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[Faction] Chesterfield

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Entry into Chesterfield is through two major highways that intersect the city. Downtown, adobe-style domiciles reminiscent of Pueblo revival architecture huddle close together on narrow brick roads that diverge from the main roads in a way foreigners find confusing and disorderly. Buildings feature flat-top roofs, small gardens, and belvederes in the scenic parts of town. There is little architectural difference between residences and businesses, but the central business district is marked by its warehouses and street markets. Outside of downtown, there are predominantly hotels and various forms of entertainment to entice travelers.

To the west of Chesterfield are the humble Marlboro Mountains. From there flows the slow and wide Lider River. Its watershed includes several smaller rivers that source irrigation canals across the region. At the base of the Marlboro Mountains is the Dunhill Forest, where designated areas are open to big game and commercial logging.

Chesterfield lies at the center of many sibling villages, farms, and ranches in the Polet Lowlands. A labyrinth of caves and tunnels runs underneath this network of towns, known as Eshdraemoir in Korred or the Hollows in common speech. The Chavon Cave and subterranean lake is a tourist attraction, but they are otherwise closed to outsiders. Both above and below ground structures possess an unusual degree of interconnection.


Hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters. It snows in the winter, floods periodically in the spring, wildfires on occasion in the summer, and fogs in the fall.  A fault line in the Polet Lowlands causes periodic earthquakes and landslides.



A majority of the Polet Lowland population, including the approx. 37,000 residents of Chesterfield, is Korr and the official language is Korred. The Korr are descendents of gnomish ancestors from Eshdraemoir who were once slaves to the Kharn, or dark elves, in the distant past. Korred has several loanwords from Kharnish. Korr follow a folk religion called Paotred. The central figure in Paotred is Golhyrr, an ancient mirror sprite that became a powerful Archfey. Legends say that Golhyrr trapped a star in a beautiful mirror and delivered it the Korr. The matriarch of the Kharn clan, and the Korr's overseers, was overcome with greed and desired the mirror. When she stole it, the star was freed, and the cursed Kharn were forever blinded and unable to stop the Korr's ascent from Eshdraemoir.


Schools teach a well-rounded liberal arts education with a focus on the arts and agriculture. Later years include business, economics, and finance rather than a focus on physical sciences and, where the talent exists for magic and is taught, the schools of enchantment and illusion are favored. Diplomacy and rhetoric are subjects that are stressed in all facets of society.

Government and Politics


Government in Chesterfield is run similar to a business and follows the council-manager system of government. Councilors are responsible for legislative duties and hire a professional manager to oversee the administrative functions of the city. Liberty is a core value in Chesterfield. Most “social sins” are neither crimes nor frowned upon. Crimes that deprive freedom from others are punished harshly. 

Foreign Relations

The Polet Lowlands are independent from the Empire. As a trade city, Chesterfield continues to maintain relations in good faith with the rest of Fracture.


Chesterfield Conservation Corps (CCC or C3) is composed of 2,800 soldiers. When necessary, they can muster up to 8,000. However, in the event of an invasion the Korr prefer to use local assets instead of deploying their own military. These local assets include professional mercenaries, the most notable comprised of minotaurs and half-ogres, and various territorial entities that can be manipulated such as ogre clans, goblin bands, and giant ant colonies.


Aside from entertainment, tourism, and tariffs, Chesterfield produces crops such as cereals, beets, beans, nuts, potatoes, and sunflower, but they are famous for Korred chilies. Ranches provide dairy, cattle, and hogs in addition to beasts of burden like bison. They have deposits of raw materials such as beryllium and tin. Industry is limited to lumber from the Dunhill Forest. Due to idealistic notions of free trade, contraband flows through the area. Their implicit support of black markets is a point of contention outside of the Lowlands.

Canon and History

Sweep the leg - Forces from Chesterfield and Aligoria clash over an abandoned, but intact, outpost north of the Day River and west of Weland. The forces battle throughout the night and into the next morning, learning about their opponents through the hard-won lessons of pain and sacrifice. Both sides reach an armistice and agree upon a division of material resource and shared use of the outpost.

Nightingales can't live on fairy tales - A vigilante group assassinates a corrupt government official, though publicly it's blamed on an faction of ex-rangers from Terrenus. This group, Justice, assumes control by replacing the dead mayor with a fake and begins infiltrating other key positions. For the most part, the city continues on as normal, none the wiser.

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