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[Axis Mundi] Comfort in the Familiar

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One more night in the city. It seemed like a long time since she had arrived, since that incident in Terrenus... Since she took all she had and took that airship across continents, taking her to the place she had heard was akin to her old home. The Corvinite Empire, Kadia... Another empire to live under. Why did her mind take her there, she didn't know.

Holding her hands together, Alexa walked down the streets of Axis Mundi. It was a rainy night, one like many others before where she had nothing to count but the memories in her head and the steps she took towards the pub. The bustling of souls and coin filled her ears as she approached the Emporium area, people spending money they barely had on things they didn't need, or she thought. More than annoyed, she was jealous... Of their clean minds, the ignorance in which they lived their lives serving the empire day after day. They didn't know of the horrors inside her head, the images burned into her eyes, making her afraid to even consider sleep. Yet she was still human, a fragile one at that, and her survival depended on what little hours of sleep she could muster before waking up in cold sweat.

She pushed the door softly, the heavy wooden thing creaking while the jiggling of the bells announced her entry.

"Welcome to the Brew Stop my lady what can I... Lords have mercy Alexa, is that you?" The tender said, approaching the girl and touching her face. Alexa had not slept well in days, perhaps weeks, and it was starting to show. Her eyes were sunken, her hair was scruffy and her white strands of hair seemed to grow wider since the last time she had been there.

"I'm fine Claire... Just had a couple rough nights..." Alexa coily answered, trying to avert her gaze.

"Are you sure you can work like that today? I can tell the boss-"

"No! No... It's... It's fine hun I just... A glass of juice perhaps and I'll be ready to sing."

Claire looked at Alexa with a worried look, but could do nothing but nod at the request. She knew she needed the money. A few minutes later, she was already standing on the centerfloor, a man with a guitar next to her.

"Ladies, Gents and all who join us today at the Brew Stop, today we welcome once again our angel voiced maiden for the delight of your ears! A round of applause for Alexa!" The owner of the pub announced, giving way for her. She cleared her throat as the patrons' looks gathered all on her. She felt weak, but if there was something that soothed her mind for a while, it was that song...



Her voice carried the weight of a pained spirit, every word that came out ebbing and flowing through the crowd with melancholy and emotion. Some of the patrons teared up, others simply focused on the tune, some even sang along with her, knowing the lyrics from a previous night. Alexa lost herself in the music, a single tear streaming down her cheek as the last words fell from her mouth. One more round of applause, a few cheers.

"Thank you..." She uttered to the crowd, bowing softly before leaving the stage.

"Another good night sweetie! Here's your pay. Are you sure you don't want to stay the night? It's rainy outside." The owner, Clarence, said. Alexa merely shook her head.

"It's fine boss. I can take care of myself for now."

"Alright... But do come back if you need anything eh?"

Nodding, Alexa turned and left the pub into the stormy night...

Walking down the street, she reminisced of the things she had now. A job, perhaps not the best, but enough to keep her fed. A small place to live, so she wouldn't freeze to death on the streets. Not steady, but not bad... However.

The image of her sister asking for help plagued her mind. It was a recurring nightmare, one that had become more a more prevalent since she had left Yh'mi. Every night, on the clock, she would hear her praying for her return, to hear her voice once again. Then the screaming of demons, the rattle of heavy weaponry, the searing flash of laser fire. All these things crawled down her memories every day... Even now, they plagued her, and made her forget about her surroundings. She had just walked into an alley without noticing.

"Hey... What do we have here?" A raspy voice called her attention behind her. She turned to meet the gaze of 3 men, all looking like drifters, perhaps foreign.

She took a few steps back before one of the men grabbed her arm.

"Where do you think you are going eh? Don't be scared we won't do anything you wouldn't like!" He said.

Alexa stuttered, scared and confused.

"P-Please I... I need to leave..."

"No don't go! We are kinda lonely here. We saw you singing at that place, beautiful voice you got there... A nice purse too. And a rocking body..."

The men threw her against a wall and pressed a knife to her throat. She stared at them in utter shock, her eyes beginning to water.

