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[Faction] Chesterfield

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At the crossroads of two major highways, Chesterfield is a modest city at a nexus of trade. Downtown, adobe-style domiciles reminiscent of Pueblo revival architecture huddle close together on narrow brick roads that diverge from the highways without much sense of order. Most of the flat-top roofs feature small gardens, and in the most scenic parts of towns many buildings open up into belvederes. The border of town features most of the entertainment: three separate strips have formed on the Biazo, Blairville, and Weland sides to entice traders and travelers to overstay and spill their coin.  Neighboring these strips are long stretches of warehouse and parking for the guarding and storage of goods.  

To the direct west of Chesterfield are the humble Marlboro Mountains, from which flows the wide, slow-moving Lider River that travelers from the Biazo side of Chesterfield must cross. Its watershed also includes smaller rivers from the north, which rises into the Hills of Lost Hearts. At the base of the Marlboro Mountains is the Dunhill Forest. The forest is considered protected, but certain areas are open to big game and commercial logging. East and south, Chesterfield overlooks a network of sibling villages, farms and ranches in the Polet Lowlands from which local goods flow into town and out into the rest of the country.

A secret labyrinth of tunnels runs underneath Chesterfield buildings and connects to nearby towns. However, some of the openly accessible caves are open to visitors.


Hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters. It snows in the winter, floods periodically in the spring, wildfires on occasion in the summer, and the fall gets foggier and foggier as the otherwise shy rains begin. The northerly rains that drench Biazo are blunted by the Hills of Lost Hearts, and Chesterfield is largely protected from any turbulent ocean weather by the Marlboro Mountains, but it also prevents a great deal of cooling in the warm months. Additionally, the entire area is near a fault line, and year-round may experience small earthquakes.



The population of approx. 37,000 is 86% Korr and the official language is Korred. The Korr are descendents of gnome-like ancestors from the Hollows beneath the Polet Lowlands. Cave paintings and pottery depict dark, elf-like beings that are presumably the Kharn, but no known dark elves live in the vicinity. After the Terran Empire was established, most of the town adopted Terric, particularly owing to trade. As trade and tourism are the cornerstones of Chesterfield, most are welcoming to all kinds, although Gaianism has recently fallen to the wayside in favor of Korr folk religion called Paotred that worships more immediate entities such as genii loci. While a single Gaian Temple remains open, it serves as a rec center. Small Paotred offering shrines are built near most landmarks. 


Chesterfield schools teach a well-rounded liberal arts education with a focus on the arts and agriculture. Later years include business, economics, and finance rather than a focus on physical sciences and, where the talent exists for magic and is taught, the schools of enchantment and illusion are prized over evocation. As a people that are smaller in stature than most Terrans, resolving conflict—whether in business or from physical danger—in a way that maximizes beneficence is encouraged.

Government and Politics


Government in Chesterfield is run similar to a business and follows the council-manager system of government. A board of aldermen are responsible for legislative duties and hire a professional manager to oversee the administrative functions of the city.  The manager is called a mayor to sound more palatable. Liberty is a core value in Chesterfield. Most “social sins” are not crimes or even frowned on, although they are tougher on crimes that removed freedoms from others, whether it be economic or violent. Extreme crimes that cannot be solved by reparation are almost always punished with mind control. The current mayor was recently assassinated, allegedly by the former captain of the guard.

Foreign Relations

Most of the region has declared independence from the Terran Empire. As a trade city, relations remain good with specific cities. Foreign policy focuses on building relationships with those cities as individuals and not as part of an overarching Empire.  Relations with the Empire in general might become more strained in the future. 


As a relatively small city, Chesterfield can muster 2,800 soldiers from its own population. In the event of conscription, it could support up to 8,000, but that scenario would be life or death. They do have enough coin to hire mercenaries, and recruitment from the entire Polet Lowlands can increase that number. Soldier equipment varies between a mix of bill-guisarme or hooked hammers, handbows or shortbows, simple wands charged with cantrips, and short swords with hook protrusions called harpē. During peacetime, they are functionally all town guards, customs agents, and park rangers.


Aside from entertainment, tourism, and tariffs, Chesterfield produces crops such as cereals, beets, beans, nuts, potatoes, sunflower, but they are notable for their Korred chilies. Ranches provide dairy, cattle, and hogs in addition to beasts of burden like bison. They have deposits of raw materials such as beryllium and tin. Industry centers around processing lumber from the Dunhill Forest. Due to the Safeguard Act in Terrenus, magical contraband flows through the area, and when confiscated Chesterfield has no qualms about selling it back or dealing with other country's black markets. Most of this contraband comes from a shady organization calling itself the Purveyors of Exotica (POE). 

Canon and History

Sweep the leg - Forces from Chesterfield and Aligoria clash over an abandoned, but intact, outpost north of the Day River and west of Weland. The forces battle throughout the night and into the next morning, learning about their opponents through the hard-won lessons of pain and sacrifice. Both sides reach an armistice and agree upon a division of material resource and shared use of the outpost.

Nightingales can't live on fairy tales - A vigilante group assassinates a corrupt government official, though publicly it's blamed on an faction of ex-rangers from Terrenus. This group, Justice, assumes control by replacing the dead mayor with a fake and begins infiltrating other key positions. For the most part, the city continues on as normal, none the wiser.

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