall over the forest and rain would begin to fall in a deluge of darkness and Break could feel the rain roll upon his face but soon even the touch receptors would begin to shut down sending him into a type of dream state


"My lord Dredge?"
The young droid still in his child form tailed behind the behemoth of a man carrying  a datapad calculating numbers of the total dead from the last raid.
"Why must we destroy the people we claim to save?"
His young mind didnt comprehend the gravity of what he spoke but he could sense the contradiction it held.
a furrowed eyebrow as he looked at the scene at which was around him. Countless innocents had fallen to the god king here. Blood had stained the droids boots and he was not even in the fray.
What follwed next was not an answer but a beating. 
A firm Backhanded slap sent the droid 20 feet back the armor on dredges hand slashing at Breaks face leaving the permanent scar upon his otherwise perfect face. Before landing on a crate holding stolen goods and food.

“Do you feel that pain boy? Did it wake you from that stupor? We are that pain to wake this universe from its diseased sleep.Because people like us need to exist. What we do isn’t glamorous, good, or even morally right. But without us, there would be nothing. The light needs the dark, and the dark needs the light. That’s just how it works. We all have a role to play, and this was the one I was born into. If you wish to leave it and change your path, you may. But we both know you wont, you werent made that way...”

Break was in dire need of repairs and rest. his armor had taken damage and his power supply was low. He was vulnerable.

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The rain was noisy and loud tonight. It's pattering drizzle a requiem for one's soul. The revitalizing constitution rainfall could provide was one Marigold loved to ponder. His eyes often drifting toward skies, looking through the clouds, through the dark sky and into the stars. 

It felt so freeing...to know just how infinite the universe was. What magic lay beyond? What species? New realms and new discoveries. He wanted to be a pioneer. His eyes ever glued to the night sky.

A blip on his glasses causing him to sober from his thoughts. A source of energy being materializing somewhere near the imperium; it was a good thing the detection software was working. Raphael would be the last to threaten him in his own home. He would make sure of it. 

Marigold grabbing his cane, and beginning to make his way down to the ground floor. He found it strange that despite losing a limb, he didn't feel overwhelming fear. He had already lost so much, that this was a minor inconvenience for him. It was something he knew he could get over with time, the device in his skull pulsing with a slow green light that proved even his madness couldn't shake him anymore. 

A spotlight bloomed to the life from the Imperium as several droids passed through it's Grid Wall defenses, soon followed by Marigold himself; only one of these machines following him to the treeline. A lanky harnless looking construction droid. 

The doctor finding the source of the disturbance; a couple? One of which seeming to have collapsed. Marigold knitting his eyebrows in concern as he moved forward; now only a few feet away from the two. His glasses glowing with a light of their own as he scanned their vitals.

Both of which very...peculiar.


"A machine materializing here of all places? How interesting" He muttered. Marigold moving closer, and inspecting break curiously. He was damaged, and needed repairs it seemed. "You'd be hardpressed to find anyone around here with my skill set Im afraid" He said in response to any protest as his droid lifted Break up and marched behind Marigold who began to make his way to The Imperium. It's walls sizzling from the rainfall. "You are free to follow, can't rightfully leave you in the rain can I?" He called to Khaki.

The journey taking them through the energy walls and into a dry facility with several different buildings and structures tethered by walkways and catwalks. A brisk walk leading them to a central building and through a set of sliding doors. The room within possessing a large hologram of a planet. Pieces of it still missing from the design; a work in progress.

"I'll admit I haven't seen the likes of something this advanced before due to it's rarity. I'm one of a few in this whole world even capable of understanding...how curious" he muttered, scratching his chin. Break being laid out upon a medical table.


Marigold taking out a pack of cigarettes as he turned on the table; a scan flourishing through Break and running a diagnoses. "How'd he even get here? There was a high density magic emitting from the treeline before vanishing and leaving...you two" He said, a trail of smoke spilling from his lips and rising into the air as he watched the screens collect Break' data

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"I don't know actually -hic- know," Khaki replied as he peered over Marigold's shoulder. She had been silent through their whole trek as she was busy enjoying her booze. So far she was impressed with the good doctor's facilities, granted she can understand how some of them function but she would need more time to learn and understand if she wanted to reproduce some of this machines back in her workshop in the Lady's airship. Like most cartel members she was more attuned to magic and less on the technical science-y side of things. 

Once more, she emptied her flask with a loud chug. After the battle of Last Chance, she and the droid lying over there had been sort of hanging out together while the cartel rules does not say anything about fraternizing with outsiders but she could care less. Hell, even the Lady and Dredge does a lot of stuff in their sleeping quarters. She knows cause she can hear them every night. Every godforsaken night.