"Give us what we want and you won't become another victim eh princess?" One of the men said.

"Yeah. Girls disappear all the time y'know?" Another said, moving her coat out of the way to reveal her shoulder.

"Please... I don't want... I don't want to hurt you please..." She answered her voice beginning to crack. She could feel it building up...

"Hurt us? Haha!"

The three men began to laugh out loud, failing to notice the environment around them. A few stones began to float, dust seemed to freeze in place, stray cats and dogs ran for safety. Small things that would go unnoticed, but she knew what they meant. Her voice became more desperate.

"Please! Let me go! PLEASE LET ME GO PLEASE YOU DON'T KNOW." She closed her eyes. The blade was pressed harder against her throat in response.

"Shut the fuck up bitch! You... You?"

As Alexa opened her eyes, they were aflame with blue energy, her tears shining down her face like liquid stardust. The men began to feel the temperature drop suddenly, something pulling at their brains. They tried to run, but couldn't. They tried to say something, anything, but their bodies wouldn't answer. The one with the knife fell back in pain as the pressure in their brains became more pronounced.


A wave of blue energy erupted from her as she screamed at the top of her lungs. To the outside viewer it made no sound, but inside the minds of those in the alley, a scream of supernatural proportions ringed inside their heads. The three men fell back in excruciating pain, their minds torn apart piece by piece by the cacophony. They thrashed and clawed at their eyes, desperately trying to make the pain stop and the noise go away. One of them began to bleed out of his eyes while the other lied twitching, copious amounts of a sickly yellow-red liquid pouring from his ears. The last one became like an animal, trying to climb up the wall in vain like a lizard trying to escape from a fire, before simply collapsing into a gibbering mess.

The scream began to cease after a solid 30 seconds. The rain, stopped by the psychic explosion, began to fall again.

With her back to the wall, Alexa sat with her hands to her head, her knees to her chest and her face hidden against them. She sobbed...

Why her... Why didn't she die back in the hiveworld? Why couldn't she just... Die.


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A pulse of psionic power within the city was hard to miss, in place so highly regulated by the obelisk it was not hard to notice. When a place lacked something, nearly to a degree of nonexistence; it was more noticeable when it was introduced. Particularly at the level of this kind of output. It was unheard of, most were low level, using abilities like suggestion and minor psychokinesis. The first to be alerted was the Legionnaires, first to be on the scene and the last to leave. Though they might not survive, they were to at least contain the issue until the Inquisition arrived.

The sound of booted feet thudding are and fast against the pavement would greet Alexa’s ears, a fast response lacking the bureaucratic delays of government officials. In the darkness was the cold blue horizontal strips of light that marked their optical sensors. They came from all sides, a few even have made their way across the rooftops. When they drew into the light their power armor was unmistakably the light frames, in their hands were the polybolos rifles. They were leveled, and ready to fire on her without a moment's hesitation.

“Statheíte argá kai kratíste ta chéria sas oratá!” Came the command in the Kadic tongue, the rifle leveled at her was steady. “I said stand up slowly, and keep your hand visible!” He said, this time in the savage common tongue, his Kadic accent lilting into the words. It was obvious that they cared little about the men screaming and writhing on the ground, an issue that could be dealt with later; they still kept well aware of them. Such a powerful release of energy could very well be a tear in the veil of the materium, a daemonic possession, among other things.

They would take no chances.

“Now, woman!” He said, gesturing with his rifle, voice cold and dancing on the edge of promised violence. While it might have been easier to simply kill her and be done with it, the Inquisition had decided to detain her upon hearing that the source of this strange even was a human. Psions were few and far between, useful in their own right; but better kept on a short and strict leash. Though they were awarded certain freedoms based on merit and how well one could be trusted. Earning the Inquisition’s trust was no small matter either.

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Minutes passed in complete silence. The downpour had already made Alexa's hair damp, sticking to her arms as she craddled her legs. The night fell into an almost serene buzz, interrupted from time to time by a cough or a hack from the three dying men. Her eyes still gave a pale glow as she stared down to the floor, tears softly disguised by the rain streaming down her figure. Reality for her was that what she had done mattered very little in the greater scheme of things. She knew she was in a world where her display of power would never go unnoticed, so she just waited.

