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In Arkadia Prime, a man who only calls himself Yago is causing a spat of havoc in an R&D facility. Armed with explosives, firearms, guerrilla tactics, and bizarre powers, he's causing quite the ruckus. Your job: to try and stop him! Either a heroic passerby, or someone who's answered the call of being able to deal with a powerful 'mage', who so far has been able to repel police action through both lethal and nonlethal means. Currently, it's unknown what exactly he's after, but there is the suspicious addition that there were two points of forced entry: pointing to that possibly, there is a second perpetrator somewhere in the building taking advantage of the chaos.

Yago's tactics have allowed the total evacuation of the facility, and currently, all personnel sent inside have been forced to extract, or slaughtered single-handedly by magical and conventional means.

The facility is a 2 story building, with 3 sublevels. The second floor, only offices, has not been touched by Yago, while he has dipped in between the first and first sublevel floors rapidly during his movements, and heavy resistance in those sectors is to be expected throughout.

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Still looking for possible candidates to join the team. Remember, you could be a heroic passerby, or someone taking the urgent bounty and arriving seconds later or whatever. Posting order goes by who posts first.

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