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Dolor Aeternum

[Event] Darkness and Havoc - Illyria Arrives

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Character Name: Luz Yllende

Objective: Protect her Light


Luz watched Arashi struggle, the thin display of the device on her arm letting her know that the integrity of her netting was holding up to whatever reserve strength the draconic girl had. The wriggling girl failed to produce any reaction out of the Illyrian woman who was distracted by the sudden movement of the Mistress into the void and ultimately the success of Heron’s device. Luz’ eyes widened and her mouth parted in surprise. The cube was left suspended in the air with volatile energy that he knew they fully intended to study not only to attempt to further acquaint themselves with the source but for further advances. Acquiring the ability to disrupt the balance of the barriers between realms could prove advantageous if regulated correctly.


She was about to move away from Arashi until the girl decided to speak up and her words actually caused Luz to respond. “You are the foolish one girl, unable to control power that many strive to have. This situation you find yourself in is of your own doing and no amount of threats will free you from paying for your mistake”. Luz turned over to her Light, noticing the man was distracted and addressed him with an authority that tended to pierce the attentions of most of her peers.


“My Light, what do you want me to do with her? She is a danger to those around her. Shall I sedate and confine her until we figure out how to neutralize her volatility?”


Character Name: Raylon Tekker and Heron

Objective: End this once and for all.


Heron did not have time to retract his hand once the Mistress grabbed the device and threw herself into the nearby rift. All he mustered was a few words as he watched the woman’s body disappear and his device begin to absorb the volatile energy the rift contained.


“Well…better her than me…”


There were moments where it seemed the cubical device comprised of crystals would not hold as its structure vibrated violently and flared with energy. After about a minute, the rift unceremoniously ceased to exist and left the storage device hovering in the air for several seconds before it fell on the ground. Raylon, still in shock over the slew of chaotic events that had just occurred, did not register any moment of satisfaction or joy in what was a successful trial of Marigold’s plan. If it hadn’t been for Luz’ voice jarring him out of his own thoughts, he might have remained frozen there in confusion. Presented with the fate of Arashi in his hands, the king turned to Marigold who the girl seemed to call father and awkwardly posed his next question.


“Marigold, thank you for your help thus far. It looks like we will be able to remedy this situation quickly once we inform everyone of this solution…”


Raylon turned to Heron for a moment to speak to the older man.


“Heron, start informing the rest of the Scientific Division concerning these cubes and begin organizing deployment.”


Heron distanced himself from the group and seemed to be talking to someone as he moved toward Ana who looked confused but at least she wasn’t crying. Raylon quickly turned back to Marigold.


“Marigold…I feel compelled to ask for your input regarding this girl who described you as her father. She is dangerously volatile and I could not in good conscious release her without doing all I can to ensure she does not harm others. What do you believe is best for her at this time?”


There was no guarantee that Marigold’s words would sway Raylon in any way from heeding Luz’ suggestions which were as pragmatic as ever. That did not mean that Marigold could not affect Arashi’s fate, however. It would seem the girl needed an advocate but did she deserve one?


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His world was once again on it's axis, and he began to wonder if hadn't always been drawn to chaos. Perhaps Laughing Stock wasn't a burden passed from his father, but rather A destiny he simply tried to run from. Marigold watching The Mistress take the cube. He wanted to yell something at her, to try and get her to cease...but it had already happened too quick. She saw to the test's success herself, and there was a bittersweet understanding that her sacrifice wasn't for nothing. The rift closing as quickly and abruptly as it had appeared; Marigold eyes following the cube's descent to the ground and beginning to laugh with absolute relief. "I knew that it would work! We just need to continue this process until they are all closed! Ha...hahaaaha!" The doctor containing a bout of mania behind a thinly veiled cough as he focused on Raylon, flecks of green now swirling amidst his violet eyes as they looked upon The King with a reserved expression; attempting to keep his composure despite the successful test. "That is very wise, armed with these cubes, they should be able to close the rest of them now that we know they work. I'd recommend not doing it in the way that woman did...I didn't even get her name" He said with a sigh.