They would probably shoot her on sight, as any Imperial would have done back in her dimension. Maybe a few questions, a few queries over her nature. She asked herself if she should try and fight them, survive another day... But was it really worth it to be on the run forever?

On 9/29/2018 at 6:33 AM, Alexei said:

“Statheíte argá kai kratíste ta chéria sas oratá!”

There they were. Surrounded on all sides as she had been before so many years ago. They were no different from the black ships, coming to take her away once again.

She raised her arms, a glint of light reflecting from her bionic limb as she slowly raised them up. She looked at the soldiers with sadness and despair in her glowing eyes, tears still running even if they were unnoticed due to the rain. She sobbed for what she had lost and would never have back. The gentle embrace of her sister. A normal, if difficult life. One outburst was all it took to take even her sad attempt at living a life not as a freak, but as one more human in the world.

She looked at the soldier approaching her, a look that seemed to plead both for freedom and for death.

“I said stand up slowly, and keep your hand visible!”

"Are you... Going to kill me?" She asked between sobs, staring over the barrel of the rifle aimed to her face. "They came at me... I couldn't control... I... It was me yes... They tried to..."

She tried to explain but her words just kept getting jumbled. Finally, she just rested her head on the barrel, crying, cold and wet.

"I just wanted to live..."

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“No.” Came the curt reply. “The Inquisition has ordered us to take you alive, and unharmed.” He said, though his voice remained wary of her. It was obvious that this soldier was the ranking officer, both by the pristine nature of his armor, the red stripes, and his demeanor. “Now stand.” He ordered once more, retrieving a pair of cuffs from his belt. His other hand kept the weapon trained on her, and the cold blue light of his optical sensors cut through the rain, showering her in it’s light.

Psions of such power were rare in Kadia, the Obelisks had seen to that. One the woman was cuffed she was escorted briskly to a light military transport ship. They did not shove her, or enact any violence as many would have liked to claim of the Kadians. Aside from the silence and brisk pace in which they led her, a civilian might have thought it was merely a regular arrest. That kept the privacy of what had happened, which in turn kepo the citizens calm.

The flight was short, though it allowed Alexa enough time to see the vast mega-city that was Axis Mundi. It was all high arches, aqueducts, and sharp spires. The entire city gave off a highly theological air. Many temples dotted the districts, and highly stylized statues of saints unknown to Alexa stood in glory. What would truly draw her attention was the vast black marble building among the white marble that made up a majority of the city.

It was a foreboding building, the black sun symbols of the Inquisition High Command stood out on the red of the banners that hang from the reflective windows. The ship would land behind the walls in the private dock of the Inquisition. From there she was ushered through a confusing series of corridors, until she finally came to an ornate door. “Enter.” Came the cold voice, and the soldiers escorted Alexa into a dark room.

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Alexa stood still as they cuffed her, mostly in complete silence and wary of the rifle that was mercilessly pointed at her. She knew the soldiers were just doing their jobs and that if it came to it, they would pull the trigger without hesitation. What came as a surprise was how gentle they were, despite the firmness of ther demands. In the Empire, her status as a psyker would mean more than cuffs... Psychic dampeners, full torso restrains, mouth covers to avoid incantations. Even in Terrenus they would have treated her as a domestic security risk.

The flight was a short one, but for her it felt like the good part of an hour or two. She could see the city in all it's splendor, a sight that left her speechless, but when approaching the black marble building, her muscles tensed into the familiar feeling of nervousness and expectation. 

"Is this it?" She asked softly, but the officer wouldn't answer. 

They left the ship in an orderly manner, a situation she imagined the soldiers had repeated so many times it was ingrained in their muscle memory by now.

The maze like corridors were foreboding for her, reminding her of the Scholastica that had shaped her through beatings and harsh training. She gulped as they finally stopped and entered a cold dark room.

