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Every Reason Leading You Through Here

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The looming facility, with coiled spires like the pillars of a cathedral, with a steeple of offices and the shattered glass entryway into the building. Smoke still billowed from the entrance, like the baleful, waiting breath of a dragon looming within. What could possibly drive a man to enter this, where many have been crushed and driven out? A job was a job, perhaps. There was no visible evidence from this place, at the base of the great staircase leading up to this institute, of the assailant's movements. The night didn't make things any better, too. The lamplight, and the spotlights posited by the police force that formed the perimeter cast grand shadows over the building. The frightening visage of this palace of science didn't wane with inspection, as the knowledge of the warrior within marked each inch of its exterior with the interior damage leaking out.

Approaching our hero is the police lieutenant, who supplies him with a map of the building, and info on the tactics Yago's employed so far against their forces. Remote control explosives, a battle rifle that uses conventional ammunition, and magic that asks a question that current protocol can't answer.

"I'll level with you. Whatever goes on in there, we can't send anymore in, we can just keep him from coming out, got it? No shame in turning back if things get hairy, but don't expect us to be the ones to get you out. I dunno whatever reason's leading you through here, but..." He sighs, clapping them on the back. "...I'll just have faith that your reasons are good, and you're not going in here without a clue."


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Lyonene didn't ignore them, neither did she acknowledge though. It wasn't exactly her duty to come out here and do something about small-time terrorists, but she had time to burn before she was shuffled off into something bigger and better. This momentary diversion will help sharpen her reporter of skills, keep her studious and ready for any other pesky little challenges that may come up. Alterion is a not the sort of place to just stand still, there's always something happening, always someone disrupting the manufactured peace. 

The Untouchable was curious about the magic; everything else was just standard run-of-the-mill sort of stuff. This unusual little circumstance will undoubtedly reveal what plans this stranger has tucked away in his limitless mind - if he is left to live. It wouldn't be beyond the woman to allow such a person to live, especially if they show a promise of bountiful skill that could benefit Ocelot and his cause. He trusted her judgment, allowed her to do whatever she wished while beneath his rule; she took advantage of such freedoms from time to time, this time may be one of them.

"For the greater good of course."

She is but a pawn in the game, a weapon for their leaders hand to use as he saw fit. It's her duty; a duty created some time ago between him and her family, that forces her hand. The young lady is not a hero nor a villain, just an unfortunate victim to circumstances she has no power or interest to fight against. 

"Take care of the problem and make sure everyone goes home on time. Beyond that, I have no real plan on how to deal with this."

Lyonene is forthcoming, not wanting this gentleman and his men to rely too much on the Untouchables capabilities. There's a bit too much opportunity for this whole thing to go sour, and she would rather keep their backup on their toes, prepared for anything. 

"I'll know more once I get in there though."

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As if responding to her apathy, something about the lab became slack. Glass hanging on to the steel lattice of the entryway fall apart, clattering and becoming beauteous dust. The officer stepped out of her way, returning to his position on the radio, trying to assure a higher-up that now it was under control. Playing the game of micropolitics, he had simply nothing more to offer to Lyonene.

The spotlights shined a path for her, spattered with drying blood. The doorway, still standing but without a door, groaned as Lyonene completed her approach, and toppled over the moment she crossed through, letting it CLANG like a thunderclap, before the lab's silence choked it to nothing in the echoes of the great lobby.

The foyer of the lab had sofas, and different receptionists' desks for the different departments, marked ARM, BIO, and DIG. This R&D laboratory developed weapons, biotech, and excavation equipment respectively. Because of this, the foyer takes on a 'four leaf clover' shape, with the round ends of the clover being the round hooded desk spaces, with lower ceilings and sturdy glass shielding. Do to a C4 blast, the fourth desk, for GRN, or 'green' department, for the lab's upstairs financial offices, has been made into a crater.

In the GRN reception desk, was a CCTV electric panel, blasted open, with the black, stencil-letter label mostly scorched off. This detonation seemed not to be after his entry: He'd come through the cargo area. Rather, this was a trap, judging from the scent of singed meat, and a crispy boot jutting from under a filing cabinet, to stop counterintelligence while taking out enemy personnel in one stroke.

Somewhere, Yago was in this building, and what question his magic asked was a mystery she'd yet to learn of...

...it can't remain unknown.

