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The Arrival (RexRexo red Algae Empire)

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In a world filled with microorganisms of all types, there was always a struggle to become dominate. At first it was just regular microbs destroying microbs. However the presence and fleeing of an extraterrestrial microb known as Z-35 around 2000 years ago visited and used the world as its little 'experiment' granting them the level of sentience that it was gifted

Decades went by after it fled as fights and battles grew in numbers throughtout the various microbs. Within 1657 years only 6 remained and by the year 1978 only three were left

The Corilians being the most dominant as they have the most organized coral reef cities and had begun gaining atomic power

The RexRexo red Algae was second being a raypunk society yet having spots in their territory where technology was less developed


Then there were also the Manitrix who instead of technology uses magic to defend against the war. Alas it was pointless as in 1996 they were destroyed by a sudden barrage of atomic weapons

Then there were two 

As the Rexrexo algae had begun their own atomic weapons, at this time some had begun building exo-skeletons out of steel and copper, often requesting that several algae bond together for it to operate. However our story starts in a less developed colony of algae, it didnt really have a name none but the capital has a name called Agirea yet the colony was sorly known as a lesser state and thus though it not be its name it was known as lesser state 5# one of the newer colonies, it was to be a buffer to pervent the coral hordes from invading the land by blocking one of several passage ways, if this plan worked then it'll give them time to build up an army sufficient enough to stop the hordes

Thats when it happened, all that was heard was a terrifying screeching sound followed by the sound of rushing water, as if the water was flowing out to somewhere. The whole colony was ripped from its attachments and got sucked up by a disk shaped portal that proceeded to suck up all of the algae in the colony, closing suddenly seconds later leaving a gap where the colony used to be......

-[somewhere in Eastern Oo'xora near a stream]- 


The colony was dropped into the slow going stream where it eventually setteled on the ground, the shock of this would cause panic as they have been dropped in unknown and unreached territory....

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In the chaos the more advanced algae had headed to the outskirts, less effected by the shock and headed out almost immediately they went far beyond the rest, to the purpose of scouting out the stream to see where it leads. Eventually the shock receded and the algae slowly went to work rebuild their city of red. 

However by then the more advanced algae had went searching for possible colonial outposts locations. They were far by now and the algae without them would soon lose some of the techology that they had created over the years.

So now comes the search party

"ZENEX 29067798 you have been chosen by the city to investigate and retrive our advanced algae"   said a deep garbled robotic in a language we cannot speak and a language we have yet to understand. 

The rather young algae was deployed as it was shot out from a fleshy metal building towards the west where the slow current was heading, it was slow going as it traveled from sector to sector.

The third sector it found trouble

Out of all the others a random microb becomes hostile


Enemy stats





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Zenex decided that engaging in battle would be good practice for itself besides it could use the extra raw genetic meterial.

-It fired its cannon several times however only got 2 direct hits taking away a total of 9 health

-the enemy launched ripping tenticals  with indirect hits taking away 7 health 

-Zenex  fired its cannon again, rupturing the cellular membrane of the enemy 

Zenex began harvesting the genetic meterial (+25) from it and some left over iron (+3) and phosphorous (+5) 

It traveled through the water viewing the memy soon to be sources for the economy "the richness of RGM is exotic, yerlt it seems to be briming with foul primitive beings"

yet they didnt know the half of it, it was a bounty of richness that was all too tempting for them, with this much resources just ready for the picking they could find a way back home and ultimately win the war with new and powerful weapons capable of pushing the Corilians back.

that could be when they could turn what ever this world was into a mass production site. Of course if there was a bounty of resources like this everywhere then it could be a matter of time before they run in to a civilisation of some sort, or worst a covert Corilian base. its consindered that if a portal opened once to one place it could open again in the same place.

the sun had gone it was night when Zenex had finally located the first advanced algae, it was known as the 'speed'

for good reason to, it is said that this algae was delivering the blueprints for a sonic engine capable of guiding smaller sized algae through long distances of water very quickly.

now it was time to convince it to head back to the city as quickly as possible.


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By telepa

"Your a speed how have you not traveled far????, rejoin us and help rebuild our lost hive connection" 

The algae known as speed merely had travelled the distance of that a normal algae can travel within a day. The advanced algae knew that they would begin sending search parties the moment things stablized

" had already traveled at least several sectors, I was returning to tell the others but got lost, I will now rejoin the city for now but first I need to drop something that might help you.

The advanced algae then dropped a copy of its teir 1 sonic drive blueprint its design was simple, a cylinder attatched to smaller cylinders with pipes streaming out of it. The algaes then departed as Zenex went on a search for resources...

Sonic drive requirements to build:

17 units of copper 

8 units of iron 

1 steam engine (copper class)



Those were the instructionson building



Meanwhile back at the city a colonizing Algae now having enough information of the area began heading over to a spot 3 sectors west of the city where it was open enough to settle.

It would take approximately 14 hours to reach its destonation....

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One day later 


  • Colonizer successfuly colonizes the land with little trouble as the colonizer pod (shaped much like a bullet) cracked the ground beneath it and out from the top streamed red flat strings which expanded slowly yet fast enough that it could be seen with the naked eye that it was growing.
  • Sonic engine, gatling gun, and heavy armour plating now advalible in shops and trading hubs
  • Algeria has upgraded and grew! (0.47 infrastructure added to the original 0.12 infrastructure)

3 hours later

Zenex would be in disarray, it couldn't find copper ir the steam engine any where, it was searching so hard it didnt notice the newly founded city that had formed next to it and had already begun producing specialized algea.

Then it struck one

A copper infused block of stone filled with copper,nickle and carbon

It needed to make the advanced metalworks the thing was that it required steel and prosperous and it knew it didnt have enough to make one.

There was that new city but considering it was new it was unlikely that there would be anything of interest there, city it headed to the capital city which surprisingly took only an hour's worth of time, near the city hundreds if not thousands of algae were swimming around, all of diffrent sizes, shapes, and type.

There were a few which were actully dedicated to being production centers for specific products as long as you gave them RGM. Though some would call for more RGM then others, and the problem was filtering out who was who.

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There were several that had what it needed but they called upon 80 RGM to construct it at the cheapest

"I need to exterminate more helpless organisims"

as meny passed by without care passing by.

it fired its cannon several times at the unsuspecting bacteria striking it, causing a tear that litterly ripped it in half.

"I was expecting more of a challenge.....these are primitive and weak beings yet we shall strengthen you by destroying such weakness"

  • RGM + 12
  • phoperous +7
  • carbon + 6


Within stotage------

RGM 37

Phosphorous 12

Iron 3

Carbon 6

Copper 18

Nickle 2

BLUEPRINT: Sonic engine (0 spaces)

Room left ((48))

------end of storage check

It went on a killing rampage as left and right it killed the other organisims just for RGM and leaving the rest for other algae to collect for the new found city....

It had to sell its copper and carbon inorder to mak room for the RGM to deliver..

After having it delivered it had been what the equivalent of 2.34 seconds would be to people to create it 

After thsnking the fellow algae fo the sonic engine Zenex equipped the rather heavy piece of equippment (takes 35 space itself) and put it pn a test run....

Using electrical impulses from its body sound soon was heard getting louder and louder, gradully pushing the water surrounding the algae with vibrating water.

Then came the sound that would have made a person deth if they had ears, luckly the algae didnt require ears as they communicate a different way. It zoomed at a seemily fast pace when in reality it was traveling at 40 miles per hour through the tight air bubble that was now elongated....

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