While she watched the screen, she can find more fascinating things with the droid, Break. Some of the materials Break has in him are not of this world, nor anything she had ever seen. If the only the Lady was not distracted by that Dredge, she would have been here with them, eyes filled with fascination and wonder. The Lady Blackhead would propose that they start opening the droid, dissect him just to see what makes him tick.

"So doctor. What are his chances?" Khaki asked, the stench of alcholol in her breath wafting towards Marigold, "Tell me, can Break be repaired?"

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A loud explosion was heard from upstairs. "Fuck!" Came from a very angry female voice. That was it. She knew she crossed the line. This was the reason why she couldn't use technology. It would always backfire on her and get her into trouble like this. She couldn't cook. She couldn't manage to touch something without her electricity powers going mad and acting like a damn emp or switching off power anywhere...she accidentally always ate fire when it was a candle or a campfire. 

"WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME?!" Came the voice of a very angry Arashi. It could probably be heard cause of how mad she was. If the walls weren't thick enough to contain the sound. This was going to shit for her, pretty fast. Now the mircowave was broken. Oh god. How is Marigold going to react to this? She was certainly scared of what would happen. 

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Break was slowly moved from his spot of rest as the stranger took him in. He had not known this kindness in a very long time.  As an artificial being, Break was often treated as less than human.
He had few friends to speak of so having kindness shown to him by a stranger was unheard of.  Not that he was conscious for any of this. He was on low power running on fumes.
The mass of futuristic tech would be an endeavor even for the genius that was Marigold.  An experienced engineer would be able to tell the materials used to make this wonder of life were otherworldly in nature highly resistant to damage yet lightweight.
at first glance one could easily mistake this droid as human. its hard exterior would soon be noted to only be armor. Human skin lined the droids body. But this was no act of necro magic but a feat of science a type of synthetic skin able to grow and repair itself. Its inner workings moving as a body able to eat and breath. Moving to the head Marigold would note that the metal surrounding the braincase was extremely dense and unable to be penetrated by scanners.
It wouldn't take much longer before the core that powered Breaks systems began to catch up with the amount of energy lost.
If Marigold were paying attention he could note that the powersource within Breaks chest while not endless, was nearly infinitely replenishing.
A deep breath inward would shatter Breaks silence as he came too.

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Break' form was hovering in the stasis field the medical table produced. It made it possible for the doctor to check his form despite the weight of the droid making it difficult. His eyes moving over every detail as it was scanned over. Data and graphs beginning to formulate across the screens surrounding the table itself. The glow of the screens glinting off his glasses as he blew a trail of smoke into the air. This wasn't purely machine. He possessed living tissue, and yet he was brilliantly designed.

The stench of alcohol breaking his listless concentration over the scans of his power source. His eyes flicking toward Khaki. "I have used some of Valucre' rarest materials throughout my career and still have seen nothing close to the level of technology here" He said tapping Break' arm and giving him a slight spin in place due to the stasis.

"I will be able to repair him, he seems to be the equivalent of exhausted. That's the best I can diagnose right now. This...Break as you call him needing A few repairs-"

The sound of an explosion heard and causing the doctor to swear and turn heel and stick his head out into the hall "Arashi you infuriating girl! You are my assistant. You are supposed to help me, not BREAK my lab further! I swear by the late great Edward Aloysius Murphy Jr you are the personification of his entire research!" He barked. The device on his right temple beginning to pulse a slow green. Flecks of green haze beginning to populate his irises as he turned back toward Break.

"She is maddening at times i swear" He groaned, taking a few tools from his tray and beginning to work on repairing Break.

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Khakina smiled, or tried to. The best she can do is push the corners of her lips up to form something reminiscent of a smile. Most of her emotional functions have been removed to cater to the needs of the artificial intelligence inside her. This is also why she is unable to add any emotions to her voice despite her fully functioning vocal organs.



"Heh! Sooner or later, the way your assistant's breaking your lab, it might need more repair than Break's," Khaki jabbed at the doctor monotonously. While she hadn't seen who the assistant was but she would find out soon enough. Well, as soon as the good doctor is finished repairing Break, She did take note that the doctor ignored the damage caused by his assistant and gave more priority to the damaged droid before her. IS that dedication to his work? Or is the doctor so used to this kind of destruction of his property that he no longer worried about it.

Shrugging off the thought, she offered the doctor her flask of bottomless booze. "Here doc, for your worries. Nothing beats a good drink during the most stressful moments."

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