With the soldiers at her back, Alexa walked deeper into the room, shivering all the way as the cold chilled her to the bone, only exacerbated by her dampness as wet strands of her hair clinged to her face. 

"You can just ask" She could listen in her mind, like her subconscious was trying to console her. "It's a simple request..."

Alexa looked back to the menacing figure of the soldier behind her, gazing into his visor for a second before avoiding eye contact. 

"Sir is there... Maybe a blanket or something you could give me... I'm cold., P-please." 

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lda7R2A.jpg“First, your name?” Caelius said, his tone remaining the same, unwavering. The girl before him was not simply some wild psion, but a powerful one. One who has already toed the line of splitting the veil. The only reason why the soldiers had not executed her on sight was all due to the orders of this one man before Alexa. Ambient blue eyes peered through the gloom of the dark office. Once she gave her name a lap blanket and a cup of warm tea would be brought to her.

“Alexa, I have an offer for you.” He said after waiting a few moments for the tea to warm her up. “Psions are heavily regulated here in Kadia, their powers bound for obvious reasons.” He began to explain, his tone calm, though not as cold as before. “You are powerful, and that makes you dangerous if there aren’t measures taken.” He said, making sure she knew just how serious her circumstances had become.

“I offer you two choices. Join the Inquisition under my command, you will have access to tools that will help control, or even limit your powers.” There was no hint of a lie, no tricks. Instead Alexa would see a straightforward negotiation. “The second option is to become a citizen and undergo the resonance ritual. Though I cannot guarantee your life that way.”

Gloved fingers steepled before him as he leaned slightly on his elbows. “You’re right to wonder why I would even bother to go this far. I will be direct. This world is currently undergoing vast shifts. It is during such times Corruption begins to pulse.” His words became somewhat grim. “With the proper training you can control you power, and with faith--guard your soul.”b He had a knowing expression on his face, one that said he understood her.

“Only surface thoughts.” He said, responding to Alexa’s unspoken thought. “I am also a psion, though not one nearly close to your level. Most I can achieve is hypnotic and verbal suggestion. Which, if used correctly and at the right time; can prove quite effective.” There was a small sad smile at those words, but it was gone quickly. Desmond no doubt still held a sour note about that bit of business.  “Take your time and thi-Oh dear.” He said with a sigh, his blue eyes looking at the door. “Hello, mother-in-law.” He said preemptively the moment she entered the office.

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Leo_zps15a56ee4.pngLeoa's smile reached from one end of the room to the other, giving the atmosphere a brighter and warmer appeal in comparison to its previous chill. Some have said she's like sunlight, swathing the world around her in a strange brightness that was almost blinding. While many opinions about her are right and favorable to the God of Death, there are equal refutes that paint her a terrible being because she chose to willingly stay by her husband's sight - an evil, wicked man who is worse than the boogeyman!

Whatever the likes and dislikes painting the woman may be, she stood tall against the world and walked it with her head held high. Slithering through the door with calculated steps, she carved her place next to Caelius first. The echoes of her dark heels bounced through the room, making the shadows shiver from the soothing familiarity; layers and layers of tulle swept the damp floor in an uncaring way. 

"You forgot something, Caelius."

From the air, the Empress plucked a small bag that held the meal he so rudely ignored earlier in the day. Darim was not the type of young lady to fume over such tiny details and chose to quietly inform her mother about her fears that Caelius was openly disregarding his health for the sake of his overbearing work schedule. Something about there will be nothing left if he doesn't care for himself and she's not outside the realm of finding someone sturdier, less stubborn. The colorful language tickled Leoa.

She placed his lunch turned dinner atop his desk nonchalantly, causing the dark bracelets encircling her small wrists to sing and dance. The elaborate decorations matched the crown atop her golden head, dark crystals shaped in a powerful reminder that she is royalty of the highest standard. 

"I apologize for my intrusion, Alexa."

The Lion bowed her head, causing lazy curls to waterfall across covered shoulders. Alexa may be a prisoner with few options in this unique world of Kadia, but she will not be treated rudely due to her status. Leoa is Empress, but she is respectable first and foremost.

