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Farmhouse De'Laire

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Farming House De’Laire

De’Laire’s Apple Orchard & Berry Bushels



Image created by -Lilium- for De'Laire Farm





  • Trees
    • Apples
  • Shrubs
    • Blueberries
    • Raspberries
    • Blackberries
  • Other
    • Strawberries

Food Products

  • Cobblers
  • Pies & Cakes
  • Berry Tarts
  • Jellies, Jams, & Preserves
  • Candied Fruit
  • Dried Fruit


Method of Farming: Square.

De’Laire farm is situated on 2 square miles of property, where most of the land is used for agricultural purposes. The rear half of the property [towards the west side of the house & barn] contains fenced animal pastures and a small lake beyond that. The north, south, and east sides of the property are used for growing the fresh produce that is the farms livelihood.


Farmhouse Structure: Centrally located to all agricultural and farmland produce/animals.

West Wing

  • Processing building; This building is where all of the fresh produce is brought when harvested during picking season, to be packaged and transported, or processed further into other types of goods.
  • Barn; As its name suggests, it houses the farmer's livestock, as well as that of some of its seasonal employees animals when necessary.


North Wing

  • Kitchen & dry pantry level one
  • Work-hand quarters and common area level two


East Wing

  • Dining room, ladies & gentlemen's retiring rooms, family room, on level one.
  • Guest bedrooms on level two


South Wing

  • Library and washroom on level one
  • Family suites on level two


Center Yard

In the center of the connected housing/barn structure there is an ovular garden that is used to plant herbs and other vegetables for the De’Laire family’s personal use and not sale.



It is traditional for each new generation to inherit the family land, work ethic, and position in the family so that the prior can retire past a certain age.

  • Current Head of Household: Harold De’Laire
  • Spouse: Annette Baerin-De’Laire
  • Offspring: Claire, Eric, Maybel



  • 5 | Cooks [4 Seasonal]
  • 3 | Seasonal Maids
  • 17 | Seasonal Farm Hands



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De'Laire Farm History

De'Laire is a five generation old farming family that leads back to one Joseph De'Laire and his wife Claira, who had a fondness for apples. After marriage, they set their sights on earning land of their very own and entered into Serfdom under the laws of the Tyrant King to work the lands of House Hildebrand in order to do so. It was not without strife, as Joseph was called upon to not only works the King's lands, but also fight in his name whenever necessary. The plot provided to them, a ramshackle place left sullied an undernourished due to the current state of affairs in the land, had belonged to a family that decided to run. Not from the Hildebrand's but from the laws and taxes of the King. 

As the tale goes... Joseph and Claira found on it, a withered old apple tree half torn from the ground and still trying to grow. Whenever Joseph had to leave by order of the King, Claira would spend days clearing the bramble, rotten foliage, and dead branches from around and off of the withered apple tree-in the garden that is now an orchard. Singing to the tree through every single one of them until Joseph returned home. One winter, Joseph began to feel that a dying apple tree was the best he would ever be able to provide his wife with, as other families warned him that those before them had failed time and again to cultivate their plot of land. But for every worry of Joseph's, Claira had assurance. The winter days were long and the chill of them harsh, but eventually came Spring. And as Joseph sowed the seeds of the land and Claira sang to the tree, they were rewarded with greener pastures and large apple blossoms. Now, each new generation of De'Laire born women follows the tradition of singing to the their apple trees in honor of Joseph and Claira's triumphs. 

But, with that fruitful bounty came disaster. On demand, the De'Laire's not only had to relinquish their produce to guards of King Damien at random but were reaped of nearly everything they were able to grow, to trade other farms for, and survive on. Any attempt  by any farmers to salvage and hide food for their small but growing families was punishable by lashings, the stockade, and sometimes even death. Whether or not they found it agreeable, in order to keep their children alive, the De'Laire's did as bidden. Fortunately, due to the growth of their plots and rise in their ability to produce, they were able to assist House Hildebrand by digging underground stores for dried fruit to be handed out to those in need when able; by siphoning little by little off of the mass bushels of produce whenever they could before it was taken by the King's men. This continued for many trying years, the threat and fear of death from the Tyrant King hanging ever present over their heads.

