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Pasion Pasiva

Darkness and Havoc [Apocalyptic Event in Ceyana]

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Alright looking to wrap this thread up in the next round to seal it up. Any small plots that have arisen here can be handled in separate threads like Dan seeking out an artificer, Arashi's predicament, and anything Marigold wishes to do.


@Djinn&Juice you are up next. You can feel free to include a successful solution and also assume it will be carried out swiftly on all of the rifts that are found. Also address Arashi's predicament if Marigold so chooses or leave her to her own fate.


@Thotification the mistress could end up anywhere you'd like.


@Metty we must discuss what you want to get out of this too.

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The event has now been locked and ended. Thank you to everyone who participated and played their part. Do not hesitate to contact me should you want your characters stories to involve Illyria at some point in the future. Right now I am going to focus on the fallout of this event in other threads but will eventually be open to other things and recruiting other people who wish to play Illyrians.


May this new year be full of fun stories for you all wherever you plant yourselves.

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