Inbetween desks ARM and BIO was a lightbox, while seeming like an older screen, it was really a slatted series of small bulbs. Personnel were noted in orange, the labs and their statuses in green, yellow, and red.


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John Colt had been inactive in the killing world ever since leaving Genix laboratories. The medical umbrella organization had been liquidated after corruption from within. Scientists turned on engineers, the director had been brokering shady deals with low-level cops in their sector. Colt preferred to kill them but without the protection of Genix, he couldn't attract such attention. In his spare time, John had been running strings of robberies with different crews he picked up, hitting small-time shops and medic stations.

Colt's work at Genix was in no way ethical. If the Director needed someone eliminated, such as political opposition or just a foe from school, John was the assassin in charge of such. As much as he had the thought of killing everyone he encountered, he figured it was best to learn about them. It was true he had respect for some, but his feelings were something like bats, waiting until the dark to appear and going into hiding when those around him can see.

Colt knew there was a mage terrorizing Alterion, but he couldn't be sure it was for any reason he would be interested in. It's in his blood to kill, but if the police had been at the facility, they wouldn't let a third party assassin stroll right in without proper authorization. He decided to check the scene out and see if there was a way in without attracting attention from law enforcement.

He had noticed a police officer eyeing him as he walked by the crowd, prompting him to confront the lieutenant. John Colt stood tall at 6'2", wearing a white button-up silk shirt, black cloth pants that extended into black work boots. The no killing had gotten to Colt, disrupting his senses and triggering headaches comparable to migraines. His pistol was tucked into his back waistband. With his hand on his weapon, he approached the police lieutenant hesitantly. He moved swiftly but slowly, careful not to remove his eyes from the copper.

The lieutenant let off a smile, and Colt was especially intrigued when the police lieutenant asked him for help.


A police-sanctioned mission to hunt and kill some freak? Shouldn't be too hard. What the hell does he want with this facility anyways?

Colt had carefully examined the building on the outside before even thinking of going in. Although his finger was itching for a firefight, he decided it was best to approach this in the best way possible. The facility wasn't as big as he had hoped the challenge would provide, but he figured it would be an easy kill if he found whoever or whatever was doing this.

The lieutenant said there's someone else going in to apprehend the mage. I should catch up with her before she tries to kill me thinking I'm the other one.

Colt withdrew his ice-pistol from his waistband. He slid the chamber back which exposed a glowing, light blue crystal that illuminated the ground in front of him. He made his way through the front courtyard into the building. 

The closer he got, the bigger the grin.

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JZGy0Sq.pngLyonene's hand rested against the empty hilt at her hip, a habit she often did when her hand needed to be occupied. There were no other weapons to be found on the small woman; she prefers to remain as neutral of an individual as she could. Plus, in these kinds of situations, it wouldn't do her any good to be armed to the teeth. She needs room to operate in such a changeable space and would instead not be weighed down by too much.

Delicately she wandered towards the lightbox, only glancing here and there to ensure that nothing ambushes her during her curious look over. She looked at the list of personnel, noting the unknown whereabouts of Dr. Kreiter; the variety of labs paging emergency response was glanced at before she moved along to the meat on the bone. The Northeast stairwell appeared the best solution if she didn't care about stealth, though she's pretty sure that the terrorist is very much aware of her presence. Untouchables are hard to ignore.

She turned to look at the boot peeking out from underneath the filing cabinet. Clearance of any kind could come in handy with this building being somewhat unfamiliar to her, plus her trust in her ability to smartly go through this process without tripping over her ego is zero. It was easy just to knock down doors and kick some ass; the whole detective work was tedious and somewhat annoying if she were to have an opinion about it all. 

Giving the lightbox another good sweep, she filtered the information to her memory before taking a trip to the still scorching body. Lyonene knelt down to lift the heavy filing cabinet off the dead person, a string of curses pittering from between her pouted lips. 

Her urgency to get along clearly painting her actions as she takes her time, her options weighed and evaluated in lazy seconds that pretty much sum up Lyonene. Whoever the attacker is, whatever his plans may be, the collateral damage shows that they have the time and the skill to wait for their prey. For now her attention is fixed on the squished and charred remains of the individual beneath her. A booted foot shove aside the lapels of what was left the person's jacket, she saw the remnants of pens and markers, but no badge in sight. 

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