"I always loathed my father for the coldness he showed me and mine; he would always tell me that distrust was the only defense against betrayal...and I tried to show Arashi differently..." He said, closing his eyes in sorrow. "But it appears it was I who was the fool for trusting an insolent child...She is dangerous I'm afraid. She had been captured by a menace named Dredge, and it seems he had some sort of effect on her...It would be far too dangerous for her to return to Hyde and endanger her mother with such a corrupting power. I...I...leave her in your hands. There is nothing further I can do to help her. I am no psychologist nor father figure...she needs help from someone far more capable than I. Make sure she isn't a danger to her or herself...that is all I ask" He said, wiping a few tears from his eyes. He hoped one day betrayal would weed it's way out of his family, perhaps then The Ravenspire name can truly be something to be revered...not feared. 

Marigold turning toward the cliff, looking out into A city that had suffered so much in such a little time. This was the world in all it's unexplained terror. Rifts ripping through a town, and slaughtering it's denizens with aberrational terrors, vampire kings and demons causing hordes to rip an unassuming town to pieces, he had seen A monster of black armor battle Moshra and expand into a terror the likes of which he hadn't seen...he had seen the terrible state Arashi had been in and only hated himself for giving her the tools to cause her own destruction. A hungry and subsequently unsatisfied mind was a dangerous thing to wield in tandem. Marigold picking up ruptured remains of Xerxes' head, and sat down at the cliff's edge. 

His eyes looking out toward the remnants of the town, both it's buildings and it's people. It seemed that no matter how much destruction and madness this world could be plagued in. Any nation and it's people would endure to see the light once again, just as he was doing, just as Raylon, and just as every living soul with an incredulous will...they endured.
"If you don't mind Raylon...I'd like to rest here for a bit...The view is stunning"

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“Yes it is a relief that this ordeal is nearing its end. My people will see it through.”


Raylon could not help but notice the distinct shifts within Marigold that were the cause of some other energy within the man but he dared not ask. The man was a stranger…albeit a stranger with a seemingly huge capacity for compassion and a significant aptitude for technology. As Marigold mentioned the odd actions of the Mistress, Raylon looked visibly shaken at the reminder of yet another unknown fate he felt obligated to investigate. Sighing, Raylon shifted to look at Luz who stood over the draconic girl and waited impatiently for the decision from her leader. Listening to Marigold speak about betrayal and the teachings of his father tugged Raylon emotionally to respond.


“Believing in the potential and the goodness of another is no foolish thing Marigold. I will shoulder some of your burden and see if we can begin righting the wrongs we have endured today. She will be helped by some of the best my kingdom has to offer.”


Raylon smiled warmly as he stated all of this, staring long at Luz while doing so. Luz, meanwhile, sighed audibly but then began motioning for some of the military division members to begin escorting the draconic girl away.


“Take her to our divinity containment chamber. We cannot afford to take any chances with her.”


Heron, meanwhile, continued to monitor Ana who was content to play with the small device he had given her earlier. The little girl seemed to forget all of the violence she had just seen which was a much more pleasurable state than the wailing the old man had heard earlier. Motioning to Luz and then to their Light, he began guiding Ana back toward Illyria where she eventually disappeared from sight behind the monstrous structures that now settled upon the land that was once Ceyana.


The waters had calmed and the abominations that had terrorized the land were either driven out or eliminated by the capable division members. The Tekker Medical Center stabilized itself and quickly became the hub for any medical efforts for the wounded and the dead. Raylon looked out over the cliff that Marigold had decided to look at as well and felt his eyes water at the death he sensed and the mutilated bodies that corrupted the serenity this land likely provided. In this very moment, his mind shifted to the future and the difficult conversations that lied ahead. As Illyria emerged and Ceyana was nearly erased entirely from existence, he did not have the luxury of rest like the man near him.


“Take all the time you need Marigold. I…I must go. Thank you for your help and may all your future paths be illuminated with peace.”


Raylon began swiftly heading toward the large spire in the distance, occasionally looking back to see his people making the best out of this difficult situation. Illyria has seen darker times than this but it did not make this pain any more manageable.

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