"My son-in-law has a terrible habit of making my dearest daughter worry," she reached over and flicked Caelius on the ear to emphasize the trouble he has caused. "Here," she parted from Caelius and approached Alexa.

Her hands were different in appearance; one was dark, like she had dipped it in the midnight sky, and the other was bright like a burning star. She reached forward and pressed her palms against the other woman's shoulders slowly, as to not frighten her. Alexa would feel the slow trickling of warmth seep through her, "It'll do you no good if you caught a cold."

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"First, your name..." 

"Alex... Alexandra Caelestia. But... Alexa is fine." She said with slight hesitation. She felt a small pull from her mind the moment the man's eyes laid gaze on her. 

A few seconds passed before a soldier entered the room, giving her a cup of tea and even kindly putting a blanket over her shoulders. Though his face remained reluctant of this treatment, the man seemed to act with care, if only following orders. 

She took a sip of the hot beverage. It was hot, cinnamon with a tinge of honey. Her hands shivered much less often now, as that familiar pull was felt once again in the borders of her mind. 

She was given an offer. Though not as extreme as a "Join or die", the question still gave her a sense of confusion. If she was so dangerous, why let her live. "A bullet to the head nullifies psykers just fine" she remembered some commissars uttering. 

Her thoughts would be answered by the inquisitor promtly, confirming her suspicion, the man was also a psychically capable person. The man would confirm so, but note the difference between their powers. It was in that moment that she entered the room, a poised, radiant figure in a long beautiful dress. 

Leoa walked towards them calmly yet in Alexa's eyes it was like her aura shined like the sun, all of the warmth without none of the burn. She almost moved out of the way instinctively, like fearing her own energy would somehow soil her light. 

Caelius and Leoa commuted while Alexa watched in silence. Her head tried to wrap around what was happening, rushing to find an answer. The thoughts of her sister's voice asking for help looped in her brain. Her trance was only stopped as Leoa laid her hands on her shoulders, a soft warmth "Drying" her cold and stopping her shivers.

"I'll do it... I'll join you." She finally said. "I don't know of what use I could be. I'm... Damaged..."

She held her arms close and looked down, a glint of the light reflecting from her bionic arm, a dim shadow of bags under her eyes from her nightmares. 

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lda7R2A.jpgWhile Caelius remained outwardly calm, he was rather disappointed his carefully orchestrated mood was subsequently ruined. The Inquisitor visibly sighed in resignation, simply shaking his head as he was admonished. Darim and Leoa had taken to mothering him at every possible turn, it was something that greatly amused the Inquisitor, though as of now it was simply a bit embarrassing. Especially when he had worked so hard to set the mood and see to it the woman had not been shot on sight.

Caelius sighed in resignation.

"Thank you, mother-in-la-." He paused for a moment as he came to a sudden realization. "You're wearing black today, His Imperial Majesty must be quite pleased." He said with a knowing smile. Caelius wondered just what did the emperor promise her. Or was she seeking to lure her husband with irresistible bait. He tried his best to hide his amusement. The Goddess-Empress was not a particular fan of wearing black.

He had deftly tried to change the subject, but the Lion was ever a force of nature. Shaking his head he took the package and set it to the side f his desk. He would eat once this matter with Alexa was finished. "Pass of a message to Darim for me. Tell her I'll enjoy the meal she sent me, and that I'll have a week free from my duties." He said after Leoa had finished introducing and talking to the young woman.

Alexa's response was sudden but welcome. He had been fully prepared to allow her a little more time to consider, this did speed up the process. Which he appreciated. "Good, good." He said with a nod, and keyed something into the hologlyphs on his desk, tapping the strange High Kadic characters that defined his people's written language. "Mother-in-law, can I trust you to handle getting Alexa acquainted with Kadia? I have a meal to enjoy and paperwork to file." He looked thoughtful for a moment. Perhaps you should introduce her to Connor?"

After all, it would one day be her youngest child that this new addition to the Inquisition would serve.

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