When the foreign empire of Taen collided with Ursa Madeum in order to free them from King Damien's clutches, the De'Laire's would find peace. Due to their dedication and assistance with helping others in need during times of crisis, the De'Laire's had earned the right to become owners of their Land. Their repayment done so in the form of continuing to cultivate and produce for House Hildebrand, while also being able to produce food enough for themselves to be sold and shared at market, and for trade with others farms for those necessities not grown on their own lands.


.: Timeline events following the dead reign of the Tyrant King :.


Pieces of Pastry Project





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De'Laire Household [WIP]


Harold De'Laire





Annette Baerin-De’Laire





Claire De'Laire



Entitlement -

Name Claire Lynelle De’Laire

fauxTitle Apple of the Orchard

Class Farmer’s Daughter


Gender Female

Status Unmarried

Lineage Rosinderite

Residency De’Laire Orchard on the lands of House Hildebrand in Ursa Madeum of Terrenus.


Lineage -

Father Harold De’Laire

Step-Mother Annette Baerin-De’Laire

Birth-Mother Elizabeth Marie De’Lairedeceased


Aaron Darius De’Lairedeceased

Eric Marcus De’Lairehalf-brother

Maybel Kristine De’Lairehalf-sister


Attributes -

Age 15

Height 5’2”

Weight 118 lbs

Hair Golden Auburn

Hair Style Long | Curly

Eyes Hazel | Blue Flecked

Skin Tan | Freckled

Body Thin | Wiry

Blemishes An elongated jagged scar down her right forearm from a plowing accident as a child.

Physical State Strong | Flexible

Comportment Sincere | Adventurous | Persistent | Loyal

Alignment Lawful Neutral


Claire can be easily set apart from the daughters of other farms, by the permanent stains of berry juice having long saturated her fingers and nail beds, as well as the smell of apple blossoms that plagues her.

Although she maintains a respectful and proper attitude to her family's business and helps out with working the land and processing their produce, she is of an age where it becomes harder with each passing day for her head to come down from the clouds.

When not working-which is very rare-she, sometimes her siblings, and the children of the farm hands that live with her family during the picking season, find refuge in the cool waters of the lake just behind her family's farm. Whether swimming, skipping rocks, or playing various games. On wild occasions she can be found there picking flowers or stargazing, having found an opportune time to escape from a daily task or sneak out of her bedroom window.



History by Significance -


Birth Into the World we go...

Claire was born in the middle of a particularly hot spring picking season. Not that she would have been told this, but all the while her mother was pushing her out, she was howling and screaming to the gods for it to be over.


Two years of Age Lost but not Forgotten.

Like Claire, Elizabeth De’laire was fond of taking walks along the lake and would teach Claire how to skip rocks in the summer, even if she only threw them at the time. It was during this winter that her mother, despite being warned about the heavy snowfall decided to visit her parents retirement cottage and bring them soups and bread for the coming days of harsh weather. To which she never returned.It is believed by her father that Elizabeth must have accidentally crossed the lake having mistaken ice with thick snowfall, and fell through.


The next spring and summer they searched for her remains, but were unable to locate and hint of her being there during winter.


Seven years of Age Happy days and Warm nights.

Annette Baerin, having taken care of them even in the off season since the death of Claire’s mother, moved in permanently and married her father Harold. Claire enjoyed these times, as Annette loves and cares for her as if she were her own child.During the summer season, Claire takes to adventuring around the farm, which is not unusual. However, this is the year she decides to climb the plow and ends up slicing her right arm to ribbons, leaving her with a nasty scar later in life.


Ten years of Age Wishes and Wants.

Only a few short years and numerous tries, Claire is greeted by a new face. Her brother Aaron has been born and screams and cries all through the night to no avail on her step-mother’s part to calm the child. He does not make it through winter.


Twelve years of Age Siblings are a bother.

Claire has two new siblings, twins Eric and Maybel to help look after. They remind her of her first brother Aaron, but she is kind enough not to say such a thing to her parents. The loss still lingering and breeding fear for their two newest family editions.Despite the crying and diapers changing, Claire enjoys her time with them especially when they aren’t crying.


Fifteen years of Age Daydreams on Dandelion seeds.

Claire, the eldest of three is not only charge of her siblings, but also helps with running and caring for the livestock and family business, which she has been privy to for some years now. It is hard and laborious work, but they have to do it. Land is not free, and neither is food.


Eric De'Laire





Maybel De'Laire






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